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Читы для Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

Чит-файл для Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

The Masquerade

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Nihilistic Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 7 июня 2000 года
Жанры:RPG (Rogue/Action) / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Darkstone, Diablo
Multiplayer:(4) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в июне 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Starting out

That Evening within the convent

After watching a long, but very cool intro movie, you will find yourself waking
to the screams of the nuns. You will grab your sword, and leap out of bed. At
this point, you have full control over Christof. Quickly run into the next room.
You will see the nuns trying to fend off 2 ghouls. You can cut these guys up
without any trouble at all. Save the nuns, and the nuns will help you back into
your bed.

 The Convent

When you arise from your bed after the fight with the 2 ghouls, you will find
yourself holding very little. A sword, 50 gold, and Sir Cuthbert’s Letter to
Christof is about all you start off with. Begin by reading the letter. Sir
Cuthbert writes you to say that you have a vacation from the war while you
recover from your wounds. While you are recovering, you are at the service of
Archbishop Geza.

You may have also noticed the blinking square at the bottom of the screen. This
is your “HUD”, Or “Heads Up Display”. You can click here to toggle the
information screens. If you click the blinking one, you will open up your quest
log. Good! We have a quest. Remember from the dialogue with the Bishop? We need
to kill everything in the mines to complete the quest : Reclaim the Boon Silver
Mines. Before doing that, look around your room a little. You will see a cross
and a chest. The chest is your storage space. You can keep things in it to cut
down on your inventory room. Above the chest is a cross. If you hover your mouse
over it, you will see that this is how you save your game in Vampire. Click the
cross, and you will be allowed to save your game. If you examine your room
closely, you may notice that the headboard on your bed will highlight if you
place your mouse over it. If you click on the headboard, you will be able to
allocate your earned exp. You can use exp at anytime, but you need to be in
your “safe-haven” to do it. Same with saving your game; you must be in your
haven” to save your game. I am sure you read all of this in the game manual so I
will not cover anymore of the game features. For now, lets head out and check
the town, and look into the Boon Silver Mines problem that Archbishop Geza

 Prague’s Old Town

As you begin to explore outside the Convent, you will meet 2 Knights of St. John
standing in front of a door. You can speak to them for general information.
However, they have nothing valuable to say. If you continue searching, you will
find the “Inn of the Four Stags”. Enter and speak with the Barkeep. You will get
a little more info about the mines, and for being such a stand up hero type of
guy; the barkeep will give you a healing elixir.

As you make your way towards the East Gate, you may come across the University.
The University will be empty, and have nothing for you to do (yet…). As you
approach the East Gates, you should find an Old Man which whom you can speak
with. He will warn you of the dangers outside the city walls, and then spit on
your boots (or so it seams).

 East Gate

As you exit the Old Town of Prague through the East Gates, you will meet 2
Knights who are standing guard. They will warn you to return before nightfall,
you will be locked out. From here, explore the area in search of the mines. The
area is very simply laid out. You can not go off in all the directions. The way
Vampire works, you can see a lot more area then you will be able to go to. Most
of the time, the distant areas in the game are there for looks only. Anyway,
the mine yet?…

Boon Silver Mines

 Boon Silver Mines (Silver Mines 1)

As you enter the mines, you will hear the echoing sound of water splashing. The
mines will be dark, and have ambient, echoing sounds coming from somewhere
inside. Eee! Creepy isn’t it? As you go deeper into the mines, you will hear a
scream come from within the mines. As you enter the first chamber, you will see
man lay slumped over against the wall. He appears to have died from a little
blood on his neck, but no other wounds, fatal or nonfatal. After Christof speaks
of this, a Szlachta will attack. Kill him, and grab the Elixirs and gold from
ground (gold that the Szlachta dropped). Head towards the left (left if you are
looking at the dead man), and you will see a Szlachta eating a horse (Eeee!
Creepy stuff!). Fight your way onward. You will come to a room with “Wild Dogs?…
NO!… Rats!” in it. Four rats will attack you at the same time. However, they are
no match for the power of a “Holy Knight”. If you take the upward catwalk ramp,
you will find some “Holy Water”. Holy water works very well against umm… well
just hold on to it, you will be thankful later. Explore the area for goodies (or
badies). If you continue on this path, you will eventually come to the Silver
Mines 2 area.

 Silver Mines level 2

When you enter the 2nd level of the mines, your game will autosave. Good thing
too, because the bad guys down here have weapons. One of the first things you
will want to do is “Reclaim the Treasure and put it to Holy use”. Or just rip
stuff off (depending on your roleplay point of view). Now explore level 2, until
you find a small river that has a “Water Mill” in it. On the Water Mill, you
find a lever. It will highlight as you pass your mouse over it. Click the level
to activate the mill. If you watch the river (for a minute or two) it will begin
to drain. Eventually, you will have a walkway across the river once it has
drained enough. Use caution here… If you look across the river you will see
a “War Ghoul”. These guys can be pretty tough to deal with. Lure him to cross
river so that you can fight him 1 on 1. After you chop up the War Ghoul,
to explore. You will come to the entrance to Silver Mines 3.

 Silver Mines level 3

As you enter level 3, explore the general area for items, and then head down the
small path towards the creepy looking circle. As you enter the circle, you will
call forth the demon of this place. She will enter, talk briefly and then
Use all that Holy water you have been picking up on her. It may take 5 or 6
bottles to kill her, but she will go down quickly enough. After the fight, you
can allocate your earned experience. Just a tip… Do not put any points into
the “Faith” stat. You will know why later. Placing points there now will not
you much anyway. After you distribute your exp, begin to work your way back out
of the mines. As you near the upper area of level 3, Christof will discover an
Amulet of St. Jude on the ground. Just past the location where you found the
Amulet, there will now be an open path that will shortcut you back to the start
of Silver Mines 1. Take that path, and head back towards Prague. As you approach
the East Gate, the Guards will attempt to heckle you about your “Noble task”. As
annoying as that may be, we need to return to the Bishop and report our deeds.

 Prague’s Old Town

You may want to find the Blacksmith when you return to Prague. After that, you
will need to find the Bishop in St. Thomas’ Cathedral (next door to the
After speaking to the Bishop, your quest log will update, and send you to speak
with Anezka. As a gift for her healing services, you will offer her the Amulet
you found in the Mines. After your dialogue with her, save your game on the
cross, and stash any items you do not need at the moment in the chest. After
doing that, exit the room. The Bishop will halt you. He will demand you answer
him about your intentions towards Sister Anezka. He shows strong signs of
jealousy, and sends you out into the night to fight demons (but mostly, he sends
you away from Anezka).

 Prague by Night

As you return to the streets of Prague, shadowed in nightfall, begin to explore
the entire city. Your job now is to patrol the streets in an attempt to keep
safe from the evil that lurks in the shadows. Do this by running all over the
city, and killing any monsters you come across. Keep patrolling the city, and
make your way back to towards the Convent. You will be attacked by a group of 3
humanoid ghouls, and then you will hear the screams of Anezka in the distance.
Rush to the Convent! You should arrive in time to rescue Anezka from more
After the fight, sit back, turn down the lights a bit, and watch one of the
best “cut-scenes” in video gaming.

Now you will find that you have become a Vampire. To your side is Wilham. He too
is a Vampire. As you make your way out of the University, Wilham will stop and
explain info to you, as it is needed. Wilham has a mission, and if you check
quest log, the mission will be there.

The Monastery

 Monastery Level 1

From Prague, cross the Judith Bridge and enter the Petrin Hill Monastery. If you
circle the Monastery, you will find a side door that you can enter. When you
enter the Monastery, you will see a few Monks. You can feed off of them as
needed, but be careful not to drain them too much. Continue deeper into the
monastery. You will come to a room full of monsters. In this room you may notice
two gated off doorways. There is a path in here that is not gated off. If you
follow it, you will come to a feeding chamber. Kill the monsters in this room,
and look for the switch on the wall. Throw the switch, and one of the gated
will open to another feeding chamber. Enter this chamber, and you will find
another switch. Throw this switch to open the last gated doorway. Follow this
path, and you will come to a room with a circle on the floor. You can take the
right hand path for more exp, and more items, but the straight path is the one
that will take you to Monastery level 2.

 Monastery level 2

Go straight ahead when you enter Monastery 2, you will see a door that takes you
further into the Monastery. Before opening and entering those doors, Explore the
room you are in for items. Now open the doors, and fight your way to a room that
has a gated door, and a wooden ramp leading upwards. There is a side room here
you can explore through for exp and items, but then head up the wooden ramp (yes
you can walk on it). Fight off all the monsters in this room, and activate the
switch in the back of the room. The gated door at the bottom of the wooden ramp
will now be open. If you search in this room, you will see a candled alter. The
lower portion of this alter has a switch plate. If you activate it, you will
some gold, and it will open up a secret room. If you go back to the main
you will see the secret door sliding open. Enter this room and you will find the
Femur of an Elder Tzimisce. Back in the main chamber is the door leading to the
third level of the Monastery.

 Monastery level 3

In Monastery 3, you will find Mercurio’s Door, and a normal door. Enter the
normal door for exp and items. Now follow the stairs leading up to Garinol’s
Door, and 2 gated stairways. Go ahead and clear the main areas and then locate
the floor switch by one of the gated doors. When you click it, the gate will
open, and you can go up. At the top of the stairs is another gate. Clicking on
will open this gate. Now enter the chamber ahead of you. Fight your way through
the monsters, and climb the fancy looking stairs. At the top of the stairs, on
the back wall, you will see a Skeleton Tapestry. If you look closely at the
tapestry, you will notice that the main skeletons left hand finger is a
color then the rest of the fingers. If you click on the finger, you will receive
a finger bone key. This key will allow you to enter Garinol’s Door. Now go and
find Garinol’s Door. You will not have the finger bone key in your inventory.
Being a quest item, it is saved as if you have it. Simply click on Garinol’s
door, and it will now open. Explore this area (on the catwalk there are stairs
each side that are hard to see). In the far room at the end of the catwalk, you
will find Garinol’s Journal on the table. Click on it for valuable information,
and a clue to opening Mercurio’s door. Next to the Journal on the table, is the
Skull Garinol mentioned in his Journal. Grab it. Now we can open Mercurio’s
Before doing that, lets return to monastery level 2. This will replace our
autosave game file with our current progress. Now return to Monastery level 3,
and locate Mercurio’s Door. Open it, and prepare for a very tough fight,
will talk with your briefly, then he attacks. He is very powerful, and you may
find yourself reloading the game many times before you beat him. In fact, if you
have found a “Scroll of Walk the Abyss” it may be a good idea to use it, and
distribute your earned exp in your safe haven. Celerity may be a good discipline
to invest in. I bumped Celerity to 4 on Wilham, and was able to kill Mercurio. I
used Potence(2), Feral Claws(1), and Celerity(4), and controlled Wilham through
the entire fight. I was able to cut Mercurio down quickly. After Mercurio is
defeated, grab the Book of Nod Fragment off the ground where Mercurio died. Also
grab “Mercurio’s Plot” from the podium in Mercurio’s room. After all that, walk
back through the way you came (level 3, 2, and 1 of the Monastery). As you exit
the Monastery, you will talk with Wilham briefly. Then you will be allowed to
Anezka again.

