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Читы для Unreal 2: The Awakening

Чит-файл для Unreal 2: The Awakening

Unreal 2:
The Awakening

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Legend Entertainment Company и Epic Games
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 января 2003 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Aliens Versus Predator 2, Unreal

Даты выхода игры

вышла 4 февраля 2003 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Unreal 2: The Awakening

A Walkthrough and Guide

By Grant “Rampage” Newby

Copyright Grant Newby 2003

A. Introduction
B. Version History and Dates
C. Story
D. Main Characters
E. Weapons and How To Use Them
F. Bad Guys and How To Kill Them
G. Walkthrough
H. Cool Stuff
I. Shout Outs and Slag Offs
J. Contact Me (Please?)

A. Introduction

This is my first ever FAQ/Walkthrough and this is only because I bought this
game yesterday and finished it earlier today. Probably helps that over 36 hours
I have spent 18 hours playing it. And it's Good. Very Good. To put it simply,
this game rocks. It kicks ass. It is the Mutts Nuts, the Bee Knees and the
Skaarj's Fingernails. If you're reading this before you buy it, stop reading
and start spending. It'll be the best money you've ever spent. I Promise.

B. Version History and Dates

13/02/2003 03:32

V1.0. Started the Walkthrough at 3:15am. God I hate having insomnia. It sucks.
Did the layout and a few other bits and bobs, like this bit, and the
introduction. Got a load of pictures as well. Probably won't use them in this,
but they may end up on Unreal 2 HQ shortly. Check it out. Got as far as the
Alien Weapons section. Fell asleep about 6:30am.

13/02/2003 20:29

V1.01 What happened to TV? When did it all go so bad? Still, gives me a chance
to do some more on my Walkthrough. Finished off the Alien weapons section and
did the Bad Guys section. Going to start on the Walkthrough soon. Probably
later tonight.

14/02/2003 01:06

V1.02 I hate Dutch football (or Soccer, if you're American). Yes, I'm moaning
about TV again. Started on the Walkthrough. Did the Introduction level and the
first two proper levels, plus the first half of Hell. May do some more
tomorrow, unless C&C: Generals takes over my life. No guarantees.

21/02/2003 00:33

V1.03 Didn't get C&C Generals in the end, but found the joy of Morrowind
instead. Some serious hours are gonna go on that. Anyway, I'm still awake, and
chances are for the rest of the night. Managed to finish off Hell,
unfortunately I forgot to save it last time, and had to do the whole level
again. It was tiring but, still quite enjoyable. I just hate the damn spiders.

21/02/2003 10:37

V1.04 I can't feel my face. This sucks. Wrote the guide for Acheron from
memory, as its one of my favourite levels. Might go and play the Severnaya
level now and possibly write it up afterwards. Depends if I can arsed or not.
Probably not.

22/02/2003 22:36

V1.05 Watching CSI and Law & Order. Excellent programming for a change. Luckily
I can pay attention and type at the same time. Wrote up the Sulferon level from
memory of playing it a couple of days ago. Not sure about the first part of
this level. Having to kill everyone is a pain in the ass. Gonna start on Janus
as well in a minute. Getting tired.

23/02/2003 19:11

V1.06 Finished off Janus, it was quite easy apart from the defence bit. Just
completed the Na Koja Abad level and now I'm gonna write it up. Not really sure
about this level. Also, the best thing on TV is the Antiques Roadshow, so if
someone can send me enough money to get Sky for the rest of my life I'd be
grateful. Ta.

06/03/2003 06:27

v1.07 Right, wrote the entire Drakk Home World, Avalon and Dorian Grey levels
from memory. Not completely happy with the Drakk Home World level guide, but
every time I try to play and write it at the same time, I forget where I am and
have to start again. All the rooms look idential. Its scary. Also, note to
self. Once someone has invented a weapon it is usually the same person, or at
least culture that creates a way of stopping it. Humans created guns and
kevlar, bows and shields, nukes and anti-nukes. How come the Drakk are so crap
against their own laser? First thing I would have done is create a massive
mirror that reflected the beams. That would piss people off.

06/03/2003 07:29

v1.08 Okay, I'm done for the moment. Finshed off the entire walkthrough, did
the Cool stuff and Shout Outs and Slag Offs section. Added a contact me section
should anyone wish to engage me in sensible conversation, preferably about
squirrels and why no one trys to keep them as pets. As soon as I get enough
stuff I'll put in an update, though my next FAQ is not planned yet. May do it
on C&C Generals, if I can be assed to replay the whole game from start to
finish, which is at best doubtful. Then I am very tired right now. Might write
a basic tactics FAQ though. Watch this space. Rampage out.

C. Story

I'll keep this short, as I don't want to put too many spoilers in this guide.
You may find I'm a bit oblique at times, but it's for your own good. The story
really helps to make this game what it is.

A short note on game difficulty. Easy, as the name would suggest is really
quite easy, you should be able to complete it in about 9 - 10 hours and you
should only die/fail a couple of times. Normal is challenging, but by no means
impossible. Then you get to Unreal. This is hard. Really hard. Izarians become
insanely tough and very good shots, and the Skaarj become the equivalent of the
Ballistic Missile. Be Warned.

You are John Dalton (see below for details on the crew). You and the rest of
your motley bunch of people have managed to get yourselves chucked out of the
military for various reasons (except Ne'Ban, who's on exchange). You've managed
to land possibly the worst assignment in the most boring sector of the galaxy.
That’s right, your patrolling the fringe worlds and as such, you're only
problems tend to be pissed off miners and corporation disputes. Until one day,
you pick up a distress call……

D. Main Characters

Your Crew

Aida is your first officer. She is the poster girl of Unreal 2. If you've read
a review or seen a picture of the game, chances are she was in it. You can't
miss her. Quite a serious character, Aida, provides the voice of reason on the
crew, though she has as dark a past as any of the other crew members.

Isaak is easy to spot by the constant trail of smoke that follows him. He's
that type of character. He swears, moans, and probably scratches himself though
I've never caught him doing it. He is the Chief Engineer onboard the Atlantis
(your ship) and is clearly pretty knowledgeable about anything which is
mechanical. He also handles the weapons load-out before each mission and
modifies your weapons to make them better. He also has a haunted past, and Aida
hates him for it.

Picked up in an Officer Exchange program, Ne'Ban is a Hex-Core alien. His
English isn't particularly good, and he frequently comes out with words that
don't exist and says "Aye-Aye-Aye" instead of the "Aye-Aye". He isn't as dark
as the two human characters and sometimes he feels like he's just there for
comedy value, but after a while he really comes into his own as he tries to
understand the how and why of humans, and helps the humans understand

This is you. Kicked out of the Marines a little while ago for unknown reasons,
you're desperate to get back in, but they don't really want you back. So you've
been shunted to the TCA (Terran Colonial Authority) and get the wonderful job
of patrolling the ass end of nowhere. It’s the space equivalent of traffic
duty. It sucks. Luckily you're very well trained and also have a nice way with
snappy one liners and irony. However, you do have one failing. The military.
You believe so deeply in the chain of command you follow orders without
question. But like you said, "You've gotta trust someone."

Other Characters

Commander Hawkins
The commander for the sector. Bit of a weasel but nothing you wouldn't expect
from the military around the fringe worlds.

General Drexler
You never actually see him in the game, but he is a presence. Hawkins
commanding officer.

Danny Miller
1st Technician on the Liandri Mining Operation of Sanctuary. Turns out to be a
bit of a wuss, but you have to rescue him anyway.

Dr Meyer
You meet him about half way through the game. He's a bit of a pain in the ass
and he moans like an old woman, but he is useful thanks to his scientific

Not a character as such, but a bunch of characters. Come in a variety of sizes
and colours. Look very cool, especially the guys in the Heavy armour with the
Rocket Launchers and Flamers. On your side, you get to command them sometimes,
when you're defending places.

The Kai are a slave race who move around the galaxy like nomads and pay their
way by doing menial jobs. They do things like cook, clean and act as assistants
to people like scientists and officers. No one thinks much of the Kai and they
tend to treat them as a lesser race, though they aren't openly hostile to them.

E. Weapons and How To Use Them

Human Weapons

Unreal 2 has a great selection of weapons which, believe it or not, are all
useful and you will find yourself going back to certain guns for a specific
task unlike in most shooters, where you get the best gun and stick with it.

