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Читы для V.R. Date Mayclub

Чит-файл для V.R. Date Mayclub

V.R. Date Mayclub

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This is a hint/walkthrough file for the "May Club" adult anime
game by Excellents, published in the US by Milky House and
distributed by JAST USA and JLIST.  The Japanese version was
known as "VR Dating May Club" from Excellents and Desire.
Besides the language, there were apparently some changes made
under the "Options" main menu choice: there were "Wallpaper,"
"Sound," and "Manual Extra" entries instead of "screen mode."
Since this is quite a tricky game to play to get the good
endings, I'm glad I didn't have to figure it out in Japanese! At
one point, RCY America (made English version of Nocturnal
Illusion) was going to release May Club, but it looks like they
went out of business in favor of Milky House. The projected
release date back in December 1998 was March 1999. The J-List
website says "shipping May 1999", and I got my copy in June 1999
(I didn't pre-order, so any delay there is my own fault).

Li Sun says (about the Japanese version): Our guy is going finish
university and enter the work force. He needs a girlfriend so he
spent all his money to join a virtual world. With limited visits,
he has to find a girl in there that loves him enough to be his
real world girlfriend or wife. A few girls(?) are pretty weird.

The official website for the Japanese version is at:
but there isn't much there unless you can read Japanese!  And
even if you can, I don't see a list of girls or a schedule or any
hints, just one page with two images and some text. I don't know
of any other web sites (besides JList, Milky House, etc.) that
have anything substantial on this game, so please let me know if
you find any.

The game is sold on CD for Windows. Although the brochure with
the game says that Setup will automatically run, this was changed
in production so you have to run it manually. Note that Setup
will ignore your choice of where to put the "May Club for
Windows" shortcut, and create a "MAYCLUB for Windows" group
anyway. The README.TXT file in the May Club directory is useless!
The game uses about 66 Mb on your hard drive, and requires the CD
to start. There is a large PDF catalog for all J-LIST/JAST/Otaku
H games on the CD, plus initial hints, and images from a lot of
J-List H games and image discs.

One annoyance is that the game will always switch to 640*480 mode
even if Windows is set to a larger screen. You can switch to a
different (larger) screen size once the game has started, and it
will still work. Strangely, it doesn't switch to 256 colors - it
keeps the same color settings you already had if it was higher,
e.g. 16- or 32-bit color.

Although you can use CapsLock and Ctrl to speed through text,
sometimes the game appears to freeze during text. You have to
release CapsLock, because it means the graphics are trying to
change in the middle of the text and can't with the CapsLock on.
If you switch to another process during the game, such as writing
a file like this, you may have some trouble resuming play. I had
to try minimizing and restoring the game, double-clicking on the
game window title bar, and sometimes just waiting up to 30
seconds for the game to suddenly change the graphics and start
going again.

In full-screen graphics (usually sex), you can often right-click
to toggle off/on the text box. When you don't have the normal
border on the screen, but it isn't full-screen, right-clicking
may only "back up" the text, and sometimes advances it just like
a left-click.

Don't worry too much about running out of "tickets" - you start
on 2/16 with 20, and get 30 more on 3/1, and the game ends on
3/31. By the way, not spending any tickets, i.e. NEVER going into
May Field, counts as a bad ending, but NOT one of the 10 endings.
Same as if you never find a girlfriend.

There are 44 days * 3 times (morning, afternoon, evening) for a
total of 132 maximum possible times in the game, and only 50
tickets, so you have to sleep at least a few times. During
February is fine.  You get your second batch of 30 tickets on
the morning of 3/1. The "second half of the game" mentioned
below should be after 3/9.

To allow you to enter the Alley, "Look around" the street during
the morning or afternoon until it appears as a location on "Go
somewhere else". You MUST find the Alley if you want to go after
some of the girls, e.g. Kazumi, Kirara, Rieko.

In most cases, you will only have ONE encounter per ticket. There
are some exceptions:
1. keep Kazumi waiting by not cooperating, then "thinking about
   it" - was able to see Kirara & another girl talking in
   Residential Area.
2. meet Mikoto the 2nd time at station - Hiromi showed up
   immediately afterward.
3. 2/20 morning, Kirara showed up immediately and left, and then
   met Misato at station.
4. Strange bug where Kirara showed up each time you enter
   Station, Alley, or Residential (2/24 morning for me), the
   meeting after she realizes she's got large breasts ("on
   second thought... I think I'm big enough.")
5. saw Kazumi in Alley before week was up, then Mikoto & Hiromi
   at station as #2 above. 3 girls in one session!
6. met Rieko the second time at Love Hotel on 3/1 evening, then
   Kazumi for first time at Alley.

