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Читы для Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Чит-файл для Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Benny-the-Cab - The trick here is to stay ahead of the black Toon Patrol
truck.  The following should help you accomplish this:

1. Use the Up-Arrow-Jump combination to get onto the rooftops of the
   buildings.  This keeps you away from dip puddles and other vehicles,
   but at the expense of not being able to grab valuable objects hanging
   from the side of the buildings.  You must then negotiate the changing
   level of the buildings.

2. On the IBM CGA and EGA versions there is a definite pattern for the cars,
   dip puddles, objects, and street cars.  Discovering this pattern will help
   anticipate what is coming next.

3. The objects hanging from the fronts of the buildings help you as follows:
   Diamonds remove a dip bucket from your total provided you have at least
   one.  Wheels protect Benny for a short period of time from dip puddles.
   On the IBM EGA, C64, and Amiga versions Benny changes color while he is
   "protected".  Finally, the Boxing Gloves will give Benny a temporary boost
   of energy enabling him to go faster.

Ink and Paint Club - The trick here is to gather up all the napkins on the
tables while avoiding the gorilla who haunts the lowest two tables and not
grabbing any bottles.  This is an extremely difficult task.  Most players
are unable to do this.  Failing to clear all the tables within the allotted
time (approximately 3 minutes), costs the player an additional dip bucket
being added to their total.  However, if you have cleared off most of the
tables, Baby Herman will get mad at you but tell you to go to the Gag
Factory anyway.  The following suggestions should help you find Marvin's
1. Never go to the lower tables while the gorilla is headed towards you;
   he's faster than you think!

2. If this section ends up being too "expensive" in terms of getting too
   many dip buckets, you may want to just let Roger run around the center
   table the whole time and let the song end.  This will cost you one dip
   bucket, but some skillful driving in the following Benny-the-Cab section
   can reclaim that for you.

Gag Factory - This sub-game pits you against Judge Doom's weasel henchmen.
The following should not only help you survive in the Gag Factory, but the
following are outright solves to the tricky portions of the game, so don't
read past this point if you haven't been to the Gag Factory yet:

1. In the IBM CGA version  of the game you can use a single gag repeatedly
   to eliminate a weasel.  In all other versions you must use at least 2
   gags alternately to dispose of each weasel.  Also, you must be quick
   about it -- if you wait too long to use the next gag or exit to another
   screen, the weasel won't be laughing anymore so you'll have to start all
   over again with him.

2. From the screen where the columns are lettered "A-B-C", have Roger go up
   the elevator by positioning him in front of it and either pushing the
   joystick forward or pressing the up-arrow key.  You will see Roger go up
   to the second floor.  The far left crates have portable holes in them.
   Have Roger grab a hole by pushing the joystick forward or pushing the
   up-arrow.  You should see an icon appear in the lower left corner
   representing a portable hole.  Despite the appearance of the icon --
   it looks like two holes -- you have only one portable hole.  Have Roger
   walk  to the right until he's in the center of the next screen, the "D-E"
   screen.  Once he's there, use the portable hole by pressing the fire
   button or the space bar to drop to the first floor.  This is an example
   of how gags are used and how Roger can make his way through the factory.

3. To get past this part of the game, you have to do the following:  On the
   "K-L-M" screen, go to the first floor and use the pogo stick to help Roger
   bounce back to the "A-B-C" screen.  Get off the pogo stick and go up the
   elevator.  Just to the left is a crate full of magnets.  Take one and go
   all the way back to the "K-L-M" screen -- not the screen with the bomb!
   One screen over.  Before you get the pogo stick, you might want to dispose
   of this weasel first, instead of using the vanishing cream to get past him.
   Remember, you can only carry one gag at a time, so you'll lose the magnet
   when you grab the vanishing cream.  Get on the second floor of the "K-L-M"
   screen and push the button.  Use the magnet to attach Roger to the swinging
   hook on the right.  This will take you to the second half of the gag

4. Roger now starts the second half of the Gag Factory on screen "N-O-P".
   Have Roger grab a portable hole from right behind him and then use it
   immediately to drop to the first floor.  Then walk Roger all the way to
   the right, picking up a bottle of invisibility potion along the way.
   Once Roger is on the "Q-R" screen, use the invisibility potion to walk
   fast the first weasel.  While Roger is invisible you must have him jump
   over the puddle of dip on the right and then go up the elevator and past
   the next weasel on the next screen.  This may sound tricky, but that's
   only because it is; yet with a little practice you should be able to do
   this pretty well.  You may want to try to get rid of the first weasel
   before resulting to this marathon inviso-run, but this works every time
   once you master the timing.

5. To win the game, you have to get past all the weasels; this should put
   you on the "Y-Z" screen.  Having picked up a portable hole from the last
   set of crates on the first floor of the "V-W-X" screen, walk Roger up the
   elevator all the way to the far right on the second floor.  Use the hole
   to drop to the first floor.  Get a pogo stick from the crates and bounce
   back over the dip.  Get another portable hole from the crates on the
   previous screen and go back up the elevator on the "Y-Z" screen.  Have
   Roger fall through the first hole you made then throw the hole over the
   "X" on the floor on the first floor.  You should see a tiny Roger Rabbit
   jump onto the dip-mobile and save Jessica as he does away with Judge
   Doom.  Following this are some reward screens and the game is over.

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