Kill the Golem

 Kill Golem

After your visit with Anezka, Return to the University and speak to Ecaterina.
You will hear more plot thickening dialogue, and be given another quest; Kill

You can find the Golem in the Northern Quarter. Follow the path of dead bodies
until you come to a man named Mendel. Speak with him, and then continue straight
ahead. You will come to an open area, and see a large Golem on the other side.
you walk towards the center of this area, the Golem will smash a wall, and then
attack you. For this fight I suggest using your best combat disciplines.
Celerity, Potence, and Feral Claws are all good choices. Then go in toe to toe.
The Golem moves around slowly, so you can run out of the fight and cast Blood
Healing if you are injured. When the Golem dies, it will drop the “Maqqabah’s
Shem”. Pick it up, and return it to Mendal. Mendal will give you a little more
plot info when you show him the “Shem”. Now, take the “Shem” to Garinol.

If you remember from when we were in the Monastery, Garinol was the leader of
Cappadocians in Prague. So return to the Monastery, across the Judith Bridge, in
the Petrin Hill Monastery area. You should walk towards the front door this
There you will see Garinol and Serena in front of the Monastery. Speak with
Garinol. He will thank you for dealing with Mercurio, and allow Serena to join
your forces. Serena starts out weak in combat, but she is powerful with spells.
She also makes the best sound when she feeds ;). From here, you need to return
your University safe Haven (below the University itself). At your Haven, click
the coffin, and you will be able to distribute your earned exp. When you are
finished, and leave the coffin, you will watch a cut scene. This one starts as a
dream sequence, and ends in Prince Brandl’s Receiving Room. You will gain a new
quest during this cut scene: Retrieve Reliquary.  For this quest, you will need
to enter Josef’s Tunnels, in the Northern Quarter Cemetery. The Cemetery is
behind the door where you fought the Golem. It may be hard to find at first, but
if you go to the back of the Cemetery, you will find a small path leading down.
Enter and speak with Josef.

Josef's Tunnels

Josef’s Tunnels

When you speak to Josef, he will tell you that you can enter the Tunnels only if
you bring him a “Goblet of sweet blood of an Elder Cainite of beautiful visage”.
Hmm… Who do we know that fits that description? Well as long as Ecaterina keeps
that veil on, she may do… Lets go ask her. Return to the University and speak
with Ecaterina. She will give you a goblet of blood, which you can take to
After you give Josef the goblet of blood, you will be allowed access to the
tunnels below.

As you enter Josef’s Tunnels, the Nosferatu will attack you. A common tactic of
the Nosferatu is to cast “Cloak of Shadows” which will turn them invisible while
they are not attacking. You will see them appear while they attack, or drain
blood from you, but not when they are idle. Normally in a fight, they will stay
in the same place through the fight. Just wait until you can see them again, and
then attack. Kill the Nosferatu, and continue ahead. You will come to a (Y)
intersection. The path to the left will reconnect to the path on the right a
little further ahead. The path on the right will lead to another (Y) shape
intersection. The left path here will take you to the left path of the first
intersection, and the right path will lead further into Josef’s Tunnels. Explore
all of this area though. There is a lot of exp and items for you to gain. Once
is clear, then get back on the right most path. Follow it and you will come to
another room. From this room, you will see a hallway leading out of it. The
hallway will end with a room on the left side, and a discolored wall on the
side. If you go in the room to the left, you will find a switch. Throwing this
switch will open the discolored wall. Enter the secret room, and you will find a
chest. There will also be 3 Nosferatu and a Ghoul Rat. Loot and plunder, then
return to the room with the switch. From this room, follow the path towards new
areas.  You will come to a few adjoining rooms full of Nosferatu. Step in to
these rooms one step at a time to draw a few Nosferatu at a time. In the last
room in this area, you will find another hallway. At the end of this hallway,
will find a gated room, and an open path. Take the open path, and you will go
down some stairs. In the room at the bottom of the stairs, you will find another
gated path. The lever to activate the gate is under the stairs you just walked
down (where the 3 Nosferatu stood). Activate the lever, and enter the gated
You will enter an area that has some water on the right hand side. You will also
find a lot of Nosferatu. Break the barrels, and open the chest. Now continue
ahead and you will walk up a spiraled staircase. Keep going and you will find a
broken wall near a set of broken stairs. Go through the wall, fight the
Nosferatu, and then go through the next broken wall. This will take you to
Josef’s Tunnels level 2

 Josef’s Tunnels level 2

Level 2 is a long curvy one way path. There will be a secret room however. Keep
an eye on the right hand wall as you move through the Tunnels. Just past a small
puddle of water, you will see a discolored wall. Have Serena cast Heightened
Senses, and the wall will turn to yellow. Now if you click the wall, it will
open. Inside the secret room, you will find a Tome of Animalism, and a
eye(Gangrel Eye). The eye can be worn as a shield, and gives the effect of “Eyes
of the Beast”. This is a very good item because all clickable things (secret
rooms, switches etc) will turn a red color as you near them. Now, exit the
room, and continue working your way down the one way path. You will eventually
come to a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs you will find more Nosferatu,
and a mini-boss named Othelios. Othelios is pretty tough, so you may want to
the abyss before going up the stairs. If you do walk the abyss, you can
distribute your earned experience, re-supply in Prague, and this will update
autosave. After you beat Othelios, you will come to a choice of 2 directions.
direction will take you up to the Golden Lane, and the other will take you to
Path of Cain.

If you go up to the Golden lane, you can do a little shopping at Unorna’s
If you go to the path of Caine, be sure to speak with Ilig before you enter.

 The Path of Caine (Josef’s Tunnels 3)

The path of Caine is a series of stair cases, with an intersection at the end of
each path. You must make a choice of which doorway to enter. One way is the
correct way, and one way is the incorrect way. In each of the paths, there will
be a “Chronicle of Caine” on a plaque centered on a near-by pillar. Each plaque
tells a portion of the entire chronicle of Caine. Reading these plaques will
you a clue to the correct door. Each door will have a color coded plaque above
it. The plaques will have a picture on it. I will break them down below.

Red  a single face
Yellow  a castle
Green  3 faces
Blue  water
Orange  13 crosses

The clue in the first Chronicle is “In the Beginning there was only Caine”. You
will have a choice of red or yellow doorways. Yellow will have a castle on it,
and red will have a single face. Considering that the Chronicle said “in the
beginning there was only Caine”, it would be wise of us to choose the Red

The 2nd Chronicle drops a clue by saying “For the passing of an age Caine lived
in the land of Nod”. You will have a choice of a Green Door or a Yellow Door.
Yellow doorway has a picture of a castle on it, and seams to represent the land
of Nod. Lets take the Yellow door.

On the 3rd Chronicle, the clue will be “Of whom there were only three”. You have
a choice of a Green or Orange doorway. The Green doorway has 3 faces on it, so
lets choose that one.

The 4th Chronicle says “But then came the Deluge, a Great Flood that washed over
the World”. You have a choice of a Blue or Orange doorway. Blue has water on it,
so lets take that door.

The 5th and final Chronicle says “And brought to it 13 tribes”. You will have a
Red and Orange doorway. Red is a single face and Orange has 13 crosses. So the
final doorway must be the Orange door. Take it, and you will exit the path of

 Josef’s Tunnels 3

After you exit the Path of Caine, you will continue through Josef’s Tunnels. You
will follow a one way hallway. At the end of the hallway, you will find a closed
gate, and an adjoining room. In the adjoining room, you will find another closed
gate. In the shadows by this gate, you will find a switch that will open the
in the hallway. Return to the hallway, and enter the opened gate. You will find
another switch by the stairs that will open the closed gate that was in the last
room. There is also a secret switch here. It is just above the switch you just
activated, but on the side of the staircase. It is a square shaped push plate.
Once you find it, push it to open a small gated space that is up the stairs a
bit. Continue up the stairs, and you will work your way past a series of
Check behind the coffins for items. At the end of the coffins you will meet
another mini-boss. You may want to walk the abyss to update your autosave game.
However the mini-boss is not too hard to fight. He will increase your frenzy as
he his you, so if you or anyone in your group should go berserk, you could be in
trouble. Behind this mini-boss is a door. Behind the door is a set of stairs
lead up to another door that will look like a normal wall. Open it and inside
will find the Reliquary of St. George. This is the item you came for. We need to
take this back to Prince Brandl. Work your way back to Josef’s Tunnels level 2,
and exit out to Golden Lane. You can shop for supplies, distribute exp in your
safe haven, or sell items now. Then make your way back to the Prince.

Ardan's Chantry

 Ardan’s Chantry

As you enter the Chantry, you will discover that the shop is a front for the
Tremere. Open the half door, and continue inside. Pull back the curtain, and
down the curvy staircase that wraps around the magic trees.

The first room you come to will have a circle on the floor. In the center of
circle is a purple gem. As you step on circles like this, one of a few things
could happen (it is random). You may get a Blood Crystal, or a Hopper may
a Wraith may appear, or an Elemental may appear and attack you. Use caution on
these circles. The second room you enter will have a bunch of little hoppers,
2 of the circles like in the first room. In the 3rd room, you will find 4
Neonates, and a few hoppers. Kill them all, and check for items. From the 3rd
room you will enter a hallway that has another circle. There is a room in the
middle of this hallway, or you could continue to the end of the hall. Either
direction has more Tremere.

