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Urban Chaos

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:Mucky Foot Productions
:Eidos Interactive
ISO : 9 1999
:Action (Shooter / Fighting) / 3D / 3rd Person
:Fighting Force, Tomb Raider (1996)

1999 .

Solution [ENG]

Physical Training

Get moving as soon as youre given control of Darci. Youre timed and the clock
starts ticking immediately. The first obstacles are basically short walls. Hold
[Run] to automatically climb the first two, or jump onto them if you wish. The
third one is taller than the others; youll have to walk up to it, hold [Run],
and tap [Jump] to surmount it.

When youve cleared the third wall, run up the stairs and climb onto the next
ledge, once again by running up to it, holding [Run], and tapping [Jump]. Keep
running to climb onto the next precipice and be ready to jump a gap. Jump to the
next platform and climb one of the ladders by running into it and holding down
[Run]. Darci will climb to the top, where shell face a chain-link fence.

Climb over the fence. The next obstacle simulates an unkempt warehouse. Some of
the boxes are stacked three high, but you only have to climb over two tiers. Run
forward, climb onto a crate, and climb up to the next level. Run straight ahead
to the opening in the wall beyond the crates, letting yourself drop off of the
crates at the far end.

Continue on through the gap in the wall. Dont just run off of the edge; jump up
and grab the line above you. Darci will hang on and slide to the bottom.

Youll land at the bottom of a short flight of stairs. Beyond it are two
rows of crates, perpendicular to your path. Run to the top of the stairs and,
without slowing down, jump to the row of crates ahead and then to the next one.
From the second row of crates, leap straight at the net-covered wall. Keep your
finger or thumb on the [Run] control. Climb the net to the top of the wall.

Youll have to jump from the top of the wall onto a stack of crates, onto
stack, and onto the next wall. If you miss, theres a crate up against the far
wall that you could use to climb up, but that will cost precious seconds.

Once youve mounted the next wall, youre faced with a network of narrow
A fall from one of them wont hurt you and ladders are provided at intervals to
allow you to climb back up, but that would waste time. Just be doubly careful as
you run along the narrow catwalks.

Once you clear the bridges, youll be coming up to the grand finale. The tower
ahead of you is lined with ledges. Youll have to run along each ledge, looking
for higher ones that you can climb onto. Your goal is to climb to the platform
with the switch. The path up is fairly linear, so it wont be hard to navigate;
it will be a challenge to run along the narrow ledges without accidentally
falling off, though.

When youve made it to the top, run over to the switch. Stand facing it and hit
[Action] to press it. If you do it before time runs out, youve completed the
Physical Training course. Congratulations!

Combat Tutorial

First up, youll be told to throw a few kicks and punches. The purpose of this
isnt to patronize you; its to get you to find your [Kick] and [Punch]
You should have a feel for where they are; if you dont, use them until you do.

Next youll learn how to sprint and how to do a sliding tackle. A suspect will
appear on your GPS. Run up to him and, at the last second, hit [Kick] (while
continuing to hold down the [Run] control). Darci will slide into his feet,
knocking him on his rear end. Then shell jump back to her feet.

After that it gets a little trickier. Another suspect will show up on your GPS.
Youll have to clobber this guy with a triple-punch. After youve performed a
triple-punch, guess what: youll get to do it again. Take down the next suspect
who appears on your GPS the same way.

Now that youve mastered the timing of the triple-punch, its time to repeat the
process with your lower body. The next poor sap is to be the victim of a triple-
kick. Find him and take him down as instructed.

Now that you know a few basic takedowns, youll learn how to make an arrest. You
wont be told how to take the next guy down; its up to you. Once you get him
down, stand right over him and hit [Action] to cuff him.

All right. Now youre going to go up against multiple suspects. The goal is to
learn side and back kicks. Follow the GPS blips to the building. The suspects
on the roof, so climb the ladder in the middle of one of the walls.

Just like the rest of your suspects in this practice session, these guys wont
swing at you. Theyll surround you and dodge around. Ignore the one right in
front of you. Look to your sides and rear. Pick a victim and use your movement
control to slide a little closer to him. When youre close, hit [Kick] (while
still holding the directional control) to throw a kick. Repeat this process
only one suspect remains standing.

The last man standing will stay in front of you, so youre done with side and
rear kicks. Its time to work on grabs, instead. Walk up to him and, while
holding down the [Forward] control, hit [Punch]. Youll grab him, pin his arm
behind his back, and bend him over. Now you can hit [Kick] to knee him in the
or tap [Punch] to flip him onto his back. Just dont dawdle: hell break loose
after a second or two.

Once youve thrown this suspect down, youve completed the Combat Tutorial.

Driving Bronze

Think of this mission as the driving tutorial. Driving a car isnt difficult,
driving one quickly and with a high degree of precision is. The objective is
simple: youve got a minute and a half to drive three times around the course.
Try not to hit the cones.

Well take you around one lap and toss out a few tips on getting the vehicle
under control. Dont worry about the timer just yetmake your first session a
practice one. When the mission starts, Sarge starts the countdown after you get
in the squad car. Walk up to the car and hit [Action].

To go forward, either hit your [Punch] control, your [Run] control, or your
[Forward] control. You can toggle pursuit mode, in which you accelerate much
faster, with the [Jump] control. You slow down, stop, and reverse with either
[Backward] directional control or the [Kick] control.

Drive forward in normal mode until you start to approach the first turn. Turning
is a simple matter of using the [Left] or [Right] directional key. Turning at
high speed may cause you to skid, overturn, or otherwise lose control, so you
might want to slow down. Turn the first corner and continue on to the next one.

Try a power slide for the next corner. Accelerate toward it, but dont slow
Instead, slam on the brakes at the last minute and turn the car at the same
You should skid while rotating. When you find yourself facing down the next
straightaway, let off the directional control and the brake and hit the gas.

This method of turning corners is ideal for taking sharp turns at high speeds.
Youve got two more turns left on this track. Gun it down the straight-aways and
power-slide through the turns until the timer runs out. Try the mission again,
experimenting with the controls and power-sliding as you need to in order to
comfortable. When youve got it down, try racing in pursuit mode. When you feel
at home behind the wheel, completing this course in the allotted time will be a

Mission One: RTA

You start this mission in the precinct station. None of the muggers have been
located yet, but the location of the car is known and its available on your
Follow it.

Start walking toward the vehicle, taking a right out of the police station
parking lot. Head down the block to the next corner, then take another right.
car is toward the end of the block on the opposite side of the street.

Cross the street carefully and walk toward the car. Youll radio dispatch and
inform them that the vehicle is in working order and youll then be ordered to
take it in. Hop in by approaching the vehicle and pressing [Action].

A new mark on your GPS, entitled Vehicle Drop, will appear. Its the precinct
parking lot. Drive the vehicle back along the same route you walked to retrieve
it. As you approach the station, youll be radioed that one of the muggers has
been spotted. A new mark appears on your GPS and then another one pops up right
after you drop off the vehicle: theres been an attempted murder and a friend of
the victim is a witness.

Once you apprehend the mugger, the level ends, so save him for last. Follow the
yellow blip to the attempted murder scene. Again, take a right out of the
parking lot. Proceed around the block and cross the street; youre going to go
right past the area where the taxi was crashed. Bear left, go past the park
entrance, and cross the street.

Head into the alley in the middle of the block. You may receive a radio call
they lost the mugger. Go down the alley and around the corner to the clearing,
where a group of onlookers has gathered at the scene. A frightened woman will
tell you where the perp went and a red blip will appear on your GPS. Follow it.

Leave the alley and take a right. Cross the street, go to the end of the block,
and turn left at the intersection. Go down the block, cross the street, and look
for an alley.

The perp is in the alley. Take him down and search himhell have a gun and a
health kit. A green-blip mugger will reappear on your GPStrack him down. Hes
moving, so youll have to follow the blip on your own.

Hes also armed. When you catch up with him, hell fire on you. Use the Beretta
you picked up to take him out.

Mission Two: The Jump

At the start of this mission, youre having a conversation with one of the more
seasoned officers. Pay attention to the hint that Darci drops at the end of the
conversation: youll have to take a quiet approach. Leave the precinct. You take
a right out of the parking lot and head down the block. Turn right at the
intersection and go down the block. Brooks Tower is indicated on your GPS by a
blue mark.

As you move down the sidewalk, youll receive a radio message that an Officer
Miles has issued a distress call. Hell appear as a red mark on your GPShes
just down the block from the Tower.

Cross the street and turn right. Youll be moving past the park. Directly across
the next street, youll see the small crowd that has gathered to watch the
jumper. Cross the street and take a left. Miles is down the block a little way.

As you head down the block, watch for an alley on your right. Youll find Miles
just inside. Talk to him and hell inform you that his cruiser was stolen. The
only witness was a streetwalker. Youll have to find her to find Miles car.

Shes right down toward the end of the block. Leave Miles behind and continue
down the sidewalk. Youll see the woman standing under a streetlight near a
corner toward the end of the block where the street turns right. Cross the
and question her.

Shell fess up, pointing you in the general direction of where she last saw the
car thief. A green blip will appear on your GPS. Follow it to an alley off of
Lime Street. The alley will be on your left and the car thief is waiting inside.
Hes a green-shirted Wildcat. After a brief conversation, hell charge. Take him
down and head into the alley. Youll see a squad car around the corner. Approach
it and Miles will show up to thank you. Hes left you a "small gift" of a few
power-ups outside the alley. Go collect them.

Now its time to bring that jumper down in one piece. Cross the street and take
right, back the way you came. Take a left and head up the block toward the alley
in which you found Miles. Youll come up to a cop standing next to a ladder:
is your way to the rooftop.

Climb the ladder. The jumper is on the far side of this row of buildings, but
dont run off in that directionhell jump if he sees you coming.