Dispersion Pistol

Also known as the "popgun" by most people, this weapon is of practically no use
unless you're hunting the local wildlife. On the plus side you don't need any
ammo as it auto regenerates. The secondary fire isn't bad, but it takes time to
charge up and if you want to do any damage you'll need to charge it for a good
5-6 seconds. Bit of a last resort really.

Assault Rifle

The "Duster". An excellent weapon. Unlike most automatic weapons in most games,
the duster is brilliantly accurate, even over a medium distance. The primary
fire lets rip in full auto, and if you can control the recoil then it's very
accurate and dangerous. The secondary fire launches a group of five slugs which
burst on impact and ricochet of at an angle, which can be used to fire around
corners. There's one rule with this weapon. If the target is moving use the
primary fire. If the targets just standing there use the secondary fire.
Incidentally, if you shoot a mercenary in the chest with the secondary fire,
and they survive, they will fall on their ass. Make sure their dead before
moving on, or they'll shoot you in the back.

Grenade Launcher

The "Hydra". Useful weapon this one, as it's very versatile. Comes with 6
different flavours of ammo, Fragmentation (Basic Explosives), Toxic Gas (Eats
through metal, great in enclosed rooms), Incendiary (Frag with extra flames),
Smoke (work it out for yourself), Concussion (Non-Lethal, useful for spreading
Toxic Gas or Smoke), and EMP (shuts down electrics like field generators and
auto turrets). The primary fire, if tapped fires an impact grenade, but if you
hold the button down it becomes a timed grenade instead, with about 5 seconds
on the fuse. Whilst a generally useful weapon, the Hydra comes into its own
when you have to defend. Once you've put down the plasma field generators, you
can't fire through them, so you have to either stand outside them, or fire over
them. This is where the Hydra comes in. It's tempting only to use the
Fragmentation and Incendiary grenades, but use them all, the Toxic or Smoke
ones work brilliantly if you fire a Concussion grenade in a few seconds after.
It goes absolutely everywhere. Use the EMP grenades to knock out Turrets whilst
you finish of the human defenders.

Riot Shotgun

A superb weapon, which is also known as the "Crowd Pleaser", usually because
there are crowds of people saying "I'm pleased that didn't hit me!". Primary
fire gives you your basic 16 pellet firing pattern, which is useful up to about
12 -15 feet in game distance. After that it gets a bit vague. However,
secondary fire is excellent, shooting out incendiary pellets which burst into
flames after about 12 feet. Perfect for killing large amounts of Araknids or
setting fire to Mercenaries, then finishing them off with the primary fire
while they run around screaming.


The "Vulcan". It's great for dealing with large numbers of enemies or when you
don't feel much like aiming. It is also without a doubt the most beautiful
flame effect in any game I've seen so far including Return to Castle
Wolfenstein. Primary fire gives you a long burning flame with which to set fire
to whatever you want. Secondary fire is much more interesting. It shoots out a
jet of the Napalm fuel used by the Vulcan, which can be used to douse a target
or set a trap. One of the best things in the game is covering a mercenary with
napalm, run away, pull out your Duster and pop a few slugs at him. He'll burst
into flames as he runs at you. It's so hilarious, it's sick.


This is your all new improved pistol. Also known as the "Avenger" and Aida owns
one called "Grace". Fires .50 cal explosive ammo and is accurate at quite a
distance. Perfect, when you're too close for a Sniper Rifle, but too far away
for the Shotgun. Primary fire pops a single cap at whatever your pointing at,
whilst secondary fire unleashes three rounds in a row but it then needs
re-cocking. In my opinion, the secondary fire isn't really worth bothering with
as the primary rate of fire is pretty good as it is and the accuracy goes down
when you use the secondary fire.

Rocket Launcher

Now we're talking. Heavy Ordinance. Known as the "Shark" because of its shape,
this rocket launcher fires four rockets at a time. When you hit the primary
fire four small rockets are bound together and then fired accurately for large
splash damage. The Secondary fire releases four missiles which fly off in a
drunken pattern weaving back and forward. That is until Isaak modifies it and
puts a targeting system on the secondary fire allowing the four separate
missiles to be aimed and guided at whatever target you want. All you have to do
is hold the secondary fire button and run the crosshair over your target. You
can split all the rockets between 4 separate targets or you can have 2 rockets
on 2 enemies or all on one, basically whatever you want. It's very intuitive.

Sniper Rifle

Hooray. You have to love Sniper Rifles. They are fantastic, and this one is the
best. It's called the "Widowmaker" and is a precision instrument of death. It
has an onboard computer that compensates for wind speed and other factors
leaving you with an instant hit of whatever you're pointing at. Primary fire
looses a slug, secondary fire uses the zoom. If you need some more accuracy the
mouse wheel will zoom in some more. Have fun.

Alien Weapons

Shock Lance

Not a great weapon, but it does do a fair amount of damage. You nick them off
the Izarians, and then Isaak modifies it to be a bit more powerful. Primary
fire shoots out two blue laser bolts which bounce off walls, which is useful,
but can be dangerous because you can shoot yourself. Secondary fire launches a
slow moving EMP blast which works well on machines like turrets and the Drakk.

Spore Cannon

This is a really fun weapon, though it isn't terribly useful. Primary fire
looses a spore with loads of little spiders which cover the target that then
runs around screaming. At this point, it’s a good idea to switch to another
weapon because this doesn't do a great deal of damage. Some of the bigger
enemies you have to shoot a few times to get it working, and for some reason
the Skaarj don't seem to care when you shoot them with this. Secondary fire
shoots a sac which releases a couple of small Araknids which attack people.
Never really found it that useful myself, as the spiders get killed pretty
quickly and don't do a great deal. Still, it's useful when fighting

Drakk Laser

This is an excellent weapon and will become part of your regular rotation once
you've got it. Primary fire acts like a railgun, firing an accurate orange
burst at whoever you're pointing at. This works very well on Skaarj, especially
the unarmoured or lightly armoured ones. The secondary fire shoots a short beam
of controlled Laser which is a bit like the flamethrower only twice as
powerful. This is a great way of killing practically anything, though it does
eat up ammo like nothing else and only has a short to medium range.


These are strange balls you pick up on Na Koja Abad. For those of you who play
scrolling shooters these are a little bit like options. Primary fire shoots a
ball which then floats around firing at the person you attached it to. It
doesn't do much damage, but it is extremely annoying and the enemies will try
to shoot it out of the air, which gives you a chance to switch weapons and
shoot them in the head. Secondary fire makes the balls hover around you and
shoot the incoming fire. This is great if people are trying to shoot you with
rockets, as they move quite slowly and balls are very quick. Use them sparingly
though, as you don't get many.

Singularity Cannon

 Without a doubt the best gun in the game, unfortunately you only get it on the
last level, as it’s the only gun that can kill the Tosc.  Only the Primary fire
works, and it fires a mini black/green hole which sucks anything within a
certain radius into it. This instantly kills anything that gets sucked in and
it looks brilliant as well. Luckily you get a good 600 ammo when you pick it
up, so you're unlikely to run out, unless you go nuts. Remember, the Tosc carry
these so whatever you do, don't let them shoot at you or it'll be game over and
no remains.

F. Bad Guys and How To Kill Them


These are very strange, psychotic lizard aliens who tend towards mass
slaughter. The Skaarj have enslaved them and pressed them into service as foot
soldiers. All evidence points to the fact the Izarians don't much care and
actually enjoy it. They carry Shock Lances which are a little less powerful
than the one Isaak modifies for you. However with the bouncy fire they can be
quite dangerous in large numbers and should be dealt with quickly. The obvious
way of killing them is with the Duster, as they don't take a great deal of
damage. If they stop to fire open up with a secondary fire of the Duster and
that should kill 'em in one hit. If there's a few of them use the Hydra and
that should take out the lot. As I said before they don't take a lot of


These are a bit more of a problem. If you use the Primary fire on the Duster
after a few shots they'll begin blocking your fire with their hand blades. Best
bet is to line them up and use the Secondary fire, or switch to a better
weapon. Unfortunately the Skaarj come in several flavours. At first they are
only armed with fighting claws and weak guns, but they are still quite
dangerous. After a few levels you start bumping into more of them and this time
they have bigger and better guns. They don't seem to be collectable, these
guns, but the bullets are quite slow so you shouldn't have a problem dodging.
Again these guys don't have much in the way of armour so just let rip with the
Drakk Laser or the shotgun. Incidentally, they don't seem to care much when you
set them on fire or attack them with spiders so keep to the regular guns. Last
but not least, is the Battle Skaarj. These guys wear Heavy armour, have the
Skaarj Pulse weapon and the nasty claws. Luckily they are quite slow, but they
do take quite a lot of killing. They take at least 3 shots from the Widowmaker
which is a lot as the Sniper Rifle is quite powerful. Best bet is to whip out
your rocket launcher and give them a couple of Primary rockets in the foot.
Always aim for the ground when you're firing at the Skaarj as they are
exceptionally good at dodging. Especially, the unamoured ones.

