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Читы для Ultizurk 3: The Guildmaster's Quest

Чит-файл для Ultizurk 3: The Guildmaster's Quest

Ultizurk 3:
The Guildmaster's Quest

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Robert J. Deutsch
Издатель:Robert J. Deutsch
Жанры:RPG / Top-down

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
1. Getting started.

Q. What do I do first?
A. As usual, view the introduction and read the instructions before playing
the game.

Next, take some time to familiarize yourself with the new player interface.
Click on the character's faces to view their stats. Notice that experience
points are no longer displayed. They still exist, though.

Click on the icons to the left of the faces and see what they do. The closed
eye is your LOOK command. When you click on it the eye opens, then just click
on whatever it is on the main screen that you want to look at. (There's a
built-in shortcut: put the icon on whatever it is that you want to look at and
click the right mouse button.)

The hand means USE, the chest is your pack INVENTORY, the lips mean TALK, the
sword means ATTACK, the book checks the amount of gold in your purse (yes,
there is money in this game), the map is your overhead MAP, and the diskette
opens up a menu of disk commands-save game, exit to DOS, or close the disk
menu and resume playing the game.

Now talk to Losi. She'll recommend where you should go first. To move around,
move your mouse cursor near the characters in the main screen and it will turn
into an arrow. You can even move diagonally now. The number keys 1 through 5
control the speed at which the characters move. Hit 1 to cover a lot of ground
fast, and 5 to move very slowly and carefully. If you have a slower computer,
hitting 1 or 2 will speed the game up to a comfortable level.

Q. What next?
A. Do what Losi recommends- head north into the castle and talk to King Eldor.
Type the yellow words to get more info and continue the conversation. Now
explore the castle and find the supplies and weapons the King left for you. Be
sure to get the tent, sextant and watch. Get some leather armor and weapons,
too. Be sure to talk to everyone you meet and snoop in all the chests. Take
what you need. Keep an eye out for a scroll- there's a message from the King
for you. There's also a brass plaque on a wall in a room upstairs you can LOOK
at to read.

In this game you don't have to have food in your pack when you make camp in
order to heal and restore your hit points to their full value. Losi knows some
healing spells that will do that. Food is handy for during or right after
battle. Eating some will restore a few hit points. There are edible berries
growing wild that will do this too, as well as some herbs that people grow in
fields that have some other beneficial effects. People you talk to will
explain about the berries and herbs.

Now go out and wander around the village to the SE of the castle. Talk to
everyone you see. Go in all the buildings and look in the chests.

King Eldor mentioned that the Lycaeum, the great library, has been moved to
his village. Be sure to visit there and read all the books and scrolls. (You
have to USE them to read them, not just LOOK at them.)


2. Some more basics.

Q. What's the point of this game?
A. Once again, the land is out of balance and has monsters running around. You
have to figure out why, and restore the balance to the land to get rid of the
monsters so King Eldor can lift his golem-spell that he'd cast on everyone.

Q. If I can help myself to stuff in chests, what's the gold for?
A. Remember Sammy, the sick boy from Ultizurk I? He's now a strapping teenager
and a master fighter. You can spar with him at 100 gold pieces (GP) per turn,
and this will get you some experience points just as though you were fighting
monsters, and without getting wounded or killed.

Also there is an armorer and a weapons dealer in town. You can buy weapons and
armor from them, if you don't want to wait until you happen to find it in a
chest somewhere.

Q. Aha! So I can get killed, right?
A. Wrong. You get knocked out as usual, and King Eldor will teleport you back
to his castle. You won't lose any weapons or pack contents.

Q. How do I get stuff from the chests?
A. USE the chest to open it. Your inventory screen will also open up. Click
MOVE, click an item in the chest, then click an empty area in your or Losi's
pack. You can move things back and forth between your and Losi's pack the same
way- just click the inventory icon then MOVE, then the item you want to move,
then an empty space to move it to. You can put items in a chest this way, too.

Q. Is there anything else besides chests that have goodies?
A. Yes. There are hollow trees all over the landscape that have stuff that the
pirates stashed there. In dungeons, look in niches in the walls and in
skeletons laying on the floor. King Eldor mentioned this, I believe.

Q. My pack's full. What do I do?
A. You can eat some food or use some herbs or berries if you want, otherwise
you'll have to put some items in a chest or something. (See above for how.)
Remember that King Eldor said he has a storeroom for you and Losi to use? It's
a room that's kind of NE by E of where the king's standing, and is full of
empty chests. It's a good idea to try to always put stuff here, so you'll
remember where it is later.

