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Читы для Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

Чит-файл для Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

The Masquerade

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Nihilistic Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 7 июня 2000 года
Жанры:RPG (Rogue/Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Darkstone, Diablo
Multiplayer:(4) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в июне 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Prague: Bonn Silver Mines
After the introduction cut-scene, Christoph will be in a convent under the
watchful eye of Sister Anezka. As soon as you have control of Christoph, run
the next room and slay the two Szlachta that are attacking the two Sisters. Once
the easy to defeat beasts are dead, Christoph will collapse once again, and
another cut-scene will be triggered. When you have consciousness again, you will
be given a conversation choice. Respond with:

"Tomorrow I shall venture into the silver mine, and flush the vermin from their

In the morning, you will be able to exit the convent and enter the city streets.
Go into the Cathedral in front of you to receive the Arch Bishop’s blessing, and
then make your way to the gates to the mountains.

Upon exiting the city, you will encounter two guards. After the short
conversation, make your way to the small fork in the road, and then Chirstoph
will say a few short words. Enter the mines directly to your right.

This first dungeon is really just a training area of sorts. You will face mostly
Szlachta and rats on the first level, but at level two, you will encounter
tougher opponents. Throughout the entire first level, open every chest you find,
and pick up all of the health vials you see while fighting off all of the little
enemies. Also, be sure to grab (and save) every single vial of Holy Water you
come across, as the item will help in the upcoming boss fight.

On the second level, after the half way point, you will come to a small pond
appears impassable. The solution around this is to look around in the darkness
find a lever on a wooden construct to your right. Pull the lever to activate a
water wheel and drain the pond enough to pass by. Even once you are past that
little pond, you are not completely out of danger. Immediately after you pass by
the water wheel, a War Ghoul will attack. These guys look like super buff
Szlachtas, but they have a nasty extended claw on their right arm. The best way
to defeat these giant chunks of flesh is to hit and run. Slash at them, and then
back away when they are about to impale you.

Continue from that fight a little ways to find the entrance to level 3, which is
the lair of this dungeon’s boss; Ahzra. Run along the stairway to the
center "arena", and prepare for battle (after some medieval taunting). This is
where that Holy Water will come in very handy. Run around the arena tossing the
vials at her to weaken the demon. If she is not dead by the time you run out of
Holy Water, run in and chop her up with your sword. Once she is dead, you can
collect some gold next to the throne, and then exit the room to find an amulet.

Return to the St. Thomas (the Cathedral), where the Arch Bishop is. After that,
you will view a cut-scene of the peasants cheering for Chirstoph, and then enter
the convent to speak with Anezka. The Arch Bishop will interrupt you, and banish
Christoph to the streets for the night. When given a conversation choice,

"I obey. But I shall protect the streets in front of the Cathedral and Convent

Once outside at night, run towards the pub and slay the Szlachta in front of it.
A little distance from there is a second beast to slay, and then return to the
Convent area to face some Ghouls. These three beasts will swarm you, and can
you very quickly. The way to defeat them is to run back towards the pub. They
will follow you only a short distance, and then stop. This will allow you to
them off one by one. After they are destroyed, return to the Convent where you
will have to kill two more Ghouls and a Szlachta. After that short scene,
Christoph’s life will be changed forever…

Prague: Petrin Hill Monastery
Even after being bitten by the Vampire, Ecaterina, Christoph is not completely a
Kindred yet. He must first drink from her to complete the transformation. After
that cut-scene, Christoph will find himself in the University speaking with
Ecaterina. She will demand you submit to her will, but you should select the
conversation choice:

"I am newly remade, and know little of this world. I agree only to follow thy
lead for the present."

After that, you will be introduced to Wilhem, as well as given a mission. You
will need to go to a monastery to the north of a city and locate a fragment of
the Book of Nod. Exit the University with Wilhem, and then equip him with
and armor (you can go to the blacksmith if you need to). Then go to the north
gate to access the bridge where Wilhem will teach you about feeding on mortals.
Once that little lesson is complete, move forward across the bridge, and then
turn to your left immediately after going through the archway to find the

This dungeon follows the same format as the previous (along with all others in
the game), in that it is separated into increasingly difficult levels. On the
level, there are some harmless Monks walking around. It’s a good idea to not
these guys as you can use them for food later on when you get low on blood.
than them, the other enemies here include Cappadocian Vamires, and walking dead.
Both are easily dispatched with a few quick sword swipes, but they can group up,
which makes combat a little more challenging. Continue through the first level
until you come to the door to level two. Enter it to continue on your quest.