You can go to the room at the end of the hallway for exp and items. Be warned…
The Regents in there are a pain to deal with. Now, take the room in the center
the hallway. Try to lure the Neonates out one at a time. If you rush in, you’re
likely to get more then you can handle. The Neonates like to cast fire at you,
and fire does aggravated damage. Aggravated damage will raise your rage. After
you kill the Neonates explore the chamber on the right of this room. In this
chamber you will fight a Regent, and an Apprentice. Both are more powerful then
the Neonates you have been dealing with. On top of these 2 guys, you will also
attacked by a horde of Hoppers. In the chamber where the Hoppers came from, you
will find the Ivory Bow. If you continue to the last room in this part, you will
find the path to Level 2. You will also see some curved shape stairs leading up
to a room full of Tremere. It may be a good idea to go down to level 2 to update
your autosave before trying this last room. It holds 5 Regents, and can be a
tough fight.

 Ardan’s Chantry Level 2

Descend the staircase and you will enter a chamber with 2 Regents. Kill them,
grab any items you find. On the small table you will find a book. As of now, I
have no idea what this book is for. It vanishes with no apparent signs of any
effects. Continue to the next room. You will enter a new room that will have a
raised portion, and a lower portion. The raised portion continues straight, and
the lower portion has a circle on the floor. The lower portion also has a
leading out of it. Stay on the raised portion for now, and enter the room it
leads into. You will have to fight a couple of Regents, but no biggie. After you
kill the Regents, search the room carefully. You will find a “Tome of
Thaumaturgy – Blood Magic” in this room. This is a very powerful discipline. The
powerful spell “Theft of Vitae” is in this discipline. Now head back to the
portion in the last room.

From the lower area that had the circle on the floor, enter the door that is
by. Follow this path, and you will come to a room with more Tremere. You will
also notice 2 imprisoned ladies in the back of this room. Open the door to their
jail, and set them free. In a smaller portion of this room, on a table, you will
find Ardan’s Manifest. The Manifest will detail slave shipments. It seams as if
Count Orsi is handling the shipment of slaves, and he is sending them to The
De Hexe in Vienna.

Now go through the doorway in this area. You will come to another room with a
circle on a lowered portion of the floor. Again you can take the raised portion,
or the lowered portion to go deeper.  Actually this area will make a large
circle, and the lowered portion will reconnect to the raised portion. But to
you find everything lets take the lower portion. You will go to a room empty of
bad guys, but full of chests and items. From this room you can go to two
different rooms. One room will have the Sire’s Index finger on a podium, and
the circle back to the area with the raised and lowered floors. The other room
will take you down to Chantry Level 3.

 Chantry Level 3

As you enter level 3, you will be able to look down from above and see more
Tremere. Follow the stairs down, and fight them. You will notice a man chained
the roots of a Magic Tree. Walk up and speak with him. His name is Erik. Your
intrusion interrupted Ardan just before he could turn Erik into a Gargoyle. For
this, Erik owes you a boon, and will accompany you after he has dealt with
Behind the roots of a tree in this area, you will find a doorway leading to
Ardan. Take it and prepare for a fight. With four Vampires, you should have an
easy time chopping Ardan to pieces. After the fight, you will be returned
automatically to the University, and stand audience before Lady Ecaterina.

While holding audience with Lady Ecaterina, you will have a decision to make
during the dialogue. No matter how you choose to handle the dialogue, you will
end up heading for Vienna. However, if you choose to abandon Anezka, you will
lose 10 points off of your Humanity. If you instead choose to persistently
Anezka, you will not lose any Humanity (Tip: your Humanity effects which ending
you get at the end of the game). Choose wisely, as it is hard to raise Humanity,
but very easy to lower it. After the dialogue, Exit the East Gate and you will
arrive in Vienna.


Starting out

When you begin in Vienna, you will notice the ground is snow covered. You can
snow falling softly (nice effect). Anyway, the first door to your right will be
your new “Safe Haven”. Enter it now. You will not find a coffin, ankh, or
chest when you enter. Fret not, on the wall is a lever that will open a door in
the floor. This will allow you to go down to the basement. In the basement you
will find your coffin, ankh, and storage chest. Get use to it, you will call
home for your entire stay in Vienna. Once you have seen your new home long
enough, go back to the topside. Follow the snow covered road and you will come
the Gate to Outer Stradt. Click it to enter Outer Stradt.

 Outer Stradt

Outer Stradt has an easy design. It is a lot easier then the design of Prague.
has a circle, or do-nut shape to it. In the center of Outer Stradt, you will
Inner Stradt. Counter-clockwise, along the outside edges of Outer Stradt, you
will find Count Orsi’s Courtyard, the Weapons Smith, the Gate to Southern
Ringstrasse, the Gate to Eastern Ringstrasse, and the Gate to Northern
Ringstrasse (where your Safe Haven is located). Go ahead and make a quick run
around outer Stradt, and locate the doors to all of the mentioned areas.

Now that you know your way around, what are we going to do? We have no quests,
and we vaguely remember something about Orsi, and Haus De Hexe? Well lets
the new areas then and figure it out. If you go to Count Orsi’s Courtyard, you
will find his mansion. You will hear the sounds of a large party going on
but you will be unable to enter. Nothing else to do here it seams so lets go
check out Southern Ringstrasse. In Southern Ringstrasse, you will come to the
Gate to Haus De Hexe. As you try to open it, you will be shocked. The door has
been magically sealed. With nothing else apparent to do here, lets go check out
Eastern Ringstrasse. As soon as you enter Eastern Ringstrasse, turn towards your
left. You will see the Order of Hermes. In the Order of Hermes, you will be able
to buy blood and magic scrolls etc. If you go to the end of Eastern Ringstrasse,
you will find the Green Frog Inn. Inside the Green Frog Inn, you will meet 3
Vampire females, Kazi, Zil, and Teta. Speak with them, and you will receive an
invitation to Count Orsi’s Celebration. Now, return to Count Orsi’s Courtyard,
and lets smash the party.

 Count Orsi’s Courtyard

With the invitation in hand, make your way to the front doors of the mansion.
will be able to open the doors now that you have an invitation. Inside you will
see Kazi, Zil, and Teta, from the Green frog Inn. You may also notice a picture
of them, hanging on the near by wall. Speak to Kazi, and Count Orsi will
interrupt the conversation. Through the dialogue, Count Orsi will give you
shackles, and a quest: Find Luther Black. To do this, you must first “Find the
Secret Entrance to the Clock Tower in Inner Stradt”. Head to Inner Stradt to
begin your search.

 Inner Stradt

You will find 2 clickable doors in Inner Stradt. One will be the Teutonic Knight
Base, and it will be locked. The other will be the Inner House. Enter the Inner
House, and make your way up to the top of the stairs. The far back window will
open if you click on it. Going out the window will allow you to move from
to rooftop. By way of the rooftop, you can make your way to the Clock Tower. On
the face of the clock you will find the Secret Entrance to Stephansdom.


Clock Tower – Stephansdom Level 1

As you enter the Clock Tower, you will see the sun rise. This is a bad thing for
us, because sun burns Vampires. Make your way downward on the clocks staircase.
When you exit the clock area, where the stairs are broken, you will notice that
the sun lights up the hallway. You will also notice that a shadow is cast across
half the hallway. Take your entire party off of auto-follow mode (green dots to
the right of your health bars). Move each member one at a time across this
hallway. Make sure to stay in the shadows. At the end of the hallway, you will
find a door. Open the door, and you will need to fight the guards inside. Be
careful here as well. Most of this area is covered in sunlight. At the end of
this path, you will see a ramp descending. You will get a little sun burnt here,
but nothing major. You will be able to re-enter the clock tower here. You will
see a tick tock thing waving back and forth. There is no way you can make it in
between the swings to cross this area. In order to cross you will need to change
into Mist form. If you go down stairs at the “tick tock thing”, you will find a
Tome of Dominate, and a scroll of Mist Form. You can use the scroll of Mist form
to get past the “tick tock thing”. If you’re having trouble casting the Mist
scroll, do this: 1. Place the scroll in your belt. 2.  When you RIGHT click on
the scroll it will become your mouse pointer. 3. RIGHT click on the ground on
other side of the “tick tock”. When you get to the other side, hit the switch to
stop the clock. This way, the rest of your group can safely pass. Now that you
are on the other side of the “tick tock” you can continue your travel. You will
find you can go in 2 directions. Don’t worry; they both go to the same place. If
you go straight, you can double back on the left hand passage. This is the
way, as you will not need to fight in the sunlight. If you do go straight, as
are doubling back around, you will see a room with lots of sunlight (right after
you go down a snow covered ramp shape passage). On the wall in this room, you
will see 3 switches. The order that you throw them doesn’t matter; just have all
3 switches in the down position at the same time. Then the wall will open up.
Enter it, and you will enter Stephansdom Level 2

 Stephansdom Level 2

When you enter Stephansdom Level 2, follow the one way path until it comes to a
way intersection (the way you came, plus 2 new directions). You will have to
fight a lot of Ghouls along the way. At the 3-way path, you can go up an
or enter a larger opening. Take the larger opening for Exp, and items. The path
with the incline will take you further on your path. Continue to avoid sunlight,
until you find a door. Once you are back inside, you will have little to fear of
the outside sunlight. When you enter the building, you will have to fight more
ghouls. I do not know about everyone, but by this point, I was out of Vitae, and
very low on Hit Points. Because it is daylight, you will be unable to walk the
abyss. So as you enter the house, use caution, and try to pull as many of the
ghouls 1 at a time as you can. A good trick is to pull the Ghouls with the spell
Awe (Wilham and Christof should have this spell by default). Awe will force them
to run right to you. Just as they get to you, feed on them. You will
feed 90% of the time. Fight your way through the building. You will come to a
gate made of large cylinder stones. To open this gate you must push the buttons
above the fireplace in the main room. The correct sequence to hit the buttons is
to simply hit them in order. Start with the left most push plate, and push in
each stone plate from left to right. Simple enough? I bet you tried every other
combination first didn’t you? Note: if you click in the gate you can obtain the
message: "LOOK IN THE MIRROR". At this point you have to go back and stand in
front of the buttons with your back at them, Then you can LOOK IN THE MIRROR, on
the front wall, the right combination to open the gate. In my case was the 2nd
and 5ft buttons. I don't know if this is random or it's always the same
combination - thanks Javier Diaz. Anyway, go on through the gate. You will come
to a door that will take you to Level 3.