Izanaghi Ghost Warriors

These guys are your basic mercs. They come in two sizes, medium and large. The
regular size ones tend to carry Shotguns or Dusters. The large ones tend to
carry Sharks, though the small ones are sometimes armed with them as well. As
they are Mercs, some of the best weapons are the Flamer, Spore Cannon and the
Incendiary ammo of the Shotgun. Best bet, set them on fire, and then shoot them
whilst they run around screaming. The Magnum also works well on them, as they
don't dodge a lot. Just make sure you're careful around the ones that are
packing Rocket Launchers. They aim behind you in an effort to get you nearer
too them and their shotgun wielding comrades.

Liandri Angels

Again these are your run of the mill Mercenary bad guys. With one small
difference. They're all ladies. Like the Ghost Warriors they come in two
different flavours, medium and large. The medium ones tend to carry Dusters and
WidowMakers. These guys are quite dangerous, but they are nothing compared to
the large ones. For long range fire they carry Sharks and for short range fire
they carry Flamers. They also take a lot of killing. They don't run around
screaming when you set fire to them and they don't much care about the Spore
Cannon. Best bet is to run at them, and while they're changing weapons give
them both barrels of the Shotgun. If that doesn't appeal to you use a Rocket or
the Secondary fire on the Duster. Thankfully their quite slow so you shouldn't
have any trouble hitting them. Their heads are their weakpoint, and are quite
big and therefore easy to hit.


These come in two types as well, though they work very differently. First the
small ones. Basically they run after you and try to bite you on the foot. The
best way to deal with these little gits is a Flamer or Incendiary Shotgun. If
push comes to shove, the Duster will do the job, just open up in automatic and
you should kill them quite easily. Just remember to run backwards whilst
firing, and remember you never find just one or two of these things they come
in packs, so be prepared to get swamped and save some flamer ammo.
Unfortunately, these guys also come in a larger, red form and these are much
more dangerous. Instead of running at you, they tend to jump at your head and
try to crush you. They can do this from quite a distance, so your best bet is
to use the Secondary fire of the Duster which should kill them in a couple of
shots. If they do jump, get out the way and whip out your shotgun and give both
barrels of the incendiary ammo. That'll give them something to think about. If
you come across both kinds at the same time shoot the big ones first, as you
can't see them if you're staring at the floor trying to kill the little ones,
and the big ones hurt a lot more.


These are robots that worked out how to create and repair themselves, and as
such decided they didn't need the creatures that made them and decided to kill
them all. Now there are just the robots left. They come in a couple of
flavours. First off you have the basic Drakk soldier who has a sort of cattle
prod weapon and isn't all that dangerous. They do float and dodge though so
make sure if you're going to use a rocket launcher then you lock onto them. The
next type is called the Drakk Overseer. These guys use Laser sights to lock
onto you and open fire with Drakk Lasers like the ones you pick up on the
mission before. They can be quite dangerous, if a couple of them surround you,
and they have a very nasty little trick up their sleeves. They take two rockets
to get them on the floor, but though they look it, they are not dead. After a
few seconds they self repair and then take off again ready to kick your ass. As
soon as they're down hit them some more until they're in little tiny bits. It’s
the only way to be sure.


As I don't want to spoil the surprise I won't tell you where these guys come
from, suffice to say they are not nice or friendly and they've been in the game
the whole time you've been playing. They carry Singularity Cannons and are
easily the hardest bad guys in the game. The first one you meet, you won't have
a Singularity Cannon to deal with it, so you have to blow its arm off and nick
its one. Best way to do this is to open up on it with the Rocket Launcher as
much as possible. Shortly you'll blow its arm off, so go and grab the gun and
fire a singularity at it. The thing with the Tosc is you have to get your shot
off first, because if it fires at you, chances are your dead. If it does fire
at you best bet is too run in the opposite direction and get away from the
Singularity as quick as possible. The Tosc weak point is the fact they are so
slow. Once you fire at them they have trouble getting out of the way, so fire
at them and run away. Don't stand around watching whatever you do.

G. Walkthrough

Okay, first things first. There is going to be no discussion of the story line
in this guide. Instead of avoiding the spoilers, I'm just gonna skip all the
story bits out. You want to know the story, buy the game.

1. Avalon

Right, first level. You start off in the tower talking to Hawkins. Shortly he
offers you the choice of doing the training or getting back to the game. If
you've never played before do the training as it's quite good and very useful.
If not, then just get back to the shuttle. Either way you have to get to the
elevator which is out of the door, down the stairs, take a right, down some
more stairs and into the elevator. If you're gonna train it'll spit you out in
the basement, if not its back to the Atlantis. I'm not gonna describe the
training as there's a guy called Raff who does that for me.

2. Sanctuary

Okay, so you're clearly in a bit of trouble. Dead people everywhere and some
nasty Izarians trying to shoot you. Right, jump out of the ship and head for
the door. Down the stairs and remember to check under the stairs, for a dead
guy holding some frag grenades. Hit the switch and head through the door. Watch
the guy get pulled under the door, feel sorry for him, and head to the right.
Follow the corridor and watch the spooky shape run past. Head out into the room
where you'll find a bunch of Izarians you have to kill. Shouldn't take too long
if your good. Just be careful for the bouncing bullets. Once you've killed
them, listen to Danny and head through the hatch. Head back the way you came
underwater, past the floating body and up the other side. Go up the ladder and
then up the stairs. Head into the room and wipe out all the Izarians as you go
along until you hit a ladder. Climb to the top where you'll find another
Izarian and then proceed through the door. There are plenty of Izarians in here
and more appear behind you so run along and remember to blow up the gas tanks
as you go. Last thing you need is to be standing next to one of them when it
blows up, so blow them up yourself, preferably from a distance. Once you're
through the corridor you'll hit a loading point, always a good place to save,
and then move outside. This time the Izarians are staying out of the way of the
cameras and are on the roof. Most of them jump down but you may need to pick a
few off who stay on the roof. Find the broken door and head through it, try not
to get crushed. Next up is the drainage room which has got a fair few Izarians
in it, so the best bet is just to run in and hit them hard. Slap a new clip in
your Duster and go in shooting. Luckily the Izarians aren't all that good. If
you didn't pick it up before then there's some health back at the entrance and
a shield boost behind the security door exit. Grab the stuff and jump in the
lift. After the terrifying drop, give the Skaarj a couple multi-slugs
(Secondary fire for the Duster) and head through the door. Or don't, as it's
blocked. Head back towards the lift and jump in the mini-lift instead. Go under
the stairs and grab the health and shields. Next, head up the stairs and
through the door, kill the Skaarj and grab the clip for the Duster. It's in the
bunker next to the plants. Head through the door at the far end of the garden
and you'll hit another loading screen. Save, remember the F5 key is your best
friend. Head through the next two doors and you'll come out outside. There's a
Skaarj on the ground and there's three Izarians on the surrounding cliffs. Kill
the Skaarj first and then knock off the Izarians. Remember to keep moving and
with a bit of luck they won't even hit you. Head across the little bridge and
you'll find a load of Skaarj, four I think. Strangely, I found one of them
lying on the bank of the lake not doing anything. He wasn't dead, he was just
lying there. Maybe he was scared. Anyway head around the right hand side of the
building and up the stairs. Watch the cutscene with the Battle Skaarj and then
follow the walkway until you reach a hatch. Down the hatch is one Izarian so
kill him, grab the Grenade Launcher and head through the door. Follow the
walkway around to the left where you'll find a room with blood dripping from
the ceiling and an Izarian hiding in the top right hand corner of the ceiling.
Kill him, jump in the lift and head upstairs. Watch out for the Skaarj who
jumps through the window and exit the door at the far end of the room. Take
time to notice the door on the right and the Skaarj mutilating some poor tech
guy. Look around and you'll see a hatch head down it. Nail the Skaarj with a
Multi-Slug and head to the right. You'll emerge shortly in the control room.
Kill the Skaarj and hit the two generator override switches. The go watch the
holographics and hit the generator restart switch. Go through the door which
now opens alright, and go back the way you came killing the surplus Izarians on
the way. Now go to where you saw Danny fall down, and follow his example. Try
to avoid the big blue energy rays and just hop down. You shouldn't lose too
much health. Grab the artefact and get ready for a mini-boss. Though later in
the game you see quite a few of these guys, the Battle Skaarj are still pretty
hard, and they look the mutt's nuts. 6 or 7 multi-slugs should kill him, but
avoid his fire and don't let him get near you or you'll get your guts ripped
out through your nose. He's not best friendly. When he's dead, go to the lift
in the centre of the generator and ride it up. Congratulations, you've done the
first level. Remember to save. You're finally off sanctuary, but not for long.