The second level is where you will find a weapon that makes defeating the boss
much easier. Right before the exit to level three, you will find a hidden panel
in an altar that will open up to reveal some gold coins. After you have opened
and collected the prize, return to the main room of the level to find that
another panel has been opened. Inside you will find a special Femur that can be
used as a weapon. You’ll want to hold on to this until you reach the boss of
dungeon, as it can take him down quickly. Other than that, this level has the
same monsters as the previous, just much more of them. Also, there are numerous
locked doors. Whenever you come to one, there will be a switch in a nearby room
that will open it and allow you to continue deeper into the monastery.

On the third level, you will come to a locked door that will eventually lead you
to Mercurio the boss of this dungeon. In order to open this door, you need to go
deeper into the level to find Garinol’s desk, as well as a key to get to the
desk. The key you are looking for is the bone key, which you will find up a set
of stairs, on a statue. Once you have that, you will be able to get into
Garinol’s study, where you will find his journal (it reveals some cool little
details), we well as a Skull of the Lamia. After exploring the study and
gathering any items, return to Mercurio’s door to have a little battle. Before
you fight him, you will be presented with a conversation choice, so choose:

"I shall teach thee the secret of life and death. Give us the Nod fragment and
shall let thee live."

To defeat Mercurio, arm Christoph with the Femur and place him on one side of
enemy. Have Wilhem use his Feral Claws Discipline, and place him on the other
side of Mercurio. With your party attacking from both sides, he won’t last too
long, especially if you keep your health up. With Mercurio defeated, you are
to leave the monastery where you will receive a new quest. Apparently a Golem is
terrorizing the Northern Quarter of Prague, and you must go destroy it.

Prague: North Quarter
On your way to the Northern Quarter, stop by the University to turn the Nod
fragment into Ecetarina. After that, continue to the Northern Quarter, where you
will find the streets nearly deserted with the exception of a few dead bodies
scattered about. It appears that the Golum has been having a little too much
so you must hurry to end its reign of terror.

Near an archway you will encounter a man named Mendel who explains to you that a
Shem is what is causing the Golum to go berserk. Head through the archway to
encounter the Golum, and prepare for one very annoying fight!

The Golum can give you a very hard time if you just run right up to it and begin
hacking away. Instead, try to out smart it and use a little strategy. One thing
you can do is try to hit it, and then run away, or you can have both characters
take turns hitting it while the other one runs away to heal. Another trick is to
try to run up the small set of stairs to the left side of the screen. Sometimes,
if you are lucky, you can get in a location on the steps where the Golum won’t
able to hit you, but you will be able to hit it.

Take the Shem that is left when the Golum dies to Mendel, and he will tell you
take it to Garinol. You then need to backtrack all the way back to the Monastery
where you will find Garinol, and a whole group of Cappadocians, waiting for you
outside. After handing the Shem over to him, he will allow his Kindred Serena to
join your coterie. The night is growing old, and the dawn is about to come, so
is best to return to your haven underneath the University to rest. While
you will witness a nightmare that gives you a small hint of may have happened to

Once you are done resting, go see Ecetarina who will take you in front of the
Prince, who is the elder of the city and has dominion over the rest of the
Kindred in Prague. He gives you a quest to recover an ancient relic for him.
Unfortunately, it is contained in the Cathedral crypts, and a Vampire cannot
simply walk through the front door of a church. The only way in is through the
Nosferatu tunnels, which can be accessed in the cemetery of the Northern

Go back to where you fought the Golum and enter through the two giant doors to
access the cemetery. Follow the path around to find the entrance to the
tunnels. Unfortunately Josef, who guards the tunnels, will not let you pass
unless you bring him the Vitae of an elder Canite woman. Thus far the only elder
Canite woman you have met is Ecetarina, so return to the University to get the
Vitae from her, and then return to Joseph to enter his tunnels.

