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Читы для Unreal Tournament

Чит-файл для Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Epic MegaGames и Digital Extremes
Издатель:GT Interactive Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 22 ноября 1999 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Quake 3 Arena
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в ноябре 1999 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
The Happy Camper - Camping Guide for Unreal Tournament CTF

Version: 1.0e
Author:  Bernd Wolffgramm
Email:   bw@dlh.net
Date:    04/24/2000

0. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

This Guide is copyrighted by Bernd Wolffgramm. Since this is no secret knowledge
and guides should be widespread you may publish this text on your website, but
email me (bw@dlh.net) first about that, since I'd like to know which web sites
post it. I am not sure if there will be updates for this guides, but the latest
version of this guide can always be found at


There is also a german version of this text, that also can be found at

I am no clans man and also no UT pro so please don't ask me about technical or
gameplay problems. If you have questions, comments or additions concerning the
topic of this guide, feel free to email me.

I. Introduction

It has happend to all of us over and over again: we were walking down a lonely
street and there are no enemies in sight. And suddenly we die and we hear a
"Headshot" from the next rooms speakers. Someone of our "friends" has snipered
in a net game. The enemy was hiding somewhere and all he had to do is to wait
untill we come along this place and then shoot you.

This is called camping, but this time you don't need a tent and a guitar, but a
sniper rifle and a safe place an enemy normally doesn't look at or cannot look
And of cause there must be a way to get to this position, mostly this means you
have to use anti grav boots or the transloactor, so a bit experience with these
items is also needed.

This guide will show you camping locations (Loc) for Capture The Flags maps. A
that is listed here fullfills the criterions:

- there is a sniper rifle in the map
- the place can be reached with (anti grav) jumping or with the translocator
- the place is "invisible" for the enemy

In this guide I concentrated on CTF mode because the nature of all other (team)
make camping a bit useless or there isn't even a translocator/sniper in the mode
are absolutely neccessary for successfull camping. Surely you can try to use
weapon to attack from your hideaway, but the shoot frequency of most weapons
your location immediately.

II. Camping Loactions

Map: (The Last) Command

Sniper: for the blue base in the right tunnel, for the red team in the left
ammo is at the same place

Loc:    Blue base, right above the beginning of the slope there are two beams
that go
        right all over the place
Plus:   In the back of the attacker, complete breadth of the hall usable ammo is
Minus:  Not really cloaked, especially when players search for the powerups
        left in the blue tubes

Loc:    Blue base, on both sides right opposite of the tunnel entrance you can
duck in
        the dark place and hide behind the pillar
Plus:   Complete control of the tunnel
Minus:  Heatseeker of the Rocket Launchers detects you fast

Loc:    At the entrance of both sides to the neutral middle zone you can see a
        board above and over that three thin lamps
Plus:   Very centrally located
Minus:  Noticeable from both sides, not very far from gaming area, target zone

Loc:    Close to red flag you see the scaffold (over the place of the rocket
Plus:   Very dark place, completely invisible
Minus:  Framework sometimes covers target zone

Loc:    Red zone next to transparent board in the right dark corner, semi coverd
        the window
Plus:   Control over half of the neutral zone and closing the backdoor for the
Minus:  Absolutely no movement possible, to be detected means to be dead

Map: Coret (Facility)

Sniper: Right above the place where the ripper is, ammo at the same place

Hard life for sniper fans because this level has no place where you have a
target area AND a safe place to hide. Sure there are 3 long range ways, but the
sees you immediately. And all places where you may hide, eg the room with the
launcher don't give you any usable range. Sniping yes, camping no.

Map: Dreary (Outpost)

Sniper: From the home base ramp beam right to the 1st floor and go to the next

Loc:    On the basement close to the fans you will find a dark place behind a
Plus:   Darkness and the shine of a lamp cloak you
Minus:  It's in the middle of the room and you can aim at folks on basement and
        floor, the 2nd floor footbridge is not observable.