3. Swamp

This is a great level, it's what I call a Defend the Base level. There are a
few of them, and they're all great. You may want to set a savegame or two apart
just to store these levels, so you can play them again. Anyway, you won't get
attacked until you find the marines, so don't get too freaked out by the weird
howling and set off in search of one of the beacons. Incidentally, if you don't
fire on the wildlife, they'll leave you alone, but they aren't that hard
anyway. If you need some target practice, pull out your Dispersion Pistol and
whack some Seagoats (the things that look like green rabbits). If you're very
good you may even be able to take out the blind T-Rex things as well, though I
had to use the Duster for this. Anyway, find a beacon and head in the direction
it points until you reach the marines. This part is quite freeform, so I can't
provide exact directions. You'll know you're on the right track by the debris
everywhere. Talk to the Marine Captain, grab the Shotgun, ammo and any health
you need and then roll out. Follow the Marines and kill anything you come
across, it should be mainly Izarians though you may see a Skaarj or two. When
you reach the clearing the real Defend the Base begins. There are two ways into
the clearing, the best way to defend the both is to stake out a good place in
the middle of the area and then just head to which ever end of the clearing has
gunfire coming from it. All in all it's not too hard but it is very enjoyable.
After three waves of Skaarj and Izarians your ship will turn up and take you
all away. Easy. Plus you got the Shotgun.

4. Hell

The name says it all. This level got me really jittery. You know that sound
people invented for when spiders scream and chitter, like at the end of
Arachnophobia, when the guy shoots the spider with the nail gun. Horrible
noise. And there's a lot of it. You start off on the far side of a long bridge.
On this level the wildlife is a bit more vicious. The things that look a bit
like dogs with massive teeth will attack you if you wake them so shoot them
from a distance. On the side of the bridge you start on there is a small one
sleeping and a weird slug thing. The slug ignores you, but give the other
creature a multi-slug in the face. Now head across the bridge. About halfway
across you'll find another dog creature. This time though it’s the size of a
small car. Best bet is to sneak up to it and give it a shotgun blast to the
face. Incendiary ammo works very well on them. When you've got across the
bridge, head inside and jump on the lift and head down into the base. Before
long you get stopped at a checkpoint but you'll soon be through it, and you'll
find yourself in a room that’s on fire. Head to the left and take the first
door you come to, down the lift, grab the flamer from the dead guy near the
fire and through the door at the far end of the room. Follow the corridor until
you reach the Medi-Bay and press the button on the far right Medi-Table to
revive the bloke. Take him back to the door you came through after the
checkpoint on the walkway and he'll be able to open the door to the control
room. Listen to the audio recording (on the desk console) and then continue
through the other door and into the second lift. The Maintenance guy will
follow you as you go through the next door and find all his dead mates. Keep on
going and before long you'll be attacked by the spiders. Open up with the
flamer though I have a couple of bits of advice. Number one, use the flamer
sparingly you'll need it a lot more later. If you're running low on ammo use
the Shotguns Incendiary ammo to take out the spiders. Number Two, if one of the
big spiders is about to jump, don't set fire to it. It throws itself at you as
it is, the last thing you need is a giant, killer, flaming spider throwing
itself at you. Anyway, move along dealing with the spiders, saving ammo by
using the multi-slugs from the Duster to get rid of the big spiders at a
distance. If they're surrounded by small spiders all the better they'll get
creamed as well. If you can, try and nail one of the big spiders in mid-air and
it should explode if you've shot it enough. It makes real mess and looks plenty
cool. Thankfully, this level is fairly linear so follow the path the game
creates for you until you hit a room with a load of orange gas and a burning
body. You can't walk through the gas so head to the opposite side and duck into
the fan intake. This is what you need your flamer ammo for. Whilst your
climbing along the inside of the pipe you'll be attacked by about 70 of the
little spiders, hopefully you'll have saved a couple of flamer clips for this.
Luckily you're in an air duct so the spiders don't have anywhere to run so you
shouldn't have too much trouble. If it does all get too much run back outside
and start unloading multi-slugs into the entrance, that'll teach them. This
also works in the tunnel, though you want to be careful of shooting yourself.
Anyway, climb along the tunnel, turn on the fan and head back out. Now head
over the other side and sidle past the nasty gas and go on a bit. When the guy
comes out the door stop dead because your about to learn what else you have to
look out for on this level. The little spore sacks appear everywhere from now
on, on the ceilings, attached to crates, everywhere. Just keep an eye out for
them and use your Dispersion Pistol on them. Keep on going along the linear
path until you reach a room full of spore sacks. On the walkway above you
you'll see three big spiders but ignore them unless they jump down. Now when
you get near the spore sacks they burst and release a small spider, so stand
back and pick the off with your pistol. Just be ready to change to something a
bit more dangerous if one of the big spiders comes down. Presuming the big
spiders don't jump down, whip out your grenade launcher and start launching
grenades over the railings in timed mode, that'll take care of them. Make sure
you get all the spores and then head upstairs and through the door. Before long
you reach another lift, so jump on and prepare for some genre swapping. That’s
right. When you get to the top of the lift the main door won't open so head for
the smaller door and take the lift upstairs. The lift in this room is broken,
so head for the broken door and prepare for some platforming. The orange ray is
not good for your health so try and avoid it, your aiming to jump onto the long
grey block that leads through the window to the control room. If you're playing
the game on Easy, you can afford to run through all the beams and just jump
straight onto the block. Ignore the health and shield pick ups unless you're
really desperate, you can come back for them once you've turned the beam off.
Anyhow get to the control room, turn off the beam and hit the bulkhead release
button. Head back down into the broken room, pick up any health or shield you
need and avoid the melted glass. Leave through one of the non-broken doors.
Jump back in the lift, go downstairs and go through the door on the other side
of the big lift you came up on a minute ago. Head down the corridor, killing
the bugs and you'll come out in a big room I call the generator core. The
things that look like lifts on the left hand side of the big curving corridor
don't do anything, so ignore them and walk along the corridor and head through
the door next to the barricade. Kill the creepy crawlies and you'll find
yourself in a room with a big machine in the centre and some barrels. Whatever
you do don't shoot the barrels because they are both toxic and explosive. Head
through the opposite door. Up the lift, and your into the atmospherics lab. All
the big doors are sealed so jump in the lift behind and to the right of you.
Hit all the buttons and make sure you watch the far right chamber with the big
spiders. Hilarious. Now go back down the lift and through the centre door. Jump
down the pipe and head along knocking off the little spiders and hit the switch
on the right. Head through the door and drop through the hatch. There are a
couple of spiders here so get killing and then move along the corridor. Ignore
the door at first and go past and grab the ammo at the end of the corridor.
Head back to the door and go through. Go along the corridor, killing the
beasties and through the opposite door of the next room. Same format as the
last room that looked exactly the same as this one. Head to the lift, up to the
control room and hit all the switches, especially the four buttons on the end.
This lets some regular creatures through the door and into the beam, they'll
help kill the little spiders. Head back down the lift and through the centre
door. Head to the right and drop through the hole in the floor, killing the
Araknids as you go. Go down the corridor along the pipes and jump down into the
water. Take a right along the corridor, killing the spiders and watching for
the spore. For Christ's sake remember to save before going through the hole
into beam control room and a boss fight. Once you're in the room, you can't
shut down the beam until you kill the queen. So, how to kill the queen? Now,
she can't hurt you unless you're close to her so the first rule is keep your
distance. She's not very quick either so use the shock lance, the Multi-slugs
from the Duster or the grenade launcher. She has two basic attacks. One is a
big wall of wind (I know it sounds weird, but that’s the best description I can
come up with), and the other is to fire spores that spawn little spiders. The
problem is if the little spiders jump into the beam, they become big spiders,
so shoot them before they hatch. The big wall of wind won't hurt you as long as
you’re a fair distance away OR behind an obstacle so if you are too near her
and she's about to fire, then jump behind something quick. She does have a lot
of health though so you are going to have to shoot her a lot. When she's dead,
press the button and grab the artefact. Well done, you've made it out of hell,
and what's more you're alive. Result!