Prague: Josef’s Tunnels
Just as in Modern times, Medieval Nosferatu must slither through underground
caves and sewers in order to safely travel about. Immediately after giving Josef
the Vitae he requested, he will open the gates to the Nosferatu tunnels in
Medieval Prague (be sure to equip Serena before entering). Inside you will do
battle with Nosferatu, as well as the rats that you would expect to find in a

The first level isn’t too tough, but you will be facing multiple Nosferatu.
Vampires can quickly become annoying. Not only can they summon rats to attack
you, but they can make themselves invisible, which is not fun when you are
fighting them. Also, at higher levels they are able to cast Bringing out the
Beast, which will frenzy you and make life a living hell.

The rest of the tunnels are relatively easy until you come to the Labyrinth on
the third level. The doors twist and turn around the maze, and you need to enter
them in a specific order or else you will end up where you started. If you read
the plagues on the wall, you can eventually find the order out for yourself, but
if you don’t want to do that, just run through the doors in this order:

The Red Face
The Castle
The Tri-Face
The Waves
The Ankhs
Shortly after the Labyrinth you will come to the crypts, which in turn will lead
you to the boss of this level, the Ghost of King Vaclav. As the first spirit you
will encounter, you will need to learn some new tricks to defeat him. Spirits
immune to normal "mortal" weapons, so you need to resort to your Vampire powers
to defeat him. Have Wilhem use Feral Claws, and then have Serena and Christoph
use any Holy Water they may have, or other damage dealing Disciplines.

After the battle, you will be able to retrieve the relic that the Prince was
looking for, and then return to his throne. Once he has the item in his hands,
you will receive a new quest. You will be ordered to attack a Tremere Chantry.
When given a choice to respond, say:

"May we liberate the slaves as well, or does the Prince not care for those whose
blood sustains us?"

You will anger the Prince, but you will not loose any humanity, as you would
if you went with the other option. Leave the castle, and head to the Chantry
which is located in the Golden Lane.

Once you have left the Prince’s room, check your map. There should now be a spot
called the Golden Lane on it. Since that is where you will locate the Tremere
Chantry, you need to head there and locate the building.

As you enter, the Chantry appears to be just a humble shop, but if you continue
deeper into the back you will find that it is a vast network of magical tunnels
tied together by a very large tree and its network of roots. The only enemies
will encounter here will be Tremere, but they come in multiple varieties and can
cast some very powerful spells. The most annoying of these is the one where the
Tremere is able to summon a little four-legged demon to attack you. If you keep
your coterie together and don’t get separated, you shouldn’t have much trouble
tearing through the first two levels.

As you come to the third floor of the dungeon, you will find giant tree roots,
more Tremere, and a Gargoyle. The Gargoyle actually looks a lot more threatening
than it really is. If you dispatch the Tremere in the area first, you will have
much easier time slashing up the beast as you won’t have to worry about any
spells from the casters. After the Gargoyle is killed, you will be introduced to
a fourth member for your coterie named Erik. This big bruiser is a member of the
Gangrel clan, and his strength will really help balance out your party for the
fights ahead. Equip him with any items and weapons that you may have picked up
along your trip through the dungeon, and then continue on to the final area of
this place.

The last level of the Chantry is a battle with the slave trading Tremere, Ardan.
Compared the to previous bosses in the game, this guy is so easy he shouldn’t
even be called a boss. Just by using normal weapons and keeping your health up,
your four Kindred-strong coterie will tear him to shreds.

When you are done with this boss, return to the University to speak with
Ecaterina. Christoph wishes to go to Vienna to seek out Anezka, but Ecaterina
does not wish him to go. In order to maintain as much humanity, as well as get
Vienna, choose the following conversation choices:

"But Anezka will die."

"But I cannot simple abandon Anezka to those fiends."

"I thought we Promethians respected the mortals."

"Anezka is as noble a woman as any Carthage. We must rescue her."

"Perhaps. But I will make it all the same."

"I dragged her down in this vile pit, and I will draw her back again."

"Do as thou must unto me, but I must rescue her. I know not the fate of my soul,
only the state of my heart."

"Wilhem! Thou art a true friend as any in God’s kingdom!"

After that long conversation, you will be able to leave to Vienna!

Prague: Vysehrad Castle

Return to the university in Prague to learn that the conflict between the
clans and the Mortals has erupted into full-scale war. The end of an area for
Kindred is winding to an end, so prepare for the epic final battle of the
medieval time period!

