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Читы для Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal

Чит-файл для Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal

Warcraft 2:
Beyond the Dark Portal

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Cyberlore Studios и Blizzard Entertainment
Издатель:Blizzard Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Add-on / Strategy (Real-time) / Top-down
Похожие игры:Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла 16 мая 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal Complete
 Texts Compiled in 1999 by K'tav

All information in this file was compiled from "WAR2\DATA\STRDAT.WAR"


A.Introduction to the Game
B.Tides of Darkness Campaign texts
C.Beyond the Dark Portal Campaign texts
D.Apendix: WarCraft II Tips, Clans and Nations, Ranks, Unfinished Work

A.Introduction to the Game

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness takes you to the next level of real-time
 strategy games as the battle for the kingdoms of Azeroth continue over
 land, sea, and air.

Having formed an alliance with the Human nations Elven and Dwarven
 forces join the Human armies in a quest to free Azeroth and drive the
 Orcs back through the mystic portal. By taking to the air with strange
 flying machines the Alliance hopes to turn the tide of the war.
 Invention and magic combines to create great sea going vessels to
 combat the Orcish navies, and defend the shores of mankind against
 further invasion. These ships may carry troops or weapons with which
 to defeat the enemy and some are rumored to travel beneath the waves.
 Many new structures have been created to assist in battling the Horde.
 From the mysterious shack of the gnomish inventor, to the majestic
 aviary that is home of both the great winged beasts and their riders,
 these sites may prove vital to the ultimate outcome of the campaign
 ahead. The ever present basics of society are still essential though
 and prove to support and maintain the way of life that defines the
 people of Azeroth. Whether it be farms to feed their bodies, or
 churches to feed their souls, the core of human civilization remains
 amidst the terrible conflict that rages on.

The Orcs have not rested upon their victories however and seek to
 destroy all traces of humanity. By pressing the Trolls and Ogres into
 service the Horde plans to become the true and final ruler over the
 whole of Azeroth. The Orcish navy is one built on power.  Destroyers
 and Juggernauts ride the waves in search of Alliance ships to crush
 under their mighty hulls and devastate with their weaponry. Although
 some of their ships carry warriors the Orcs prefer to sink enemy ships
 and then bombard weak coastal towns. From the solitary confines of
 their scout towers, to the massive spires of their strongholds, the
 Horde has constructed new buildings from which to mount their
 offensive. These advanced structures and the support they will offer
 should prove to be a constant thorn in the side of the Human forces.
 As peons continue to support the armies by slaving in the forests and
 mines, the farm and lumber mill remain staples in maintaining any
 Orcish settlement.

Weapons will always need making and honing as will the military.  Some
 things never change. As the augmented forces of the Horde and the
 Alliance meet in the field of battle, new units will sway the fight in
 unique and unexpected ways.  Support from the skies will play an
 important part in many confrontations. The seasons and climates will
 also come into play as the cold of winter cloaks the pitch in its icy
 embrace. Machines of war and fortified battlements prove to make the
 contest a careful balance of clever tactics and raw firepower. As the
 tempature falls the importance of controlling the sea becomes apparent
 as vital supply lines are cut short. Not even the bravest of warriors
 can survive long without fuel for the furnace or gold to raise more

As victories amass and forces roll forward, fully rendered scenes tell
 the tale of the struggle between the Alliance and the Horde. Whether
 you achieve great success or fall prey to dismal failure, each aspect
 is played out in both campaigns. Welcome to the world of Warcraft, a
 place where even the impossible is achievable and the fantastic
 becomes reality.

B.Tides of Darkness Campaign texts

Orc Campaign

Act I Seas of Blood


The Horde is preparing to launch an assault against the mainland of
 Lordaeron. Orgrim Doomhammer - War Chief of the Orcish Hordes and
 Ruler of the Blackrock clan - has ordered you to establish a small
 outpost on Lordaeron's southern shores. To secure the Zul'dare region
 as Doomhammer demands you will need to construct a Barracks and
 several Farms to feed your troops. Your success may help us determine
 the extent of the pathetic Human defenses and what resistance they can
 offer against our forces.

-Build four Farms
-Build a Barracks


Our spies report that a band of Human soldiers have captured a war
 party led by Troll commander Zuljin and have taken them to a secret
 prison near the township of Hillsbrad. Seeing an opportunity to place
 these captives in debt to the Horde, Doomhammer sends you to ransom
 Zuljin and his Trolls and return them to their own encampment nearby.
 The War Chief believes that this raid upon the unsuspecting prison
 will strike terror into the hearts of those who would dare resist the

-Rescue Zuljin
-Return him to the Circle of Power


In preparation for a final strike on Hillsbrad, the War Chief directs
 you to begin construction of facilities for the Orcish Armada near the
 Southshore region. Zuljin and his Trolls, eager to take revenge upon
 the Humans who imprisoned them, have agreed to aid the Horde by
 supplying Axethrowers and Destroyers to assist in defending your
 Southshore operation. A Shipyard must be constructed in order to build
 our wave riders and you will need much of the black liquid known as
 Oil to build your fleet. Our assault on Hillsbrad cannot begin until
 your task is completed.

-Build a Shipyard
-Build four Oil Platforms


Now that the Armada is well supplied with the precious black substance
 that your Tankers have amassed, Doomhammer feels it is time to make a
 gruesome example of Hillsbrad. With the aid of new Foundry sites that
 allow you to construct more advanced ships, you may build Transports
 to deliver your forces across the channel to the cowering Human
 settlement. All who oppose the Horde must be taught a harsh lesson -
 leave no one alive!