 Stephansdom Level 3

When you enter Level 3, you will need to climb a series of stairs. At the top of
the stairs, you will see a doorway. Enter it, and you will see a circle with a
flame in it. Check this room for items. In the next room, you will find Dark
Hunters. These things can put up a fight, so use caution. Kill them, and
on. At the end of the hallway, you will see a staircase going up, and a fake
door. Take the stairs up, and you will come to a closed gate. In this room there
is another passage along the far back wall. This passage will lead to Luther
Black. When you speak to him, you will have 2 choices of dialogue: 1. Yes I will
do it, or 2. Not even to save Anezka. Either way that you choose, you will
complete this quest. However, if you choose option #2, you will lose 15 humanity
points, and burn along with Luther Black. Choosing #1 is the best choice. If you
agreed to kill Luther Black, then the gate in the last room will be unlocked.
Open the gate and go up the stairs. You will see 2 switches on opposite ends of
the room. Take one group member and place him by one of the switches. Place
another group member by the other switch. Turning off auto follow will help you
with this. Have one party member throw his switch, and then quickly select the
2nd group member. Have the 2nd group member throw his switch, and the stained
glass window will open. The sunlight will burst through, and will burn Luther
Black, and complete the quest “Kill Luther Black”. Now, make your way towards
Level 2. You will be stopped by Orsi. Rather then paying you the boon he owes,
instead he has the Teutonic Knights take you prisoner. You will find yourself in
the Teutonic Knights Base Level 4.

Teutonic Knights Base

 Teutonic Knights Base Level 4

After Serena opens the door to your cell, you will begin your escape. You will
fast a lot of Teutonic Knights in this area. The Knights in full plate and can
hard to kill. The strong armor makes them impossible to feed on, and Awe doesn’t
seam to work on them at all. Theft of Vitae will work, but you probably do not
have this spell up high enough to make a big difference. However, if you use
weapons that do LETHAL damage, you may find the Knights to be a lot easier.
Weapons that do Bashing or Aggravated damage do not do so well against heavy
armored targets. Lethal weapons often lop the Knights heads clean off their
shoulders. So, with swords in hand, take it to them.

Exit your cell, and kill the 3 near by Knights. You will find a hallway, and
another room off to the side. This room will have more Knights. Kill them and
search the room. If you need a weapon that does Lethal damage, there will be one
on the wall in this room. Grab the axe, and head down the hallway. You will find
a set of stairs to your left. Pass these up, and continue to the room at the end
of the hallway. In this room, you will find a shield and a mace, but more
importantly, you will find a rat (the kind of rat that you can eat). Now return
to the stairs, and go up. Kill all of the Knights that attack you. You should
find more jail cells at the top of the stairs. There will be a doorway to 4 more
jail cells in the back of this room. In one of the 4 jail cells, you will find 2
bottles of vitae behind a rolled up mat. Work your way around to the other side
of this room, and open the gate. Walk to the end of this hallway, and go up the
stairs. You will go up to Level 3.

 Teutonic Knights Level 3

When you enter level 3, just stand still. A patrolling Knight will locate you
soon enough. Let him come to you, and then lop his head off. Now open the gate
across from the door to level 4. Inside you will find 2 ghoul rats, and 2
Knights. You may want to run a guy in there to get their attention, and then run
back to the hallway. If you fight in the room, most of your group will not be
able to get close enough to attack anything. After the room is clear, walk down
the hallway to the next room, and then go up the small set of stairs. This will
mostly be a one way path. However you will find 4 rooms that make a circle. You
will find a lot of blood in this area, but you will have to fight for it. After
you have checked the boxes, shelves, and barrels for blood, continue on towards
the bad guys. Soon you will start to see some Tremere. This is good, because you
can feed on them. When you get to the end of the path, you will see a gate, and
doorway. Take the doorway, and you will fight more Tremere. The last room in the
area will have a Tremere that will drop the “Tremere Amulet”. When you grab the
amulet you will gain the quest: Take the Amulet to Orvus (potions guy in Eastern
Ringstrasse). In this room, you will also find a “Tome of Thaumaturgy – Lure of
Flames”, on a close by table. After you loot these rooms, head back to that gate
we passed. The gate will take you to Level 2.

 Teutonic Knights Base Level 2

As you enter Level 2, you will see what looks to be a complicated area. In fact,
it couldn’t be simpler. You will see a staircase and 2 doorways. The doorways
lead to single treasure rooms guarded be either 3 Knights, or 2 Tremere. There
are 3 rooms with Knights, and 1 final room with 2 Tremere. All four of these
rooms have treasure chests that will drop random items. After grabbing all you
can, head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, the path splits into 2
different directions. You can go either way, but to make sure you do not miss a
nice magic item, lets take the right hand path. Along the path you will fight a
few more Knights. Around 2 corners, you will find a doorway leading from the
path. Inside you will see 2 Knights, and 1 Knight Captain. Be careful in this
room. There are 4 more Knights that you will not see until it is too late. Kill
all 7 of these Knights, and on the podium in the back of the room, you will find
the “Ainkurn Sword”. This sword is one of the best weapons in the game (up to
this point at least). After you snatch up the sword, head back to the main path,
and continue going. Around another corner, you will find a room with 4 Knights
and 1 Tremere. In the middle of this room, you will see a large 3D map. After
your finished in this room, turn around, walk across the main path, and enter
doorway. You will go up to Level 1.

 Teutonic Knights Base Level 1

As soon as you enter Level 1, a Knight Lord, and 2 Knights will attack you. With
your new sword, you should be able to cut right through these guys. Continue on,
and you will come to a door that opens to the outside. Three Knights will rush
you when the door opens. Go outside, and you will find another door that can be
opened. Open it, and a Knight and Lord will attack you. Enter the room, and open
the chests. Now continue to the next room. Use caution entering these rooms. In
the main room near by there is a Tremere Lord. He has very powerful spells, and
is hard to kill. After you kill the Lord, you will be in a room that looks like
church. There will be a lot of church benches lined up facing the alter at the
front of the room (where you are). Three Knights are stationed in the benches.
Fight you way down the aisle. You will come to another room where you will fight
a Lord, Captain, and 2 Knights. Kill the Knights, and go up the stairs. You will
come to a room with another Tremere Lord (these guys are a pain eh?). When you
have secured this room, throw the switch on the wall. This will open the gated
door at the bottom of the stairs. Exit the door, and you will return to Inner

Now head for Eastern Ringstrasse. Find Orvus in the Order of Hermes. Speak with
him and he will give you the low-down on the amulet you found earlier. You will
use this amulet to enter Haus De Hexe. He will power the amulet up, but you will
need to find the Journal of Etrius for him in return.

Haus De Hexe

 Haus De Hexe

Return to Southern Ringstrasse. The door that shocked you earlier will open, now
that you have the amulet. Open the “shock” door, and continue on inside. Cross
the bridge, and open the next door. When you enter Haus De Hexe, 2 Tremere will
attack you. After you kill them, check out the room, and pay attention to
details. At the top of the steps you will see a portal bared by a magic lock. If
you turn around and look at the design hanging from the ceiling, you will see
this lock works.

On the floor there is a main lock plate. In front of the lock plate, you will
3 doors of different colors. On the magic lock in front of the portal, you will
see the same 3 colors. So we have a “3-part lock”.  From this we can assume that
we need to enter each of the 3 doors, and find something to unlock its part of
the magic lock. Which door you try first is up to you. I will cover them
from right to left.

 Tremere Gargoyle Lair (Haus De Hexe Level 2)

When you enter the Gargoyle Lair, you will need to follow a simple one way path.
There will be a room of to the side, but it is a single room, with little in it.
You will fight your way outside, and into a cave. Before you enter the cave, you
may want to return to the start of the level to update your autosave. Inside the
cave, you will fight Gargoyles, and they are tough.

As you enter the Gargoyle cave, you will find your first Gargoyle. Kill it, and
then you will be able to take a look around and assess your situation. If you
look down from the ledge, you can see rooms with Gargoyles (large and small
ones). This doesn’t look good, but we can handle it. You will also see a room
directly in front of you that houses 3 Gargoyles. There is an inclining snow-
covered ramp leading upwards out of this room as well. Take the ramp, and you
will find a few items at the top. Return below, and enter the room that has the
Gargoyles in it. Kill them, and take a look in the next room. There will be 3
Gargoyles, and a Tremere. Try to pull the Tremere out (use Awe if you can) and
deal with him before you deal with the Gargoyles. Kill the Gargoyles, and loot
the open Jail Cell. From this room, you will go down a small path, where 3 more
gargoyles will be waiting. Again, Kill them all, and continue to the next room,
and you will fight 2 Gargoyles (one Small one and one Large one), and 2 Tremere.
Search the alcove that the Tremere were in, and you should find a nice stash of
items. After you have searched this room, go to the next room. Again, you will
fight more Gargoyles. After this room, you will face a hallway with Virstania
standing by a portal at the end, and a Gargoyle hovering above her. It would be
wise to back track to update your autosave. Enter the room for the
standard “before combat speech” and then attack. Virstania will cast spells
the same as the Tremere Lords cast. To deal with her, I would suggest casting
your best melee spells, and then rushing her. Kill Virstania and her Gargoyle
then grab the key piece off of the stand. After you have the key, step into the
portal to return to Haus De Hexe level 1. When you return, click the floor plate
to place the key you just found into it.

 Tremere Laboratory (Haus De Hexe Level 3)

The first room you enter will appear to have 3 separate paths. The right-most
path and the center path both go to the same room. The left-most path goes in a
separate direction, but the all connect later. Enter the right-most passage, and
kill the Tremere in the room. From this room you could continue ahead, but there
is nothing between this room and where this path catches up to the left-most
path. So return to the main room, and following the Left passage. You will come
to another room with 3 Tremere in it. Kill them and head for the next room. Just
before you enter the next room, there will be a fireball trap. Run quickly past
this trap, and attack the Tremere inside the room. You will see a grate on the
floor and you may hear the screams of a woman in the distance. If you go up the
stairs, you will see a room to the left, and a passage to the right. The passage
on the right goes back to the right-most passage at the start of this level.
the path on your left, and you will see another Tremere experiment. Search the
Experiment equipment to find a few items. Continue from this room, and you will
fight 4 Tremere. Go up the small stairs, and you will find a room with 2 chests.
In the far corner in this room (look closely) you will find a Gold Bullion. Now
continue up the stairs. You will come to a room that has 2 exits from it. They
will both lead to the same place, but the left-hand path is the most rewarding.
In the next room on the left, you will find a Tremere Lord, and a few Tremere.
You will also find the Tomb of Thaumaturgy – Blood Rituals. This is a must have
Tomb, as it allows you to cast Prison of Ice (the same spell that the Lords have
been using to freeze you). The next room after this room will have 4 Tremere
Lords in it. It will also hold the 2nd key piece to the Magic lock. After you
kill the Lords, you can go down the other path from this room. It will circle
back to where you started, but will be worth the trip (exp and items). After you
have finished here, grab the Key Piece, and step through the Portal. Place the
key by clicking on the floor plate. Now enter the Tremere Library.