Prague in ruins... Vysehrad Castle

Save your game at your haven, and then go through the exit behind the Convent,
and you will arrive at the castle. To get inside, you don’t need to go through a
door, but rather just run into the broken-away opening and the new area will
automatically load.

While it may initially look as if you need to move up in the castle, your goal
to go down. Keep fighting your way through the collapsing castle until you reach
level four. You will then come to a set of large double doors that lead to a
nasty surprise. Behind the wooden doors lies a Vozhd. This massive pile of flesh
can bite the head off of a character, killing them instantly. In order to defeat
him, you must not engage it in close combat. You can try using hit and run
techniques, but they are very dangerous. Have all three characters use ranged
disciplines your three characters, and then enter the door behind it to finally
find Anezka…

Vienna: Stephansdom
The trip to Vienna is almost instantaneous, you simply pass through a door and
you are there. Right in the same area where you arrive is a Church Haven where
you can rest and save your game if you wish. If you look at your map, you can
that Vienna is split up into many smaller sections. Spend a little time
the areas and getting a good feel for the layout of the city, as it will help a
lot when you are running between dungeons.

Many areas are locked to you at this point in the game, but the one that you
really need to get into first is Orsi’s mansion. In order to get inside, you
to go to Eastern Strasse and venture inside the Green Frog Inn. Once inside you
will find three Vampires, who will give you an invitation to go inside the

Return to the mansion and you will now be able to enter it. Run to the back of
the main room to speak with Orsi. When given a conversation choice, simply
say "Very well". Orsi wants you to carry out a little assassination for him, so
you need to get moving.

Head to Inner Stradt, and you will find a house that you are able to enter. Go
inside, climb the stairs, and exit out onto the roof. Run along the rooftops
until you come to a large clock face, where you will find a door and be able to
enter Stephansdom.

Once inside the clock tower, you will have to fight your way outside.
Unfortunately right as you entered the clock, dawn arrived, which adds another
form of danger to this dungeon - sunlight. As you run along, be sure to stay in
the shadows, because if you enter the sunlight you will catch on fire and take
damage. There is only one real puzzle here on the first level, and it needs to
completed to reach level two. When you come to a wall with three levers, pull
them in this order: Middle, Left, Right.

The second level doesn’t have much sunlight for you to worry about, but there is
one small puzzle to solve before you can continue on you quest. You will enter a
room with mirrors on both sides, as well as the exit blocked. If you look in one
of the mirrors, you will see two buttons on the other side of the room lit up.
Walk over and press the second and last buttons to open the passageway and

When you find Luther on level three, he will ask you to "bind" him. Choose the
first choice ("Very well then. We shall bind thee.") you are given, or there is
good chance you will die as Luther will attempt to bind himself, and that can
kill you in the process. Once you agree, go upstairs to the rafters. Separate
character from the coterie and place him near one of the switches. Then take the
other characters over to the other one. Hit the switch, and then immediately
switch the to the character on the other side of the room and flip the other
switch. Light will pour in from the ceiling of Luther’s room, turning him into a
crispy critter.

Vienna: Haus de Hexe
The Tremere Stronghold of Vienna, Haus de Hexe, is actually a slightly different
style of dungeon when compared to all of the other ones in the game. When you
first arrive there, you will find that a giant seal blocks your path to the rest
of the dungeon. In order to open the seal, you need to track down three sigils
that are located behind the three different doors. Thankfully, once you have a
sigil, you are able to teleport directly to the main room in the first level so
you are able to immediately place the sigil. Once all three are in place, you
will be able to get to the deeper reaches of the dungeon.

After you break seal, you will gain access to Etrius’ Sanctum, where you will
have the final battle of this dungeon. Upon confronting him, Etrius will cast a
spell and turn Erik into a Gargoyle! You have no choice but to fight, and kill,
your one time friend. Erik will not cast any disciplines at you, but he does hit
pretty hard, so be sure you are prepared for a tough fight. Make sure you have
enough blood items on whoever is taking the most hits so he can heal himself
needed. Then simply surround him and hit him with everything you have to end

Once you have defeated Erik, you will need to return to Prague to witness the

Vienna: Tuetonic Knight’s Base
Since Orsi betrayed you, the coterie is now being held prisoner in the Teutonic
Knight’s Base. The first chore is the escape from your cell. Thankfully, Serena
will use her Cappodocian powers to animate a corpse nearby that will flip a
switch, and thus free the coterie.