So, if you've met one girl, that's usually all you're going to
meet this time in May Field. Unfortunately, there seem to be too
many times when there are no girls around at all. The calendar
below, or the one supplied by Milky House if you ask for hints,
will help you figure out when a girl should be around, although
there are a lot of special circumstances. Most of the time, all
you have to do is enter a location for the girl to appear, often
you get some special text messages before the image - you don't
usually have to "Look around", although there are some special
occurrences when you're supposed to meet somebody and she isn't

When you get to a numbered ending, the game shows credits. The
other side of the screen should show pictures of the girl for
that ending, but on my machine it was just black UNLESS I
switched back and forth with another process on the taskbar.
While the credits are showing, press and hold down the left mouse
button to make them scroll faster.

The file that controls which endings and graphics you've seen is
MEMORY.DAT, and Li Sun has a file you can download from his site,
but it's listed under "V.R. Date May Club". It's for the Japanese
version, but it works with the English one! Because such a file
is available, I'm not going to bother figuring out exactly how to
patch the MEMORY.DAT file.

The endings are: 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  The graphics
shown are for: Misato, Kirara, Akiho, Rei (twice), Keiko, Hiromi,
Mikoto, Rieko, Kazumi (twice). Note that the graphics are just
the full-screen sex scenes, NOT the endings (some of which
include more sex graphics).

You can send an email to Milky House (hints@milkyhouse.com) to
get a PDF file with more hints/strategies for the girls. It
contains a little bit more hints for some girls (than the
hints.htm file on the CD), and a master calendar that I used as a
starting point for mine below.

As H games go, this was one of the best English ones I've ever
played. Only Knight of Xentar or Cobra Mission compares for
length of play, and those lack the replay value of May Club.
The game mechanics are good, music is appropriate and not too
obtrusive, and most graphics are well-done. The few things that
bothered me are mostly mentioned above, plus that I got tired of
the "venetian-blind" transitions between locations, and the
limited number of expressions each girl had and how obvious it
was when they changed. The translation to English is very good,
with only a few mistakes that usually don't detract from the
story. I haven't played any other games comparable to this yet,
we'll see how May Club stacks up to True Love when I've had a
chance to play both.
I strongly urge H game players that can't read Japanese as well
as English to purchase this game. Without your support, the
hentai games won't get translated to English.



Here's a calendar of all the days and times, and what girls you
can meet. It's based on data from the Milky House HINTS.PDF
file, but I've changed how it's arranged, and added a lot of
qualifying data based on my experiences playing. Some of the
symbols or notes are placed only on the very first possible
meeting for a girl. Since you can skip possible meetings at
your option, for example delaying meeting Kirara for the first
time until 3/12, I can only predict with certainty what's the
earliest possible date you'll need this advice. After the
first meeting, follow the notes in the sections for each girl,
unless the game has a particular fixed date and time for
something to happen.
The symbols are:
">" voids next listing for this girl (she skips at least a day);
"(something)" choose the "something" option if you want to meet
   her or keep seeing her;
"[location]" go to that location to meet her, the game's VR
   locations are: street, ResArea, station, Hotel, Alley - you
   have to go through the station to get to the Hotel, and you
   must search to reveal the Alley before you can enter it;
"." before girl's name means this encounter unavoidable - she
   shows up in the street before you can choose anything
"1" after girl's name means she will be there only the first
   time, so ignore possibility of meeting her again in times
   that have a "1" after you've met her once. For Misato, this
   covers 2/20 through 2/24 AND 3/7 together.
"2" after girl's name means she will meet you twice, during
   times marked with a 2, but not twice on the same day. The
   third time you try to do a "Satomi 2", it's a "Misato R"
"." immediately after girl's name means this encounter will end
   the session so you can't meet other girls that time;
"R" after girl's name means "go to meet" or other meeting in
   "the real world".