Take a right and go toward him. Climb onto the next ledge, but turn left instead
of going straight to the jumper. Youll see some power-ups; jump over and get
them. A ladder rests next to the power-ups. Climb it and youll come to a
platform with another power-up and another ladder. Repeat.

Youre nearing the top of the building. Follow the ledge around this level to a
ladder on the other side. Climb it and youll emerge at the very top of the
building. Theres lots of antenna equipment up here and a long wire leads off in
the direction of the jumper. Jump up and grab the wire. Hang on and youll slide
down and land right next to the suicidal guy. Youll scare the heck out of him,
but he wont jump. Youll talk him down automatically and the level will end.

Mission Three: Gun Hunt

Deeks is in the park somewhere. The park appears as the blue blip on your radar.
Take a right out of the precinct parking lot. As you head down the block, be
watchful for a tiny red blip to appear on the left portion of your GPS. A bad
lurks up on a roof across the street. Youll encounter random baddies like this
on occasion.

Turn around and go to the end of the block, cross the street, and look to the
left. Theres a yard here; hop the little fence and look in the right corner for
a ladder. Climb it and bust the guy at the top. Take the bat and the medical
Climb down, cross the street, head to the end of the block, and turn right.
the street, bear right, and enter the park.

Deeks is somewhere in here, but youre not sure where. If you start questioning
people, theyll tell you about a crazy guy in the park. That is, in fact, not
Deeks but some weirdo who wants to eat all of the squirrels. Hes running around
the landscaped area to the left.

Deeks is across the park standing in a depression, opposite the entrance you
in. Hes an overweight, bearded, older guy. Talk to him and hell toss you a
on where to find the gun. Its behind some trash in an alley. A red blip appears
on your GPS that shows where to find it. Follow the blip through the park. Climb
over the chain-link fence and cross the street, heading down the alley on the
side. The long alley zigzags back and forth. Red dotsgang memberswill appear
your GPS as you go. Theyre on the rooftops.

Follow the alley until you see a dumpster in the corner on your left. The
is behind it; pick it up. Youll get a call from HQ: an armed man has been seen
roaming around and youre to pick him up. Hes represented by a blue mark on the
GPS. Follow it, letting it guide you out of the alley.

As you go, youll hear a drunken bum babbling at you from a rooftop, predicting
some sort of disaster. Hell leap to the ground and stumble about; if you walk
and talk to him, hell give you a medical kit. Proceed out of the alley and
the street. Head left and turn right at the corner. Once again, youre going
the park. Youll approach the armed suspect as you get clear of the park

Yet another call will come in: theres a disturbance at the diner. Youll have
get there as soon as you can. A green blip appears to guide you. First, take out
the crook. Youre free shoot him with the pistol you just recovered from the
alley or you can take him down and arrest him.

When youve dealt with him, get to the diner. The diner is the elevated patio
across the street and up a street perpendicular to the park. There are two
suspects in the holdup. They may try to flee as you approach. Subdue them
you want tofeel free to use the gunbut be mindful of the civilians nearby.
Also, be aware theyre both armed with knives.

As you take on the first one, the second diner suspect may flee. If he does,
follow his blip on your GPS. The diner suspects blips are red and yellow. When
youve arrested or otherwise dealt with the diner suspects, head back to the
station to complete the mission. Remember, your primary goal was to retrieve the
discarded handgun and return it to the station, so when you arrive Sarge will
commend you on exceeding the requirements!

Mission Four: Trouble in the Park

Take a right out of the station parking lot and head for the end of the block.
Watch your radar as you go; a number of small, red blips will appear as you
approach the corner. One of them will be pulsing: a gang member is approaching

This gray-shirted fellow isnt fast or menacing, but take him seriously: hes
armed with a Beretta pistol. Take him down and search him for the gun. Continue
your journey. Take a right at the corner and go toward the end of the block.
Another gangster will attack you, this one unarmed. Deal with him and stay on
your toes: yet another lowlife is approaching. When youve dealt with both of
them, search them and head for the end of the block. The park, as you probably
remember, is a little to the right on the opposite side of the street.

Another hoodlum will attack you. Hes unarmed, so hell be easy to deal with.
Finish him off, search him, and head into the park. Follow the yellow GPS mark
toward the disturbance. Watch your back. Another thug might try to attack you
from behind. Take him down and search him. The disturbance is in the far left
corner of the park. Three gangsters lurk there, but be carefulstill more are
hanging around. Another may approach from your right as you fight the first

Engage them in combat. Use your gun if you wish. Arrest or disable each of them.
During the battle another person will run up. Darci wonders who it is, but
theres no time for introductions. Just as he approaches, four more Wildcats
rush in from the far side of the park.

The mystery man wont attack Darci. Instead, hell charge at the new arrivals
and start fighting them. Join him and fight until all of the Wildcats are down.
If you use your gun, be careful not to shoot the guy whos helping you out. When
the battle is over, Darci will demand to know who the new person is. Hes Roper
McIntyre, an ex-con, and hes got a tip for Darci. Darci decides to check up
the tips given to her by Roper and also to check up on Roper himself. After the
conversation ends, so does the mission.


When the mission starts, youre standing outside of the UC Black Cats stadium.
Three blips appear on your GPS: a blue one indicating the probable location of
the gang bosses meeting, a red one showing the way to the stadiums main
entrance, and a yellow blip indicating rear access to the stadium.

A few seconds after the mission starts, a small red blip will appear to the
right. Its a gang member approaching. Hes armed with a pistol. Take him down.
The main entrance is swarming with gangbangers, so follow the yellow blip down
the alley across the street. A stadium employee at the gate will inform you that
a guy named Wild Bill told him hes not to let anyone in, but Darci negotiates
deal: if she can clear it with Wild Bill, hell let her in. Wild Bill is
supposedly in the nightclub around the corner from the alley. It appears as a
green blip.

Leave the alley, turn right, and head for the stairs leading up to the nightclub
entrance. Look out! A gangster may rush up and start shooting. If that happens,
take him down. Head toward the bouncer and into the club. Find an old guy in
coveralls looking over the dance floor. Walk up and talk to him; hell tell you
Wild Bill isnt accessible. After a threat, however, he agrees to contact Wild
Bill and tell him to meet you at a restaurant called Posheenos. The green blip
your GPS will change to indicate the whereabouts of that establishment.

Leave the club and follow the green blip across the street. A Wildcat will
you. Take him down and search him. Go to the end of the block, bear right, and
run along the chain-link fence until you find an opening.

Youll probably encounter a few more wandering Wildcats. If you do, take them
out. Run through the opening in the fence and follow the green GPS blip. Youll
go through another opening, which is near the restaurant. Two punks will inform
you that cops, and non-Wildcats in general, are not welcome around here. Theyre
armed with pistols. Beat them down.

Head for the chain-link fence, hop it, and take a left. Veer left up the stairs
to the restaurant. The entrance is around the right side. Go on in. The host
tell you where to find Wild Bill. Go talk to him.

Darci will convince Wild Bill to tell the groundsman to let her in. Just after
he makes the call, youll get a radio message from Sarge about an armed thug
loose on the streets. Hes shooting pedestrians. The new crook will appear as a
dark blue blip on your GPS. Exit the restaurant, descend the stairs, and go down
the street to find him. Take him down quickly, before he hurts any more
innocents. Watch out: a few Wildcats might try to help him.

Now its time to head back to the rear entrance to the stadium. Follow the
appropriate GPS mark. Youll probably go past the nightclub and you may face a
few more gangbangers. Two Wildcats in the alley are waiting for you. Take them
down. The rear access gate will be open.

Follow the alley around a corner to what seems to be a dead end. A Wildcat will
attack you with a battake him out. Make your way back around the corner and
the stack of crates. Youll see two dumpsters: jump onto the one in the corner
and, from there, jump onto the ledge.

Follow the ledge to the corner and jump across the alley to the roof of the
building there. Climb up the ledge to the next building, run across it to the
wall between the pipes, and climb up that wall to the next rooftop. Theres a
ladder in the corner on the left. Climb it to the top.

Turn to your left. Go to the edge of the rooftop, jump down to the next one, and
proceed to the ladder. Climb to the higher rooftop, run along it, and, again,
jump back down. Climb up to the next high roof, take a right, and run along.
Youll drop over a few ledges. Keep going until you come to a rickety old
umbrella. Theres a Constitution/Speed power-up beneath it. Grab it.

Jump over the railing. Youll land in the stadium itself, on a staircase next to
a section of seats. Take out the nearby thug and proceed to the bottom of the
stadium. Climb over the fence near the dugouts. Look onto the baseball field and
youll see the three gang bosses standing between a couple of vans.

If you recovered a bat at any time during the level, use it now. Itll ease the
job of taking down one of the bosses without killing him. Charge onto the field
from the dugout area. As you approach the bosses, youll overhear part of their
conversation. Run in, club one of them down, and arrest him. The level will end
at that point.

Arms Breaker

Just as this level begins, you receive a call from Roper. He claims he has
something you might need to accomplish this mission. Hell appear as a yellow
blip on your GPS; the arms caches are red and blue.

Go across the street and take a left on the sidewalk. There are Wildcats all
the place, so be ready. Two of them are waiting just up the block. Youll hear
them talking about Darci becoming a threat to the gangs business. Take them,
and any Wildcats that show up to help them, out.

Take a right and head under the elevated train tracks. Look to your left: Roper
is across the street near a pay phone. Walk across and talk to him. Hell tell
you that hes also working to take down the Wildcats and that theres more to
them than meets the eye. Hell give you two bundles of explosives, which should
be helpful in destroying the arms caches.

