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Чит-файл для Weird


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
More of an educational program than an adventure game, this game did hold my
interest for a few days of casual play and contains five or so traditional
puzzles to give a little impression of playing an adventure game like Myst. The
movement in the game is a slide-show type displayed in Myst. However, the game
makes good use of multimedia to educate the player of numerous "weird" phenomena
from around the world. Having an amateur interest in the paranormal, I was
fascinated by many of the articles, most of which were presented in a
straightforward manner. There were, however, a number of articles based on
questionable sources which tended to justify the phenomena with claims of the
esoteric rather than a more rational explanation. So, provided you don't take
articles as gospel, this game may influence you to learn a little about the
strange, inexplicable (dare I say "WeiRd"!), world around us.

Hints: Check under navigation to see which articles you still have to find. Use
the map to retrace your steps if you missed something. Make sure you click on
the pictures and other multimedia with each article.

Note: You can pretty much do things in any order. Try not to follow this
walkthrough. The nature of a walkthrough can make it limiting to your enjoyment!

After watching the introductory video of a flying probe entering the WeiRd
building and then inexplicably crashing to the floor, you are given a message
telling you the probe has malfunctioned and you should investigate yourself. You
start in an entry hall called "The Corridor."

The Corridor

This entry hall has six doors, three on each wall. They are labeled (from left
right, top row first) with Greek letters: omega, sigma, psi, eta, beta, alpha.
Sorry if I'm wrong, I haven't checked the accuracy of my recollection of Greek

The first door (marked omega) leads to a ladder leading upwards. The ladder
eventually ends in an unusually shaped room called "Here Be Monsters."

Here Be Monsters

This three-leaf clover shaped room contains six articles to find:

Beast of Bala Lake
Flesh eating sponges
Sea Serpents
Strange Rains
The Kraken
Thresher Submarine

Make sure you see all the mysterious rains on the mobile at the center of the
room. Use the crank at the bottom to turn the mobile. When complete, it will
spin. Take the other hatch door that leads to another ladder returning to the
level you were at before. This will take you into a corridor called "The Tube."

The Tube

This narrow corridor contains two articles:

Fortean Times
Oak Island

When completed, follow the passageway up a ladder to "The Arena of the Gods."

The Arena of the Gods

Sneak through the pea soup fog to examine ten more mysteries:

Barbados Vault
Electric People (Note: You need to click on the lightning as it strikes!)
Giant Rocks of Costa Rica
Jersey Devil
Moving Stones of Death Valley
Silvercliff Graveyard
The Woman with X-ray Eyes
The Yeti
The Yowie

When complete, click on the Egyptian figure sitting on the throne. This will
trigger a video and an exit. The exit leads to another corridor that returns
to "The Corridor" (this is door eta). Choose the second door (sigma). This is
the "Windowed Corridor."

Windowed Corridor

This has unprecedented seventeen articles to be fascinated by.

Amherst (Note: On the door behind you as you enter!)
Andreas Rill's Letter
Beast of Barriesdale
Fish in the Tree
Flixborough Blast
Grateful Dead
Lincoln (Note: The chain in the middle of the corridor is easily missed!)
Many Fingers
Mrs. Paquet
Uri Geller
Zeuglodon Fraud

The opposite door leads to a chamber with five colored simple symbols.

This is a game of "Simon," and it is different every time the game is played.
best way to win this puzzle is to write down the colors as they come up. You
to get a sequence of eleven correct to win. When complete, the puzzle changes to
a glowing green indentation of a hand. Click it to be transported to "Cryogenic

Cryogenic Chamber

Alec Guinness' Premonition
Alien Abduction
Cattle Mutilation
Loch Ness Monster
Minnesota Iceman
Mr. Potter's Museum of Curiosities
Shrunken Heads
The Alma

When all are complete, head to the other teleporter. It will transport you
to "The Maze."

The Maze

Everyone's favorite part of adventure gaming now comes with a bonus: any
incorrect choices result in "death," and you must start at the beginning of the
maze again! Who would have though mazes could be so frustrating? The only
consolation is once you've completed the maze, you don't have to (and can't)
access it again.

There is at least one way to get through the maze safely. I have listed the
choices you must take when you come to a junction. These directions are only for
when you have a choice. At other times, just follow the path.


Good luck! Hopefully, once you've followed these, you see a corridor being
lowered. This has displays of the following ten topics:

El Indio Guerrero
Mystery Kangaroos
Norwegian UFO case
Reincarnation 1
Reincarnation 2
Rendelsham Forest
What is Reincarnation?