There are exceptions to the calendar because some times it
depends on what you've done already. The chief criteria is
number of times you've met her already. The game also knows how
many times you have to meet to get to having sex or reaching her
ending, so you may get different responses if the game figures
out you will simply not be able to meet her enough times in the
time remaining.

When it's possible to meet multiple girls during a session, I
tried to put them in a priority order. Those that show up
unavoidably on the street when you enter are first. Then come
those that you find in the Residential Area, station, or Alley
locations. Last is girls you could find at the Love Hotel. In
some cases, one girl's presence will prevent any others from
appearing at the same location, e.g. Misato at the station. This
is important if you're going after multiple girls, or you want
to make some girls never want to see you again.

          Morning            Afternoon          Evening
          --------           ----------         --------
(get 20 tickets)
2/16 Thu  Kirara >           Keiko (wait)       Akiho (special)
2/17 Fri  Kirara             Keiko              _none_
2/18 Sat  _none_             .Rei               Akiho
2/19 Sun  Kirara             .Rei               _none_
2/20 Mon  Kirara, Misato 1   Keiko, Misato 1    _none_
2/21 Tue  Kirara, Misato 1   Keiko, Misato 1    Akiho
2/22 Wed  Kirara, Misato 1   Keiko, Misato 1    _none_
2/23 Thu  Misato 1           Keiko, Misato 1    Akiho
2/24 Fri  Kirara, Misato 1   Keiko, Misato 1    _none_
2/25 Sat  Kirara             Rei                Akiho
2/26 Sun  _none_             Rei                _none_
2/27 Mon  Kirara [Alley]     Keiko              Rieko
2/28 Tue  Kirara             Keiko              Akiho, Rieko
(get 30 more tickets)
3/1  Wed  _none_             Keiko              Rieko, Kazumi.
3/2  Thu  Kirara             Keiko              Kirara 1, Rieko,
...                                             Akiho, Kazumi
3/3  Fri  Kirara             Keiko              Kirara 1, Rieko,
...                                             Kazumi
3/4  Sat  _none_             Rei                Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Akiho
3/5  Sun  Kirara             Rei                Kazumi
3/6  Mon  Kirara             Keiko              Rieko, Kazumi
3/7  Tue  Misato 1           Keiko, Misato 1    Rieko, Kazumi
3/8  Wed  _none_             Keiko, Satomi,     Kazumi, Rieko
...                          Akiho
3/9  Thu  _none_             Keiko              Kirara, Kazumi,
...                                             Akiho, Rieko
(second half of game begins)
3/10 Fri  Satomi 2           Keiko, Satomi 2    Kazumi, Rieko
3/11 Sat  Kirara, Satomi 2   Rei, Satomi 2,     Kazumi, Akiho,
...                          Rieko 1            Rieko 1
3/12 Sun  Satomi 2           Rei, Satomi 2,     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                          Rieko R            Akiho
3/13 Mon  Satomi 2           Satomi 2           Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Akiho
3/14 Tue  Kirara, Satomi 2   Satomi 2           Kazumi, Rieko
3/15 Wed  Satomi 2           Mikoto, Satomi 2   Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto, Hiromi
3/16 Thu  Satomi 2           Mikoto, Satomi 2   Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto, Hiromi
3/17 Fri  Satomi 2           Mikoto, Hiromi,    Kazumi, Rieko,
...                          Satomi 2           Mikoto
3/18 Sat  Kirara, Hiromi     Rei, Hiromi        Kazumi, Rieko
3/19 Sun  _none_             Rei, Hiromi,       Kazumi
...                          Rieko R
3/20 Mon  _none_             Mikoto, Hiromi     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/21 Tue  _none_             Mikoto, Hiromi     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/22 Wed  Mikoto, Kirara     Mikoto, Hiromi     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/23 Thu  Kirara, Mikoto     Mikoto, Hiromi     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/24 Fri  Mikoto             Mikoto, Hiromi     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/25 Sat  _none_             Rei, Hiromi        Kazumi, Rieko
3/26 Sun  _none_             Rei, Hiromi,       Kazumi, Rieko,
...                          Mikoto             Kirara R, Mikoto
3/27 Mon  Mikoto             Hiromi, Mikoto     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/28 Tue  Mikoto             Hiromi, Mikoto     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/29 Wed  _none_             Hiromi, Mikoto     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/30 Thu  _none_             Hiromi, Mikoto     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
3/31 Fri  _none_             Hiromi, Mikoto     Kazumi, Rieko,
...                                             Mikoto
4/1  xxx  GAME ENDS
Other dates from 4/1 on are just part of endings. If you don't
have any girl at all, you get a bad ending on 4/1.