Head back across the street and retrace your steps back to the patio where you
started the level. Follow the red blip around the corner to the right and up the
sidewalk. Youre sure to encounter more of the increasingly common Wildcats, so
be sure to take them down as you do. Youll come to a dead-end street. Hook a
left and look for an alley; head down it. Youll catch a john accepting the
services of a hooker and send them on their way. Continue down the alley. Take a
left and look for an elevated, fenced-in patio. Go around it to the other side,
where youll find a stairway up to it. Watch out: there are Wildcat thugs all
over the place in this alley.

Go up the stairs to the patio and then climb onto the low rooftop directly in
front of you. Youll see a bridge across the alley directly ahead of you. Cross
it, then take a right and climb up to the next roof. Climb to the next one after
that, follow the ledge to the right, and cross the alley once again on a higher
bridge. Ascend to the next ledge on the roof of that building and follow the
ledge to the right. Youll see a ladder on the left leading to the very top of
the structure.

Head left and youll see the highest bridge over the alley yet. This is a long
bridge leading over several buildings. Cross it and take a left. Lower yourself
off of the ledge and pick up the ammo on the rooftop. Turn toward the edge that
doesnt have a railing; if you walk up to the edge, you can look down to your
left and spot the first ammo dump. Youll also see plenty of Wildcats.

Bear right and lower yourself down onto the next ledge, then deal with the
Wildcat there. Taking him out may yield a shotgun, which will come in handy in a
minute. Look for a ladder and prepare to descend it. Youre going to have to
fight a bunch of Wildcats at the bottom of the building.

The ladder will deposit you on a landing next to a stairway. This is a good
to draw a projectile weapon. There may even be a thug on this landing. Take them
down. Make sure the area is clear of Wildcats and approach the weapons cache.Arm
one of the explosives that Roper gave you at the start of this mission. Get out
of there!

After you blow up the first supply cache, youll get a radio call from Roper
telling you that the Wildcats are bringing in a van to transport the rest of the
supplies out of there. Better get moving!

A small structure next to the supply cache you just blew up has a ladder on the
far side. Go around, scale it, and follow the bridge to the building at the far
end. There are Wildcats all over. Arm a weapon now. Jump across to the lower
building and then drop to the ground. The supply cache is in the corner on your
right. Take out the nearby Wildcats and blow this cache the same way you did the
other one.

Now its time to wipe out the team that the Wildcats sent to pick up the
Its represented by a yellow mark on your GPS. Follow it out of the alley and
across the street. Youll see its van blocking the entrance to a parking lot;
pickup team is inside. Be careful! There are quite a few and some are pretty
powerful. Use a shotgun to take them down if you have one with ammo.

One or more of the pickup team members may try to flee as you pick them off.
Youll have to chase down every one of them to complete this mission. When you
do, the mission ends.

Media Trouble

Youve got to get Gordansky or the UCPD will be seriously humiliated on the
evening news. Dont head straight for the beach house where the reporter is
held, though. Roper has contacted you and thus far hes been very helpful. Go
him first.

Grab the Constitution/Speed power-up on the corner of the rooftop. Note the
leading down. Youll land on a lower roof near a TV antenna. Pivot to face left.
Youll see a water tower on the next rooftop over. Run toward it, down a
section of the roof youre currently on. Jump over to land next to the water
tower and look down. Another cable attaches to the corner of the building below
you and to your left.

Drop over the edge, grab the cable, and slide down to the ground. Youll land on
a sidewalk. Pivot to your right. Roper is the yellow blip on your GPS. Head down
to the end of the block and hang a left. Run down the block to the corner and
take a right to follow the sidewalk along. Chances are very good that youll be
assaulted by a Wildcat somewhere around here, so be alert. Run past the first
building on your left and look to the left. Roper will be standing on a patio
just up a short flight of steps.

Walk up to Roper and hell offer you ammo and grenades. Be ready, because
hoodlum may approach at the end of your conversation. Roper will run off and
leave you to face the thug yourself, so take him down. Run to the far edge of
patio and jump over the railing. Cross the street, head for the sidewalk, and
take a left, following the blue blip on your GPS toward the beach house where
Gordansky is being held. Go all the way to the corner. The buildings part to
offer a view of a grassy hill. Take a left and run along the sidewalk near the
open area.

When you see a tall, white wall on your right with an iron fence atop it, youve
found the beach house area. Continue forward to the yards entrance. Darci will
remark how heavily its guarded and pay heed: those guards are armed with M16s.
Stand at the head of the driveway for a moment and observe the guards patrolling
the beach house grounds. Theres one on an outer, elevated patio and another on
the grass. If you time it right, you can take out the latter guard with a

Sneak up carefully to where he fell and take his M16. Head back across to the
left side of the beach house. Remember to walk and watch for cans and debris
you may kick by accident, alerting the guards. Back away from the beach house
until you can target the guard on the veranda. Shoot him down with the M16; the
guy guarding Gordansky will come around the corner. When you take him out,
receive a radio message form Sarge telling you to get the reporter to safety.

Watch the entrance from the street; the Wildcats will panic once they figure out
whats up. Now, speed is of the essence. Run for the new blip on your radar and
have that M16 at the ready! Remember: Gordansky is helpless and weak. One shot
will kill her.

You can increase your chances of getting Gordansky back alive in several ways.
Watch your radar for red blips and keep your weapons at the ready. Kill any
Wildcats you see on sight. Stay on the main roads, out of the alleys, and run,
dont walk. Dont sprint, either; youre much faster than she is and, if you
her, shell panic and run wildly. Dont lead her into the streets or she may be
run over. Take a right out of the beach house, run to the end of the block, and
take a right. Run along the sidewalk and veer left to cross the street. Run down
the block and round the corner to the left.

Dont follow the radar directly. Stay on the main roads. Run to the corner of
block, past the alleys, and take a right. The police station is straight ahead
now. Be careful crossing the street. When you approach the station, a video
sequence will take over. Youll talk to the reporter and learn that the Wildcats
are being backed by City Hall!

Urban Shakedown

This mission doesnt really lend itself to a walkthrough, per se. Not only must
you stay alive while taking on a lot of Wildcats, but also you must do it fast.
Youll start in the precinct station parking lot. Believe it or not, the station
itself has been firebombed!

Take a right out of the parking lot. The first Wildcat will be on the sidewalk
ahead of you. Take him down and be ready to grapple with another one coming from
across the street. The second one is armed with a pistol, so watch yourself. Now
turn back the way you came. Run past the precinct lot to the end of the block
take a left. Youll face four gang members near the next corner.

Take these guys down. Youve got to be fast, but be just as methodical. Youre
outnumbered, so if you get sloppy you may end up dead. When you drop this group,
your time will be extended and your GPS will fill up with new blips. Head for
corner and turn left. Run down the street and take out the first Wildcat, who
will be approaching you. Another one lurks on a rooftop on your left as you
proceed. When you pass below, hell jump down to attack. Be ready and take him

Cross the street and continue toward the corner. Youre approaching the park.
thugs will be on your side of the corner. After you take them down, cross the
street toward the park and take out the next two. Three more wait down an alley.
If you remember the Gun Hunt mission, its the alley across the street where you
found the discarded pistol. Follow the GPS blips into the alley. Round the
and use the shotgun you got from the park thug to take down the first two.

Head around the next corner, back toward the main street. Youll meet a Wildcat
whos standing next to a row of land mines. Take him out and hop carefully over
the mines. The next wave is already here, in the park. Head across the street
watch the hill in the near corner of the park. Two Wildcats will crest it with
shotguns at the ready. Shoot these guys down as fast as you can. Another will
approach from behind you and yet another from the left. Shoot them, too.

When youve dropped all of these crooks, enter the park. The last one in this
wave is near the main entrancethe one you first saw in your first mission, RTA.
You should have enough ammo between your pistol and your shotgun to shoot the
rest of the bad guys. Shoot this one and the next wave will emerge.

This wave contains three groups. Take out the one back across the park first.
Follow the blip, climb the fence, and shoot the Wildcat in the alley. Turn
and head back across the park yet again. Youll meet the next group, this one
consisting of two Wildcats, on your way. Blast em and head back to the alley
just came out of.

The last group is tough to find. Go into the alley you frequent so often and
the ladder where the alley widens out. Climb it and go to your left. Youll see
tall chain-link fence just past a drop. Climb over the fence and head down the
alley. Youll find three thugs around the corner to the left.

Finally, youre encountering the last wave. Jump over the edge of the building
ahead of you and follow the blips down the sidewalk. Be merciless with these
theyre armed with heavy weapons. Continue down the sidewalk, taking out the
group. Cross the street into the alley, where youll find the last thug. He can
take quite a few bullet hits, so you might want to get him with a sliding
When you peg the last crook, the level ends.

Auto Destruct

Youll want to sprint through a lot of this mission and try to run past the bad
guys. The car bombs are timed and, if you dont get them to the disposal units
soon enough, they will go off. Head straight for the first car bomb. Keep
sprinting. Youll want to go straight ahead past the cop cars and across the

Hook a left and run to the corner. Turn right and go through the alley. A
skulks across the alley; go right on by. Keep moving. Run all the way through
alley he was in, past the next two thugs. Go straight across the street to the
parked sedan and get in. The alley you just came from is too narrow to drive
car through, so head down the street to your right. The Wildcats will try to
you off. Feel free to run over them. Keep your speed high so they cant shoot up
the car. Take a left at the first corner.

Take another left, then head down the street and follow it to the right. Youll
be coming up on the bomb squad, which will be on your right. Run back out the
you came and take a left. Head down the sidewalk to the turn but keep going
straight; cross the street and run into the alley. Ignore the thug for now.