-Destroy Hillsbrad
-Slaughter the Alliance's defenders

Act II Khaz Modan


The township of Hillsbrad has been decimated, and throughout the Human
 kingdoms the rumors of impending doom spread like wildfire. War Chief
 Doomhammer is pleased with your success and has deemed you worthy of a
 more difficult task. Troubles have arisen in the Dwarven lands of Khaz
 Modan. A taskforce of Stromgarde warriors have laid siege to Dun Modr
 - a vital staging area for Horde troops. You are to retake Dun Modr
 and then bring your forces to bear against Stromgarde's nearby island
 citadel of Tol Barad.

-Retake Dun Modr
-Destroy Tol Barad


Doomhammer has sent word that the Ogre-Mage Cho'gall, chieftain of the
 Twilight's Hammer clan, is personally inspecting the Refinery at Grim
 Batol. Cho'gall and his convoy will be traveling through the badlands
 of Khaz Modan, and an ambush by Stromgarde warriors is expected. The
 War Chief expects you to safeguard Cho'gall and his minions through
 this region. Should he die, your life will be forfeit as well. . .

-Escort Cho'gall to the Circle of Power at Grim Batol


Cho'gall reports that the Khaz Modan Refineries are well maintained and
 fulfilling their quotas. The Horde will now have more than enough Oil
 to mount a fierce campaign in the lands far to the north. Only the
 troublesome Human defenders of Stromgarde remain to be dealt with
 before sending the Horde on its next sojourn. The Human fleet has
 captured a group of our Transports just south of Stromgarde. Recapture
 these vessels and then lay waste to their capital.

-Recapture the Orc Transports
-Destroy Stromgarde

Act III Quel 'Thalas


Your forces have been assigned to an area along the southern border of
 the Elven kingdom of Quel'thalas. Gul'dan, hoping to sow the seeds of
 chaos among the Human and Elven allies, has located a mysterious Elven
 artifact near the Keep of Caer Darrow. This huge, monolithic Runestone
 is guarded by a Human Castle on the small island located in the middle
 of Darrowmere lake. You must destroy the forces that guard this relic
 and gain control of the Runestone for use by the Horde.

-Destroy the Human Castle
-Secure the Runestone


With the capture of the Elven Runestone, Gul'dan has been able to warp
 the power it contains to mutate an entire legion of his loyal and
 ruthless Ogres into wielders of arcane magiks. Along with this
 transformation these Ogre-Magi have been granted deadly magiks and a
 malicious cunning rivaling that of Gul'dan himself. You are to employ
 the Ogre-Magi in the creation and defense of a Fortress at the mouth
 of Tyr's Bay, cutting off the Human supply lines into Quel'thalas.

-Build a Fortress and a Shipyard on the island at the mouth of Tyr's


Stratholme, the chief source of Alliance Oil in the north, is preparing
 to deliver massive amounts of Oil to the kingdoms in western
 Lordaeron. You must sabotage their Refineries and Platforms to halt
 this shipment.  Once Stratholme's ability to gather and process Oil is
 destroyed, proceed to crush any and all resistance offered by the

-Destroy all Oil Platforms
-Destroy Refineries
-Destroy Stratholme


With the destruction of Stratholme, the Alliance supply lines to
 Quel'thalas have been severed. Only a handful of Human and Elven
 defenders remain to safeguard the ancient Elf kingdom from the
 onslaught of the Horde. The enchanted domain of the Elves has inspired
 Gul'dan to unleash his most perverted creation  - the Death Knights.
 Formed from the corpses of the fallen Knights of Azeroth, these once
 proud defenders of Humanity now serve the Horde in a blasphemous state
 of eternal undeath.  Conjuring dark spells of necromantic horror upon
 their terrified foes, these Death Knights seek to unleash their wrath
 upon any foolish enough to stand in their way.

-Destroy the Elven Stronghold

Act IV Tides of Darkness


The Northlands have fallen, and now only the western regions of
 Lordaeron stand defiant before the ultimate supremacy of the Horde. As
 the Orc clans prepare for their final, massive campaign against the
 weakening Alliance, the War Chief sends you ill tidings. . . Gul'dan
 and his Stormreaver clan have betrayed the Horde and coerced the
 Twilight's Hammer clan to set sail and search for an ancient tomb said
 to be buried beneath the waves. An infiltrator under the direction of
 Doomhammer reports that Gul'dan has indeed raised volcanic islands
 from the ocean floor and thus has opened a hidden vault. While it is
 unknown what the great Warlock has released from this tomb, the War
 Chief has issued this command - Destroy the renegade clans and return
 with the head of Gul'dan.

-Destroy the Stormreaver clan
-Destroy the Twilight's Hammer clan


The hour of judgment is close at hand as the Orcish Hordes stand ready
 to sweep across this domain like a pestilence and seize the capital of
 Lordaeron. Standing vigilant above the plains like the descending arm
 of twilight itself, is the Violet Citadel of Dalaran. The Citadel -
 serving as sanctum and haven to the Mages of Lordaeron - is the last
 barrier between the Orcs and their subjugation of Humanity. Manifested
 in the combined magical prowess of all Mages within the Alliance, this
 place must fall for the Horde to conquer Lordaeron. Fortunately,
 Orgrim Doomhammer has saved his greatest weapon, ready to unleash it
 upon the unsuspecting Alliance at just this moment - Dragons.

-Destroy Dalaran
-Destroy the Alliance's defenders


The alabaster parapets of Lordaeron's capital loom before you in the
 distance.  The proud, defiant armies of the Alliance stand resolute in
 their final, fleeting moments. All that remains is the shrill, clarion
 call to battle and the fulfillment of our destiny.  The tides of
 darkness are now at hand!

-Destroy all that you behold in the name of the Horde!

The victory pyres burn high into the twilight skies covering the ruined
 capital of Lordaeron.  Your success has led Orgrim Doomhammer - War
 Chief of the Orcish Hordes - to elevate you to the station of Warlord,
 thus giving you power and the command of your own clan.  The Alliance
 has finally been crushed, with all those surviving being slain and
 cremated as is dictated by the rituals.  At long last Azeroth and all
 of its lands belong to the thunderous force known to those foolish
 enough to stand in its way as the Horde!