Another thing you can do is sell fish, weapons or armor to the guys in
Eldorville, if you have any of those things in your pack that you're sure you
won't need.

Q. How do I use a shovel, bucket, pickaxe, etc.?
A. To use tools and most objects in your inventory, you have to PUT them in
your weapons hand then USE it on something. Let me explain. To use a shovel to
dig a hole, first click the chest icon to open your inventory, then click PUT,
then click on the shovel, then click on the area next to the character's right
hand. If it's empty you'll see a brownish outline of a sword. Now click X-IT
to go back to the main player interface screen. Click the hand icon then click
on the ground next to your character on the main screen. To fill an empty
bucket, open your inventory, PUT the empty bucket in your weapons hand then
X-IT (exit) the inventory screen, then USE the water. You have to be standing
right next to water, either a fountain or shoreline, and have to click on the
water right next to your character.

Q. How do I fight?
A. Open your inventory and PUT a weapon in your weapons hand (right hand),
then X-IT the inventory screen, click the sword icon to ATTACK, then click on
the monster. You can skip the first part if there's already a weapon readied.
I've found (accidentally) that shovels, buckets, etc. will even kill monsters.
I guess you just bludgeon them to death.

Note that you have to be right next to the monster (you, not Losi, although
she'll kill them too) in order to use a close-combat weapon on it, such as a
sword, lance, glaive, etc. If you're using a throwing-star or boomerang, there
can't be any trees or anything between you and the monster or it'll just
bounce off of the tree. Sunbane-type weapons go through trees and hit whatever
monster you've aimed at.

Q. What is the Boardwalk?
A. One of the characters in Eldorville explains, but it's a shopping mall that
sells all kinds of junk, some of it useful. Watch out, Losi will go nuts
there! Thank God there isn't a shoestore! They charge for stuff but most
merchants will give you a free sample.

Q. How do I give an item to somebody?
A. Easy! Just be carrying it in your (or Losi's) pack, then go talk to the
person you want to give it to. If you don't see any dialogue relating to
giving them the item, then you're either talking to the wrong person or
there's something else you need to do first.

Q. I can't see in the dungeon(s).
A. If there are torches on the walls, you cane USE them to light them.

If you have flares in your pack, PUT one in your weapons hand and USE it on
the dirt floor to create a firepit. To put it out again, PUT a bucket of water
in your weapons hand and USE it on the fire.

Ol' Killer has a device that can provide a magical light in the wink of an

Q. How do I use the rafts?
A. You have to be standing right next to it (you do, not Losi). Then click the
USE icon (the hand) then click on the raft. You and Losi will seem to
disappear, but you're really on the raft. Use the movement-mouse-arrows to
move the raft around. Remember the speed control keys (1-5). They can let you
cover a lot of ocean in a hurry, or navigate carefully around coastlines or
along rivers.

Q. How do I get off the raft?
A. It has to be snug up against the shore or a dock. Then just click the USE
icon then click the raft.

TIP: Every time you get off the raft, unless it's at a well-known spot like
the dock at Eldorville, open your inventory and USE the sextant then write the
coordinates down. This will keep you from losing the raft. Eldor said the raft
will always be replaced by the sprites with another one at the same place this
one was, but that's only if you get knocked out while on an island or
something and Eldor teleports you back to his castle. If you lose it any other
way you just have to wander around the shoreline until you stumble across it

Q. How do I camp?
A. You have to be more or less out in the open- not next to a cliff, shoreline
or plant- in order to have enough room to spread out the tent. Then open your
inventory and USE the tent.

You'll get an opportunity to talk to Losi before you sleep. There aren't any
words in yellow to prompt you, so use your imagination .

Q. Haha! I tried that! Any other little "secrets" like that in this game?
A. I already mentioned about looking at holes and watching the dialogue
between you and Losi at the bottom of the screen, didn't I? Another that the
author built in just for grins, is to hit Shift-@ then move around, and look
at Losi. Hitting Shift-@ again puts it back the way it was. No, it doesn't
make camping with her any more fun.

One more is her reaction when you read the brass plaque on the wall upstairs
in Eldor's castle. That isn't much; she just blushes and makes a comment.