At the other end of the alley, veer right and cross the street. Follow this
around the corner to the left. Youll run past more thugsignore them. The car
on this sidewalk at the end of the block. Hop in. Gun the engine. Take a right
the first corner, head to the end of that street, and take a left onto the next
one. Go around the corner to the left, follow the street around the corner to
right, and youll find the bomb squad in the middle of the street.

Follow the blips back down the street and through the alley. This time, bear
right and head through the park. Kill any and all Wildcats you see along the
Follow the blips into an alley. When you catch up to the terrorists, holster
weapons. Remember, theyre to be taken alive.

Take them down and youll get a call from Sarge. Hes aware that youve followed
the terrorists into some sort of hideout. Hed like you to search it. The
houses five dumpsters. You can search them the same way you do suspects; walk up
to them and hold down [Action]. Two of the dumpsters are in the corner of the
alley opposite the entrance. The one on the left contains an interesting item.

When youve found it, head to the area in which you started the level. A new
on your radar, entitled Sarge, will be available. To end this level, youll have
to talk to Sarge about what youve found. The conversation will be interesting.
After this conversation, the mission ends.

Grim Gardens

First, keep your eyes open. This entire level is crawling with Wildcats. Chance
encounters will be the norm. Before you can blow up any drug caches, youll need
explosives. The UCPD isnt offering any assistance and Roper isnt around to
supply you this time. Its up to you to find them. Theyre in the Botanical
Gardens, which are closed and locked.

Leave the parking lot and cross the street to investigate the garden gates. Bear
left; youll run into your reporter friend. Pay attention to the conversation to
pick up a few plot points. The gardens are locked up tight and you cant get
fences with barbed wire at the top. Return to the gas station and look in the
back left corner.

Walk up to that green van and get in. Back it out and pull it onto the sidewalk
across the street. Get out. The wall you parked it next to is too tall for you
climb, but now you can climb onto the van and over the wall. Youre in the
Botanical Gardens. Watch outtheyre full of Wildcats. Go straight ahead and
down off of the wall. Take out the guard in the doorway near the far side of the

Go through the doorway and look at the wall on your right. Press the two red
switches to open the gardens up for easier access. Head through the next doorway
and look up a very wide flight of stairs. Guards roam everywhere. Take them

At the top of the stairs, look down the wall to the right. Hit the switch you
there and youll get a message that a fountain has been turned on. Turn
completely around and look across for a switch next to a lift. Run over and flip
it. Darci will say a very bad word and observe that the power is off. A power
switch mark will appear on your GPS.

Now backtrack. Head back down the wide flight of stairs and through the next few
doorways to the wide area through which you entered the gardens. Look to your
left. The explosives are in the next part of the gardens, through that other
doorway. Go through it and watch out for the armed guard.

Go straight across the landscaped area through the entranceway in the next wall,
which leads to a long flight of stairs. Climb the stairs and bear left. Run down
a narrower flight between some statues. Head left and go down another flight. A
guard is posted at the bottom. Take him down and look to your left. Youll see
the explosives near the far wall.

Immediately after you pick up the explosives, youll hear Sarge radio that a
felon known as "Koons" has been spotted. Koons will appear on your GPS. Youll
have to leave the Botanical Gardens to pick him up. Go back toward the stairs,
being mindful that two Wildcats may charge down them and attack you. Run up the
stairs, turn right, and go up the next flight. Bear right, but run past the wide
staircase. Go through the doorway just past it and down the stairs. Look to your
left for the power switchand its two Wildcat guards.

Circle around to the wide staircase and descend it, then traverse the
landscaping. Continue going forward until you see one of the gates that you
opened earlier. Exit the gardens and follow Koonss blip. Hell be on the move,
so youll have to track him. Koons is a tough guy and hes armed with a pistol.
Take him alive by tackling him. When you collar him, return to the gardens. Head
through the opening where you found the first few switches, go up the very wide
staircase, and take a left. Wait for the lift to drop to ground level and hop

Hop off at the top. Youll be on a grassy penthouse patio. Take out the guard
look along the wall to the right for a ladder. Climb the ladder and take a left.
Pillars mark each of the far corners of the building. A cable runs from the
pillar on the left down to an area near one of the narcotics caches. Take a deep
breath and catch that line.

A Wildcat waits at the bottom of the zip line. Take him down and head around to
the right of the building. Climb onto the parapet and follow it along. As you
approach the far side, look down over the right side for the cache of crates.
While youre looking down, notice a platform not too far below the one youre
Drop onto it and make your way to the ground.

Three thugs roam at ground level. Use your GPS to track them and take them down.
Arm an explosive, walk up to the jumble of crates housing the narcotics store,
and plant it. Get out of there! Head away from the burning drug cache and toward
the wall you came over. Follow it toward the street and watch for a ladder on
right. Climb it. Turn left, follow the narrow wall to the corner, turn right,
take a few steps. Turn around, run toward the corner, and leap onto the ledge of
the next building.

Continue along the ledge and jump onto the bridge that crosses the street to the
right. Run across the bridge; youll have a birds-eye view of the next drug
cache. Youre standing right over the second cache. If you drop into the corner
of the courtyard, youll drop right onto it. Arm an explosive, drop in, plant
and run away while switching to your pistol. Guards swarm all over the place.
wont have to fight for long. When the explosive detonates, the mission ends.


Head out of the station parking lot and take a left. Take down the thug youll
meet almost immediately. Youre on your way to meet Deeks. Continue down the
sidewalk and take a right at the corner, crossing the street. Youll proceed
through an alley with checkered tile.

The Wildcats will challenge you directly. They have no fear whatsoever of the
UCPD. Introduce them to a bit of fear by taking them down hard. After youve
cleaned out the alley, bear right and continue on your way. Youll emerge from
the alley onto the open street. Head to the end of the block, take a left, and
continue on down the sidewalk. Cross the street and look for an alley next to a
building called The Blue Moon. Turn down that alley.

Go through the parking lot at the end of the alley. Youll see a chain-link
on the far side; run along next to it between it and a house until you see Deeks
ahead of you. Climb the fence and talk to him. As you approach Deeks, hell
berate you for being late. During the conversation, youll both be attacked by
Wildcats. Take them down before they kill Deeks!

Talk to Deeks once youve cleared out the Wildcats. Hell tell you theres a
Officer Molko, with information about the Wildcat invasion. Hell appear as a
blip on your GPS. Deeks will split after he delivers his info. Hop over the
fence and take a right, following the Molko blip. As you run up the sidewalk,
youll hear a cry for help from high above.

Continue on your way, but forget about Molkofor now. When you get past the
section of the street where the building juts out and theres no sidewalk, look
to your right. Hop over the little fence and look to the right for a ladder.
Climb it and turn left on the rooftop. Take out the Wildcat and climb up to the
next level. Take out the next Wildcat, turn sharply to the right, and climb up
the next level by the water tower. Climb up the ladder and up the next two
and take out the thug whos threatening to throw the guy off the building.

Talk to the man you saved and youll be rewarded with a few power-ups. Return to
street level the same way you came up. Youll meet at least one more Wildcat on
the way. Take him down. Go straight ahead from the ladder you first climbed to
the street. Take a right and head down the sidewalk. About the time you catch up
to Molko, some thugs will attack; Molko will help you drop them. When the
over, talk to him. Hell deny that he has any information, recommending you talk
instead to Roper, who will then appear across the street.

Walk up and talk to him. Hell talk cryptically about the Wildcats plans to rid
the city of the police department. Roper will ask you to join him on a hunt for
evidenceto accept, hell ask you to take the shotgun hell offer. Take it and
follow him. Follow Roper. Hell lead you a few blocks and down an alley. When
get to the middle of the alleyway, youll see a disturbing number of Wildcats on
your GPS. Arm up your shotgun and get ready to start shooting.

Seek cover where you can and shoot everything that moves (except Roper!). Hell
help. When youve vanquished the Wildcats, hell congratulate you and tell you
about part of his current agenda. Hell go take care of some Wildcat business
uptown and youre to go to the docks and take out a supply of Semtex explosive
needed by Bane, a guy running for reelection. Stock up on the weaponry dropped
the fallen Wildcats. Search the bodiesyoull need all the ammo you can carry.
There are two Semtex caches. Follow the new blips out of the alley.

Arm your shotgun and shoot down every Wildcat you encounter. Youll catch up
a few just outside the alley. Kill them, exit this area through the opening in
the white fence, and head right down the sidewalk. Take a left and cross the
street at the crosswalk. Go straight along the tall chain-link fence and look
an opening ahead of you. Enter it and shoot allof the thugs to your left.

Getting to the Semtex is going to be a battle and theres no avoiding it. Head
back past the entry gate and fight your way down the ramp to your right. Clear
out the thugs in and among the boxes and find a ramp on the far side of the pit
leading into the next area. Fight your way up the ramp and take a left. Kill all
of the thugs here. Youll run into Officer Smyth, whos been tipping off the
Wildcats. Take him down.

Climb to where Smyth was standing and follow the implied path around to the
right, climbing as you go. Youll come to a drop with a ladder at your feet.
over the edge and descend the ladder. Youre approaching the docks. Theres a
long, narrow path directly in front of the ladder. It leads to the docks and
theyre crawling with Wildcats, who are armed with pistols, shotguns, and M16s.

Continue along the dock, killing everything. When you reach the edge of the
a Wildcat will threaten to blow you all up with a grenade. Kill him. Two barrels
hold Semtex. When youve killed every living thing on the docks, locate them.
Shoot them from as far away as you can target them. When you blow up the Semtex,
the level ends.

Cop Killers

You start this mission in the safe zone, which will remain a blip on your GPS
throughout the mission. The safe zone is easily recognizable by the ground-level
fog around it. When the mission opens, Darci will be talking to Roper. Youll
given control of Darci first and Johnson will appear on the GPS.