Map: Eternal Caves

Sniper:       No Sniper in this level

Map: Face(/ing Worlds)

Sniper:       Behind the building
        Behind two of the three beamers

Loc:    The places where you will find the Snipers after using the beamers
Plus:   Wide range target zone, you can see ANYONE coming to your castle
Minus:  Anyone expects you exactly there

Loc:    Behind all flames in the castle
Plus:   View to the flag
Minus:  Not really cloaked (ducking helps a bit)

Map: (The Iron) Gauntlet

Sniper: The rifle lies in the neutral zone on the wooden ledge right above the
        lava pool

Loc:    The ceiling over the flags is propped up by seven buttresses, you can
        teleport on the three smaller ones.
Plus:   View to the flag
Minus:  Limited target zone

Ort:    If you leave the red flag base you will find dark archways on the left
        and on the right. The left one is better because no weapons are stored
Plus:   You are completely cloaked
Minus:  Less usefull target range

Ort:    If you leave the blue base and move to the left at the stairs down to
        lava pool you will get to an lift that will bring you to two embrasures.
Plus:   Large target range
Minus:  This is the "official" embrasure of this level so people will expect you
        there and you can be attacked from behind.

The rooms in the neutral zone all have dark corners hidden behind pillars, these
all can be used.

Map: Lava Giant

Sniper: Blue base: at both embrasures
        Red base: upper ledge right in the middle

Loc:    Blue base: Surely at the embrasures
Plus:   You are able to target anyone using the three upper tunnel through the
Minus:  That's surely the place where foreign snipers will look for enemies

Loc:    Blue base: Top roof of the castle left or right
Plus:   You can see all five tunnels through the rock
Minus:  You are visible, so go on the back side of the roof and use the spire to
        a bit

Loc:    Red base: Right next to the sniper location
Plus:   On the left side you can see four, on the right side five tunnels that
        through the rock.
Minus:  That's surely the place where foreign snipers will look for enemies

Lock:   Red base: Top roof of the castle
Plus:   You can see all five tunnels through the rock
Minus:  You are visible, so go on the back side of the roof and use the spire to
        a bit

Loc:    Rock in the middle of the gaming area
Plus:   You can see almost the complete gaming area, you are very flexible
Minus:  Hard to get there: Go to the middle tunnel and shoot with the
        translocator to the fog above: When you have the feeling the destination
        module might be on the highest point, beam there and immediately shoot
        in direction heaven again, repeat this once again. Now you are on the
        of the rock ... or dead, because falling means to lose life.
        You can support this trick by using the anti grav boots also, that means
        jump, shoot, beam, etc. and with the belt, which may save your life when
        you are not successfull.

Both top weapons, rocket launcher and Redeemer can be observed through a window
or a
path. Maybe it's worth to camp there also.

Map: Niven (Experimental Lab)

Sniper: No Sniper in this level

Map: November

Sniper: Red base: around the next corner at the flag
        Red base: ammo is on the the crate next to the embrasure
        Blue base: under the main staircase
        Blue base: from the flag move left to the pile of crates

Loc:    Above the submarine there is a ledge right all around the dock
Plus:   Everyone must cross this area
Minus:  You are not invisible, everyone knows this secret

Loc:    Blue base: Ledges and tubes around the waste pool
Plus:   You are completely invisible, flag area control
Minus:  Take care for the movement

Loc:    Red base: Ledges around the water next to the flag
Plus:   Direct view over the complete red flag home base
Minus:  You are visible

Loc:    Red base: if you come from the blue base, move on straight to the last
        of crates and teleport to the ledges above the crates
Plus:   Shooting range almost close to the red flag and observing the powerup
        right below, use the lamps also for movement action
Minus:  Take care for the movement

Loc:    Red side, the area parallel to the water can be controlled from the last
        pile of crates, the same can be done from above the embrasure
Plus:   Large target range, controlling many power ups
Minus:  Place is quite predictable

Loc:    Both sides have "official" embrasures
Plus:   Large target range, blue base here has an advantage, usefull to attack
        people who know location 1
Minus:  The "official" embrasures are attacked by anyone

IV. That's all folks ...

I'd like to say thanks to Peter 'PTF' Langenhahn, who tought me the last trick
Lava Giant map. Anyone who knows more good camping place please email me. Anyone
wants to contribute with camping places in non official levels feel free to

Bernd Wolffgramm
April 2000

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