Here are the girls and where/when they're supposed to show up.
Number in parentheses is age. Initial information from the
hints.htm file on the CD, with additional info from trial and
error and the PDF file from Milky House.

Apparently, the days and times (and locations?) are set in the
game calendar, but the dialogue is a function of how many
times you've met so far this game - assuming you haven't done
something dumb to set you back to "square 1" or make her never
want to see you again.
The actual meeting # (first, second, etc.) determines if this
meeting lasts the whole session, i.e. you stop talking to her
and aren't in May Field anymore. A few meetings are special, and
either lead to something else, e.g. "a week passes and I meet
her again..." or "we meet outside", or an immediate ending -
again, these are a function of meeting # and girl, not the
date and time.

Misato (18): #1 Meet her once morning or afternoon from 2/20 to
   2/24 or on 3/7, at the station. When you meet her, you make a
   date to meet again on 3/8 afternoon, and the session ends.
   #2 On 3/8 afternoon at station, wait twice, Satomi shows up
   instead. This is a strange ploy, but it works on Hajime
   because he's such a nice guy.
Satomi (10?): #2 (bear with me) March 8 afternoon at station.
   #3 & 4 Again on 2 other mornings or afternoons from 3/10 to
   3/17. DON'T "chase woman".
   #5 you meet Misato again when you go to May Club in the
   afternoon. Choose "like her" or she leaves forever. You may
   have to actually leave your room to go to May Club, not just
   go in again after a morning session.
   Misato admits Kazumi helped her create Satomi, but it doesn't
   help since you immediately jump to the ending after the one
   sex scene.
   Good ending #1.