Human Campaign

Act I The Shores of Lordaeron


Due to your position as regional commander of the southern defense
 forces, Lord Terenas commands that you raise an outpost in the
 Hillsbrad foothills. It is rumored that Orcish marauders have been
 raiding coastal towns in the area, but whether these attacks are part
 of a greater Horde offensive is, as yet, unknown. Your outpost is to
 provide food and information for Alliance troops and, as such, should
 be a community consisting of at least four Farms. You must also
 construct a Barracks in order to safeguard the Hillsbrad operation.

-Build four Farms
-Build a Barracks


The mysterious Elves of Silvermoon have sent a contingent of Archers
 south to survey the supposed Orcish threat for themselves. Our spies
 report that shortly after passing through the Alterac grasslands the
 Elves were ambushed by Horde troops. It is believed that these Elves
 are now being held in a small prison camp near the northwest region of
 Tarren Mill. Lord Terenas, fervently hoping to enlist the Elves into
 the Alliance, has asked that you search for the missing warriors and
 deliver them to safety. The Elves have sent a cadre of Archers to
 assist in your quest.  You will also be provided with plans to
 construct an Elven Lumber Mill and the sylvan craftsman to operate it.

-Rescue a captured Elven Archer
-Return him to the Circle of Power


With the safe return of the Elves from the loathsome clutches of the
 Orcs, the Council of Silvermoon has resolved to combine the armies of
 Quel'thalas with those of the Alliance of Lordaeron. As a show of
 their support, a mighty fleet of Elven Destroyers have been sent to
 help safeguard the Lordaeron mainland. In preparation for the arrival
 of these ships, Daelin Proudmoore - Lord of Kul Tiras and Grand
 Admiral of the Lordaeron Fleet - has ordered that you begin the
 construction of naval facilities near the township of Southshore.
 There is some suspicion that the Horde has constructed a secret base
 near the mainland, so it is imperative that you begin building your
 defense with haste.

-Build a Shipyard
-Build four Oil Platforms


Having established some order in the region with a display of naval
 power, Admiral Proudmoore advises that the time has come to search out
 the secret lair of the Orcs. Scouts report that this base is located
 somewhere within the Zul'dare region of the Channel Islands, just
 south-east of Hillsbrad. Lordaeron artificers have completed designs
 for a Foundry. With this new innovation, you will be able to construct
 Transport ships that can ferry your troops across large bodies of
 water. These vessels should provide great assistance in the completion
 of your task.

-Destroy the Orc base

Act II Khaz Modan


Although the Horde has been driven from the shores of Lordaeron, it has
 left the townships of Hillsbrad and Southshore in ruins. It is clear
 that the war will cost the Alliance dearly... Impressed with your
 victories against the Horde and the destruction of the Zul'dare base,
 the High Command has decided to dispatch you and your troops to the
 main battleground. The forces of Stromgarde and Kul Tiras are
 stationed along the northern border of Khaz Modan, fighting to keep
 the Orcs from advancing into southern Lordaeron. An Orcish outpost,
 nestled near the ruins of the ancient Dwarven city of Dun Modr, has
 repeatedly beaten back Alliance troops and ravaged the surrounding
 farmlands. You must reclaim the nearby island Keep at Tol Barad and
 then launch an attack upon the outpost.

-Reclaim Tol Barad
-Destroy Dun Modr


Following their defeat at Dun Modr, the Orcs were forced to retreat
 south, across the Thandol Valley to a secondary outpost at Dun Algaz.
 Lord Lothar, hoping to push the Orcs even further back into Khaz
 Modan, has ordered that you destroy this newly discovered encampment.
 To aid you in your mission, you will be able to employ Knights who are
 eager to engage the Horde in glorious battle.

-Destroy Dun Algaz


Advance scouts report that they have located Grim Batol - the primary
 base of the Horde's Refinery operations in Khaz Modan. Seeing a chance
 to strike a decisive blow against the Horde, Lord Lothar has ordered
 that you infiltrate Grim Batol and put an end to all Orcish activity
 there. Once Grim Batol has been destroyed, Lothar believes that the
 Orcs will have no further use for Khaz Modan, thus pulling their
 forces back to the mainland of Azeroth. Victory could secure the
 shores of Lordaeron and greatly impede the Horde offensive.

-Destroy five Oil Refineries

Act III The Northlands


With the destruction of Dun Modr and the downfall of Grim Batol, the
 Orcs have completely withdrawn their armies from Khaz Modan. While
 your victories have been notable, the menace of the Horde still hangs
 over the head of the Alliance. Lord Lothar has stationed your troops
 in the northlands to protect the borders of Quel'thalas. Troubles have
 arisen in the township of Tyr's Hand, with the local peasant
 population in a state of minor revolt. You must quell this uprising
 and then summon the Knights of the Silver Hand to watch over the
 populace. To maintain order in the region, you must search out all of
 the Horde forces in the area and destroy them.

-Quell the peasant uprising
-Build a Castle
-Destroy enemy forces


With his Paladins keeping vigilant watch over the northlands, the
 Archbishop's assistant Uther Lightbringer of Lordaeron has come to
 offer comfort to those who are suffering the misfortunes of war. Lord
 Lothar has entrusted you with the protection of the Paladins'
 Commander and his entourage as they travel to the island township of
 Caer Darrow.