The big challenge in this place isn’t the hordes of knights that you will be
fighting, but rather the fact that they wear very strong armor that prevents you
from feeding off them. What you need to do, is be very conservative with your
disciplines until you get deeper into the castle. Once you do, you will
Tremere (in addition to the knights) who you will be able to feed upon.

As you will probably notice, this dungeon works in the opposite way from others.
Instead of starting on level one and going down, you begin in level four and
your way up to the top. There will be more dungeons like this later in the game,
so get used to it. Continue fighting your way up to the top, cutting off heads
you go along the way.

When you reach level one, not only will you be able to locate many nice items in
the chests scattered around the area, you will also run into the most resistance
yet. To defeat the Knight captain, take out the weaker Knights surrounding him
first, and then focus on him. With his defenders out of the way, you will have a
much easier time killing him.

Once you have escaped from the Tuetonic Knight’s Base, you will be able to enter
Haus de Hexe, the Tremere Stronghold of Vienna.

London: The Society of Leopold
After the sudden events that happened at Vysehrad castle, the fate of both
Christoph and Anezka wasn’t very clear. The last thing you saw was a struggle, a
pillar falling, and then darkness. All will be revealed as the game plays out,
but for now you find Christoph awakening over 800 years from where he first was.

The Society is very much like the Bonn Silver Mines of the medieval time period,
as it is a rather easy level. The resistance you will encounter is minimal, and
it seems as if it is just a level to introduce you to the gameplay of the modern
time period.

One of the biggest differences between the medieval and modern time periods is
the use of ranged weapons. While crossbows and traditional bows and arrows where
used to some extent in the medieval period, about 90% of the modern weapons are
both ranged, and need ammo to be used. In this first modern level, you will
have your trusty sword from the medieval times, but you will soon adapt to the

When you reach the first level, you will encounter Father Leo Allatius. As with
the dungeon, this fight is very easy. It is basically the case of a super strong
undead vampire versus a old and frail mortal. A few quick swipes of your sword
more than enough to kill the poor Father.

London: Temple of Set
Upon exiting the Society of Leopold, Christoph will encounter a mugger who has
idea who he just approached. After confronting the criminal in an alleyway,
Christoph will be dressed in modern day gear. Explore London a little, and feed
on anyone in the shadows if you absolutely must, but be very careful of police
patrolling the area.

Locate Club Tenebrae, and go inside to meet Pink. During the conversation, you
will be presenting with a choice, then say:

"Milord Pink, thou art honorable. I accept thy kindly offer."

After that, Pink will become the first modern day member of your coterie. Upon
exiting the club, you will have another conversation choice, and I choose:

"They are marvels indeed."

Soon you will get another choice:

"The Lord completed the world in six days. And that means that faith has not
in these eight hundred years."

He will also inform you of a weapons shop where you can buy and sell armor and
modern weapons to prepare for the battle ahead. He to the place he tells you to,
and equip both characters, also buy an extra set of armor and an extra weapon as
you will be gaining a new coterie member soon.

Continue along to docks until you find a place where you can go up some stairs
the right. Follow a little further and you’ll come to some flaming barrels.
Behind those are steps that will lead to the brothel, where you will gain access
to the Temple of Set. Inside you will encounter Lily, another vampire who will
join your coterie.
To actually gain access to the temple, follow the hallway to the back storage
room where you will find some paintings. While facing the paintings, turn around
and you will see a switch on the corner of the wall. Flip that switch to gain
access to the Temple of Set.

One of the toughest things in this dungeon is the sheer number of enemies that
you will need to fight. While this wasn’t so much of a problem in medieval
it is tougher now as you must be aware of the ammo that you are consuming.
Thankfully, many enemies will drop clips when they die, so you will be able to
replenish your ammo that way.

Throughout the first level, doors need to be opened by first finding a switch.
Each of the switches is usually located in a room to the right or the left of
said door. Just be careful for enemies hiding behind the archway of a room when
running in to flip the switch.

The second level of the dungeon introduces you to the first trap. To avoid the
fire, simply run quickly across the wooden bridges and enter either hallway.
Continue fighting through this level until you come to level three, where you
will encounter the boss Lucretia. Before you fight her, you need to speak to

"Nay. Tell us of thy shipping routes, and free Lily of the bonds of blood. Then
se shall part in peace."