Losi gets real mushy and lovey-dovey, and embarrassed too, whenever you pick a
honeysuckle clover plant. The Indian dancing-girl tells you about these
clovers. Pick one every so often. They play a part in the quest, too. (You can
always stash them somewhere if your pack gets too full of them. No need to
carry them around. She only reacts when you pick one fresh.)

Q. I can't find any monsters. Where are they hiding?
A. Did you follow Losi's advise and talk to King Eldor? The game was
constructed so that monsters won't attack you until after you do. The author
wanted to avoid having monsters try to get you until after you'd found out


2. Where is... (Places)

Q. Hmm, well (ahem), back to the game. Where is the Lycaeum (library)?
A. In one of the bigger buildings in Eldorville. See "What next?" in the
Getting Started section above.

Q. The Boardwalk?
A. NE by E of Eldorville, on a huge dock on the sea.

Q. The rafts?
A. The shipbuilder by the dock at Eldorville tells you where to look.

Q. The dock in Eldorville?
A. At the east edge of town.

Q. The armorer?
A. Not far from the dock and a little north. Look at the brass placques next
to some of the doors. They annouce the names of the businesses in town.

Q. The weapons dealer?
A. West of the armorer. The door to his shop faces the back of another
building, not the street, so he's a little harder to find. Again, look for a
brass plaque then LOOK at it to read it.

Q. The savages' village?
A. There are two of 'em, one to the NW of Eldorville and one to the NE. To get
to their west village, follow the dirt road north out of Eldorville. Look for
a T-intersection with one road going west and one going north. Go west, young
man. To get to the other one, head east from the west village. You'll have to
travel cross-country, going around trees and bushes.

Q. The robot city?
A. Their queen, Hapsetshut, hid the entrance to keep the monsters out. You'll
have to complete her quest, then she'll tell you where the entrance is.

Q. Castle Gizdan (or Grizdon, or whatever it's called)? A. On a large
continent to the NE of Gonzor (which is where King Eldor is- he's on Gonzor, I

Q. The ranger city?
A. On a continent that's pretty much due east of the Eldorville dock. This
continent is split into 4 quarters by rivers. The rangers are on the NE part.
The continent's shoreline is surrounded by cliffs, so you'll want to land
someplace near a ladder.

Q. The ice continent?
A. East of the ranger's continent.

Q. The mermaid's isle?
A. North of the ice continent.

Q. The dungeons?
A. There are cave mouths all over the place. The entrance to the dungeon under
King Eldor's castle is located in a room near the SW corner of the castle.
Look for a hole in the floor with a ladder in it, leading down. For something
funny, LOOK at the hole and see what happens.

Q. The ship?
A. Both King Eldor and the old shipbuilder standing next to the dock will
explain about that.


3. Where is... (Things and people)
Q. The Sunbane?
A. A book in the library explains that the Sunbane is now three weapons. Two
of them are Ol' Killer's, and he'll give you a sort-of hint where to look. The
third one is hidden in a dungeon. You have to complete a quest for a young
girl that's one of the Boardwalk merchants, and then she'll tell you where to

Using these Sunbane weapons now depletes your mana each time you use them. See
the book in the library.

Q. Golden armor?
A. It's to be found in chests in dungeons all over the place or purchased from
the armorer in Eldorville. See "How do I get past the snotty guard" below.

Q. Ranger armor?
A. See above for where to find it. It's a piece of green body-armor or mail.

Q. A particular weapon?
A. See the Where Is/How Do I section below.

Q. More gold?
A. There's a little island in the underground river in Eldor's dungeon with a
chest on it. There's another place in his dungeon where there are some red and
green floor tiles. I think there's some in the chests there. There are islands
in the far corners of the sea with chests on them. There's some in a dungeon
south of Castle Gizban, way to the north then west, past a boardwalk through
the stars. These are all chests of ingots worth 10 GP each, and/or bars worth
100 each.

Individual gold pieces are all over. Look in chests, in hollow trees, in
skeletons and niches in the walls of dungeons.

The fishmonger in Eldorville will buy fish from you and tell you how to catch
them. There's a woman with an herb farm south of the NW savage village that
will pay you to pick herbs for her. The weapons master in Eldorville will buy
weapons that you find, and the armorer will buy armor.

Q. Queen Hapsetshut?
A. She's on top of some icy cliffs in the far NW of Eldor's continent, NW by N
of the western savage village.

Q. Ol' Killer
A. His "castle" is in the NW part of the dungeon under Castle Eldor. You'll
have to pick some locked doors. Keep going north and west.