5. Acheron

Right, a giant living planet. God, this is gonna suck. Okay, head towards the
main building, there's a guy on the road and two more up near the digger. Best
bet, use the Magnum to shoot them in the head. Seconds later a guy will appear
in the lift behind you, so kill him and grab the rocket launcher. Next up kill
the two guys next to the crane you saw at the beginning. Now the crane won't
come up until you do something. Over on the raised platform is a rocket turret
so make sure your still some distance away and give it a couple of rockets.
This should kill it. Head towards the raised platform and climb the ladder up.
There are two guys up here so kill them and go around to find two more guys and
some ammo, health and shield. You'll also find a radio. Pick it up, and try to
reassure the guy on the other end. He'll send the guys in the lift back up.
Head down to the lift, kill the two mercs and jump in the lift. When you hit
the bottom jump out and head along the big fleshy corridor. There are plenty of
mercs along here so make sure you kill them all whilst making your way to the
end. Here you will find a large fleshy lump with demo charges all over it. Set
all the demo charges and retreat for cover. When the lump is gone, grab the
artefact and start running. Now you've done it, the planet is pissed at you. On
your way back to the lift you'll find a lot has changed. The large lumps flying
out of the ceiling will home in on you, but there not very fast so kill as many
as you can in front of you, and occasionally turn around and blast the ones
behind you. There's a distressed merc somewhere around so kill him or ignore
him, either way he ignores you. There are now large lakes of digestive acid all
over the place, so don't fall in them unless your want to form 0.1% of the
planets daily allowance for metal and ammo. Get back to the lift at full speed,
pull out your duster and prepare to defend the lift from the flying cubes which
come from every direction. Before long the lift will start to go up. When you
hit the top, all hell has broken loose, earthquakes, plumes of acid and other
annoying features. Run like hell back to your ship and kill the merc who's
trying to break into it. Cool, another level done, and you've annoyed the
biggest creature in the universe. Good job!

6. Severnaya

First things first, save the marines. Obviously the marines aren't particularly
good because there are only two mercs and they can't kill either of them. Run
around the corner, watch the Marine with the Sniper Rifle get killed and then
knock off the Mercs. Talk to the surviving Marine and after that, head for the
Dam. Remember to stop off on the way at a convenient vantage point and pick off
the two guys on the front of the Dam. Once you're on the front platform of the
Dam, whip out the sniper rifle again and shoot the two guys who make an
appearance in the centre room above the door. Now unfortunately the door is
locked, so take one of the ladders on the left or right down to the base of the
dam. There is turret and a guard on the bridge in the flow pipe so whip out
your grenade launcher and fire an EMP grenade at the turret and a frag grenade
at the merc. Swim or wade along the river and jump on the ladder on the right.
Cross the bridge and go through the door and up the stairs. Once you're through
the next door you should come out in a small square room with a massive spiral
staircase. There are two mercs coming down the stairs, so get their attention
and run back through the door. The moment they come through the door shoot the
barrels and gas tanks. Now the doors on the spiral staircase are sealed so head
back down the small staircase and do a 180 degree turn and head through the
metal gate. Climb the ladder and press the button on the Detonator. Climb the
ladders up to the top and crawl into the roof space. Once the guys have
finished talking drop down through the one of the holes and blow the two mercs
away. Hit the bulkhead release button and get all the ammo, health and shield
out of the lockers. Head through the door and down the stairs. Go through the
door halfway up and jump onto the right hand side of the big machine right in
front of you. There is another Detonator here, so activate it and jump back.
There is a door on the opposite side of the room so take it and take a left
into a big room. There are plenty of Mercs in here so take your time and kill
the all. There are also a couple of turrets, so once you've killed the Mercs
whip out the EMP grenades. Anyway, head up the stairs and around the big
generator and down the other side. Kill the merc and the turret around here and
blow up one of the force field posts to get through. The pipes against the wall
form a set of large stairs so get up there follow them around the wall. The
Detonator is on the generator so set it and climb over the pipes next to it.
You have five minutes to evacuate. Run out of the main door of the big room and
head straight for the front door of the Dam. When you get outside there's a
dropship delivering a couple of mercs on the right hand side of the dam. Open
fire with the sniper rifle or the rocket launcher to take out the two mercs and
the turret. Then start running like hell until you reach the Dropship.
Congratulations, another level done, and you've made a hell of a mess.
Remember, talk to Isaak about the artefacts when you get back for possibly the
funniest line in the entire game.

7. Kalydon

Another Defend the Base mission, but first off listen to Isaak about how to set
up turrets and field generators. Right, now you have to find some more. Head
off over the hills on the right and eventually you'll find the cache of defence
weapons. Once you have them run back to the base and set up the turrets behind
the concrete defence posts and set up the plasma field generators, remembering
to leave yourself a gap in the fence to get to the shield and health
generators. You can turn them off, so you can get through, but in the heat of
battle this is at best not easy and at worst pretty impossible. Anyway, once
you're set up the mercs will start arriving. This time they are Liandri Angels.
With the Sniper Rifle you should be able to kill the smaller ones before they
even get near the gate, if your good, but the big ones may take a little more
effort. Best bet is to use the Rocket Launchers lock on feature. Once you've
locked on, point the launcher up in the air and let fly. Do this because it
means the rockets come straight down on their targets and not from the side as
the level is strewn with cover for the wily merc. There are three waves of
Angels, so preserve your ammo and don't go nuts. Remember to top up your health
and shield regularly as the Angels have exceptional weapons and aren't bad
shots even on easy. Before long you should have killed the lot, so jump back in
the elevator. Remember people, the petition to get levels like this converted
to Multiplayer by an expansion pack or a mod, starts here. Get writing to Mod
makers and Legend. I've got to play these levels online!