 Tremere Library (Haus De Haus Level 4)

When you enter Level 4, head right. You will fight a room of Tremere and have
some dialogue with them. For me, the dialogue always seamed to happen during the
fight, but should happen before the fight. Anyway, after you kill them, head
out of this room, taking the left passage. You will see a room on your right,
stairs leading downward. Enter the room on the right, and kill the Tremere Lord
and the Tremere in this room. Check for items as you go. Continue down the
stairs, entering each of the side rooms as you come to them. The 3rd room will
have the Berserker Fang on a table. Return to the stairs, and continue downward.
After you have checked all of the side rooms, and you have made your way to the
bottom, you will see 2 separate paths. The one on the right is a dead end, but
worth looking into. The left passage takes you to one more side room, and the
last room. The last room has 3 Tremere Lords, and the last Key Piece. Kill the
Lords, grab the key, and step through the portal. Click the floor plate, and the
Magic Lock will open, allowing you access to the Portal at the top.

After you place the three Key Pieces on the floor plate and open the Magic Lock,
step outside back into Southern Ringstrasse. This will update your autosave
Return to Haus De Hexe, and climb to the top of the stairs. You will see the
Journal of Etrius on the table. As soon as you grab it, Etrius will appear, and
speak to you. Etrius will then change Erik into a Gargoyle. You have no choice
but to kill Erik. After you have beaten Erik the Gargoyle, Etrius will speak
briefly, and then he will attack you.

You may have a lot of problems with this fight. A few tactics that work well

If Serena has Rain of Fire in the Thaumaturgy – Lure of Flame discipline, then
use it.
If you found the Tome of Thaumaturgy – Blood Rituals, and if you have the spell
Prison of Ice, you can cast it.
Have Christof and Wilham cast Celerity, and have them lead the charge.
Tip: Remove all of the items from Erik and place them on someone else. This way
you can sell the items or put them to use, instead of losing them.

If you still can not beat Etrius, you can just leave with the Journal. You do
need to attempt to fight Etrius to get the next quest tab, but you do not need
kill Etrius. You can continue the game just as if you had killed him. If you do
defeat Etrius, he will tell you that the slaved never arrived. Orsi apparently
told Etrius that the Tzimisce captured the slave wagon.

Now you need to take the journal back to Orvus at the Order of Hermes, in
Ringstrasse. For your deed, Orvus will reward you with a Tome of Thaumaturgy –
Lure of Flames. You may already have this discipline, but ohh well. If you
didn’t, then you do now.

Now you need to go speak with Ecaterina in Prague.

Return to Prague

 Return to Prague

When you return to Prague, you will first notice that there are no Guards
the Eastern Gate. As you approach the University, you will find it in ruins.
Ecaterina will tell you that the war has begun. Cainites and mortals alike are
attacking the Castle Vysehrad. There is a chance that Anezka is in the castle,
off you go. Cross Prague, and head for the Vysehrad Mountains. You will find
Prague is in ruins as well.

As you near the front of the castle, a Prague Rebel will speak. Apparently they
are assaulting the castle at this very moment. The front door will be bared, but
to the left of the front door, the wall has caved in. You can enter Vysehrad
Castle from here.

Vysehrad Castle

 Vysehrad Castle Level 1

As you enter the Castle, you will see stairs leading up. Go up these stairs, and
you will find 2 chests. The monsters in the entry level are very easy to deal
with. After you have killed everything, you will notice 2 paths on the bottom
level that you can take. The left hand path will end in a small room. In this
room you will find the “Council Proclamation #1”. Someone named “Voivode Urdo”
wrote it. Read the Proclamation and then head for the right hand passage. You
will enter a room with 4 Ghouls in it. They will speak with you briefly,
your ego a bit by mentioning your deeds. One of them will think about running
away, but the others talk him into fighting you. They should have run away…
Continue on from this room, and in the next room you will see a hole in the
floor. If you look down into this hole, you will see Revenants. From this room,
you could go to the right or the left. It doesn’t matter which way you go; the
paths will make a circle. You will fight a War Ghoul in the next room, and find
the “Council Proclamation #2” on the floor. Now, go down a staircase. At the
bottom of the stairs you will fight 3 wolves, and enter a room with Tzimisce in
it. On the floor of the room with the Tzimisce, you will find the “Council
Proclamation #3”. Now continue on, fighting your way past Ghouls and War Ghouls,
and you will find the door to Level 2.

 Vysehrad Castle Level 2

When you enter Level 2, you will be on a balcony. If you look over the ledge,
will see the door to Level 3. You can not reach the door from here, but at least
you can see it.

Walk the balcony and down the hallway. You will fight more War Ghouls, and then
see a room to your right. In this room, you will find the “Council Proclamation
#4”. These Proclamations may sound like normal clan politics, and can easily be
over looked. However, they go a great deal to tell the story to come. Pay close
attention to them, even if they make little sense. After you have found the
Council Proclamation #4, continue down the hallway. You will find another room
off to the left. In this room you will find the Tomb of Thaumaturgy – Hands of
Destruction. If your Humanity is too high, you will be unable to use this Tomb.
Personally I would prefer a higher Humanity to this Discipline. There will be a
smaller room inside this room. In the smaller room, you will find “Libussa
#2”. You may remember Libussa from Prague after you became a Vampire. Read the
report, and continue down the hall. Enter the room at the end of the hallway,
on the table inside, you will find Lebussa Report #3. Continue down the hallway
until you come to a door on the left. Inside you will find Libussa Report #4.
Further down the Hallway, you will come to an intersection. The left hand path
will take you back to the room you just exited. The right hand path will
to another intersection. This time, you can go to the area on the left, or
continue ahead. If you continue ahead, you will go to the door leading to Level
3. If you go to the left you will find a dead end room. In this room you will
find a stake. Return to the hallway, and make your way to the door to Level 3.

 Vysehrad Castle Level 3

As you enter level 3, you will see to paths. The right path will dead end into a
chest, and the left path takes you to broken stairs. At the broken stairs, you
can climb down the debreis and attack the Tzimisce. You should see a door here.
Before you enter the door, I would suggest that you walk the abyss. Distribute
your exp, and update your autosave.

Tip: You may want to get all of your magic items, and them in Christof
The game will do some “weird things” at this point. To insure that you keep
the “artifact” items that you have found, place them all on Christof. You will
thankful later.

Open the door, and enter. You will fight Vozhd. He is very powerful if you try
fight him all out melee. He will pick you up, and bite you in half. I suggest
cast Prison of ice on him, and then slicing him up. There is also a trick to
Vozhd. So if you do not have Prison of Ice, you can try this. Vozhd can not fit
through the exit to the room he is in. If you step in the room, and back out of
the room, you can get a few free hits in with out him being able to come after
you. Once Vozhd is dead, go into the door to Level 4

 Vysehrad Castle Level 4

As you enter Level 4, you will see a red carpet leading up to a raised portion.
Up on the raised portion you will see Anezka and Lebussa. You will rush to
and speak with her. I will tell the short version of the story… The pillar falls
on you, and you wake up in London, 1999.

Hint: When you go to London, you will have no items equipped. You will find all
the “Magic Items” that you had in YOUR inventory laying in the room you begin
No normal (white text) items will go with you. You may get an exquisite sword or
something to the “other side”, but magic items go for sure. This is why you need
to place all the magic items you have on Christof before you speak with Anezka.


London 1999

 The Society of Leopold Level 3

When you start in London, you will break out of a coffin in the Society of
Leopold. A member of the Society will speak with you and then attack. You will
kill him, and gain the quest: escape from the Society of Leopold. On the floor,
you will find “Allatius Journal Entry #1”. Before you exit the room you start
you will want to grab all of the items that came to 1999 with you. If you did
move your magic items to Christof before speaking with Anezka, you may want to
reload your game and do that. After you have found all of your items, exit this
room. Note: If you had a lot of items, some may be in the second room (the room
outside the room you start off in). You will enter another room, and then a
hallway. The hallway has two smaller hallways and a door at the end. The smaller
hallways hold 1 or 2 doors that go to dead end rooms.  Enter these rooms. In the
first room you will find a computer that you can click on. It will have
the “Worker Journal Entry #1” on it. You can not keep this journal, so just
the computer to read it. Continue down the hall to the next room. In the very
last hallway (just before the doors at the end of the hallway) you will find
another room. In this room, you will find a keypad (switch) on the wall by the
window. This switch will open the big doors in the main hallway. Check out the
rest of this room, and then return to the main hallway to continue your escape.

After you touch the switch to open the big door, you will continue to walk down
hallway. There are more rooms off to the side. In a indented room on the right
the hallway, you will find a computer with the “Workers Journal Entry #2” on it.
Continue down the hallway, checking the side rooms as you find them. At the end
of the hallway, you will find a door that leads to The Society of Leopold Level

 The Society of Leopold Level 2

When you enter Level 2 you will see the standard hallway you walked in level 3.
Begin by walking the hallway, and checking each of the side rooms. At the first
way intersection, take a left. You will see 3 rooms. The room on the right hand
wall will have “Allatius Journal Entry #2”, and a computer with “Data Printout
#1”. Read these, check out the other 2 rooms, and return to the intersection.
Take the right hand path from the intersection. After you have explored this
path, return to the main hallway and continue. When you reach the end of the
hallway, it will continue towards the right. In this hallway, you will see 2
doors on the left. Both of these doors go to the same room. In this room you
find 2 computers with Data Printout #2 and #3. You will also find a Tomb of
Thaumaturgy – Lure of Flames. Now continue until the hallway ends. You can go to
the left where you will find a few more doors, or you could go right where you
will find more doors, and the exit to Level 1. Check all of the doors along the
way. In one room you will find Allatius Journal Entry #3.

 The Society of Leopold Level 1

On Level 1, you will find the hallways have changed. Now we look at decorations
instead of hospital like hallways. The first thing you will see is a switch to
open the door. Click it and enter the next room. In this room you will find 1
locked door, a staircase, and an unlocked door at the top of the staircase. Open
and enter the unlocked door at the top of the staircase. You will find 1 main
hallway with doors off to the sides. Some doors will have another door inside
them, but we will count this as 1 single room.

In the first room, you will find Allatius Journal Entry #4.

In the second door you will find Allatius Journal Entry #5. You will also notice
one of the glass shelves can be opened. If you look on the bookcase, you should
notice a discolored book. Click the discolored book, and it will open the glass
shelf. Now you can grab the Argent Baton from inside.