-Escort the Lightbringer to the Circle of Power at Caer Darrow


Following the battle at Caer Darrow, a number of renegade Alterac
 soldiers were captured. A crew of Alterac sailors were also caught
 assisting the Horde during the battle and have been placed under close
 guard. Under the edict of Lord Lothar, you are to restrain the
 prisoners until they can be escorted to the capital of Lordaeron for

-Build transports at Stratholme
-Transport four Alterac traitors to the Circle of Power at Stratholme

Lord Lothar sends word that the Alliance has been betrayed.  Lord
 Perenolde - sovereign ruler of Alterac - has been working with the
 Horde since the beginning of the war. It was Perenolde who provided
 the Orcs with the routes of the Elven strikeforce passing through
 Tarren Mill. The rebellion at Tyr's Hand was also started by Alterac
 spies in hopes of concealing the Orcish mining facility located there.
 The High Command has decreed that the nation of Alterac has committed
 treason against the Alliance and their union with the Orcish Hordes
 must be broken. You must free those unjustly held by Perenolde and
 enlist their aid in launching an attack against Alterac's capital.

-Free the Mages and Peasants
-Destroy Alterac

Act IV Return to Azeroth


With the destruction of Alterac, the Orcish armies in the north have
 staged a massive retreat. Admiral Proudmoore sends word that Gnomish
 Submarines have located the Horde's main naval base near Crestfall.
 Proudmoore believes that the Orcs plan to launch the remainder of
 their armada and retreat to the mainland of Azeroth. Lord Lothar has
 ordered that you destroy the base at Crestfall before the fleet can

-Destroy Orc Transports
-Destroy all Oil Derricks
-Destroy all Shipyards


The remnants of the routed Orcish fleet have managed to reach the
 northern shores of Azeroth. Admiral Proudmoore believes that the Horde
 will attempt to reinforce their main Fortress at Blackrock Spire.
 Leading a large strikeforce of Lordaeron troops, Lord Lothar was sent
 to attempt a parlay with the Orcish Chieftain Orgrim Doomhammer.  No
 reports have been heard in days. . . Assuming the worst, Admiral
 Proudmoore and King Terenas agree that it falls upon you to stage a
 final siege upon Blackrock Spire. The feral Dwarves of the Northeron
 wildlands have offered the service of their Gryphon Riders to assist
 in the decimation of the foul Orcs that have desecrated their homeland
 and slain the leader of the Alliance forces.

-Destroy Blackrock Spire
-Eradicate any and all enemy forces


The Orcs have been driven from the Northlands as the hulking remains of
 Blackrock Spire lay silent amongst the freed lands of Azeroth. The
 battered remains of the once mighty Horde have rallied to protect
 their last bastion of hope - the Great Portal. With Lord Lothar dead,
 you have been given the duty of leading the forces of Lordaeron to
 ultimate victory over the Horde -  a victory that lies with the
 destruction of the Great Portal itself. . .

-Destroy the Great Portal

Quiet settles over the Black Morass with the blackened, burning remains
 of the cursed Portal serving as a solemn reminder of the evil that
 once stood here.  After the long and savage battle, you stand
 victorious over the tattered remnants of the once mighty Orcish
 Hordes.  Those Orcs that survived the conflict have fled to the
 northeast in hopes of escaping your vengeance.  You allow them their
 reprieve, knowing that the power of the Horde has been forever broken
 and that the lands of Azeroth belong to its native sons and daughters
 once again.

C.Beyond the Dark Portal Campaign texts

Orc Campaign

Act I Draenor, The Red World


Though the Elder Shaman Ner'zhul holds the rank of Warchief of Draenor,
 your position as Slayer to the Shadowmoon clan places the duty of
 leading their armies into battle upon your head. Ner'zhul has
 discovered how the rift was first formed and now covets the idea of
 not only reopening the gateway into Azeroth, but of creating new
 Portals and seeking out even more worlds to control. You must
 subjugate an order of Death Knights who have secured the knowledge
 needed to rebuild the Dark Portal.  The renegade Ogre-Mage Mogor, of
 the Laughing Skull clan, has taken control of these dark soldiers and
 is seeking to create a powerful spell with the aid of their
 necromantic magic.  His life is also forfeit. Although we have no
 Dragons to command, we have learned that Grom Hellscream, leader of
 the Warsong clan, has been captured by the Laughing Skull and is being
 held prisoner.  Free him and he will surely aid you in your battles.

-Destroy all the Death Knights and their Temple
-Grom Hellscream must survive


The skull of Gul'dan is a powerful artifact and essential for
 resurrecting the Dark Portal.  A pathetic Orc Captain of the
 Bonechewer clan wears the skull as a symbol of his station and does
 not know of its true power. Ner'zhul has sent the Ogre hero, Dentarg,
 to influence warriors from the Thunderlord clan to join in the battle
 against the Bonechewers.  You will also be assisted by the warriors of
 the Shattered Hand and their leader Korgath Bladefist. Move quickly to
 the Thunderlord village and raise an army to crush the Bonechewer
 Captain and win the Skull of Gul'dan.

-Recruit Thunderlords (V)
-Destroy Bonechewers (G)
-Rescue Shattered Hand (W)
-Keep your Heroes alive


Ner'zhul has met with opposition to his plans from the leaders of both
 the Thunderlord and Bonechewer clans.  They desire to journey to
 Azeroth and have their clans triumph where Doomhammer had failed.
 This is a vision not shared by your Warchief... You are to lead the
 forces of Shadowmoon against the strongholds of both Bonechewer and
 Thunderlord.  Once these weak fools and their clans are removed, no
 others will dare to interfere with the dark schemes of Ner'zuhl.

-Destroy the Thunderlord Clan (Violet)
-Destroy the Bonechewers (Green)

Act II The Burning of Azeroth


From the ranks of the Death Knights comes Teron Gorefiend. The death of
 Gul'dan has placed these dark horsemen under the authority of no clan,
 but Gorefiend shares the desires of Ner'zuhl to open numerous Portals.
  He offers his influence over the Death Knights of Draenor in exchange
 for a world that the Death Knights can claim as their own. Using the
 knowledge gained at the defeat of the Ogre-Mage Mogor and the
 necromantic powers of the Death Knights, Ner'zhul successfully awakens
 the arcane energies of the mystic rift. As you lead the forces of
 Shadowmoon into Azeroth, a human battlement that has been constructed
 to keep the Portal closed stands before you.  Destroy this Citadel and
 claim the lands that surround the rift.