Go straight out of the protected zone, cross the street, and veer left at the
traffic island. Youll meet at least one Wildcat immediately. Take him down and,
as you progress toward the nearby building, another one will taunt you from the
rooftop. Take a right at the building the thugs attacked you from and turn left
immediately. Follow the sidewalk in the direction of Johnsons blip. Youll meet
more Wildcats along the way. When you reach the corner, turn right and cross the

Go into the corner alley. Blow up the mines with your pistol (from a good
distance!). Move into the alley and be ready for a fight. Two Wildcats guard
Johnson. Take them out and hell be very grateful. The scene will then switch to
Roperyoull now take control of him to go rescue Officer Beck.

Remember two important things about Roper: he cant sprint and he doesnt arrest
suspects. Kill all opposition. Head out of the safe zone and down the street,
moving along the sidewalk to the left. Take a left at the first corner and
continue down the sidewalk.

When you get to the next corner, veer right and cross the street. Take out the
thug near the taxi-filled parking lot and run right through the lot, keeping the
red blip ahead of you. Approach the entrance to the taxi lot. Look across the
street for a stairway leading past the building fronts. Wildcats lurk in the
area. Cross the street and engage them; your goal is to go up the stairway and
to wherever it leads.

Once youve gotten past the stairs, look along the wall to your left for an
opening. Run up the stairway, turn left, and climb up onto the ledge. Run toward
the street (from which you entered the alley) and turn left. Leap across the
alley onto the opposite platform, head for the wall, and turn right. Follow the
platform along to the next wall, which has a water tank on it.

Turn right at the water tank and be ready for opposition. Youre getting close
Officer Beck. Take out the guard and lower yourself from the wall straight
Proceed straight from the wall. Take out the Wildcats across the alley. Find
Officer Beck; hes unconscious to your left. Roper will take a glance at him and
decide its best to carry him back to the safe zone.

You can carry Beck by walking up to him and pressing [Action]. Notice, however,
that you cant use weapons or engage in hand-to-hand combat when youre carrying
him; youll have to put him down when you enter a fight. Your best bet is to
avoid encounters altogether. Hoist him up and head out of the nook you found him
in. A half dozen Wildcats skulk at the end of the alley dead ahead, so turn
and run along. Go past the raised patio on the left. Then, take a left and head
down that alley.

Watch out for the mines! Exit the alley, dropping poor Beck whenever you meet a
Wildcat, and take a right. Move along the sidewalk. Youll see the taxi lot on
your left; now its full of Wildcats. Set Beck down on the sidewalk, cross the
street, and clear those wildcats out. Go diagonally through the lot. Keep an eye
on your GPS for flashing red dots, which indicate attacking Wildcats. If you see
one, drop Beck and take the thug down.

When you get to the opposite corner of the lot, veer left to the crosswalk and
cross the street. Go left down the sidewalk. Youre almost there. Stay to the
right. Set Beck down at the corner and clear your path of Wildcats before you
proceed. Pick Beck back up. You should be able to make it to the safe zone, near
the police cruisers. Its Darcis turn again.

Johnson will follow you. Hell also help you bag suspects. Head out of the alley
and take out the thugs there. Go straight down the street and watch for your GPS
to fill up with little red blips. Take the thugs down as quickly as possible and
continue on your way. Follow the sidewalk around its various corners until you
return to the safe zone. When you do, the level ends.

Southside Offensive

The map is crawling with Wildcats and, if you nail enough of them, youll win.
Youll start near the swimming pool. Officer Green is next to you. Talk to him
first and then be off. Green will follow you throughout this mission and aid in
fighting and arresting Wildcats. For each Wildcat you bust, the crime rate goes
down two percent; the mission starts at eighty percent.

Now hit the street. Pass the pool and climb the fence. Notice the two red blips
near each other to your left. Head for them. Take out any Wildcats along the
As you approach them, Sarge will radio you with information about a drug deal
going down. Notice how eager Officer Green is to get into the action. If he
you lose the mission. Head out of the parking lot toward the beach house. Youll
see two thugs across the street, one on the right near the fence and one on the
left pillar.

Now work your way down the block as if youd exited the beach house and taken a
left. Youll meet up with a Wildcat near the corner. Round the corner and go up
the right side of the street; youll meet two more. Continue up the street.
Youll hit another Wildcat loner and youll meet a few more at the corner. Take
down the first two you encounter, then hop up onto the raised patio to your
to nab the third.

Turn the corner and keep on going. Youll be heading in the direction of the
police station at this point. Pass the corner with the establishment called
and bust the guy on the sidewalk, then double back to the corner. A Wildcat will
drop from above to attack.

Moving away from the police station, take a left at the Choke corner. Youll
another gang member on the next corner. Bust him and take a left. When you see a
side street leading off to the right, turn right and cross the street and head
along under the elevated train tracks. Youll meet a Wildcat at the next corner
to take in. Then, turn right and look to your right for the alley. A gang member
waits within.

Turn around and leave the alley. Cross the street and go to the corner. The guy
there will have grenades; take him down fast! Round the corner and continue
along. As you approach the white fence, youll be shown a short scene in which a
seedy deal goes bad. The two surviving perps are to your left. Take them down.

Youre probably very close to completing the mission at this point. If you
havent already reduced the crime rate to ten percent, walk through the vacant
lot to the far exit. At least three Wildcats lurk in this area. Collar them.

If that doesnt complete the mission, follow the yellow blip to the police
building. Take out any thugs along the way. Youll probably complete the
objective even before you reach the building. If you dont, there are plenty of
crooks near the police building. When the crime rate reaches ten percent, the
mission ends.

Psycho Park

Youll start out next to the park. The three marks on your GPS represent a gang
of murderers in the park, a psychotic nutcase, and some thugs called Falcon
Group. Head straight into the park and take down the three murderers.

After you collar them, Roper will show up. Hell leap down heroically from the
top of a fountain. From here, hell follow you and help you with any fighting
engage in. The lone psycho is on the move, so follow his mark to locate him.
Shoot him from a distance; dont try to engage him. Hes armed with an M16 and,
if he gets the first shot, it could be the last.

Now, follow the blue blip toward the Falcon Group. Itll lead to the far side of
the park from where you started. Take out any Wildcats you encounter along the
way. When you get to the far end of the park, cross the street and follow the
sidewalk to the right. The Falcon Group will be in an alley on the left. Watch
for it.

As you head down the alley, youll hear a pair of criminals talking to each
about some sort of seedy job. Be ready to fight when you round the corner. When
youve dealt with the Falcon Group, youll receive a call from Sarge announcing
that the leader of the local chapter of the Wildcats has been spotted. Hes
flanked by two guards. Youll have to take him down.

The new blip leads you out of the alley. Cross the street at the crosswalk and
bear right. Youre heading back toward the park. Turn the corner and continue
down the sidewalk. Cross the street and head to the next corner and then take a
right. Youre going around the park. Bear left and cross the street. Continue to
the end of the block. Youll see the kingpin and his posse across the
intersection standing in what appears to be a service station parking lot.

Dont worry about taking any of them alive. Go ahead and gun them down. When
theyre finished, youll receive an urgent call from Sarge: a group of Wildcats
is moving in on the police building! If they make it to the front door, therell
be chaos. HQ is just opposite the block directly behind you. Follow the green
blip (UCPD Entrance) at a sprint. Youll close in on a group of four Wildcats.
Gun them down quickly.

Another group is approaching from the direction you just came from and a lone
Wildcat is approaching from the other side of the building. Take down the group
first, using the pillar at the parking lot entrance for cover. Take the group
out, turn around, and attack the lone Wildcat. When hes down, youll get
radio message from Sarge: more Wildcats have been spotted at the storage

Follow the blips out of the parking lot. Theyre labeled Cat Elite, so be ready
for a real challenge. Head down the block, across the street, and around the
outer perimeter of the park. When you get to the far side of the park, cross the
street and proceed down the sidewalk of the road leading away from the park.
a powerful weapon at the ready; you should have collected a shotgun and an M16

Two of the elite are at the far end of the street in a parking lot. Several
Wildcats sidle along the left side as you approach the elite. Be wary of a
parking lot entrance on your left; the rest of the elite and more Wildcats are

Take out the elite at the end of the street by shooting them down and double
toward the parking lot, which will now be on your right. The maze of crates
inside this area is full of elite. This will be a very difficult battle,
complicated by random Wildcats who will occasionally rush in to help out. Use
your GPS to spot the elite. Keep the shotgun or M16 at the ready and fire as
as you have a target. Keep your eye on Roper, too; hell get himself killed in
here without your immediate attention.

Make your way gradually through the crate maze. Take the elite out one by one.
not rush it, or you will die. When youve finished them off, the level will end.

The Fallen

Youll start this long mission at the police building. The only blip on your GPS
is the murder scene. Head out of the parking lot and across the street and run
straight down the block. When you get to the corner with the elevated train
running across, take a left. Chances are, youll see a lot of Wildcat action in
this area. Take them down. Note also that the Cats are attacking civilians.
Intervene whenever you see an assault in progress.

Follow the roads right turn. Proceed to the next corner and take a left.
Continue down the sidewalk to the crime scene. Youll see two cops talking to
each other. When theyre done, talk to one of them. While hes filling you in,
the camera will zoom out. Someone is watching you from a nearby rooftop. The
watcher is on the last building you passed before you got to the crime scene.
Head around to the back of that building. Be carefulthere are a lot of Wildcats

Climb the fire escape to the top of the building. When you get there, the
stranger is gone, but theres another body to be found. With it is the first of
the five clues youre required to find. Grab the clue. Its a napkin from the
diner in front of which the first body was found. A cop, Officer Bellows, will
show up and take over the case. Climb back down to ground level and return to
murder scene.