The third door will not open at all. After the 3rd door, you may notice the
hallway splits to the left. Do not go that way just yet. First go to the end of
the hallway and clear out that room. Return to the split in the hallway. Note:
Now may be a good time to return to level 2 to update your autosave. Enter this
area, and you will speak with Allatius. He will then attack you. After the
you will gain the quest: Find the Source of the Shipments. If you look on the
desk, you will find Allatius Journal Entry # 6. Apparently he had just written
this. Now you can return downstairs, and exit the Society of Leopold.

 West London

When you exit The Society of Leopold, you will enter West London. Walk down the
street from the Society, and someone will try to “mug” you. You end up taking
clothes, and now look a little more “modern age”.

In West London you will find 3 areas; Club Tenebrae, Curio Shop, and East
Club Tenebrae is a new age Gothic dance club. At least this is what it looks
like. Apparently, Vampires hang out here for the Vitae served as drinks. If you
speak to the Bartender, you will be able to buy blood. Next to the bar, enjoying
a mug of Vitae, you will meet Pink. Speak to him to catch up to speed on the
current conditions the vampires are in. While speaking with Pink, he will agree
to join you. The Curio shop is close by, and you can buy and sell from Sumner
Montague here. His shop is about the same as the magic shops in Prague or
Finally, you will find a subway entrance that leads to East London.

East London

When you enter East London, take the stairs to the left. Explore in this
direction, and you will see a Van on blocks. This is Otto’s Van, and you can buy
and sell weapons to him. Otto’s is London’s version of the Black Smiths in
and Vienna. Next to the Van you will find a door leading to “Bridge Haven”. This
will be your new safe haven while you are in London. If you search along the
by docks, you will find a locked cargo ship, and behind your haven along the
docks you will find the Tower of London. Now if you make your way back to where
you first entered East London, you will be able to locate the Setite “Knocking
Shop”. Instead of going down the steps, go straight. You will find an alley with
steps leading up to a door. Pink will warn you a bit about the Setites inside.
Now enter the Brothel.

Theatre Brothel

 Theatre Brothel

As you enter the Brothel, you will see a girl named Lily. Speak with her, and
will ask for help. You will have 3 choices in the dialogue, and each has a
different effect. If you chose the option “I trust no one” then your humanity
will drop 10 points. If you choose “You may be a valuable ally” your humanity
will not change at all. If you choose “We will help even if you can not do
anything to help us” then your Humanity will go up 10 points. No matter which
choose, Lily will join your group. After Lily joins, she will tell you about a
locked door behind a fake backdrop. Explore the Brothel. You will find a seating
area for the theatre through the doors behind the girl who spoke with you when
you entered the brothel. You will find your way on to the stage also. Finally
will find a small room with lots of artifacts (mostly Egyptian items). Look
the bottom of the walls in this room. On the wall nearest the entrance, in the
shadows, you will find a very small switch. This will open the fake backdrop
is also in this room. Walk through the door you just opened, and you will enter
the Setite Temple.

 Setite Temple Level 1

As you enter the Temple you will see an Egyptian statue. Behind the statue is a
very large door. There is a path to the left and to the right. If you go right,
you will fight a few Setites, and then Pink will make a comment about the
painting. Return to the main room, and go to the Left. You will fight a few more
Setites and you will find a lever. Pull the lever and the “Very Large Door” in
the first room will slide open. Enter the large door.

Tip: You may have noticed that the Setites like to cast Eyes of the Serpent on
you. Much like Awe, this forces you to run right to them and then stand there
while they hammer you. Try attacking from far away, or try casting prison of ice
on them. This may make things a little easier for you.

When you enter the large door, you will have 2 ways to go (left or right). The
right path will be locked. On the very bottom of one of the supports, you will
find a switch. Look closely as it is very well hidden. After you find the
the painting will open to a secret room. In this room you will find the Black
Gloves. These gloves will give you +15 bashing and give you permanent Feral
Claws. Go left, and fight your way to the end of this path. You will find a
lever. The lever will unlock the door back towards the right. Now return, and
enter the right hand path (the one you have just unlocked). You will enter a new
room with lots of Setites. After you kill them, you will enter the door to Level

 Setite Temple Level 2

When you enter Level 2, you will see a wood bridge that goes off to the left and
right. The room with the bridge has a lot of fire traps that will be shooting at
you the entire time your on it. If you go to the left, you will find a locked
door, and a switch. If you go to the right, you will find another locked door
another switch. The switch in the left hand room will open the door in the right
hand room, and the switch in the right hand room will unlock the door in the
hand room. Both paths will lead to the same place, but the left path will
continue further ahead. Where the left and right paths meet up, you will see
another very large door. Continue down the left path, and you will come to a
with a wooden bridge blocked off by a gate. At the end of the bridge, there is a
switch. On the right side of this room, there is a closed and locked door. On
left side of this room there is an open path. If you follow the left path, you
will find a switch that will open the gate on the bridge. Touching the switch at
the end of the bridge will open the door on the right hand side of the room. In
this room, you will find a Tomb of Obfuscate, and a switch that will open the
very large door. Return and enter the large door. You will come to another door
that opens to a room full of Setites. After you clear this room, you will find a
small empty room, and another door. The door will take you to Setite Temple

 Setite Temple Level 3

As soon as you enter Level 3, a room full of Setites will attack you. In this
room you will find a staircase leading up, and 2 doors on the right and left.
2 doors look somewhat like an ordinary wall, except they are cover with Egyptian
Hieroglyphs and are slightly discolored. Go up the stairs, and around to the
balcony. You will find 2 switches on each end of the balcony. These switches
the 2 discolored doors down stairs. Return and enter one of the discolored doors
(it does not matter which). These side doors go to the same place, so it doesn’t
matter which you take. You will see a room with fire burners and snakes below
each burner. At the end of this room, you will find a hallway. Follow it to
another large room with more Setites. This room will have a small pyramid
stone block in the center of it. If you look near one of the sarcophaguses, you
will find a chainsaw. To the left and right you will find two small rooms with
Asps and Setites in them. On the backside of the room you will find the stairs
leading to Level 4

 Setite Temple Level 4

When you enter level 4, you will be in a large room with a pyramid in the
Kill the Setites, and work your way forward. You will come to a hallway. The
hallway leads you straight to Lucretia. You will be able to see her at the back
of her room as you approach her. You may wish to walk the abyss to update your
saved game at this point.

Lucretia should be an easy fight. Cast Prison of Ice on her and whack her until
she is defeated. If you do not have Prison of Ice, Feral Claws, Celerity, and
Potence work well on her. When Lucretia falls, she will shatter into a bunch of
snakes. The snakes will escape the chamber. Lucretia is not dead yet. Setites
like to remove their hearts and keep them locked away in a safe place. Lily
mentions a tower, and Pink fills in the blank (Tower of London). Now exit the
Setite Temple, and hunt down Lucretias heart.

Tower of London

 Tower of London

When you leave the Brothel, I am sure you will want to head for Otto’s Van to
sell the spoils you have found. After selling your items to Otto, head for the
docks. Follow the very edge of the docks back behind your Safe Haven. You will
find the Tower of London stashed away in a dark corner. Click the door to enter.

 Tower of London Level 1

The floor design of Level 1 is very simple. The first room you come to will have
a path to the left and to the right. The right hand path leads to a dead end,
you can find items by going this way. The Left hand path takes you further into
Level 1. You will follow a one way path most of the time. Passing through a
series of interlinked rooms. For the most part, you will be fighting Ghoul
Spiders. You may notice the small cocoons in the corners of some rooms. These
will normally spawn a few small spiders, but sometimes they drop items. The
Ghoul Spiders will drop down from above as you enter the room they are in.
as you enter each room, and you can hear the spiders sound. When you hear it,
expect a spider to drop in from above. Kill and loot until you come to a room
with wind rushing through the windows. You will see a path going straight ahead
and a path to your right. If you do not see these 2 paths, then you’re not at
right windy room yet… Just continue on. When you do reach the windy room with
two paths, then continue straight. You will be at a dead end, but in this room
you will find 2 chests and the Tomb of Potence. Return to the windy room, and
take the right hand path. This will lead to Level 2.

 Tower of London Level 2

At the beginning of Level 2, you will see 3 paths to follow. The right hand path
will lead through a series of interlinked rooms. At the end of this path you
find a dead end. There are items to be found in this area, and you can earn a
of exp. The left hand path takes you to a single room that will meet up with the
center path. The center path will take you further into Level 2. You will come
another room where you can go to the left or to the right. The right hand path
will dead end, and the left hand path will continue to Level 3.

 Tower of London Level 3

When you enter Level 3, you will see a small, gated path that you will be unable
to enter. You will also find a doorway. The doorway leads to a series of
interlinked rooms. In the 3rd room you come to, pay attention to the walls.
will be a fake wall, and a push plate switch next to it. Pushing the switch will
open the secret room. In the room you will find 2 chests, and the Monocle of
Clarity. Now continue down the path you have been following. The next room you
come to will have a small gate, and a set of stairs. The gate leads to a single
room that has Wraiths and 2 chests. The stairs go a short ways where there will
be 2 more staircases. One going up and one going down. The stairs leading down
will take you to a dead end room, and to another gat that is locked. The stairs
leading up will take you to Level 4.

 Tower of London Level 4

The first thing you see as you enter Level 4 is a small gate. Unlike Level 3,
can open this one. When you enter the room, you will find Lucretia’s Heart on an
octagon shaped table. Grab the heart and head back out of the Tower. You could
simply Walk the Abyss, but you would miss one of the games better surprises. I
suggest that you walk back down the same way you entered. When you return to
London, begin walking towards your Safe Haven. I will not tell you what happens
next, but I will say this. Do not run to your safe haven, or back inside the
tower for any reason. This will over ride your autosave, and could put you in a
bad situation. When you exited the tower, your autosave will update to that
point. If you have any trouble while walking towards your safe haven, and you
happen to die (I am speaking hypothetically here) then you can restart from your

 American Werewolf in London

So you exited the Tower of London and a Werewolf smashed out and attacked you?
Here are a few tricks to deal with the Werewolf.

Cast Prison of Ice on him
Cast Celerity, Potence, and Ferial Claws.
Revert to your autosave and Walk the Abyss back to your Safe Haven. You do not
need to kill the Werewolf to continue the game. He is there as an extra. To give
you a fright and to give you more exp.