The leader of the Setites can be a real pain. She is able to charm members of
your coterie and cause them do her bidding for a short period of time. The only
real way to defeat her is to surround her with your party and blow her away with
all the ammo that you have.

Once she is defeated, you learn that you must locate her heart, which is located
in the Tower of London.

London: The Tower of London
To get to the tower, leave the Temple of Set and head back in the direction of
the place where you bought the weapons and armor earlier. Around the corner you
can find a haven to save your game, and then a little further away from that is
the tower.

Thankfully, there is no boss inside this dungeon (but you will encounter one
immediately upon exiting it, so be sure to be prepared). Throughout the first
level, all you will be fighting are giant spiders, so if you suffer from
arachnophobia, you might want to have a friend play through this level.

An annoying thing about the spiders is their hatchlings, which hatch from giant
egg sacks that are usually found in the corner of a room. To prevent the small
bugs from making your day hell, you can destroy the egg sacks before the spiders

From level two on up to four, wraiths will join in with the spiders, adding yet
another monster you will have to worry about. The same tactics that you used in
medieval times will still work on the spirits in this time period so have some
damaging disciplines memorized.

On level four, you will find the Heart that you are looking for. Grab it, and
then run out of the dungeon. Immediately upon exiting the tower, you will
encounter a werewolf, who will turn out to be one of the tougher opponents that
you have encountered in the game thus far. The beast is very weak against fire,
so use that to your advantage, and do not fight him up close (if possible), as
can toss you up into the air, causing tons of damage.

After the fight, return to the Temple of Set and you will be immediately taken
see Lucretia. When she sees you, she will transform into a giant serpent. This
second form is very weak against fire, and once again you will want to unload
your ammo onto her. When she is damaged enough, you will get two choices, and
should choose the following if you are going for the good ending:

"I shall destroy this heart, and forever end the wickedness of this foul

Leave the dungeon, and head to the docks to board a ship to New York City. After
a quick fight against a couple modern-day Nosferatu, a cut scene will begin and
you will arrive in the New World.

New York City: New York Sewers
Upon your arrival in New York, you will encounter more federal officials who
inform you about the Giovanni. Apparently you need to get into a warehouse of
theirs, but you lack the access codes. A little ways up the street you will find
three Nosferatu harassing another one of them. Defeat the three punks, and you
Samuel will join your coterie. Then turn the corner to find a fire escape that
will lead you to Dev/Null’s apartment.

Inside, the hacker will tell you that if you put a transponder on a FBI computer
box in the sewers he will be able to get you the access codes you need. Leave
apartment and go to the nearby gun shop to buy as much ammo and weapons that you
can carry, as well as equip Samuel. Then go to the manhole to enter the Sewers.

Throughout the first level of the mucky sewers, you will be fighting Nosferatu
for the most part, along with a few rats and spiders thrown in for good measure.
While the Nosferatu here are stronger than the ones in Prague, the exact same
tactics can be used. They will still cloak themselves and cast Bringing out the
Beast on you.

When you reach level three, you will come to a skiff that you can use to cross a
large body of water. By clicking on it, all four members of your coterie will
board it, and you will begin your journey across the water. About halfway across
an alligator will approach the boat and you will have to fight it from there.
These giant lizards can be very tough, and do a lot of damage up close. As soon
as you dock, three more gators will approach your coterie. Attack them from a
distance, and then make your way down to level four.

After reaching level four, you will soon come into contact with the Nosferatu
Underprince. When given the choice, say:

"We have no need to war with thee. We merely wish to pass through."

Even though you made the peaceful choice, he will still attack you. The ugly
beast will summon rats to help him, but keep your attacked focused on the
Underprince. He will simply replenish his supply of rats infinitely, but once
kill him the rats will stop coming. Use normal weapons and keep yourself healed
to defeat him. Click on the FBI box, and then exit the sewers and return to
Dev/Null’s apartment.

New York City: Giovanni Warehouse
After returning to Dev/Null’s apartment, you will be given the access codes
needed to enter the Giovanni warehouse. So save your game at the small haven in
the back of his apartment, and then head for a large warehouse battle.