Go along the right side of the diner. Talk to the lady there. Shell tell you
husband is at Scarpers Cove. The location will appear on your GPS and its your
next stopunless you run to the back of the diner lot and search the dumpster,
which wed advise. Cross the street at the crosswalk and head down the sidewalk
toward the cove. Watch out; at least three Wildcats await you in an alley. Take
them down and continue on, past the beach house, to the cove.

Go through the grassy hills to the shore, where youll witness a murder. Take
the offender and pay attention to the cut scene immediately following. The
mystery man will appear on your GPS. Go check out the object next to the victim.
A brochure promotes a nightclub, which will appear on your GPS. This is the
second clue. Notice the large number of red blips between you and the road.
Youll have to fight your way out of the cove. Some of these Wildcats are armed
with heavy weapons, so try to be the first to shoot.

Jump over the short fence back to the road. Stay to your left. Theres a car
parked on the sidewalk: "borrow" it. Drive your borrowed car straight down the
street away from the cove. Drive all the way to the right-hand turn and follow
it; keep driving until you notice that, according to your GPS, youre coming up
on the Dancing Fool Club. Get out of the car and go around to the back of the
club. Youll witness another murder.

Kill the assailants and grab the next clue, which is a piece of paper that one
the murderers is carrying. After you pick it up, a blip called Distress Call
appear on your GPS. Wait on that one for now. Lets go find the "mysterious man"
at the other blip. Get back in your borrowed vehicle. Turn the car around, drive
it back down the street you came from, and take your first left. Take another
left, then a quick right. Go around the block until you see an entrance to a
parking lot. Pull in a little way and stop the car. The mystery man is a Man in
Black! Arm a powerful weapon (shotgun or M16) and get ready for a major

Youll have a short conversation with him. When its done, attack him
relentlessly! If he gets a chance to fire, do a dive roll in either direction.
Kill him as fast as you can. When you do, hell disappear in a bright electrical
flash. Now head on foot to the distress call. Go through the parking lot and
an alley on the right. Run to the next alley on your left and into it. Youll
find the complaining citizen in here.

Hell tell you he heard people crawling around on his roof. The camera will zoom
out and youll see two MIBs on his roof, sure enough. Since you wont find a
custodian to show you to the roof hatch, youll have to find another way up.
ones a toughie. Go back to your car and hop in. If your car is severely
feel free to borrow the dead MIBs van.

Drive it out of the parking lot and take a right. Head to the end of the road
take another right. Drive down the street until you see a section of the
on your right jutting out and blocking the sidewalk; stop right after that part
of the building and hop out. Theres a ladder to your right. Climb it, take a
left, and hop up onto the next ledge. Circle around to your right and climb onto
the next ledge. Climb the ladder to your left and then hop up onto the step.
Shoot the Wildcat in front of you.

Turn left, jump the gap to grasp the edge of the next wall, and pull yourself
Run along the ledge and take out the thug on the parapet up ahead. More Wildcats
will come running after you off the first one. Kill them with your pistol,
your rifles for what lies around the corner. If you have an M16 and ammo, switch
to it now. You face two MIBs around the corner to the right. This fight might
seem impossible the first few times you partake in it. Kill them with as much
force and hostility as you can! Do not give them a chance to fire back.

Grab the paper that one of the MIBs dropped, Its the fourth clue and itll lead
you to the park. Make your way down from the building carefully and head back to
your vehicle. Drive up to the corner and turn right. Turn right at the first
intersection, follow the road around to the left, and turn right again at the
next intersection. Take the road to the end and turn left. As you pass the park,
youll witness another cold-blooded murder. Get out of the vehicle after the cut
scene and arm a big gun.

Youll face another MIB. As with the others, attack relentlessly. When he dies
and his body disappears, grab the final clue, which he will leave behind. Its a
videocassette labeled City Hall.

Stern Revenge

Roper begins this mission on a dock in a graveyard. Run through the misty
cemetery to the far side, where youll see an entrance on your right. Clobber
Wildcat waiting for you there. Youll see three blips on your GPS. Facing out of
the cemetery, they represent (from left to right) two hostage situations and a
police vs. Wildcats gunfight. Well take them from left to right. Head up the
sidewalk to your left and stay ready to take on any Wildcats you encounter.

The first hostage situation lies within the borders of a white fence youll find
at the end of the block. Clobber the sentry to the right of the opening and go
in. The first area is barren. Go toward the opening in the next white fence
to fight. Youll have to aim carefully: the Wildcats and hostages will be near
each other and there will also be explosive barrels endangering the hostages.

Go straight in past the vans and take out the three Wildcats, along with any
that show up. The hostages will thank you when theyre free. Head back out to
street through both fences and take a left. Go past the stacks of crates and run
between the chain-link fence and the wall. Bear left into the alley and kill the
two Wildcats there.

Move deeper into the alley and watch out for mines. Use your pistols to blow a
path through them. The next area holds Wildcats and hostages. Again, they are in
close quarters, so check your targets. Three Wildcats guard the captives, plus
another two off to the right. Kill them all, then head through the opening to
right near the last two. Take a right when you get past the chain-link fence.
Ahead of you, youll see several police officers and squad cars near an opening
in the fence. Head over there.

As you approach, one of the cops will tell you to step back. Youll explain
yourself. As you walk through the opening in the fence, another cop will demand
to go in with you. Take him along, walk in past the fires, and kill the two
Wildcats guarding Darci. Watch out for the explosive barrelsthey could injure
her. Darci will tell you about another hostage situation, which will appear on
your GPS as Monument Square. Go back out of the area and take a right, heading
for the new situation.

Go to the end of the block, cross the street straight ahead, and turn right.
on the hordes of Wildcats, then follow the sidewalk around the corner to the
left. Youll be attacked from the top of a flight of stairs on your left; fight
the attackers and go up the stairs. Go down the next flight opposite. Turn right
onto the sidewalk and continue on. Bear right and youll come up to the next
hostage situation. Only two Wildcats guard this bunch, but be careful where you

The vans that the Wildcats have been using to transport hostages have been seen
on the move. An appropriate GPS blip will appear. Youll have to track them down
and blow them up. Go straight across the square and bear left onto the sidewalk,
taking down the Wildcats nearby. Cross the street and follow the sidewalk left
the end of the block. Follow it around the corner to the right. A few yards up,
youll see the vans parked up the street. Theyve been stalled by some flaming
car wrecks. There are a few Wildcats on foot, too.

Now walk up to the first van in line and shoot it up. Three shotgun rounds
do it. When it blows, the driver will be ejected. Beat him up or shoot him; its
up to you. Repeat the process for the next two vans. When the last van is
destroyed, the mission ends.

Transmission Terminated

This is a lengthy, difficult mission. Wildcats swarm everywhere, so take them
as you see them. When the mission begins, your GPS shows three blips: a sniper,
the TV transmitter, and the hostage situation. Start with the sniper. Follow the
sidewalk to your right.

Follow the corner to the left and keep going. Run all the way along the river to
the end to where it turns left again and continue along. Keep going until you
an alley on the right with the front of a van sticking out of it. Go down the
alley and look right. Climb over the tall chain-link fence. An old guy will yell
at you, but stand your ground. Hell keep threatening until he attacks. Take him
down. Then, climb up the boxes in the corner to the ledge above.

Directly across the rooftop youll see a bridge stretching off toward the
snipers perch. Cross it. A ladder leads up a short building on the top of the
roof on the far side. Look at the top of the short building and youll see the
sniper. Climb up and attack the sniper. Youll score an M16 and there are also
grenades and power-ups in the vicinity. Youll see bridges and ladders off into
the other side of the building and, if you wish to explore, do sojust make sure
you revisit the alley in which you climbed up the crates. Well assume you head
back down the way you came.

Climb down the crates and youll find some much-needed explosives on the ground.
Its time to go after the transmitter. Getting to the transmitter is a long and
complex process. You start in an alley at ground level. Cross the street at the
crosswalk to find that alley; its straight ahead. Go straight into the alley. A
few Wildcats lurk where it widens out. Look for a dumpster near a short wall
facing you. Hop onto the dumpster and, from there, onto the wall. Turn right and
run all the way down the row of skylights to the end. Watch for two Wildcats to
jump you at the corner. Take them down and turn the corner to your right.

Climb the flight of stairs, circle around to the right, and climb the next
flight. At the top, turn left and climb over the ledge with the antennae on it.
Look to your left as you drop over the other side and eliminate the guard you
there. Now run up the flight of stairs next to the guard. Circle around the
platform until you find a ladder and climb it. See that cable right next to you?
Jump up, grab it, and slide down.

Youll drop onto another rooftop. Run around the wall to the right and look for
ladder. Climb it. Youll see an antenna and a first-aid kit before you. Bear
from the antenna and walk along the ledge. Another zip line leads to yet another
rooftop. Jump up, catch it, and hang on! Turn right and run to the back of the
building. Look to the left for a ladder. Climb it and look right. Youll have to
jump from the platform to some step-like ducts. Do it, turn left, and climb up
the top of the building. Climb up to the next cable, jump up, and grab it. Itll
deposit you on another building almost identical to the one youre leaving.

Turn right and head to the back of the building. Once again: look to your left
for a ladder, climb it, look right, jump to the ducts, turn left, and climb up
the zip line. This cable actually leads to the broadcast building. Youre
closer, but youve still got a long way to go. The cable will deposit you on a
platform next to a ladder. Climb it and bear right.

Run around the building on the parapet. When you get to the opposite corner,
and draw a weapon. Kill the Wildcats lurking there. Collect their weapons, move
to where the far guard had been standing when you first saw him, and find a
staircase. Climb it. At the top of the stairs, youll have to jump over to a
small platform at the bottom of a ladder.