Return to the Brothel with Lucretia's Heart

 Return to the Brothel with Lucretia’s Heart

When you return to the Brothel with Lucretia’s Heart, make your way to the room
that had the fake Backdrop. You will find a Setite stand in waiting. He will
escort you back to Lucretia’s chamber. Here you will hold a conversation with
her, and blackmail her for all the information you wanted. After this, you give
her the Heart back. As soon as the Heart is safely returned to Lucretia, she
morph into a giant snake, and then attack you. Defeat her once again, and then
attack the Setite who has the heart. Kill him, and he will drop the Heart to the
ground. Pick the Heart up, and you will be gives two choices for dialogue: Drain
the Heart, or Destroy the Heart. If you “Drain the Heart”, you will lose 20
points from your Humanity, lose 1 point from your generation, and gain 130 to
your blood pool. The +130 to your blood pool is temporary, and will return to
normal later in the game (When you leave London). If you “Destroy the Heart” you
will gain no effects, ill or otherwise. You should have gained the Discipline –
Serpentis no matter which of the choices you took. After the fight, check your
Quest log to view your new quest: Board the St. Magdelena.

 Cargo Ship

If you remember, by the docks is a plank that leads up to the Cargo Ship. The
door was locked before, but after revisiting Lucretis in the Brothel, the door
will be unlocked. Enter the cargo ship, and you will find 2 Nosferatu attacking
Undercover Interpol Officers. The Nosferatu will kill the Officers, and then
attack you. Nosferatu like to go invisible, and can perform the trick a lot
better then the Nosferatu in Joseph’s Tunnels back in Prague. Kill them, and a
dying Officer will give you a clue as for what to do when you exit the boat.

New York

New York 1999

 Downtown New York (Docks Area)

When you arrive in New York, You will see George Thorne, an Interpol Officer,
ducking down behind some boxes. Speak to him, and he will spill some
and give you the quest: Get the Warehouse Access Codes. To find the Access
you need to explore all of New York, speaking to people. After speaking with
George Thorne, continue up the street. You will find a Homeless Lady. She speaks
the same gibberish that Lebussa spoke back in Prague. Turn around, facing away
from the Homeless Lady, and you should see the door to the Giovanni Warehouse.
will be locked, but at least you know where it is now.

A little further up the road, you will see 3 Nosferatu cornering another
Nosferatu by the name of Samuel. As you approach these Nosferatu, they will warn
you that this is none of your business. Samuel will ask for your help, and then
the Nosferatu will attack you. Kill them and Samuel will speak with you. He will
mention Devnel, a Malkavian who is very experienced with computers. After the
dialogue ends, Samuel will join you.

If you continue to Explore Downtown New Your, you will find 3 locations of

The first that you will come to will be a fire escape ladder in a near by alley.
The ladder will take you to Dev/Null’s Apartment. In Dev/Null’s Apartment, you
will find your New Your safe Haven, and Dev/Null. Dev/Null will be in a far off
corner, sitting in a chair, facing his massive computer setup. Speak to Dev/Null
and you will gain anew quest: Attach Transponder Uplink. To exit Dev/Nulls
Apartment, you will need to exit through the window. The door does not open, so
check all the windows until you find the correct one.
After visiting Dev/Null, you will notice the entrance to the sewers off to the
left. If you have spoken with Dev, the sewer door will be unlocked.
The third location of interest will be the Gun Haven. Inside you will meet Hank
Winchester. He is the New York version of Otto from London. You can buy and sell
weapons and armor from Hank.
 The final location of interest will be a Taxicab parked just outside of the Gun
Haven. The Taxicab will take you to New Your Uptown.
 Uptown New York

If you take the Taxicab to Uptown New Your, you can explore that area now. You
will find sever locations of interest.

First you will find the New Moon. This shop is New York’s version of the Curio
Shop in London. You can buy magic items, blood, scrolls and the like from this
shop. At this stage of the game, this shop will be the only location of interest
to you. The other locations will be locked, or require you to do other things.
You will also find the Lobby of Barclay South. If you enter, you can take a look
around, but no one is in there. You will return later however, so remember this
Behind the Lobby of Barclay South, you will find the Barclay South Storage Room.
It will be locked at this point in the game, but take note of its location.
If you explore the side streets, you will find a door. This door will take you
a ruined church. There will be a set of stairs leading downward, where you will
find the door to the Cathedral of Flesh. This door will be locked until later in
the game, but remember the location.
While exploring Uptown New York, you may notice a door marked “Orsi’s Factory”.
You may remember this name from Vienna. Remember the guy who tossed you into the
Teutonic Knights Base?
Searching the ground, you should find a door to the Sewers. It will be locked so
do not panic. You will find the entrance to the sewers in Downtown. This sewer
door happens to be the exit.
Finally, you will find the Taxicab that will take you back to Downtown New York.

The Sewers


Now after you have visited each of the above locations, you should have a good
idea on what to do now. You need to locate the sewers below the city, and find
the FBI Communications Line #204. You will need to attach the Transponder Uplink
that Dev/Null gave to you to this line. As soon as you exit Dev/Null’s
you will see a manhole cover on the ground towards your left. The manhole can be
opened now that you have spoken with Dev/Null. Click on the manhole to enter the

 Sewers Level 1

Level 1 starts out as a one way path. You will fight your past Ghoul Rats, Ghoul
Spiders, and Nosferatu. There are side paths, but most of them are impassable.
Exploring ahead, you will come to a room that has a lot of green sewer water.
There will be 3 Nosferatu on a grated platform, some stairs leading down to the
green water, and 2 valves on the right hand wall. Click Release Valve #1, and
This will open a door that you passed on your way here. Return back out the way
you came until you return to the room that had a drainpipe on the main wall, and
a large rectangle puddle of clear water on the ground. You should see a new path
has opened up. Take this path. You will come to a room that has a door in the
back corner, and a new path off to the left corner. Open and enter the door. You
will find a lot of good items. Nothing spectacular, but most of these items are
of some value. Grab all you can, and return to the last room. Now follow the
other path from this room. You will come to a room that has a view of the room
that had the green sewer water, grated platform, and stairs leading to the
In this room, you will find another path leading to Sewers Level 2.

 Sewers Level 2

When you enter Level 2, you will be able to go towards the right only. This will
take you to a room that has a small bridge, and a blocked off room. In the
blocked off room, you will see a tomb of Protean. You will not have access to
this room from here, so continue across the bridge. Soon, you will come to an
intersection where you can continue straight ahead, or turn towards your right.
If you continue straight ahead, you will find the room that had the Tomb of
Protean. Now enter the path that was off to the left, and you will come to a
with a pillar, or conduit stretching from the floor to the roof. It will have
electricity flowing all over it. In the left of this room you will find a small
room. This room will have 2 Circuit Valves (#1 and #2). Click both Valves, and
then return to the room with the large conduit. Now if you go down the stairs
towards the right side of this room, you will cross an electric floor, and be
able to continue onward.  This path will circle back to the room with the large
conduit. Just continue searching and you will find Circuit Valve #3. Click the
valve and then continue to follow the path. You will come to a puddle of water
that has a break in the wall next to it. You can now enter that path to continue
further through Level 2. If you continue ahead, you will return to the room with
the conduit. The puddle of water was once electrified, and very dangerous to
cross. By turning each of the 3 Circuit Valves, you cut the power that was
energizing this puddle, and the rail tracks in the next room.  Enter the broken
wall path, and you will find a series of subway tracks. Walk to the end of this
path, you will see a new path going towards the right, and you will have access
to the upper level. The upper level has a few times for you to take but that is
about all. The path off to the right will take you to the Sewers Level 3.

 Sewers Level 3

When you enter Level 3, you will come to an intersection. The paths that lead
of the main path are dead ends. At the next intersection you come to, you can go
towards the left. If you continue straight ahead at this intersection, you will
come to a dead end. Towards the left, you will find a small doorway that will
lead further into Level 3. After you have explored through a few rooms, you will
find another small doorway to enter. This path will take you to an overhanging
staircase that will allow you access to the next Sewer tunnel. Continue ahead,
and you will eventually come to a room cut in half by sewer water. On the edge
near the water, you will find a Skiff (raft). Step on the Skiff, and you will
float across the water. As you are crossing, and Alligator will begin to stalk
you. When you land on the other side of the water, the Alligator will be there
meet you. Kill it, and walk forward. Three more Alligators lay in waiting for
to walk near them. Kill these 3, and enter the last sewer pipe. This pipe will
take you to Level 4.

 Sewers Level 4

After entering Level 4, walk the path before you. You will come to a larger
circular shaped room. In this room you will find lots of Ghoul Rats and the
Prince himself. Kill the Prince, and the door behind where he stood will slide
open. Follow the path to another room, and then into another sewer pipe. You
see a lift that will take you up to Uptown New York. Before you exit, look on
left hand wall. You will find the CC Line #204. Click it to install the
Transponder. After that has been done, exit to Uptown New York.

When you return to Uptown New York from the sewers, you need to make your way
back to Dev/Null’s Apartment. Speak to Dev/Null and you will gain the access
codes to the warehouse. Listen closely to this conversation. Dev/Null is a bit
hard to understand, but if you listed to him closely, he actually drops you a
clues for the upcoming events. If you do not understand him, or can not make
sense of his ramblings, do not worry. You will find out soon enough. As you near
the end of the dialogue, Christof will that the “Ohh Noble Lunatic” for the
codes. You will gain the quest: Use Access codes to Enter Warehouse.

Now, exit Dev/Null’s Apartment through the window, and head back to the
you saw when you first entered Downtown New York.

 Giovanni Warehouse

 Giovanni Warehouse

When you enter the Warehouse, begin working your way forward. In this area, you
will mostly be fighting the Giovanni. Soon you come to a room that has a garage
type door that is locked, and a incline going up to the upper level. Go up the
incline and you will find a lever. This lever will activate the garage door
below. Return to the ground level, and enter the garage door you just opened.
will enter a stock room. There will be 2 doors in this room. The first door you
find will be locked. In the back of the room, you will find the second door. In
the room this door leads to, you will find a push button switch. This button
unlock the first door you found. Enter it, and continue through the next door.
You will enter another stock room. In this room you will find George Thorne (the
Interpol Officer you met when you first arrived in New York) fighting off a few
Giovanni. After the fight, you will speak with him for a moment. In the same
room, you will find another door right next to the door you entered. Continue
ahead… You will pass through another stock room, and shortly after, you will
the stairs to Level 2.