Kirara (19): usually in May Field in the morning, rarely at
   night, often in Residential Area, but not after 3/12 or so
   unless you've met her several times by then.
   Apparently there are 2 different sequences of meetings for
   Kirara. The first is if you see her 2/16 morning, the second
   is if you see her 2/19 morning. Because you can't see her on
   2/18, you basically have to see Kirara on 2/16 or 2/17 for
   the first time, or you can't end the game with her! If you
   first see Kirara after 2/19, she will only tell you that she
   won't be at May Club anymore, and never shows up again.
   #1 in street upon entering, just don't pick "embarrassing
   name", meeting her ends session. OR she could be in a hurry
   and not even tell you her name.
   She now skips at least one day.
   #2 as soon as you enter. OR at Residential Area with 2
   choices: "talk" and "see you later" - "later" will end that
   meeting but she'll still be there on later days, "talk" is
   nicer, and gets you the great line "On the second thought...
   I think I'm big enough."
   Again she skips at least a day. Kirara is NEVER there on 2/23.
   #3 She's at the first place you go after the street - 3
   choices, but I don't think it matters ("of course"?),
   meeting her ends session. OR you just talk a little with no
   choices, session continues. This one will often exhibit
   strange behavior, in that you meet Kirara EACH time you enter
   the Residential Area, Alley, and station from the street.
   It's probably a bug. If it happens on 2/24, it will do it
   again on 2/25 too!
   If you started seeing Kirara on 2/17 instead of 2/16,
   she won't show up on 2/24 or 2/25, so #4 is on 2/27 in the
   Again she skips at least a day, and is never there 2/26.
   #4 2/27 or 2/28 morning in Alley, 2 choices: "When" and "see
   ya!", "When" seems better. OR Kirara pretends to mug you,
   then mentions Pokopen for the first time - meeting her ends
   session both ways.
   ?I picked "cool", possibly she'll get upset and leave if you
   pick "enough".?
   Again she skips at least a day, and isn't there on 3/1.
   #5 Event where she argues with a second girl, evening in
   Residential Area, 3/2 or 3/3 until you see it once. If you
   "listen" then "help", Kirara explains that she took Haruka's
   card. "Go for it" or Kirara will leave forever, meeting her
   ends session. OR you get a quick view of "two girls talking"
   and the game kicks you back to the street and skips this
   whole thing - it may be because I hadn't yet met Kazumi in
   the Alley.
   I don't think you can meet Kirara on 3/2 morning AND evening,
   but the Milky House calendar says you can... same for 3/3.
   Although meeting is scheduled for 3/9 (Thursday), I found
   Kirara at the station on 3/5 morning! Nothing to choose, and
   she reminds you of 3/9 again. You also find out Hajime had a
   low chance of passing his university exam and still made it
   in. OR there was never anything scheduled for 3/9, but you
   still find Kirara at the station, and there's no mention of
   3/9, just "play hard".
   Next meet 3/9 (Thursday) evening at station, wait a few
   times, then look and talk several times, either response is
   OK. OR there was never anything scheduled, so she isn't there
   that evening.
   Another unscheduled meeting 3/11 morning at Residential Area.
   She slips up when talking about high schools, and you may
   start to wonder how old Kirara REALLY is (Japanese who know
   more about cram schools and daily schedules of people in the
   various schools have probably figured it out already). OR
   she tells you she won't be there any more - I guess if you
   don't see her on 2/16 or 2/17, YOU LOSE!
   There should be another unscheduled meeting 3/14 morning, but
   I missed it because Satomi takes priority. OR she's not there
   and not on any of the following dates either...
   Another meeting on 18th morning at Love Hotel. 3 choices:
   I picked "character" but it doesn't really matter. Notice a
   few more slips of the tongue - is this really the Kirara you
   know this time? SEX!
   There's nothing scheduled at the end of the sex session, so
   skip forward to 3/22 morning at the Love Hotel to see Kirara
   again. Oh great! It was Hikaru, another sister! Choose "of
   course" or Kirara leaves forever (again). SPOILER: that little
   redhead you bump into IS the REAL Kirara!
   I think 3/23 morning is an alternate for 3/22.
   3/26 evening do a "go to meet" to meet her for real. So now
   Hajime gets to keep his hands off a 15-year old with a crush
   on him... Notice her T-shirt in the ending says "no H"?!
   If you don't meet Kirara enough times before 3/12 or so, you
   will see her one morning in the Residential Area, and she will
   say goodbye forever.
   In general, don't press her too directly for personal info, or
   she'll panic and run away.
   The hint file says you can avoid having sex with Kirara
   (on 3/18?) and still end the game with her, but I can't see
   how: if you miss 3/18, she isn't there 3/22 or 3/23 or 3/26
   so there's no ending!
   Strange ending #2.

Akiho (21): always in front of station, on Tue, Thu, Sat, mostly
   evenings, sometimes other days. Meet her 6 times, then have a
   scheduled date.
   #1 Choose "something special" or this meeting is a bust, but
   meeting her ends session anyway.
   #2 "talk".
   #3 "talk" and either one.
   #4 "talk".
   #5 "talk" (see a pattern here?).
   #6 "talk" and "wonder" (or "of course" 3 times).
   #7 Be there evening 3/11 for an interesting outing. Kazumi is
   #8 evening 3/12 [SEX!].
   #9 finally evening 3/13 with "listen".
   Akiho is a strange girl: part ambition, part butch biker, and
   part homicidal maniac! Strange that the game never explains
   the one reference to her being married - did she get divorced
   between 3/13 and 4/1? Or was this a translation error?
   If you have sex with her once, you can then sleep until 4/1
   and win, BUT you must meet her the next day at least once.
   (Don't know how you can have sex with Akiho more than once,
   or see her more than once except on a Sunday, but the rest of
   it is correct.)
   Sort of good ending #3.