-Destroy the Humans
-Teron must survive


When the Horde was driven back into the Black Morass, we were able to
 only take a small portion of our forces through the Dark Portal before
 it was destroyed.  With the Dragon Queen Alexstrasza rescued and the
 Dragonmaw clan captured by the Alliance, we were no longer able to
 command these great winged beasts. While securing the rift and
 beginning construction of a new portal, your encampment is approached
 by a haggard Grunt.  His uniform marks him as a warrior of the
 Bleeding Hollow.  He tells how those of his clan who did not return
 through the Portal have eluded capture and imprisonment by the
 Alliance armies.  You also learn that many of the Dragons that were
 once enslaved have continued to feed upon Humans and are now roosting
 at Blackrock Spire.  If you can break through the Human defenses and
 gain the trust of these creatures, perhaps you can bring Ner'zhul
 powerful allies.

-Capture as many dragons as possible
-Capture the dragon roost nestled high in the mountains


Finding the survivors of the Bleeding Hollow clan and gaining the
 Dragon Deathwing as an ally has strengthened your position in Azeroth.
  Your success has not gone unnoticed by Ner'zhul.  He rewards your
 victories by assigning you a dangerous mission. Gorefiend has sensed a
 focus of arcane energies within a Castle that has been raised upon the
 foundations of Stormwind Keep.  Ner'zuhl believes that this can only
 be the fabled Book of Medivh.  Only a fool would leave such power
 unguarded, so your assault upon this New Stormwind castle will be a
 bloody one...

-Destroy everything
-Teron must survive

Act III The Great Sea


After taking the Castle of New Stormwind, you search in vain for the
 Book of Medivh.  As you sift through the rubble of the fallen human
 fortress, you discover the corpse of a Footman with a Human dagger in
 his side. The spies of the Bleeding Hollow clan have confirmed that
 this blade was crafted by the weaponsmiths of  Alterac.  These humans
 are the same that were willing to betray their own brothers, and it
 may be that they have stolen the Book of Medivh for their own
 purposes.  They will regret their decision... To journey to Alterac,
 you must first establish naval superiority over the warships of the
 Alliance.  The base at Kul Tiras has always been the human's key to
 the might of their armada.  You must establish a strong presence in
 the Great Sea in order to destroy Kul Tiras and prepare your way into

-Build five shipyards
-Destroy all enemy ships


Now that you have cleared a path to the island of Kul Tiras, you must
 send your wave riders against the core of the Human fleet. With the
 naval forces of the Humans defeated, the Horde will have free reign of
 the Great Sea.  We have also learned that Admiral Proudmoore is no
 longer a member of the Alliance and does not have the support of their
 armies.  Remove his armada and Kul Tiras will fall.

-Destroy Kul Tiras' navy
-Destroy the Human settlement of Kul Tiras (Green)


Now that the Great Sea is once again under the dominion of our wave
 riders, Ner'zhul has come upon a plan to increase the powers of the
 Dark Portal.  While he was the tutor of Gul'dan, the Shaman bound
 their souls so that he could keep watch over his disciple.  Even
 though Gul'dan knew that this link would serve to inform Ner'zhul of
 the Warlock's studies with the spirits that dwelt in the Twisting
 Nether, he was too arrogant to care. Ner'zhul has ordered you to lead
 a small band to the tomb in order to find the Jeweled Scepter of
 Sargeras.  The remains of the Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer
 encampment surround the entrance to the tomb and the howling of their
 tortured souls fill the air.  Although the inhabitants of this place
 died long ago, their bodies have been torn from earthen graves by the
 vile magiks of the Daemons and made to stalk this region for all

-Raze Ner'zhul's Mystic Sanctum
-Slay the Daemon who holds the Jeweled Sceptre

Act IV Prelude to New Worlds


Your capture of the Jeweled Scepter has greatly pleased Ner'zhul.  Word
 has come that you are to entrust it to the remaining warriors of the
 Bleeding Hollow clan as they are to return it to Draenor at all haste.
 Deathwing and his Dragons deliver you to the Keep at Alterac. While
 you could easily bring these curs to their knees, they have hidden the
 tome you seek.  They are also cunning enough to strike a bargain,
 knowing it is their only salvation.  Should they tell you the location
 of the Book, however, they fear the retribution of the Nations of
 Lordaeron and Stromgarde.  They would be willing to exchange the Book
 of Medivh for the destruction of these forces that sit along their
 borders. You must eliminate the military outposts maintained by
 Lordaeron and Stromgarde.  Then seal your pact by entering into
 Alterac, contacting the Human Mage who guards the Book, and escorting
 him to safety.

-Destroy the enemy Human settlements
-Rescue the Mage from Alterac, and return him to the circle of power


With the Book of Medivh in your control and the Jeweled Scepter
 delivered to Ner'zhul, only one artifact remains to be won.  The Mages
 of Dalaran have created a device to focus their magiks in an effort to
 reconstruct the Violet Citadel.  Ner'zhul desires this Eye of Dalaran
 to focus the dark powers of the underworld for the creation of his
 portals. Teron Gorefiend has traveled to the stronghold of the Human
 Mages at Cross Island, where they now rebuild their towers amid heavy
 fortifications.  You must break through their shoreline defenses,
 establish a base, and capture the Eye of Dalaran.  No walls will
 protect them from the vengeance of the Horde.