The door out leads to "Time and Space."

Time and Space

This circular room has:

Banshees (Note: Hidden at bottom right of handrail around center display!)
Petit Triannon
Shuttle Mission STS-48
Spaceship Moon
The Haunted Clock
UFOs and Astronauts

When all have been read, exit the same door you entered from (!). You will
to "The Corridor" (door five (beta)). Take the third door (psi) to a small
chamber with a red hand indentation. Touching this will transport you to the
Pillars of Infinity.

Pillars of Infinity

The map below is also the solution to the puzzle directly behind you as you
arrive. Using the switches, you must activate a pathway through the pillar maze
model from the green pointer to the red one, which in turn will be applied to
pillars themselves. All pillars must be traversed.

Cross the pillars, being careful not to fall over the side. There are two
articles to note:

Alien Abduction Case
Belgian UFO

When finished, at the other end is a green hand teleporter that will transport
you to "HoloGraphix."


The HoloGraphix room contains yet more articles to take in, this time in the
of holographic images.

Crop Circles
Light Zappers
The Chemosit
The Flower Smeller
Transparent Man
Twin Combustion (Note: On one wall)
Wing Commander Potter

When complete open mechanical door to find a normal door behind it. Open this
door to enter Pyramid Plain.

Pyramid Plain

This room contains the following articles to examine surrounding a small Aztec

Easter Island
Magnetic People
The Girl Who Felt Colors
The R101
The Titanic

When complete, climb the stairs to find a puzzle, which is a "Towers of Hanoi"
type. The goal is to move the structure from the left to the right by moving one
piece at a time. A larger piece may not be placed on a smaller one. I have
explicit screens that demonstrate the procedure. Please contact me if you want
them, and I can email them to you.

All of the pieces are at left to begin with; call this point A. The middle area
is point B. The right area is point C. In the following pairs, the first letter
is where the piece starts and the second is where you move it to. Do the
following to win:


When solved, an armchair rises from the depths and you can read about:

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Click the chair to descend to a dungeon doorway. Open the door to the Ring Room.

Ring Room

In this room, you can examine the following behind individual doors labeled with
Roman Numerals (except Spontaneous Human Combustion in the middle of the room):

Angels of Mons
Berbalangs of Cagayan Sulu
Credits (Note: Not required)
Hai Ho Shang
Jeanne Dixon
Lake Storsjon
Morfa Colliery
Rat Kings
Spontaneous Human Combustion
The Premonitions Bureau
Winchester Mystery House

Door six (VI) leads back to the Corridor (by door six (alpha)). The fourth door
(eta) leads to a mine shaft-like corridor which will lead back to the Arena of
the Gods. Door five (beta) leads to Time and Space. Use your map to return to
Maze. From there, take a door at one end of the Maze to the Radio Chamber.

Radio Chamber

The Radio Chamber has more:

Cox Survey
Chicago Plane Crash
Olympia Bomb
The Devil's Microwave
Train 47216
Water Babies

When complete, try the puzzle. This has two parts to it. The first requires that
you click on the flashing robotic train-like thing. You will see a short video
and then access a simple keyboard. There are ten sequences of sounds that you
have to listen to and spot the odd one out. The odd one out is the sequence that
only has three sounds to it (the others have four). Make sure you know which
order these three sounds are heard. Ignore the alarm bells going off.

Then go over the second part of the puzzle and arrange the three dials so that
they match the three sounds in sequence.

The symbols light up yellow and a door opens to the Cloisters.

The Cloisters

The square corridor goes around a tomb. The following can be found:

Ageless Corpse
Faces of the Dead
Hope Diamond
Man in a Cape
The Mulhouse Poltergeist
They Feel No Pain
Weeping Statues

When you've seen them all, return to the Faces of the Dead. Click it again and
the tomb descends, revealing a cage elevator. Take the elevator down to the Old

The Old Hall

This room is actually four halls in the shape of an "X." In the four are:

Big Gray Man
Chinese Wildman
Different Folks
Lizard Man
Lizard Man News Cuttings (Note: This one had me going for hours! Face the tire,
then click on it.)
Lough Fadda
Loy's American Ape
Luminous Woman of Pirano
Psychic Photography
SS Watertown

And that's it! No concluding video! Nothing! How disappointing!

I have returned to all of the places, but no reaction in the game! Oh well, it
filled in some hours ...

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