 Giovanni Warehouse Level 2

When you enter Level 2, you will come to a room that looks like a loading bay.
There is a door on the lower level, on the other side of the room. It will be
locked. The cabin room on the upper level will have a switch in it. This switch
will unlock and open the door on the lower level. Follow this path until you
to a room that has slide rollers. The kind they use in packaging plants where
they can slide boxes across the room. Anyway, you will find a cabin room that
a lever, and a Tomb of Mortis. The lever will open a door back behind the
rollers. From this point on, Level 2 will be a long one way path, going from
to room. Fight your way through it, and you will come to an elevator leading to
Level 3.

 Giovanni Warehouse Level 3

Work your way through Level 3 until you come to a room with a jail cell, an
elevator, and a fancy door. Level 3 will be a simple one way path up to this
room. The jail cell is empty, the elevator will take you back up to Level 1, and
the fancy door will take you into Allesandro Giovanni’s office.

Tip: Before entering the office of Allesandro Giovanni, remove off of pinks
items. Place them on another member of your party. You will be thankful in a

After the ordeal with Big Al (I will keep this part brief to prevent any story
line spoilers), check behind his desk. You will find the Hand of Conrad. If you
look on Al’s desk, you will find “Big Al’s Ledger”. When you pick this item up,
you will gain the quest: Enter Orsi’s Penthouse. You will find Orsi’s Penthouse
at the top of the Barclay South.

Orsi's Penthouse

 Barclay South Lobby / Orsi’s Penthouse

If you have already recovered Big Al’s Ledger from the Giovanni Warehouse, then
when you enter the Barclay South Lobby, Fred Varney will be standing there. He
the salesman for the building. Apparently, Orsi has moved out. While speaking
with Fred Varney, you will learn of  a Party Orsi is throwing. Fred will allow
you access to the Penthouse. On the elevator, you will find a button. Push it
the elevator doors will slide open. When you enter Orsi’s Penthouse, you will
find it vacant. If you explore the Penthouse well, you will find a Blood Pallet.
Lily recognizes this as the work of her master Alexandra. You will gain the
quest: Find Alexandra. If you found the Barclay South Storage Room earlier, when
you return to it now, the door will be unlocked.

 Barclay South Storage Room

When you enter the Storage room, you will find Alexandra. She will be painting a
picture of Vukodlak. Speak to her for a run down on the nights planned events.
During the conversation 2 Ventrue will enter and request the painting. When they
find you there, they will attack. After you kill the Giovanni, you will gain the
quest: Infiltrate Orsi’s Factory. Before you leave this room, be sure to snag
painting. You will need “Orsi Blood Portrait” in order to enter the Factory.

Orsi's Factory

 Orsi’s Factory

If you have the painting of Vukodlak that Alexandra painted, then the Ventrue
outside Orsi’s Factory will unlock the door. You will enter Orsi International
Level 4 (Sublevel 1). At this point you will gain a new quest: Find Orsi. Near
is another door that will take you to Level 1.

 Orsi International Level 1

This area is very simple. There are no levers or intricate hallways. When you
enter Level 1, you will find a series of interlinked rooms. In this level, you
will fight Ventrue, War Ghouls, and a Tzimisce. Explore then thoroughly, and you
will find that they all connect, and lead to the same place. When you find the
path that takes you further into level 1, it will be a one way path. This path
will lead to the door to Level 4 (Sub Level 2). When you re-enter Level 4, you
will walk a small catwalk, and enter the door to Level 2.  .

 Orsi International Level 2

When you enter Level 2, take a moment to admire the Corpse Conveyer. Your [Z]
will help you to see upwards. You can watch as the corpses are brought to a
of spikes to puncture holes to bleed from. Then the corpses are run through
rollers to squeeze the blood from them. Follow the corpses to the next station,
and you will see them dunked into fire to cauterize the wounds. In this room you
will also see to doorways. You will find one door near the “dunking station” and
one on the other side of the room, where the corpses are going. Go ahead and
check out the room behind the dunking station now. In this room, you will find
lots of bad guys, and a Tomb of Dominate. You will also see a hallway leading
of this room. Follow it until it comes to an intersection. You can go to the
right or go straight ahead. The path to the right will take you back to
the “Dunking Station” we saw earlier. Going straight ahead will take you to a
room with lots of War Ghouls, and Ventrue. At the back of this room, you can
cross to the platform the Ventrue were on. This platform will lead back to Level
4 (Sublevel 3). Cross the platform, and you will enter Level 3.

 Orsi International Level 3

You will find Level 3 to be made up mostly of a one way path. There are twists
and turns, and a few side rooms, but the main path will lead you most of the way
through. Instead of boring you with twists and turns (In this simple level) I
will leave it up to you to explore. This level is very short, and before you
it, you will find the door to Level 4 (Sublevel 4). When you enter Sublevel
4/Level 4, you will walk the catwalk up to Count Orsi. Speak with him, and you
will hear a very lengthy run down on the past 800 years. After you defeat Orsi,
you will ride the elevator down to Sublevel 1. You will notice the girls from
Count Orsi’s party 800 years ago in Vienna. They will be just below you near the
exit to the factory. Make your way down the catwalk, and speak with them. At
first they will refuse to answer you on Vukodlaks location. You will have a
choice to threaten them, or leave them in peace. Either way, they will tell you
Vukodlaks location, but if you threaten them, you will lose some humanity. Now
exit the factory through the door behind the girls. You will return to the
streets of New York, as the clock strikes midnight.

Cathedral of Flesh

 Cathedral of Flesh

Just up the road from Orsi’s Factory, you will find a gate leading to a ruined
church. Within these ruins, you will find a door leading to the Cathedral of

 Cathedral of Flesh Level 1

When you enter the Cathedral, you will hear a disturbing laugh echo from the
distance. This is do doubt, the laugh of Vukodlak. In the first room, you will
see a path leading towards the left, and a path going forward. Take the path on
the left. It will take you through a series of interlinked rooms, and return you
to the path in the center of the first room. Along this path you will fight a
Vozhd. You may remember fighting one of these back in Vysehrad Castle. In the
path straight ahead, where it meets with the path from the left, you will find a
Tomb of Animalism. You will also see a new path leading further into the
Cathedral. You will come to a room with 2 paths. A door marked as “Cathedral
Bowels” blocks one path. This door will be locked until later. Take the forward
path, and you will enter Level 2

 Cathedral of Flesh Level 2

When you enter Level 2, follow the path before you. You will come to a room
Lebussa awaits. Speak with her for her normal nonsense. There are 2 directions
here, one path leading behind Lebussa, and the other leading towards the side of
her. Behind her is a room with a few monsters and 2 chests. The path towards the
side of Lebussa will take you further into Level 2. You will come to a room with
another Vozhd. In this room you will find 2 chests, and another path. The path
before you will lead directly to Vukodlak himself. Before you enter this room, I
strongly suggest you walk the Abyss and save your game. This time, be sure to
actually save the game by touching the Ankh in your Safe Haven. This way you
have a saved game ready to revert to after you have written over your autosave.


As you approach Vukodlak, you will see Anezka by his side. Vukodlak will speak
with you, and after the conversation, he will attack you. Vukodlak has some very
powerful attack. Strong enough to kill a member of your group each time he
swings. The easiest way to defeat him is to use Prison of Ice. This will leave
him frozen for a few seconds while your guys hack away. You will need to keep
in the Prison of Ice through the entire fight. After you defeat him, Vukodlak
will drop you into the Cathedral Bowels.

 Cathedral Bowels

When you first enter the Bowels, you will be in a room with a few bad guys.
your way through them, and you will come to the “Wall of Memory”. In this room
you will find 8 Diary Speakers. Each of these holds one of Anezka’s true
memories. In order to open the door at the end of this room, you will need to
hear the memory from all 8 Diaries. To follow the story line correctly, you will
start by clicking the first Diary Speaker on the Left hand side of the room.
After the Speaker has finished, you will move across to the first Speaker on the
right hand side of the room. Continue from this speaker to the second speaker on
the left hand side of the room. Continue this back and forth pattern until you
have listened to all 8 speakers. After listening to a few of the Diary Speakers,
Lily will begin to make comments about what was heard. You will have to choose a
response to what she has said. Choose wisely, as the choices you make directly
affect your humanity. Once you have listened to all 8 Diary Speakers, the door
the back of the room will slide open. In the next room, you will find Lebussa.
Speak to her, and she will tell you to follow her. Naturally, you are a bit
reluctant. You will be given 2 choices for dialogue: I go, but with my swords at
thy back, or “get thee behind me”. If you chose “Get thee behind me” then the
conversation will end with no results. You will need to speak to her again,
you reply “I go, but with my sword at thy back”. After you agree, Lebussa will
open the wall behind her, allowing you to return to Vukodlak. You will exit this
level back into Level 1. Instead of heading towards Vukodlak’s chamber, head
towards the exit of the Cathedral. You will find Vukodlak there. You will speak
with him again, and then he will transform into his true shape. Again you will
have to fight him, and again Prison of Ice is the key to victory. When Vukodlak
dies this defeated this time, you will view the final cut scene. In this cut
scene, you will embrace Anezka so you to can live on together forever.

 Alternative Endings

The ending in the walkthrough is only one of three possible endings. I chose
ending for the walkthrough because it is the “good ending”, and the ending most
people will want to follow. Which ending you will view is directly related to
your Humanity. If you have a high humanity, you will see the good ending. If you
have a low Humanity you will see the “bad ending”. Now keep in mind, when I say
bad ending, I mean “Bad Guy” ending. I do not mean that this ending is bad
compared to the “good” ending. Below are the means to view each ending. To view
them, you will need to have lowered your Humanity before the first time you
to Vukodlak. You can do this quick and easily by returning to the streets of New
York, and killing the innocent pedestrians, police officers and the like. If you
have a low Humanity to begin with, you will be unable to raise it at this stage
of the game.

Ending 1 (the “Good Ending”) – You will need to have at least 70 for humanity.
When you first speak to Vukodlak, you will have no options but to fight him. You
will flat out refuse his offer to join him.

Ending 2 (the “Normal Ending”) – You will need to have at least 35 for humanity.
When you first speak to Vukodlak, you will be given dialogue choices. Through
these choices, you can finish with the good ending, the neutral ending, or the
bad ending. For the neutral ending, you will join with Vukodlak, and will gain
Anezka as your own ghoul.

Ending 3 (the “Bad Ending”) – You will need a Humanity of 5. When you first
to Vukodlak, you will not be given any dialogue choices. Instead, you will leap
attack him, draining him of his Vitae. This will complete your evil

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