8. Sulferon

Right, bit of a dump this place. First off, nip to the left and grab the Sniper
Rifle and the ammo. There's an Izanaghi Merc coming towards you with a shotgun,
so give him one in the head. Now the good news, there's a couple of large mercs
wondering around, but they won't fire on you until your in their range, so get
the sniper rifle and shoot them in the head a couple times. Now around the base
there are a couple of turrets, and these don't move, so fire at them from the
distance with the Rocket Launcher. They should take about three primary fires.
Head through the gap in the walls and kill the two guards outside the front
door. Once inside, kill any guards who are around and head to the left. Jump in
the lift and head upstairs, there are two guards upstairs, make sure you kill
both of them as you have to kill all the baddies on this level. Turn off the
distress call and head back downstairs. There's probably gonna be a couple of
mercs knocking around so kill them and head through the door opposite the room
with the lift in it. There's a turret set up in this corridor so give it hell
with the rocket launcher. Head through to the computer room where you'll find
the terminal you're supposed to be getting the data from. Unfortunately, one of
the mercs will disable the terminal. You can't stop this, believe me I've
tried. Now matter how much you shoot him, he'll destroy the terminal. Kill all
the mercs and head through the other door to the one you came in through. There
should be a couple more mercs down here, so kill them, the shotgun should
probably be your weapon of choice for the close quarter's nature of the
fighting. Anyway, follow the corridor and you'll come out in another room. This
one has quite a few turrets and possibly a merc, depending on whether you've
killed him or not. Knock off the turrets and the merc. At this point you should
get a transmission from Aida. If not, then you haven't killed all the Mercs. On
the easy level (which I am using for the purposes of this walkthrough, though I
have completed it on Normal) there are 4 mercs outside, so make sure you have
all the ones inside then go check the base. If you still haven't done it, check
the guard tower, I once found a guy up there I swear wasn't there before.
Anyway, now its time for another defend the base level.  This time you get to
boss some marines about, but you need to put them in the right places. There
are three waves of mercs. The first two come in the front gate and the last
wave comes in the backdoor. Send the marine with the Sniper rifle to the front
wall so he can pick off the first two waves at a distance, send the guy with
the Duster to the front door so he can open up on anyone who gets past the
sniper. Send the guy with the flamer (medium sized marine) to the back door.
This guy will remain inside, so he is in close quarters with the attacking
mercs and has a better chance of setting light to them. Send the heavy with the
rocket launcher to the control room as the last line of defence, or if you're
feeling brave send him to the front wall. Once you've done this go to the front
wall. The first merc wave lands near where you landed in your dropship. Get to
the gap in the front wall and climb the nearest hill. Get out your sniper rifle
and you should be able to kill the lot before they get near enough to even fire
a shot. The next team drop to the left hand side (from the inside) of the front
wall, these guys need a little more effort as they drop right next to you.
Anyways, best bet is to use the Magnum or the Duster, or maybe the Shotgun if
they get near enough. Time for the last wave. Haul ass to the back door, if any
of the marines are still alive, get them to the back door or the control room.
You should arrive just in time to see the Flamer marine roasting the mercs.
Give them a few shots as well, but make sure you check that no-one got past the
flamer guy and into the control room. Even if they do, the heavy marine should
be able to protect the tech. Anyway, after the mercs are dead, that’s it.
Result, another great victory. Time to get back to the ship and drool over

9. Janus

Right, you start off under fire, so get moving straight away. There's a large
merc with a rocket launcher coming toward you and a small guy with a rocket
launcher also firing from a huge tower just to the right of your screen. Best
bet is to kill the large marine with the primary fire from the rocket launcher
and then switch to the sniper rifle for the guy on the platform. Then move
towards the bridge, with your sniper rifle ready. As soon as you get within 50
metres of the crates, the mercs will set up a force field and a turret. You
should be able to kill a couple of the mercs before the filed goes up, but if
not don't worry too much. Take out the turret with a well placed rocket and
then use the secondary fire to lock two of the multi-missiles onto each of the
plasma field generators, then fire the rocket straight up in the air. This
looks really cool, when the missiles rain down, plus they tend to hurt the
mercs as well and this will save you a lot of hassle. Once you've destroyed one
of the generators head up to the crates and whip out your shotgun or duster.
Kill the remaining mercs. Now if you look over the right hand side of the
bridge you should be able to see a guy wondering around to the right of the end
of the bridge. Shoot him with the rifle, or he's gonna be a pain in the ass
when you reach the end. Keep on going along the bridge and the mercs will set
up another defence point. Use the same tactic as last time to kill the idiots.
Just as you enter the main base (preferably with your sniper rifle out) you'll
see a heavy dude on the right and a smaller dude on the left who sets up a
turret. Kill both of these morons with the sniper rifle and then get the turret
with an EMP grenade, as the railings reduce your chances of hitting it with the
rocket launcher. Once this is done, go up the stairs, round the walkway, grab
the ammo and jump in the lift. Remember to save it, F5, do it for my sake if
not your own. I may have missed the odd enemy at some point so it's always a
good idea to save. Once the lift has reached the bottom, step out and talk to
the Axon scientist. He'll open the doors for you, so head through. Once you're
through the next door you'll be in a room with a few mercs and a couple of
turrets. The best way to get to the turrets is to head up one of the outside
aisles and come around behind them. Fire EMP grenades at them, as your not
gonna use them otherwise. There is one regular marine on either side and a
large one packing a rocket launcher and a flamer at the end near the turrets.
So kill the lot and head through the door on the right hand side of the room.
You will eventually come out in a corridor, to your left you will see a Kai
behind a door. Use the Intercom to try and get in if you like, but he won't let
you. The door the voices are coming from is locked so ignore it and head for
the door at the other end of the corridor. Head through the door and you'll
reach a room with two large stones and a couple of guards. Kill the guards and
then fire some rockets down the crawlspace to kill the turret. Crawl along the
duct and you'll come out on a lift. Once you're up drop through a hole in the
roof, kill the guard and say hello to Dr. Meyer. After this point there is a
great deal of following Dr. Meyer and making sure he stays alive which isn't
too hard as he runs away the moment he opens the door to a room with any guards
in it. Just walk in and massacre anyone who gets in the way. He moans a lot,
but don't let him get to you. After a short trip you'll reach a window which
you have to climb out of and clear the area around the roof. Meyer won't come
with you at this point, so don't worry about him. The thing you have to worry
about is getting shot with a shotgun or rocket launcher and falling off the
roof. Falling off the roof is instant death, so save before you go out or
you'll be here for hours. There is no easy way of doing this bit. Just be very,
very careful and use either your Shotgun or the Multi-Slugs from your Duster.
One good tip is stay away from the edge by crawling underneath the pipes on the
side of the building. This should help you not get shot off but you still have
to be very careful. Once you reach the lift it's up to the roof and time for
the best defend the base mission in the game.
This time, you get turrets, plasma fields and some marines to boss around.
You're gonna want to save here as well as this is not the easiest of levels,
and remember there are so many ways to do these levels, my way may not work
best for you, and in any case I'm only gonna give an overview of what to do in
this level. There are so many waves of angels I lost count and you just have to
run around as best you can. First off make sure you have a look around the
perimeter. There are markers 1, 2, 3 and 4. 1, 2 and 3 correspond to entrances
to the base so memorise which one is which so when the marines call for help
you can go there. Next set up a plasma field generator over every entrance.
This leaves you a couple of extra generators left over, so double up on one of
the entrances to make a "plasma square". I suggest the right entrance for this
as most of the troops seem to come through here. Next, send the marines to
their posts. Send the flamer guy to the Control room, the Heavy to the right,
the shotgun guy to the left and the remaining guy to the front door. Once
you've done this set up a turret at each entrance. Bear in mind that the Rocket
Turret is that much better than the auto turrets so put it where you think your
gonna need it most. Once you've done this, go to Meyer and tell him to start.
Now get outside and get ready for a hell of a fight. If you have the game set
on easy and you're good, you can go outside the forcefield and engage the
angels as they drop. Use the secondary fire on your rocket launcher for this as
it looks cool and is great for nailing the little ones that don't move much. If
you have it set on Normal or worse yet, Unreal, then stay inside and fire the
Sniper Rifle around the edge of the fields or use the Grenade Launcher to fire
over the fences. About halfway through you will have to nip outside and raise
the antenna. No one will attack until you have done this, so stock up on shield
and health from the free dispensers in the main room and pick up any ammo the
angels may have dropped. Hit the button on the antenna and get back to killing
the little buggers. After a while they'll stop and you'll have to go and see
Meyer and talk to Aida. Well done, you've made it, now you're onto the hardest,
most atmospheric, scariest (except for Hell) level in the game, Na Koja Abad.