Q. Queen Rebecca?
A. She's queen of Grizbon, or whatever the name of that city is. Her castle
and the city is in the NW part of a continent that's NE of Eldorville.

Q. The tinker?
A. Standing by a road in Eldorville.


4. Where is/how do I...(Miscellaneous)

Q. Where are the ruins of the temple?
A. in the NE quarter of the ranger continent.

Q. How do I get more than "Greetings" out of the strange blue man?
A. King Eldor will give you a word to say to him, after you've completed
certain quests to find certain objects and placed them where they need to be,
and have a certain item in your pack (that you'll be given once you've placed
those items).

Q. What's the deal with the golem version of myself in the dungeon?
A. The strange blue man will tell you a word to say to him...er, ah,

Q. A hooked fauchard, spetum, glaive, Lucern hammer, other weapons?
A. In chests in dungeons, in niches in their walls, in some skeletons, all
over. Or buy them from the armorer (they're expensive, though)

Q. A shovel, a pick-axe, flares, lockpicks, other tools?
A. Again, in chests all over- in dungeons, in buildings. Or you can get some
from a merchant on the Boardwalk. He has some of these items in a chest that
you can take.

Q. How do I get past the guard at the ranger city?
A. Both you and Losi have to be wearing some ranger armor. See "Ranger armor"

Q, How do I get past the snotty guard at Castle Grizbon?
A. The guard tells you what you need to be wearing: the livery of Queen
Rebecca's soldiery. Both you and Losi have to be dressed this way. See "Golden
armor" above.

By the way, you have to have PUT each item in it's proper place-the shield on
your shield-arm, the helm in your helmet spot, etc. If something isn't in its
proper place he still won't let you in. Once he opens the gate for you it
stays open. You don't have to be wearing the stuff to get back inside once
you've already been in.

Q. Where is the dungeon that connects Castle Eldor with Grizbon?
A. Up north, just east of Ol' Killer's castle, the dungeon continues through a
series of lacked doors and firepits that have to be put out. Eventually you'll
end up in a long passage heading east. It curves around south and all over,
but eventually winds up in the continent of Grizbon. When you come out on the
surface, use your sextant and write doen the location.

Or, you can just start exploring south of Castle Grizbon and use your overhead
map until you see something (on the map) that looks like cliffs.

Q. Where's the other dungeon on Grizbon continent?
A. SE of the first one, just east of some fields of herbs. Again, use your
overhead map to look for a small patch of cliffs.

Q. Where are Ol' Killer's jesting items?
A. In a chest out in the middle of the country somewhere, like he says. I
forget if it was on King Eldor's continent or on Queen Rebecca's.

Q. I found 'em. How do I use 'em?
A. Like he told you, go look in a book in the library. It gives complete

Q. What good are Ol' Killers' cigars? Lollipops?
A. I don't think his SEEgahs... er, cigars... do anything, but you have to say
YES when he offers you one (and have room in your pack for it) or he won't
keep talking to you.

His lollipops are real handy. Eat one after (or during) battle and it will
restore your hit points to maximum!

Q. What good are the bottle, jar, clay cup, book of poetry, quill pen?
A. They take up space in your pack. They have nothing to do with the quest.
The only valuable items are weapons, armor, gold (of course), food, and
certain plants. Once you're high enough in level that you don't get "killed"
easily, you don't even have to carry food or plants.

Q. What about the buckets?
A. You need to fill these up with water and keep them in your pack. If you
have to drop a flare in a dungeon (see "I can't see in the dungeon" in the
More Basics section above) and need to put it out later because it's blocking
your way, USE the bucket of water (after PUTting it in your weapons hand) on
the fire.

Some of the dungeons have fires that block access to doors or chests and will
need several buckets of water to put them out. If you're going a-dungeoning,
always have at least two full buckets handy.

Q. I can't kill those dungeon monsters!
A. A book in the library tells you which weapons work best for each particular
kind of monster. The dungeon-beasts still need several hits, even with the
right weapon, before dying.

TIP: It won't earn you any experience points but you can always run away. The
monsters will "flee" after you move so many spaces. If one is blocking your
line of retreat, simply run right into it and keep trying to go that
direction- keep clicking that mouse button- until the number of moves has gone
by. If you click fast enough you won't give them a turn so they can hit at

Q. What ARE those dungeon monsters? LOOKing at them gives me no info!
A. I'm not sure, but the white humanoids seem to be the Ghost Knights or Death
Knights that the library book mentions. I think the blue spider-like things
are liches and the red insect-looking things are gazers.