-Destroy all Mage Towers
-Destroy all of Dalaran (Violet)


As the burning remains of your victims fill the air with acrid smoke,
 the sky fills with a figure as black as night.  Deathwing descends,
 exhausted from his long journey from Grim Batol, bearing grave news
 from his brothers at Blackrock Spire. The Alliance has sent a host of
 warriors to the Black Morass and has engaged the forces of Warsong and
 Shattered Hand at the Dark Portal.  You must rally the forces of
 Shadowmoon to break through this siege and return the artifacts you
 have secured to Draenor.  Only then can Ner'zhul's plan of opening
 portals to new worlds be realized. Succeed and you will command vast
 armies as they ravage untold worlds.  Fail and be slaughtered.

-Capture the Dark Portal
-Destroy all Humans

Ner'zhul holds the ancient scepter of Sargeras in the air and intones
 the final words of the Spell of Conjuration.  The air about you begins
 to swirl and presses down upon the assembled masses of the Horde.
 Above you, the crimson skies break open and reveal the chaotic
 pathways of the Twisting Nether. As Ner'zhul deploys his remaining
 forces towards the new portals, you glimpse the Shattered Hand and
 Warsong clans awaiting orders on the other side of the Dark Portal.
 "Master," you ask. "Should we not recall all of our forces from
 Azeroth?"  "No," the ancient Shaman replys coldly. "They have served
 their purpose.  From this point on, all that we gain will be our's
 alone."  Ner'zhul gives a wicked grin as you unquestioningly follow
 him into the swirling madness of the Twisting Nether.

Human Campaign

Act I A Time for Heroes


Lord Khadgar, Keeper of the Eternal Watch and master of the mystic
 Citadel of Nethergarde, has sensed a dark power gathering around the
 remnants of the rift that lies within the Black Morass.  He believes
 that a new Orcish invasion is imminent, and has urged the Alliance to
 act.  The Elven Ranger Alleria, and a small band of her elite guard,
 have been sent as escort so that you may gather reinforcements to
 counter this threat. Your travels to the Castle of New Stormwind will
 lead you across the paths of both the Paladin called Turalyon and a
 mercenary captain known as Danath.  Engage their aid during your
 journey, as their leadership may be needed by the Alliance in the dark
 days ahead.

-Rescue Heroes and return all three to the circle in New Stormwind


A great host of Orcs have reconstructed the Dark Portal and now lay
 siege to the Citadel of Nethergarde.  The Horde still maintain their
 hold over the great winged dragons of Azeroth. A faction of these
 creatures, seeming to have grown to crave the taste of battle, have
 become willing allies with the Orcs under the leadership of a great
 Black Dragon known only as Deathwing. Danath has been asked to raise
 an army from New Stormwind to relieve the beleaguered forces at
 Nethergarde and drive the Horde back towards the Portal.  You must
 lead the forces of Azeroth in an attempt to break the vanguard of the
 invading Horde, for unless their assault is stopped, they will gain
 dominion over the Black Morass.

-Destroy all enemy forces
-Danath must survive


Having broken the momentum of the Horde offensive at Nethergarde, the
 time is ripe for a decisive counter attack.  The High Command agrees
 that a strong assault upon the fortress that the Orcs have raised near
 the Dark Portal may well end the conflict before it has rightly begun.
 The Arch-Wizard Khadgar, however, believes that the Orcish Hordes may
 not be here for the sake of mere conquest.  He believes that if the
 Portal can be captured, and not destroyed, he can uncover the purpose
 for the Horde's present invasion into Azeroth.

-Destroy all strongholds and fortresses
-Turalyon must reach the Dark Portal alive

Act II Draenor, The Red World


Elven scouts bring chilling news from Azeroth.  A tearing of shadows
 heralded the arrival of the mighty Orc Shaman Ner'zhul and his guard
 of Death Knights within the Royal Library of New Stormwind.
 Unleashing their black magiks, they slaughtered all who opposed them
 and then fled into the night with their prize - the Book of Medivh.
 This serves to confirm what Khadgar has gleaned from the Battle of
 Nethergarde.  He is convinced that the Horde is attempting to learn
 how the great sorcerer opened the rift between our world and that of
 the Horde, known in the Book of Medivh only as Draenor. With countless
 domains to plunder, the Horde would become an unstoppable power.  The
 High Command believes that our only recourse is to venture through the
 Portal - both to reclaim the Book of Medivh and to ensure that the
 Horde can never again threaten Azeroth.

-Erect a castle to protect the Portal
-Destroy all enemy forces


Having fortified your position on the Hellfire Peninsula where the
 Portal is located, the time has come to establish a fleet to attack
 the surrounding clans. The Orcish shipyards of Zeth'kur lie nearby,
 and for our plans to progress you must destroy them and the ships of
 war that are stationed there. While the Horde has been stunned by the
 ferocity of your attack, our presence here has driven the clans to new
 heights of fury.  You will be unable to maintain this foothold for
 long against their numbers, so your victories must be daring and

-Build three Shipyards
-Destroy all Orcish Shipyards


Kurdran - Gryphon Rider of Northeron - has returned from his patrol
 with vital news.  He has located the hidden Fortress of Auchindoun and
 the battlements that serve as stronghold to the Bleeding Hollow clan.
 Alleria's Rangers also report that they have seen a massive force
 moving towards the North, and suspect that these troops are staging
 for another attack upon Azeroth. Although the Orcish army is too large
 for your forces to battle alone, you may be able to launch a raid
 against Auchindoun.  Should your strike succeed, you would force their
 army to retreat - or be cut off and destroyed. Raze the Fortress of
 Auchindoun and retreat before their forces can rally against you.