Exit the apartment and head back to the warehouse (it is near where you first
started in New York). Enter the door and prepare for immediate resistance. The
first level of the warehouse is swarming with Giovanni, but you can liberally
your various disciplines since there is plenty blood around in the form of your

When you reach the second level, you will start to encounter wraiths in addition
to the Giovanni, but by now the ghosts should be no match for your highly
coterie. Handle them as normal and continue the fight through the warehouse.

There is no boss in the warehouse, as it is more of a dungeon to carry forward
the story than one to torment you with a boss. What you do get upon reaching the
final level is a very interesting cut scene:

"I thank thee. We shall go now."

New York City: Orsi’s Factory
To get into the second to last dungeon of the game, you have a little task to
perform. Take the taxicab to Uptown New York, and enter the Barclay Hotel. Go up
to the penthouse and begin searching. When you find a blood palette, Lily will
recognize it as her sire’s and you will then need to exit the building to locate

Exit the building and turn right and follow the wall to another door. Inside you
will find Alexandra. She will explain to you what is going on, and you will need
to take her painting to get into Orsi’s factory.

Head to the north end of the map to find two Giovanni guarding the factory. If
you took the painting from where Alexandra was, they will freely allow you to
pass and enter the facility. Once inside, you will find this dungeon much like
many others. You start at the bottom and slowly work your way up.

The resistance you find here will be a mix of many other dungeons where you will
be fighting Giovanni, Szlachta, War Ghouls and more. You need to move through
levels one through three before reaching the end of the level, where you will
meet up with Orsi for the first time in over 800 years.

After a short confrontation, Christoph will shove Orsi through the window,
causing him to spiral down to the molten iron below. Leave the room and walk
the stairs to meet up with Orsi’s daughters. This time choose:

(Threaten them)

After that, a cut-scene will trigger revealing the final battle of Christoph’s
story to you…

New York City: The Cathedral of Flesh
Congratulations, you have taken Christoph from his humble beginnings as a Holy
Knight all the way through the hell of being a vampire and you have finally
reached the final battle that will reunite him and Anezka for all eternity.
However, before you rush into the cathedral, you will want to do a couple things
to prepare yourself.

Save your game at the haven.
Choose a weapon for each character and stick with that one. Sell any extra loot
you have and FILL each characters’ inventory with Blood packs and ammo for their
Make sure everyone is at full health and blood before entering the Cathedral.
After you prepare your coterie, it is time to enter the Cathedral of Flesh and
end the game once and for all.

Throughout the cathedral you will run into Szlachta, Tzimisce, War Ghouls, demon
hounds, and the one enemy you probably wished you would never encounter again –
the Vozhad. Thankfully your modern day weapons are both strong enough to take
of those things down, as well as able to attack them from the much-needed range.
You’ll run into only one Vozhad at first, and if you attack from the doorway,
will have a much better chance at survival. Later on, you will run into two at
once! With those two, you may want to try to pull one at a time to minimize the

When you first encounter Vukodlak, your humanity number will be brought into
effect. If you have been following this guide, your humanity will be high enough
that you do not need to make any choice and you will be launched into phase one
of the final battle. If you have been doing the exact opposite of what the guide
says then you will have very low humanity. Depending on your choice here, you
will receive one of the two different "bad" endings, both of which are explained
in the Endings section of this guide.

When battling this first form of Vukodlak, stay at a good range as he can do
high damage to a player up close. Use Blood Healing whenever you get below 50%
life and open fire with everyone. Once you have damaged him enough, he will drop
you into the lower bowls of the cathedral.

Down below you will come to a room with some weird snak-like diary speakers,
of which has the face of Anezka. Speak to each of them, and then the door will
open allowing you to move on to the next room. When you meet up with Libussa,
choose to trust her and you will gain access to the final battle against

The final form of Vukodlak is a giant winged dragon-like creature that hits
extremely hard, and is very strong. Fire doesn’t work to well against him, but
just about everything else seems to. Since this is the final battle, and the
ending will immediately play after his defeat, you can unload all your ammo and
disciplines on him. Fight from as far away as possible, and keep moving. You do
not want thing guy to start swiping at you in close range combat. Just keep
blasting him with all your ammo, and use every damaging discipline that you
When you have done enough damage to him (about 560 points or so), then ending
will immediately play (you don’t even see a death animation).

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