Rei (20): Sat & Sun afternoons in street only. Always
   #1: Top or bottom choice, then "of course" to keep meeting
   #2: Talk, chase.
   #3: Promised, counselor or wander.
   #4: Promised, same two choices (should probably pick the
   other one this time).
   #5: same as #3 and #4 - two counselor and one wander seems
   right? Being rough doesn't seem to be a good choice.
   #6: look for her, find her at Hotel.
   #7: "Of course" and "I don't know" both lead to 3 choices:
   "probably not" is bad (never see her again), "I'll think
   about it" and "I'm a man" have nearly the same response -
   means beginning of sex at next meeting.
   #8: start sexual encounter, then two choices: "should pull
   away" means she leaves forever, "if I refused" means sex and
   two more choices: "I can't" is another Rei gone forever, and
   "like her" is a second sex scene followed by two more choices
   which determine the Rei ending: "straight to the ending" is
   ending 4A - a scene where Rei is wearing a remote-control
   vibrator on a commuter train; and "One more time" is ending
   4B - Rei turns into a S&M "mistress" and Hajime is her
   Maybe 2 "counselor" and 0 "wander" will save a meeting?
   It will take a total of 6 meetings before you can sleep with
   her. At the 7th (?) meeting you can have sex, but you may not
   like the best outcome of the last choice: save before and
   choose differently to see a different one.
   HINTS: SAVE GAME OFTEN! 2 possible endings with her, avoid
   personal questions.
   If you've been deliberately missing her earlier, and want to
   make her go away, choose "uneasy" #1, and "religious" and
   then "everybody" #2. This still ends that session though.
   She's not really a tomboy, just shy and frigid after a bad
   first experience.
   Not bad ending #4A
   Strange ending #4B

Keiko (23): in May Field weekday afternoons (ONLY), in street
   where you enter May Field, or in front of station. She's only
   around during the first half of the game, up to 3/10.
   Need to meet at least 8 times to win.
   To understand her, it helps to know that in Tokyo, people from
   the north are considered "hicks". She works at the bar
   Tuesdays through Saturdays, but Hajime is too scared of the
   high prices to ever go there in person. She may be gorgeous
   and elegant, but doesn't always want that to be all you see
   about her.
   #1 "wait" when you first enter, meeting her will end session.
   #2 at station, meeting her will end session.
   #3 at entrance "sneak up on her"
   If you're up to 2/20 through 2/24, you may have to "waste" a
   session at the station just to get Misato out of the
   way - she takes priority over Keiko, but she'll only be there
   once, and you don't have to meet her 3/8 if you don't want to.
   #4 at station.
   SAVE THE GAME before meeting #5 if you want to choose between
   a sex scene now and the ending.
   #5 at entrance, "talk" if you want to go for the ending, or
   "leave her alone" for an interesting side-trip.
   #6 at station. If you chose "leave her alone" on #5, you go
   have rough sex, and it looks like you never see her again,
   regardless of the "see you" dialogue. Otherwise you meet her
   at entrance, "none of my business" is the choice to make.
   #7 at station.
   #8 you get to meet her in the real world and make the choice
   between being her husband and your CAT Trading job - this
   includes an evening time after the afternoon session. Choose
   "husband" to get a sex scene and ending #5, or she leaves
   your life forever and you get no ending with her.
   Good ending #5.
   The other sex scene with Keiko is if you chose "leave her
   alone" at your 5th meeting, and then meet her a 6th time. This
   just provides graphics, not an ending.

Hiromi (20): from 3/15 on to end, evenings on 3/15 and 3/16,
   afternoons all the other days from 3/17 to 3/31.
   She can help you find Kazumi again if you've "cooperated" and
   have already met Hiromi at least once (not sure if this means
   before or after). However, DO NOT press her to answer
   questions about herself TWICE at meeting #4, or she'll show
   up twice more only to say goodbye, and you'll never find
   Kazumi from Hiromi. You have to have two sex scenes with
   Hiromi in order to get to the ending with Kazumi. You will
   NOT want to meet Hiromi much more after that if you're a male
   #1 at station, "wait" means she leaves without really
   talking to you. "woman hunting" lets you meet her, and ends
   this session. (if you picked "wait", your second meeting will
   basically be what you get for "woman hunting" and put you
   back on track for #2 below)
   #2 Residential Area, meeting her ends session.
   #3 Love Hotel, meeting her ends session.
   #4 Alley, just don't "press" twice! sex scene (no joy!),
   meeting her ends session.
   She'll skip a day now.
   #5 Alley, choice "go to hotel" or "no thank you": "no" means
   she leaves; "go" will get second sex scene (still no joy, and
   some things occur that make a lot more sense if Kazumi is
   involved, or there's some slipshod body imaging by May
   Club...). After the second sex scene, Hiromi will NOW tell
   you how to find Kazumi! (Although she refers to "him" once.)
   Having sex ends that session, "no" doesn't.
   Again she skips a day.
   #6 (morning?) Residential, meeting her ends session.
   #7 station, sex scene with intercourse in May Club (is
   significant for Mikoto later), meeting her ends session.
   #8 Residential Area, Hiromi agrees to meet in real life 3/31
   afternoon and says she's a man! Meeting her ends session.
   #9 3/31 afternoon "go to meet". Well! That's quite a boner
   there! Choice of "I will" or "how the fuck": "I will" gets you
   the ending with Hiromi as a homosexual couple; the other
   choice means you end the game with a bad ending.
   In general, she's there every other day, often in a different
   location than the last time.
   She gives you the finger when she's upset. As Hajime says,
   she's a female (heh!) version of him and he doesn't like
   that. The cross around her neck is a strange touch: is she
   Christian? I'm not sure if Hiromi has large tits in real life
   like those in May Field, the graphics don't make it obvious.
   Without knowing much about Japanese guys who dress like
   girls, I'll confess that this one confused and disgusted me
   more than any of the others.
   Need to meet 9 times to win. If you miss one, you won't get
   Hiromi this time around, so maybe switch to Kazumi?
   Strange ending #6