10. Na Koja Abad

Right. This level is a bit of a pain in the ass, because it’s the first time
you meet the Drakk. There are also a ton of Izanaghi Ghost Warriors knocking
around, so be careful for gods sake. Ne'ban drops you in a big round flood
basin, and there's only one way out. There are a couple of minor setbacks to
this. There are loads of little blue dinosaurs running around and they tend to
attack you for no reason. They don't take a lot of killing even by Izarian
standards, but there are a lot of them and they can be quite distracting,
especially when you're trying to shoot something else. Anyway find your way out
of the flood basin there should be a couple of guards talking about the dig
site. Kill these guys and then notice the two turrets on top of the laser gate.
Use the secondary fire on the Rocket Launcher to attach the rockets to the
turrets and then duck behind a rock and fire the rocket up in the air. This
assures you don't waste rockets missing the stupid turrets. Once you destroyed
them, head off to the right, kill the merc and head left towards a small
building with shield generators in it. Here you'll find some ammo and an
auto-turret, as well as some health and shield platforms. There's also a fuse
box on the left hand side, so open it and turn the laser gate off. Head back
through the laser gate and keep on going, killing the mercs on the way, until
you reach the underside of the bridge. There are a couple of mercs here so kill
them and grab all the ammo and other stuff that’s knocking around. Continue
along the path until you reach another laser gate, the switch for this one is
on the gate, but there is a turret on the other side so be prepared to shoot
it. Next head for the large sewage pipe and get inside. Climb the ladder and
remember to save. Next, after you've climbed the ladder, walk about 3 feet and
you'll find another ladder on the right, which you should climb up. You come
out on a little walkway, so watch the scientists doing there stuff and then
snipe the guard so he doesn't get a chance to fire back. Then knock off the
scientists, because if you leave them they'll go find the guards. Grab anything
that’s lying about and exit the room, through the door furthest from the merc
you just killed. The door at the end of the corridor won't open so go back to
the bit about halfway along the corridor and jump onto one of the platforms.
Try to avoid the steam, but they don't do much damage, so don't worry too much.
Once you reach the end, climb up the ladder and head to the right. Just around
the corner is an auto-turret so get your rocket launcher out and fire a couple
of rockets at it. Follow the corridor and you'll come out on another walkway.
Watch what happens, which is quite funny, then snipe the guard and kill the
scientist. Grab the Taika's from the table, and proceed through the next door
on the long side of the room. In this room you'll find a merc, a large merc and
a turret. Kill the lot and head across the little bridge into the central room
and up the ladder. Follow the corridor and you'll come out on yet another
walkway. Watch the guy test the laser, and then jump down and grab whatever you
need from the room around you. Head through the door that leads to a short
corridor and go through the door at the end. There are a couple of mercs in
here, so kill them and go down the lift. The level gets fairly linear here so
just keep on going down the lifts until you find yourself in front of a massive
Drakk ship. Kill the guard on the ramp, grab all the stuff that’s lying around
and head through the big door. Again the level stays very linear here, just
kill the guard and climb the ladders, there are about 4 of them. Once you reach
the top, follow the corridor and you'll come out in the artefact chamber. Use
the rocket launcher to kill the 2 guards and then go through the beams. The
majority of them can be ducked under, but they don't hurt much anyway. Once
you've grabbed the artefact the Drakk will reanimate. Bugger. Anyway, your
situation is the worst, you get attacked by the Drakk Overseer. Whenever the
laser sight turns red start running and dodging around and you shouldn't get
hit. Give it hell with your rockets and remember to shoot them until they blow
up or they'll auto repair. Once it's dead you just have to get back to the
large doors to the outside of the ship. On your way you'll probably see some
more Drakk, but they have to get near you to hurt you so fire at them from a
distance with the secondary fire of your Rocket Launcher. Once you reach the
large doors after you've dropped down all the ladders then you're home and dry.
Only 3 more levels to go and then you're done!

11. Drakk Hive World

Okay, I really like this level. The whole feeling of the level is its very
alien. Usually, in games you'll find the aliens use keycards, regular doors,
and corridors which are exactly like the human ones. However, in this game
you'll find the alien landscapes really are alien, really alien. Even the doors
scare the hell out of me. There just so weird. Anyway, there are loads of Drakk
on this level, but you do get to use the Drakk Laser, so you shouldn't have any
trouble killing the regular ones. Just remember to make sure the ones with the
laser sights are dead before you move on. I know I keep on saying this, but
with the number of them on this level if you don't kill them properly you could
find yourself in a hell of a lot of trouble, and its a waste of ammo. You start
off outside, so head through the door straight in front of you, to get into the
base. As you go along you'll see dismembered bodie parts in big jars, take the
time to press the buttons on the front of the tubes to see some really screwed
up stuff, jabbering disembodied heads and such like. Spooky as hell. The first
part of this level is really linear, if you've got this far it won't be a
problem. On most of the following rooms you'll need to kill all of te Drakk
Overseer's (they're the ones with the laser sights) before the exit will open,
so make sure you kill everything in the rooms before trying to find a way out.
Also, you may notice that when you kill an overseer the little cages with the
aliens in will open for a second. I've done this level killing every single
one, and again without killing any of them. As far as I can tell it doesn't
make the slightest bit of difference whether you kill them or not. I'm
deliberately not holding your hand through this level, because all the rooms
look the same up to a point, so it would be difficult to literally walk you
through. Anyway, after several rooms with jars, eventually you will come out in
a huge room with a large core building at the centre. Your next job is toget
into this room. Follow the corridor around the edge, being careful of the blue
laser grid. On easy this doesn't hurt too much, but if your on Normal or Unreal
this can really screw up your health for the rest of the level. Just be careful
and if you get stuck in the middle find somewhere suitable to duck and cover
until it turns off again. Once your through you'll find a big class storage
unit with a hideous thing in it. I won't tell you what it is, trust me you'll
know. Hit the button a few times and electrocute the thing until it escapes and
then kill it to put it out of its misery. Before long you'll find the ramp into
the central core, so jump in and take the gravity lift up. When you come out,
head into the large roomand get ready for a boss, the Drakk Caretaker. This guy
is quite hard, even on easy because he lasts such a long time. I found the best
bet is to find yourself a nice pillar to hide behind and then use the primary
or secondary fires of the Rocket Launcher. You'll probably run out of ammo, so
use the Drakk Laser as a back up weapon, followed by either the grenade
launcher or the magnum as a last resort. The Duster doesn't do a great deal to
these guys, and to hurt them you have to lay down a lot of ammo. Still, the
multi-slugs are probably a good bet, if you can be bothered to fire about 700
of them. Use it if you run out of everything else. By this time he should be
very dead, either that or you are a really bad shot. Once its dead grab the
artifact and get to the next level Marine. Thats an order.

12. Avalon

Not gonna need any weapons for this level, my arse. Some git decides to shoot
you down, so its time to do the one man army thing. From the crash site head
down to the dead marine and grab his stuff. Listen to the radio for a bit if
your interested. Now this level is absolutely full of Skaarj, so ignore your
spore cannon and your flamer, and concentrate on  bringing the more devastating
weapons to bear. The new secondary fire on the Drakk Laser (like the Drakk
Caretaker used on you last level) is pretty damn good, but should only be used
against mass enemies because there is no more ammo for the laser on this level
and it goes through ammo like nothing else. Anyway, once you've nabbed the
marines stuff head towards the command centre. On the way you'll meet a Skaarj
at the top of the hill, and a couple more nearer the building. Make your way to
the lift at the centre of the far side of the building to where you start, jump
in and press the buton. Once you reach the top, watch the Skaarj drop the
marine and the kill him. Make your way up to where you were talking to Hawkins
right at the very start of the game. Kill the two Skaarj in here, collect any
health or ammo that you need and press the button to disable the Planetary
Cannon. Head back down and you'll find the lift won't work. Whip out your
sniper rifle and get ready for the obligitary FPS sniper bit. You have to
protect a marine while he fixes the generator. The generator is the thing
surrounded by the fence, you'll also see the area is strewn with explosive gas
bottles. Before you start, shoot the ones inside the fence so that they don't
go off by mistake and leave the rest, they'll come in useful later. Once your
ready, go and find the marine in your crosshairs and he'll start his trek from
the door to the fence. Shoot any Skaarj that try to get him, and he'll get to
fixing that generator. This is where the other gas bottles come in useful. The
Skaarj attack from three directions, sobe sure you can see them all. They are
from the hills to the top of your screen, the valleys to the bottom of your
screen and the far side of the generator complex to the right of your screen.
The regular Skaarj should only take one shot, though the slower moving Battle
Skaarj will take a few more, so when they get close to the gas bottles shoot
them, to save yourself some ammo. Be prepared though, these Skaarj are quite
hard and they may not stop despite the explosions. If push comes to shove, just
train your crosshairs on the gap in the fence and shoot them as they come
through. Remember to reload at quiet points, usually while John and the Marine
are talking, you don't want to run out of ammo, just as a couple of Skaarj
break into the area. Depending on the difficulty level, the marine will survive
for differing amounts of time. On easy, he can take a real good kicking, but on
Normal or Unreal, you'll have to be quite careful, and tatical. Once your done,
jump in the lift and head back down. At the bottom you'll meet the marine you
just covered for, who'll show you the way to the landing pad. Just follow him
and kill all the Skaarj you come across. Once you make it to the top, get ready
for another defence level, only this time, its a bit simpler. One entrance,
guard it. The problem is you get attacked by a load of Battle Skaarj, which is
a bit of a pain in the ass to say the least. Hopefully, you'll still have some
rocket launcher ammo left, so use the secondary fire to get a lock, and then
fire the rocket up in the air, so they don't hit the plasma field. You'll have
to be pretty good and very quick to keep the fence intact, but on Easy you
shouldn't have too many problems. I haven't done this bit on Unreal difficulty
yet, but Normal gave me a bit of trouble so I found another way. Head back to
the landing pad, find a suitable location you can see the entrance from and get
the Sniper Rifle out. Wait until the Skaarj start to break through and the
unload half a clip into each. While this works, it can get a little hairy if
they get close enough to fire back. Hopefully, you'll get through this bit,
watch the cutscene and be onto the final level. Hope your ready for the Tosc.