Climb the long ladder to the top. Turn right and notice the first-aid kit on the
roof to your left. Youre about to face a Man in Black. Drop down next to the
worker and climb the ladder onto the small building. Look to your right and
youll see the bottom of a ladder attached to the tall wall. Turn right and
onto the parapet. Get a heavy weapon ready. The MIB is just around this corner.
Attack him mercilessly.

When hes out of the way, head for the ladder that leads up to the top center of
the gigantic building. Youve made it to the transmitter. Plant a bomb and get
back down the ladder fast! The whole building will shake for a moment and small
fires will break out. Head back around for the ladder you climbed and descend
Run around the small building at the bottom, climb onto the parapet, and look
a zip line. This is a very long cable, but it will get you to the ground
Jump up and grab it.

Cross the street to the TV building, turn left, and follow the building around.
Look to your left as you approach the metalworks factory for some cops standing
at the foot of a long ramp. Head up the ramp. The cops will rally and join you.
Theyll breach the gate, so follow them in. Get a firearm ready and take out any
Wildcats you see.

Clear the yard with the help of the police. Veer right and head for the doorway.
Youre about to enter a hostage area, so be ready to check your fire and kill
Wildcats you seewithout shooting their captives. Kill them all. If any of the
cops survived the initial assault, youll order one of them to follow you. Climb
up the crates in the back right corner of the room to reach the catwalk.

When you reach the catwalk, run along it through the doorway. Youll emerge
outside. Use the crates to lower yourself to ground level, mindful of the
Wildcats in this area. Destroy the opposition. Locate the switch on the side of
the metalworks building. It will open the gate between this area and the outer

Run across the yard to the small building with the two dumpsters next to it.
Climb onto one of the dumpsters or the crate and onto the buildings roof. Run
along the bridge from that building back toward the main one and use the ladder
to climb onto the roof. Run around to your right and look for an opening leading
into the small building. Head inside, kill the Wildcat, and free the last
hostage. The level will end.

Estate of Emergency

Youll start near a cadre of cops, facing down a street that heads near the
estate. There are Wildcats everywhere! On your way down the street, take out any
Wildcats who attack. The road widens into a parking lot. Youll have to deal
at least a half dozen Wildcats in this area. Battle as many as you have to and
bear right past the two cars parked in front of the garage.

Run past the wood pylons to the wall and turn left. Go around the fence and run
along until you see an opening to your right with two short fences running
your path. Hop over them and eliminate the Wildcats nearby. Look in the far left
corner for a ladder leading up to the top of a hedge wall. Climb it and watch
Wildcats. Take out any who come near, then drop down the other side. Theres a
laser beam across the path ahead. If you break it, youll set off a powerful
explosive. Crawl under it instead.

Head left around the next corner, where there are still more Wildcats to deal
with. Take them down and continue through the narrow opening ahead. Climb the
ladder on the far corner to the left and take a left. Run along the top of the
hedges until you see an opening in the fence. Pass through it; now youre on the
estate wall. Run along the wall and take out any Wildcat guards you encounter.
Eventually, youll come to an opening on your right. Go on through: youll
onto a rooftop of a building on the estate grounds.

Drop to the ground. The estate grounds are maze-like, so youll have to use your
GPS to guide you to the electronics house that holds the switch. Be sure to kill
any and all Wildcats you meet along the way. When you disable the security
system, the GPS will show the main house. Follow the blip, killing Wildcats as
usual, until you reach it. Theres an entrance in the middle of the back wall.

Its a trap. Bane has elite Cats waiting to pounce. Darci will be captured.
Bane will talk to Darci for a few moments, indicating that he has known her and
Roper for centuries. Outside, where the police are waiting, Roper will show up.
Youll take control of him to rescue Darci. Breach the grounds the same way you
did with her, starting with a trip down the street.

Head past the garage, run up to the wall, and take a left. Run along, looking to
the right for those little fences. Continue over the hedge wall, down the other
side, and through the next area. Climb the ladder up onto the compound wall and
slip through the fence. Note that the laser sensor has been disabled. Run down
the fence to the opening on the right. Since you dont have to find the switch,
you can stay near the main building. Jump across the gap to the pillar next to
the main building.

Climb onto the roof and follow the right edge until youre almost right over
Darcis blip. Kill the Wildcats on the ground and drop down.

Now get ready for battle and go in. Turn right and take out the thugs holding
Darci captive. Roper and Darci will talk for a few moments and then youll be
updated as to what Bane is doing. Hes readying missiles of some sort! Youll
have to try to catch him before he gets away in a helicopter. Youre in control
of Darci again; Roper will follow. Head out of the building. The getaway
helicopter will appear on the GPS. Run along, staying to your left, clearing
path of Wildcats as you go.

Be careful: theres an MIB near the chopper. Use powerful weapons to take him
out. Run onto the tennis court, take out the guards, and collar Bane. Dont kill
himtake him down quickly so Roper doesnt kill him either. Once youve arrested
him, the mission ends.


Ideally, you might want to sneak past the guards in this levelbut you dont
to. If you take them down quietly, youll be fine. The small building to the
right of the entrance is a guard post and youll be in deep trouble if anyone
inside hears you fire a weapon. Dont do that until youre well past the post.

You start just outside the open gate to the facility. A Wildcat patrols the
grounds inside, near the large building. Knock him down, cuff him, and take his
M16. Note that most of the guards are armed with this powerful weapon; in any
encounter, knock the guard down fast. Another guard may drop from the roof; take
him down too. Head around the right side of the building and look around the
corner. Youll see a closed gate with a switch next to it.

A guard patrols the side of the building. Knock him down, cuff him, and open the
gate. Go through and take down the guards just past it. Go left around the
building. Take out any guards you see. You should have plenty of M16 ammo by
so open up. Mow down every guard and the MIB patrolling the road running off to
your left. Turn up that road, shooting down any guards you see. Go through the
doorway in the last building on the right. Be ready for opposition as you pass
through it.

Perform a sweep of the buildings interior. There will be at least three guards
to eliminate. When youre the only live person inside, follow the yellow GPS
to the corner office that contains the file you need. Roper pulls up in a van to
get you out of there. Youll have to make it to the front gate and run up to the
van. Go out of this building the same way you came in.

Turn left and go to the corner of the building. The white blip on your GPS
signifies an MIB between you and the van. Dont worry about him now. Return down
the road to the gate that you had to open earlier. As you round the corner to
right, several guards will attack you. Take them out. Remember to search each
body; youll need all of the M16 ammo you can get.

Go through the gate, ready for combat. Veer left, following the path you took on
your way in. Battle the two guards in your way. Go past the large building and
turn right, ready to move between the big building and the small guard post.
the two guards who come at you and get ready to take on MIB number two. When you
take him out, youre home free. Meet Roper at his van and the level will end.

Target UC

On this tough mission, ammunition and weapons are scarce and each missile site
heavily guarded. Take single enemies out with hand-to-hand combat and make sure
you search everyone for ammo and weapons. Youll start out on a wooden sidewalk
near some cabins. Notice the seven-minute timer already counting down.

Head down the walk past the cabins. Youre going to have to pick up explosives
before you try for the missiles. A Wildcat lurks on the right just past the
cabin; take him out quickly with hand-to-hand combat. Veer left from the
sidewalk, following the green blip representing your supplies. Run across the
snow. Some crates sit behind a short, wooden fence. Again, battle the one
in this area with your hands to conserve your ammunition. Then, find the pack of
explosives among the crates.

Look for the opening in the fence. Past it, youll see two Wildcats near a
building. Head over there and take them out of the action. Go ahead and use your
pistol; theyre tough. Then, climb the ladder and grab the shotgun ammo at the
top. Climb back down the ladder, and go around the building to the left. Go over
to another building a few yards away next to a snowed-over road and climb up the
ladder. Eliminate the Wildcat among the crates and grab the explosives.

Now its on to the missiles. Look at the three remaining blips on your GPS. Head
first for the yellow one to the left. Youll have to run across a snowy field
with a Wildcat patrolling. Add his ammunition to your growing hoard. Veer left
until the yellow blip is to your right on the GPS. Turn and climb the hill and
look around for the technician. He should be near the missile.

He is your first target. Take him down before he reaches the missile controls.
Only after the technician is dead should you turn your attention to the other
Wildcats. When youve cleared the area, search the bodies. Youll find at least
one shotgun. Plant an explosive next to the missile and get out of the way.

Youll find the third explosive on the roof of the nearby building, as well as
two or three Wildcats. Climb up, take them out, and grab the explosive. Follow
the red blip toward the next missile. Watch out for mines in the snowy hills.
Move up the hill. Youll see the control panel just at the top, between you and
the launch pad. Stay near it until youve dealt with the technician.

Move slowly around the panel to the right. Youll encounter a Wildcat; kill him.
The tech will be between you and a platform, which is about thirty yards away.
Take out the tech and prepare to face the MIB on the platform. Three shotgun
blasts will do him. Approach at a run and start firing right away. Watch out for
the Wildcat next to him and be ready to dive to one side if the MIB gets a bead
on you with his minigun. When hes down, plant the second explosive next to the

The final missile base is on a raised platform. Youll have to reach it by
sliding down a zip line. Find the ladder on the building next to the missile pad
and climb it. A cable leads away toward the final blip on your GPS. Ready your
shotgun. Then, jump up and grab the line.

You are going to land next to the technician. The missile will be on your left
and the technician and the control panel will be on your right. Youll have to
pivot to the right, target him and take him down as fast as you can. Youll also
be attacked by Wildcats; after you kill the tech, you must leap out of the way
their fire and engage them.

When you have your bearings and have taken care of any immediate threats, clear
out the rest of the area. A Man in Black lurks around here. Vanquish him with a
fast, fierce shotgun attack. Finally, get to the missile. Plant the last
explosive and get out of the way. In five seconds the mission will be a success!