Mikoto (24): randomly anywhere in May Field, only in second half
   of game (3/9 or so to end). She can show up several (2 or even
   3!) times a day, but you may not be able to find her while
   she's investigating your record. If you meet her, you may
   still meet one or more other girls that session.
   #1 she gives you brochure and name card
   #2 surprises Hajime, he starts thinking she's cute
   #3 surprise Hajime again, he decides to be more confident
   #4 asks Mikoto about "agreement"
   #5 station, Mikoto asks you to call her to report things
   #6 Love Hotel
   #7 station - if you told Jiro and Rieko to "perform publicly",
   then she'll mention them to you now, otherwise just "regular
   #8 she is after a "connected couple"
   #9 Hajime calls her "sweetie"
   She skips one appearance now?
   #10 Hajime's heart pounds and he stutters
   #11 breast grabbing incident
   #12 she says you're dangerous...
   #13 Residential Area, choice of "of course not" or "sorry".
   If you say "sorry" when you really haven't had intercourse
   with a girl in May Club (a very specific question, really!),
   the game will immediately act as if you were joking, and then
   proceed as per the "of course not".
   #14 choice of "touch" or "explain". "touch" will repeat the
   breast grabbing, and she ends the session by knocking you
   unconscious! From then on, Mikoto will only tell you to
   "behave" when you see her. "explain" at least keeps her
   talking to you while she investigates your record.
   #15 discuss trust
   #16 still investigating but it's starting to become obvious
   that she's got a more-than-professional interest in being
   sure you haven't had intercourse with a girl in May Club
   #17 got bad news including the phrase "strange taste"
   after sex scene #3 with Hiromi (looks like the records at May
   Club are more complete than Hajime ever noticed), and in any
   future meetings she says "behave". OR you are "clear of
   suspicion" and Mikoto agrees to meet you the next morning in
   the real world!
   #18 morning "go to meet", SEX and immediate ending #7.
   Can't have intercourse in May Club with anyone else to get her,
   but Kazumi's lesbian episode is ignored, and Rieko counts only
   as "attempted." The third sex scene with Hiromi DOES count,
   although Mikoto mentions "strange taste".
   It takes 17 (!) meetings before you can see her in real life
   and win with her. It's possible to get to this point on 3/31
   and lose because the meeting would be on 4/1!
   By the way, her name card mis-spells her name!
   Good ending #7.