-Turalyon and Danath must return to the Circle of Power after
 destroying Bleeding Hollow (Orange)

Act III War in the Shadows


The arcane powers that surround the blazing ruins of Auchindoun have
 made urgent the summoning of Khadgar to the dark lands of the Orcs.
 The destruction of the Bleeding Hollow clan was not without great
 price, however, for both Kurdran and his mount Sky'ree were captured
 by the Horde. While examining the remains of the great fortress, the
 Arch-Wizard has learned not only the location of the Book of Medivh,
 but also that another artifact is needed for Ner'zhul's plans to reach
 fruition - the Skull of Gul'dan.  Khadgar believes it will be possible
 to destroy the Portal and permanently seal the rift created by Medivh
 if he can acquire these artifacts. A great mountain isle lies to the
 northeast, atop which the Black Dragon Deathwing dwells.  The Skull of
 Gul'dan lies within his lair.  Alleria and Khadgar have agreed to aid
 you in stealing away the Skull and - if possible - destroy the great
 Dragon. It is rumored that Orcish tribes live on this island and offer
 captives from the Great War as sacrifices to Deathwing.  If you can
 rescue them, they may know of some weakness in the creature...

-Destroy Deathwing and his lair
-Khadgar, Alleria and Kurdran must survive.


Seeking out the artifacts needed to seal the rift has given the Horde
 time to mount a strike against us.  A great Orcish armada threatens
 the coasts that you have captured, and the armies of the Alliance have
 been hard pressed on many fronts. Our only chance for victory now lies
 in obtaining the Book of Medivh. All knowledge of the Portal rests in
 the keeping of Ner'zhul and his Order of Death Knights at the Fortress
 of Shadowmoon.  You must storm and raze the strongholds that guard the
 coastline of his lands so that our forces may be brought to bear in an
 effort to isolate and destroy his cursed sanctuary.

-Destroy all enemy forces


The towering spires of Shadowmoon reach upwards as obsidian blades to
 cleave the hostile amber skies above.  The corrupt heart of the mighty
 Shaman's power is within reach.  Press your attack and the bane of
 Ner'zuhl and his Order of Death Knights will be wiped from the face of
 Draenor, forever. By destroying this dark fortress and claiming the
 Book of Medivh, Khadgar will be able to close the rift and Azeroth
 will be rid of the Orcish Hordes once and for all!

-Destroy the Shadowmoon Fortress (Black)

Act IV The Measure of Valor


Although the Fortress of Ner'zuhl has been destroyed and the Death
 Knights scattered, neither the Shaman nor the Book of Medivh has been
 found.  As Khadgar and Turalyon use their magiks to search the ruins
 for some clue as to the location of the mystic tome, a Gnomish flying
 machine descends, bringing news from the Hellfire Peninsula and the
 Portal. A multitude of Orcs have laid siege to the fortifications at
 Hellfire.  Although the attacking warriors are not well equipped,
 their sheer numbers may spell the downfall of our forces there. You
 must take command of the Alliance armies at Hellfire and break the
 siege before our troops are pushed back through the Dark Portal.  We
 must withstand their charge long enough for the Book of Medivh to be
 recovered and the rift forever sealed.

-Hold out until the besieging Orcs retreat
-All your Heroes must survive the siege


You have proven your strength in battle, but none can stand against the
 combined might of the Horde.  We of the Laughing Skull clan, however,
 seek advantage from the turmoil of this war.  With the aid of your
 strongest warriors, our clan can gain dominance over the northern
 clans of Draenor. Do not show surprise, Human - only the strongest
 survive within the Horde. You must secure the passes across the
 Blade's Edge Mountains and destroy the stronghold of the Thunderlord
 clan that dwell there.  We will supply you with warriors and supplies
 culled from our villages.  In return, we will give you the Book of
 Medivh, which we seized from Ner'zhul's stronghold before your armies
 could destroy it.

-Destroy all enemy forces
-All your Heroes must survive


Khadgar has discovered that although the Book of Medivh was stolen from
 Ner'zhul, the ancient Shaman has learned enough of its secrets to
 conjure his darkest spell. Over the blood red skies of Draenor, huge
 dimensional rifts appear, crackling with the cosmic energy of the
 Twisting Nether. Alleria's scouts report that Ner'zhul and his
 followers escaped through the largest of the new rifts as Draenor felt
 the first of its death throes.  The tremendous energies emitted from
 the converging rifts have succeeded in breaking down the fabric of
 reality in Draenor; unleashing massive earth quakes and tidal waves
 upon its shores. Unless the Dark Portal is closed on both worlds,
 Azeroth will be subject to an enormous backlash of energy resulting
 from Draenor's catastrophic discorporation. Using the combined powers
 of the Book of Medivh and the Skull of Gul'dan, you must return
 Khadgar to the Dark Portal and seal the rift between Azeroth and the
 doomed world of Draenor, forever.

-Destroy the Dark Portal
-Only Khadgar can destroy the Portal
-Khadgar must survive

As the flames die to embers and the arcane energies that once bound two
 worlds slowly fade, the Dark Portal crumbles into dust as its powers
 subside and dissolve. The finality of what has been done here becomes
 manifest.  The moment is shattered as volcanoes erupt in fiery fury as
 the earth begins to shake beneath your feet.  The world of Draenor is
 dying... Khadgar motions toward the remaining rifts created by
 Ner'zhul and beckons you to follow him.  The warriors of Azeroth under
 your command gaze upon the rifts with uncertainty - but to remain
 would be suicide.  Knowing that their beloved Azeroth is safe from
 harm, they gather up weapons and wounded companions alike as you lead
 them into the swirling, unknown reaches of the Twisting Nether.