Headline Hostage

Speed is everything in the first part of this mission. You dont have time to
collar thugs or explore the locale for power-ups. Your only priority is to get
Gordansky immediately. The trick in this level is to ignore as many enemies as
you can: run around them, sprint past them, but dont waste time engaging them.

You start in a police-protected safe zone. Sprint straight down the street. Stay
to the left and run right past the barrels and bad guys. Try to stay far enough
to the left that the MIB, on your right, doesnt detect you. Run straight down
the street. Gordansky is the only blip on your GPS and shes in the middle of
Botanical Gardens.

When you get to the end of the block, hang a sharp left and sprint away from the
Wildcats. Run through the yard and hop the fence on the far side. Fade right,
toward the sidewalk, and run toward the mines you see in the distance. Hop the
short fence and avoid the mines. Break left and run down the alley. Run past the
chain-link fence straight to the wall and climb the ladder.

Jump down the other side and run through the courtyard. Head for the opening in
the wall to the left, through which youll hop over a set of mines and run up a
staircase. Turn right at the top of the stairs. Youre getting close to
Gordansky. Shes in an area ahead and to the right of you, two stories down.
Youre running along next to a short wire fence. It ends up ahead. Just past
that, the patio ends at a corner. Jump over the corner and down into the area
below. Gordansky will be to your right.

Gun down the guards. Youll have a short conversation with Gordansky and then
its time to get her out. The timer will disappear, but that doesnt mean you
relax. Gordanskys life is in your hands and the sooner you head to the
zone, the more likely she is to survive. Gordansky will follow you from here on.
Lead her up the stairway on the far side of the courtyard to the left. At the
of the stairs, turn sharply to the right and run along the ledge toward the
link fence.

Climb the fence and drop into the street below. Take out any nearby Wildcats as
Gordansky follows along. When shes in the street with you, turn right and run
for home. Stay on the right side of the street. Take out any Wildcats you can as
you run past. Grab a shotgun if you get the opportunity. When you see the
white dot on your GPS, stay as far to the right as you can. You must not engage
the MIB with Gordansky in tow!

The two Wildcats near the barrels are only yards from the safe zone, so they may
give you trouble. Kill them as quickly as possible. Youre almost there. Run on
down the street toward the cop car. When you reach it, Gordansky will be safe
the level will end.

Insane Assault

Baalrog is nearly impervious to firearms and close-quarters combat is
It can be victimized by explosions, however, so, rather than shoot it down,
youll have to blow it up. You start the mission in an alley that contains three
locked gates, a number of land mines, and plenty of explosive barrels. Before
investigate the incident, open all of the gates. Each is opened with a switch on
a nearby wall. Dont disturb the barrels or land mines; hop over them.

Later, youll lure Baalrog into the alley. Take a look around and get familiar
with the surroundings. Once the demon appears, youll be able to find grenades
the higher ledges of the back section of the alley, accessible by climbing onto
the dumpsters in the corner. Now, head for the Brick Road incident. Go back out
of the alley and turn right. The Brick Road corner is a little way down on the
other side of the street. Clobber any Wildcats you encounter along the way.

The Evil Extraterrestrials

As the mission begins, bring up your big gun and fire at the silvery spacecraft
that enter through a vent. You should be able to shoot down three or four of
them. It takes about three shots to kill each.

Face forward and kill the saucer on the bookcase ahead. Look left to take out
one next to the ship model. Then look down and to the right to nail the one on
the lower shelf. Look up and left to get the one on the picture frame.

Turn left to eliminate two saucers in front of the dresser. Look farther left to
down the one against the wall. Continue left to take out the last two.

Youll find a pair of bodies on the corner. At first, there appears to be no
explanation, but two Wildcats will come and attack you. Theyre probably the
culprits. When they go down, Baalrog will appear near the alley. Head for it
right away. Baalrog will begin blowing up any cars and people nearby. Youve got
to lure it into the alley, where it will set off the land mines and where you
detonate barrels and land mines near it. First, you have to get its attention.
this by drawing your pistol and shooting it.

When it charges for you, run for the alley. Use the GPS and your camera controls
to make sure you dont get too far ahead of it and cause it to lose interest in
you. When you get into the alley, look out for the land mines and a few Wildcats
who may have wandered in here. If you get a chance to, shoot some of the barrels
near the demon.

Lure Baalrog through each gate into the deepest section of the alley. Then,
onto one of the dumpsters in the corner to the left of the gate (as you enter
last section from the outside). Hop up to the ledge beyond. Run down the ledge
the rear of the alley. Turn right, climb up to the higher ledge, and run past
bridge to grab the grenades.

More grenades are on the far side of the bridge if you need them. Turn to face
the demon and arm the grenades. Line him up in the targeting area, pull the pin
(with the [Punch] control), and keep him lined up until the timer reaches four
seconds. Release it and hope for the best. If Baalrog stepped on a mine or two
the way in, or if you managed to blow some barrels near it, a couple of close
grenades should finish it off.

If you run low on grenades, there are still more on a platform near the mouth of
the alley. Youll have to climb down, exit the alley, and look on the wall to
right for a ladder.

Day of Reckoning

Youll play the first part of this level as Roper before switching to Darci to
finish the game. Ropers task is to bring three wounded civilians to safety. You
start facing Darci. Turn around and run, looking to your left for a valve. Run
up to it and turn it by activating the [Action] control. Turn around and run
along the parapet to the corner of the building. Draw your pistols, turn right,
and blow away the two Wildcats.

Pick up any pistol ammo they drop, but leave any shotguns and ammo for Darci.
She will need them. Run around the corner to the left, hop over the rail, and
shoot the mines up ahead. Two Wildcats will come around the corner from the
right. Kill them and proceed around that corner. Look to the right around the
next corner and shoot the mines you see there.

Head down the corridor youve just cleared and follow it to the left. Kill the
two Wildcats in front of you. Continue along, following the walkway around
another corner to the left. Two more Wildcats will approach from behind. Take
them out and then holster your weaponry. Now, look toward the end of this
corridor. Walk up to the wounded guy in civilian clothes and hit [Action] to
him up.

Carry him back the way you came. Go down the corridor past the second set of
mines you blew up. Continue, bearing left, until you see steps on your right
leading up to a power-up. Just past those steps, theres an alley. Go through it
and carry the wounded man to the starting point near Darci and the cops. When
Sarge radios in confirming that the survivor is safe, lay the guy down by
pressing [Action]. Turn around, go back through the alley, turn left, and look
ahead for a set of crates, where the second victim is.

Head over and pick him up. Carry him back to the safe zone and deposit him
Head for the third survivor, who is near the first pair of Wildcats you took
down. Go along the parapet near the safe zone, locate him and pick him up, and
return him to the safe zone. When you get the last survivor to safety, its
Darcis turn to play. Control will switch automatically. Run and pick up the
dynamite next to the valve. Then, search the bodies of the fallen policemen.

Run along the parapet to the right. Turn the corner, search the dead cops, and
pick up the shotgun equipment you avoided when you were playing Roper. Run
hop over the rail, and head for the open area. Kill the two Wildcats behind the
barrels. Look to your right. Go through the open gate and activate the switch on
the wall to the left. Turn around, walk to the end of the parapet, and wait next
to the edge where the rooftop drops off to nothingness. Youre waiting for a
floating platform.

When the platform arrives, step onto it. Wait for it to move and face the
direction the platform moves. Youll be carted along toward a series of ledges
leading off to the right. Kill the Wildcat with your shotgun. Then, ignore the
ledges and look left. Another floating platform cruises along on a path
perpendicular to the one youre on. Its moving back and forth between a point
near where the platform youre on stops and a distant destination. Your
meanwhile, will move back and forth from where you boarded it to the ledge where
the Wildcat was. Wait for the two platforms to converge near each other and jump
to the other one.

Ride the hovering platform to where it stops. Be ready to shoot the two Wildcats
there and hop off of the platform (to the right if youre facing the direction
brought you) before it leaves. Youll see Bane surrounded by glowing light.
Ignore him; you cant hurt him now. Turn right, run along the wall to the
and turn left. As you approach the chain-link fence on your left, watch up ahead
for an MIB. Attack with fearsome vengeance and a powerful weapon and destroy

Go up the stairs. Wildcats swarm all over the place. Kill them all and be very
wary of grenades. At least two of your adversaries in this area will toss a few.
If you continue straight ahead from the short stairway (where you killed the
MIB), youll come to a lower section of the roof. An MIB waits just beyond the
drop. Kill him just like the other onewith a relentless attack.

Hop down and finish off any remaining Wildcats. The rooftop is now safe for you
to blow the fuel reservoir. The switches you must activate appear on your GPS as
fuel pumps. Youre closer to Fuel Pump 2, so follow that blip to the bridge that
leads to the switch. Next, go to Fuel Pump 1. You can find it by hopping back up
to the higher portion of the rooftop (near the ledge where you killed the second
MIB) and following the GPS Fuel Pump 1 blip to your left. Cross the bridge and
activate the switch.

Now its time to blow the fuel reservoir. Follow the blip to it; its easy to
spotits the tall steel tank at the center of a network of pipes, most of which
are now billowing steam. Avoid the steam. Run up to it and plant an explosive as
close to it as you can. Then, run away! Head back toward the area where Bane is
conducting his insane ritual and run past it to the parapet where you
from the moving platform.

Now youve got to get back to the safe zone (where Roper deposited the
before the entire rooftop is engulfed in flames. Hop onto the platform and ride
it to the perpendicular platform. Hopefully, the two will converge quickly! Ride
the second platform back to the other rooftop, hop off of it, and break for the
alley at a sprint. Run through it and make for the safe zone. If you make it in
time, sit back and watch the video sequence. Youve completed Urban Chaos.



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