13. Dorian Grey

Right, the last level in the game. Watch the cutscene and listen to Hawkins go
on abouth the artifact. Whilst he's doing this make your way around the room
picking up all the ammo and health and stuff. Wait until the Tosc is out and
then give it hell witht the Rocket launcher. Don't bother using the secondary
fire, as its so slow that you're unlikely to miss it unless your pants, and you
didn't get this far by being pants. After a few shots a short cutscene will
play shwing the Tosc lose an arm. Well, that arm is actualy a gun, sograb it
and let rip at the Tosc, preferably from a safe distance. Once its dead head
through the door to the right of where Hawkins was earlier on, though if you
need some health or sheild grab some. There are a couple of those top up
stations in another room, but I can't remember how I got there in any case. You
probably won't need them though. After the door take the next door to the left
and listen to the stunning news Aida has to tell you. I think I kinda saw this
bit coming. Head through the door and up to Hawkins. Watch the cutscene, press
the button and head through the opposite door. Now is an excellent time to save
your game, as your on a timer now and it does get quite confusing. Once through
the door, kill the Tosc with the Singularity Cannon, don't worry if the marines
get dragged in by the way, as no one else cares. Head through the only
available door and keep on going. You'll come out in a room with two bridges
and a massive gravity drive in it. As soon as you bet onto the bridge, look 90
degrees to your left and up. There's a Tosc on the balcony above the other
bridge. He'll shoot it no matter what happens, so make sure you get your shot
in at him in plenty of time and if he does fire back at you, run like hell.
Once the gravity drive has been busted by the falling bridge, you have to get
up to the second floor above where you entered this room. Now betwwen the two
bridges there is a little platform built into the wall, so jump on this and use
it to jump up to the top. Now doors in this level have 2 kinds of buttons. If a
door has a red button next to it, it won't open. If a door has a green button
next to it, it will. Head towards the door with the green button (to the left,
I think, I'm writing this from memory) and head into the next room. Your task
in here is to reach the highest door in the room, its to the right of where you
come in. It shouldn't take too much effort what with the low gravity. Anyhow,
get through that door, and there's only a couple of Tosc left! Shortly after,
you should meet a couple of marines saying that they have to get through the
next room to get to the escape pods. The problem is there is a Tosc in the
other room, and this one isn't scripted (which means his actions aren't
predetermined like the other 3, they're all on the AI). The best way to kill
this guy, is to open one of the doors, take a pot shot at the Tosc and then
IMMEDIATELY run in the opposite direction. Remember, if a Tosc even gets a
vague hot off in your direction, and your still there when it reaches you, you
are dead. Not hurt, not injured, not even bleeding, just dead. Once this guy is
dead, head through the door and the ship will start to list. This means
pressing the door buttons is now a challenge within itself as you have to jump
and press the use key at exactly the right time. Now provided you haven't
messed the button pressing/jumping maneuovre too many times, you'll find
yourself in the escape pod area with the final Tosc there isn't a great deal to
hide behind here so fire and move, fire and move. Big movements, make sure you
stay away from the singularitys until they hit the walls. The Tosc should die
quite quickly provided your not an awful shot, as I said before, they're very
slow. Once this is done, look for the only open escape pod and jump in before
the time runs out. Sorted. Done, dusted, finished, complete, accomplished. Well
done, you have just completed Unreal 2 and as such deserve a cup of tea. Watch
the outro first though, its a real tearjerker for a game.

H. Cool Stuff

Alright, here's a little section on some things that are worth seeing and doing
whilst making your way through Unreal 2. Just to get the most out of the game.

1. On Severnaya you can shoot down the flying things with a sniper rifle, or
just about any other gun. Find the bodies afterwards and blow them up for extra

2. On Na Koja Abad you can shot down the giant mosquito things. Once you've
done this go and watch the corpse and shortly a little blue dinosaur will come
along and drag the insect back to its cave and eat it. Cool.

3. Always make sure you talk to all of the crew before/after each mission. The
storyline really does help elevate this game above the regular FPS's of the day
and to only listen to the in mission parts of it is criminal,

4. If you find a bunch of enemies talking, let them finish before you shoot
them. They either have something useful, helpful or funny to say.

5. If you see a button on a seemingly pointless object, press it. Whats the
worst that could happen.

6. Play the Drakk Hive World level with the lights off. It is really, really
spooky. Especially, when you find the dismembered body parts and the jabbering
head. Still makes me cringe.

7. Shoot dead bodies with the Spore Cannon to see all the little spiders swarm
all over them again. Get Hypersnap DX 5 and take a picture of it, and use it as
your desktop wallpaper. Its a great conversation piece.

8. Stick the game on easy, and try to finish the first couple of levels using
only the Dispersion Pistol. Note, this is not half as easy as it sounds. The
Skaarj don't take no crap, and thats about the best word to describe the
Dispersion Pistol.

9. Take the time to check out the enemies close up, especially the Skaarj. The
bulging muscles and really alien eyes are beautifully rendered and the
animations are well worth seeing up close and personal.

10. On Sanctuary I found a Skaarj lying on the bank of the lake just before you
get to the power reactor and find Danny. He wasn't dead or anything, he was
just lying there breathing slowly. Obviously, he was petrified of me, so I shot
him for being a coward.

11. Thanks to the rag doll physics, if you get a grenade to land just behind
someones feet you can make them do a backflip as they die. Not easy but worth
seeing for the "Karma" physics engine.

12. This is more of a request. If anyone knows anyway of killing the Seagoat
that gets on board the ship please tell me, because its really ticking me off.

I. Shout Outs and Slag Offs

Right first off big hello's to everybody at Lanarchy, Mcbain, Crippler and

Hello to everybody at PCZone magazine, without a doubt the best PC mag in the

Howdy to Furton at Unreal 2 HQ for being supportive

Also, hello to all at NX Secure. Great form where you can find out practically
anything about practically anything.

Wotcha to Neil for living in London and being a good mate

Hidey-Ho to Bert, just cos he's mad and is always a laugh.

Oh, and hello to Mum, David, Dad, Lyn, Natasha and Lauren. My immediate family.

Hello to everybody who knows me.

Oh, and one last thing. Goto Scott Adams Dilbert page and sign up for the Daily
Dilbert comics. Without a doubt the funniest thing that happens to me every
day. Can't remember the web address though. Just look for Dilbert on Google.

Right slag offs. Ummmmmm.....

First off all the people who claim that videogames make people violent. People
are violent enough without video games and beleive it or not World War 2
happened before the Video game was invented (well at least in the mass market
sense) along with WW1, the crusades, the english and american civil wars and
the 100 years war. Proof if proof were needed.

Any moron who thinks cheating on Counter Strike is cool. May your hard drive
crash, start to burn and fly out of your computer and hit you in the nuts.
Rampage Ownz Joo!!

People who make bad tycoon games. May you burn forever in the pits of hell for
forcing micromanagement of trailer parks and traffic flow systems on us.

The person who invented Jerry Springer and other such high brow psychological
programming. If I ever see you crossing the road, I ain't gonna brake for you,

J. Contact Me

If you desperately want to talk/marry/pay me then I'm pretty much always
available either on the Lanarchy forums or on my e-Mail at
grantnewby88@hotmail.com. Any
questions/complaints/suggestions/bribes/proposals/job offers should be sent

And Have a Nice Day!

P.S. Here's a little mini-quiz question to see how clever you are. First
correct answer in my Inbox earns a big mention in the next update and all my
future FAQ's.

Q. Which game has the followng line of dialogue in the intro?
"Welcome to Utopia level 5. Have a profitable day executive."

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