Rieko (22): First meet Rieko twice from 2/27 to 3/4 (evenings
   only?). You don't learn her name until the third meeting.
   #1 in front of the station, and #2 at the Love Hotel.
   If necessary, Akiho will NOT be there at the station.
   #3 From 3/6 to 3/10, unavoidable meeting in the street as
   you enter. Choose anything except "cheeky woman" if you want
   to keep seeing Rieko. This meeting is quite unavoidable and
   might really mess you up if you're trying to meet Misato on
   3/8! This meeting can be put off until 3/11, but then you
   won't be able to meet again before Sunday, so the game
   prevents you from meeting on 3/12! Same goes for #4, #5, and
   #6: you have get them all done BEFORE 3/12. I think there's
   a fallback somehow so you can meet instead on 3/19, but I
   haven't verified that yet - it's on the calendar I got.
   #4 meet Rieko in the Alley. The latest this can be is 3/9 to
   meet her Sunday 3/12. Meeting her ends the session. If you
   haven't been to the Alley before this, you have to go in the
   morning or afternoon - 3/4 morning is good if you really
   don't want to meet anybody else.
   #5 you think you'll see her in the street, but you don't,
   and she won't show up until you "wait" at least once, then
   "go somewhere else" - you'll end up in Reception no matter
   what you pick. You get 3 choices, but it doesn't matter what
   you pick. You then take her to the Love Hotel, but she
   disappears before much happens. Bummer! (Mikoto will call this
   "attempted" later.)
   #6 is on 3/11 only. If you got #5 out of the way on 3/8 or
   3/9, the 3/9 and 3/10 entries on the calendar are there just
   as "insurance" so you can meet her 3 times in 5 days. Anyway,
   "No joking" means you won't see her again, so choose "Okay."
   It's possible there's a requirement that you haven't had sex
   with any other character in the 3 previous days, or this #7
   meeting won't happen. As far as I can tell, the language in
   the hint file DOESN'T mean that you can meet Rieko after
   meeting #7...
   #7 leave your house on 3/12 (Sunday) afternoon to see the "go
   to meet" option for meeting #7. SAVE before this one, because
   there's a lot of choices! First "want to help" or things go
   no further, and you won't see Rieko again either. Second
   "accept" or same thing. Third "live with them" gets you
   ending #8 - you live with Jiro and Rieko and have more
   threesomes; "won't" lets you keep playing and they start
   having public sex in May Field so both Jiro and Rieko are
   If you miss 3/12, do you have a second chance on 3/19? Or is
   it 3/19 if you have your #4 through 6 meetings later? Maybe
   you meet on 3/19 if you've had sex lately...
   Apparently no ending with just her.
   If you've convinced Rieko and Jiro to "perform publicly," then
   Misako will notice and ask you about them later. Otherwise,
   there is just a generic reference to a couple.
   She's Hajime's ideal, except for her attitude and that she's
   Strange ending #8

Kazumi Mitanuma (21): hacker found in Alley evenings starting
   3/1, can win game with her but it involves going after Hiromi
   as well. A few other people refer to her when you talk to
   them, once only by her last name. Kazumi is responsible for
   some strange things going on in May Field: the Satomi avatar,
   finding the amusement park, and probably also having Hiromi
   appear in May Field with large tits and a pussy instead of
   what's there in reality...
   #1 just enter Alley, meeting her ends session.
   #2 just enter Alley, "cooperate" - putting her off and meeting
   additional times over the next week doesn't really change
   anything. Meeting her ends session. If you "don't cooperate"
   when there are 3 choices, Kazumi doesn't show up any more.
   "I'll think about it" will put her off until the next time,
   but you've you're just putting off when the week delay
   Kazumi is still in the Alley each evening while you're
   waiting for the week to end. She promises a surprise later,
   but these meetings are completely optional.
   #3 meet again a week later to see Hajime turned into a woman
   for lesbian sex! The lesbian sex is not an ending, but
   supplies graphics.
   After that, only Hiromi (if you've met her at least once
   already) can tell you how to find Kazumi again. Ignore all the
   Kazumi entries each evening from now on, you will only see
   Kazumi at most twice and it will be (#4) any time and (#5) the
   next morning.
   #4 After having lesbian sex with Kazumi, to get to the ending
   with her you have to meet Hiromi 5 times. After the second
   sex scene, Hiromi will tell you how to find Kazumi again. The
   next time you go into May Field, go to the Residential Area,
   and there will be a third option there ONLY THAT TIME. Choose
   it then, and find out why Kazumi did what she did. Meeting
   her ends the session.
   #5 Now follow up in the real world the next day morning with
   "go to meet", which will only show up ONCE! Choose "Okay" and
   then "make love" and you'll have sex with Kazumi; "something
   else" skips the sex. As long as you didn't pick "excuse" you
   get the ending with her right away.
   NOTE: Kazumi must not have been a "real" lesbian to be
   "converted" so easily...
   The best ending if you're into being a successful businessman
   with a cute wife.
   Good ending #9


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