D.APENDIX: WarCraft II Tips, Clans and Nations, Ranks, Unfinished Work

WarCraft II Tips

You can get additional tips by selecting NEXT TIP right now, or you can
 get help later by clicking on the MENU button in the upper left of the
 screen and then choosing the HELP menu. You can create additional
 peasants in your Town Hall. You can select a group of units by holding
 down the left mouse button while dragging. You can then issue commands
 to the whole group. You can use the Right Mouse Button to issue
 Auto-Commands to a selected unit. Units can be ordered to move,
 attack, harvest, mine, or repair with a single click. You can adjust
 the game speed, mouse speed, and other speed settings in the SPEED
 menu. In some scenarios, you must return specific units to a
 particular location designated by the runic Circle of Power. To
 restart a scenario use the END SCENARIO menu. Scenario objectives can
 be checked at any time in the SCENARIO OBJECTIVES menu. Most commands
 in the game have hot keys. These keys are denoted by the highlighted
 letter in the text of the command. You can toggle the terrain
 information on and off in the mini-map by pressing . Combat units
 standing still are assumed to be on guard. If they see an enemy unit
 they will automatically engage them. You can use the MOVE command to
 force your units to move to a particular destination. They will ignore
 enemy units along the way. In this way, you can also use the MOVE
 command to retreat. You can use the ATTACK command to force your units
 to move to a particular destination, however unlike the move command,
 they will engage enemy units if attacked. You can speed up or slow
 down the game by pressing the '+' or '-' keys. You must construct the
 Shipyard, the Oil Refinery, and the Foundry on a coastline. You can
 remove an individual unit from a group by holding down the shift key
 while selecting that unit. You can select a unit from within a group
 by clicking the unit's portrait in the info bar. By holding down the
 shift key, you can also deselect a unit. You can load up to 6 units
 onto a transport by commanding your units to MOVE onto the transport.
 The transport will pull into shore and automatically load your units.
 You can unload units from a transport by selecting the UNLOAD button
 and designating a destination on the shore. You can also click on the
 portrait of the specific unit you want to unload. You can adjust the
 sound, music, and speech in the SOUND menu. You can designate targets
 for your commands (MOVE, ATTACK, HARVEST, etc.) using the mini map. In
 this way, you can send units on long voyages without having to scroll
 the main view. Clicking and dragging in the minimap will enable you to
 drag the current screen view around rapidly. If you hold down the ALT
 key while selecting a unit, it will automatically select the entire
 last group that unit was a part of. Submarines can only be seen by
 fliers, towers, and other subs. Fliers can only be attacked by
 archers, destroyers, guard towers, and other fliers. You can use
 sappers and demo squads to blow up almost anything, including rocks
 and trees. SAVE your game frequently, so that if you back yourself
 into a corner you can LOAD a game where you were in a better position.
 Never pet a burning dog. Clicking the right mouse button during a
 command will cancel it. To build your own maps and edit unit variables
 you can use the Windows 95 Warcraft Editor supplied with Warcraft II.
 You can install your own sound effects using the Sound Editor supplied
 with Warcraft II. You can turn off unit responses in the SOUND menu.
 Building a Lumber Mill increases the amount of lumber you produce from
 each load your Peasants bring in. When building a Lumber Mill, try to
 place it close to a forest. When your Peasants are done chopping wood,
 they will return it to the closest site available. Never spit into the
 wind. Building an Oil Refinery increases the amount of oil you produce
 from each load your Transports bring in. You can use the PATROL
 command to setup a two point patrol route for your units. While in
 patrol mode, your units will attack any enemy units that they see.
 Always proceed with caution when driving through a blind intersection.
 The STAND GROUND command is used to force your units to stay in place.
 Even if attacked, your units will not move. They will however fight
 back if the enemy is within their range. You can setup convoys by
 selecting your escorts and telling them to MOVE onto the unit you want
 escorted. They will then follow the designated unit. You can turn off
 the Fog of War in the PREFERENCES menu. Always wear bright clothing
 when riding a bicycle at night. To send messages to your opponent
 during multiplayer games, press , type in your message and
 press  again. You can form alliances during a multiplayer game
 using the ALLIES MENU in the upper right. In a multiplayer game, an
 alliance can declare an allied victory if all members of the surviving
 alliance check the allied victory box in the ALLIES MENU. Never talk
 to strangers. The lumber mill will allow you to upgrade your archers'
 arrows. If your keyboard gets stuck press the Backslash ('\') key to
 reset the keyboard. If the screen gets garbled when switching back and
 forth between Windows and Warcraft try pressing the  key
 to fix the problem. When building a Town Hall, place it close to the
 gold mine or forests you plan to harvest. When your Peasants are done
 chopping wood or mining gold, they will return it faster, making your
 community more efficient. Remember to change your underwear daily.
 Pressing  will toggle the sound on or off.  will
 toggle the music on or off. To save your current position on the map
 and instantly return to it later, press  to save the
 location, and  to recall it at any time. There are three available
 slots for saved positions: ,  and . To Surrender during a
 campaign or multiplayer game use the END SCENARIO menu. Keep the path
 between the Townhall and available resources clear. Obstacles slow the
 rate at which resources can be returned. Send out groups containing
 varied unit types rather than a single type. As a mixed group, they
 will be better equipped to handle numerous threats. Tell all your
 friends to buy Warcraft II.

Clans and Nations

The Clans

Stormreaver Clan
Dragonmaw Clan
Blackrock Clan
Bleeding Hollow Clan
Black Tooth Grin Clan
Twilight's Hammer Clan
Burning Blade Clan
Horde Traitors
Flowerpicker Clan
Shattered Hand Clan
Warsong Clan
Bonechewer Clan
Shadowmoon Clan
Thunderlord Clan
Bleeding Hollow Clan
Laughing Skull Clan

The Nations

Nation of Azeroth
Nation of Lordaeron
Nation of Stromgarde
Nation of Kul Tiras
Nation of Gilneas
Nation of Dalaran
Nation of Alterac
Alliance Traitors



War Chief


Grand Admiral

Unfinished Work???

Stuff that apears to be from a mini-campaign or tutorial that doesn't



-Build four farms
-Build a barracks
-Build a lumber mill


-Build a shipyard
-Build four oil rigs


-Destroy the Human base at Lordaeron



-Build four farms
-Build a barracks
-Build a lumber mill


-Build a shipyard
-Build four oil rigs


-Locate the Orc base
-Destroy the Orc base

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