Q. What are the land monsters, then?
A. The grey ones are supposed to be wild boars. The purple ones are spiders
and the red octopi-looking ones, I guess, are reapers.

TIP: In addition to the weapons that the book recommends for these monsters,
I've found that lances generally kill boars and spiders in one hit, and
reapers in two or three. Broadswords work pretty well for all of them, too. If
you want to use a ranged-weapon, try a magical one (throwing-star or
boomerang) or at least a metal one. The wooden ones take too many hits per
monster to kill it.

Q. How do I kill water-nagas?
A. Read the book in the library. The sunbane works quite well on them, too.

TIP: All monsters in an area will flee as soon as you board a raft, due to the
influence of the sprites.

TIP: You can't make camp or talk to a person between the time monsters have
appeared and when Losi announces that they've fled.


5. Where is/How do I... (Quests)

Q. What do I need to do to heal the land and finish the game?
A. There's an encoded scroll in the dungeon where the Sunbane is hidden (see
Where is the Sunbane below). One of the characters can translate scrolls for
you. There's a certain word you have to say to Queen hapsetshut that isn't one
of the yellow words in her dialogue.

She'll then tell you what she thinks the problem is, and give you another word
to say to another character. He'll give you some more info and tell you what
you need to do; what your ultimate quest is.

Q. Where is the valve?
A. The robot that told you about it mentioned that it's in a chest somewhere
in the city. Look around. He then tells you how to have the other robots add
parts to make it fully functional, and what to do with it when it is. The
parts have to be put on in a certain order, so if a particular robot doesn't
help you with the valve come back and talk to him later.

Q. The tomahawk?
A. In a chest in the robot city.

Q. OK, I found it, now what?
A. With it in your or Losi's pack, go talk to the queen of the east savage

Q. The peace pipe?
A. In a dungeon somewhere on a little island. I don't remember exactly where,
and I think it was in a chest that was buried.

Q. I found the pipe, what do I do with it?
A. Take it to the queen of the east savage village. She'll tell you what to do

Q. Queen Hapsetshut's gem?
A. She tells you about where it is. It's in a buried chest in the dungeon on
the little island she tells you about.

Q. The amulet?
A. The girl tells you where to look. It's buried. Look for the reactor outside
the robot city then count off paces and dig.

Q. The ring?
A. Just go to the approximate area that the woman said the pirates were at
when they stole it, and start looking for hollow trees.

Q. The dungeon on the ice continent?
A. You have to complete the tomahawk and peace pipe quests, then King Eldor
tells you where to look for it. The dungeon itself is south of the Keeper's

Q. The altar?
A. In a dungeon on a little island NE of Gonzor (Eldor-land)

Q. The artifacts?
A. One is in a chest somewhere, either in a dungeon or sitting out in the open
in the countryside somewhere. I don't remember where, but it isn't hidden or
anything and is pretty easy to find. I thing this one is a "gimme" to pique
your interest in finding the others.

The robots tell you where one is buried after you get their valve fixed.

One of the rangers (I think it was) tells you a word to say to the herb farmer
woman, his sister. (It may have been someone in the city east of Rebecca's
castle. I don't remember exactly who it was.) She then gives you a quest to
do, and will then give you a word to say to one of the savages, who in turn
will tell you where one of the artifacts is buried.

One is hidden (buried, I think) at the end of the dungeon on the ice
continent. See "The dungeon on the ice continent" above.

An encoded scroll in a dungeon at the SE corner of the ranger's continent has
a clue where the last one is hidden.

Q. I've placed the artifacts on the altar and have the cup. Now what do I do?
A. See "How do I get more than `greetings' out of the strange blue man?"

Q. Where's the fountain?
A. See "How do I get more than `greetings', etc." above. Also see "What's the
deal with the golem version of myself in the dungeon.

After you've successfully done all the things related to that, Losi says she
knows where the fountain is, but isn't much help in telling you! Use your
overhead map and look for a little blue speck out in the middle of the country
on Grizdan continent (where Queen Rebecca is).

It's a pool of water surrounded by red steps like the ones in Eldorville, in
Castle Eldor, in some people's houses, in some of the dungeons, etc. You have
to PUT the cup into your weapons hand then USE the fountain.

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