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Читы для Wizards & Warriors: Quest for the Mavin Sword

Чит-файл для Wizards & Warriors: Quest for the Mavin Sword

Wizards & Warriors:
Quest for the Mavin Sword

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Heuristic Park
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 сентября 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:RPG / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Might and Magic 6: The Mandate of Heaven, Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge, Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Даты выхода игры

вышла в сентябре 2000 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Amazon Plants: When your party is ambushed by Amazon Plants just before
Castle, usually they just tear them limb from limb (as you're only about lvl 9-
12). To succeed here, run past the Rattkin bandits and enter Shurugeon itself...
When time allows, as you make your way back to Ishad N'ha (to sell items, etc)
creep closer towards the plants... You can actually get close enough to the
plants that you can cast spells and shoot items to damage them, while being
outside of their spell range altogether!

Close combat is NOT the way to go with these guys at this point in the game!

Where are the five elements of evil (Shurugeon Castle)
1) You can get this from D'Soto's mage protector that you meet in the castle.
He'll ask you to meet him in the forest East of the castle, so go there -- here
will he disclose the tale of the demon and give you the first element of evil.
2) Blacksmith's Door (Armory): There is a locked room you can see through where
the Blacksmith can be found. The gargoyle head is broken, but you can see a
skeleton inside... Kill the skeleton from between the barred windows and the
will open, giving you access to another element.

3) Gargoyle Chain Lock: This is tricky, but the easiest way is to start by
sure all chains are UP (Closest to the gargoyle mouths). There is a single
gargoyle chain that will not stay DOWN when you pull it ... what you have to do
is get all chains in the DOWN position, and then pull the chain that will not
stay down on it's own. Walk around to all the chains and attempt to pull them
down - every chain that you pull however, has a potential to put a buddy chain
back into the UP position, so you may have to pull a chain you've already set in
the down position, back down again. Just be persistent and you'll have the gate
opened shortly.

4) Succubus: in the sewers among the coffins... You can enter the sewers through
a hole in the ground locate inside a prison cell within the castle.

5) D'Soto's Tower: Up the stairs from the Succubus, and across a wooden bridge
that connects tower to tower.. You will see D'Soto himself tormented in his
bedchamber with the element of evil inside a chest in the corner of the room.

Items vs Cash and more!
Another tip for ya'll. This time I discuss character development in terms of
Equipment versus Cash. Hope you find it useful.

Equipment and Stats -Vs- Money:
This has always been a point of agitation for me in many RPG's. Even more so now
in Wizards and Warriors. In this article I am going to try and outline the
balance between equipment and stat improving items versus the need for cold hard
cash. I feel that a strong party is built upon the characters standing around in
their collective underwear. **shudder** No one wants to see a Guork standing
around naked. What I mean though is if stripped of equipment completely how well
would the party do? I remember the good old days playing Wizardry, Proving
Grounds of the Mad Overlord and beating the game with my party using only the
talents that they naturally had. No weapons, no armor. With that character
philosophy in mind, I favor a strong party versus a weak party with strong
equipment. Build a well balanced, strong party, and you can worry less about
equipment at the start. My party at this time is 3 warriors, 1 rogue, 1 wizard
and 1 priest. At present 2 warriors are ascending into Samurai, 1 warrior has
finished ascension to Paladin. The rogue is on track to be a Ninja in about 2
levels, the wizard has ascended to Warlock, and the priest is on track to ascend
to Monk in about 2-3 levels.

This gives me a maximum amount of damage and spellcasting, with the ability to
absorb what gets handed out. Yes, it's a standard setup for RPGs, but I have
using it since '83 and it works 97% of the time.

For the most part, I have found that the basic equipment that the party starts
out with suitable for most basic adventuring. For example the basic sword and
armor you purchase for a warrior at the start of the game is going to be fine
dandy for at least 5 or so levels of experience. So the urge to buy new things
from the store just because they are there and "Better" could be put to the side
in favor of the "A gold piece saved is a gold piece earned." Also, I have found
in most games, that patience will pay out.

For example I outfitted all of my characters with equipment found while
adventuring, replacing pieces as they turn up either in treasure chests or
dropped by slain monsters. Which brings me to a side point, pack ratting (the
practice of scooping up everything dropped) is quite often more profitable than
not. Having 3-4 characters with high strength allows for lugging around lots of
items, all of which can be sold for hard cash or I'd and found to be useful,
At this time, my profits at the store are fairly minimal, because I don't have
any identification skills. So a portion of profits are eaten up by Identifying
items. I find myself walking the borderline Id V. Profit syndrome. This line is
particularly nasty as one or two items, like Ankhs or Crusader helms will
a huge amount of cash to ID. Of course you could sell them back into the store
and recoup the financial loss, but now your characters are without those items.
would strongly suggest getting the Identification skills as soon as possible in
order to maximize profit. Normally, I find several useful items in the
collection, that instead of being sold, get issued to the next needy character.

I have purchased little armor or weapons from the shops, electing to use what I
find on corpses. All my shields, the battle mace, witches stick etc..

I pulled from dead bodies. Admittedly I could have chosen to not ascend and
purchased chain mail for one character thereby having one really buff warrior,
however I would not have been able to ascend three warriors and one wizard.
Further, what good is it if one character has twice the ac of all the rest?
Usually it means that the other five characters start absorbing huge amounts of
damage and expiring. A balanced ac throughout the party seems to distribute the
damage received. I don't have any hard proof that the monster AI seeks out the
weakest characters on purpose, but doesn't it sometimes feel that way?

Now there are exceptions to most rules, and my selling equipment/items and using
the money to improve characters has several exceptions. The biggest is, screw
profits when you can advance your characters. to wit: The Ankhs are quite
important to ascending characters. Right now I am attempting to create an
Monk. Yeah, it's a pain because dexterity and agility are so low, but several
ankhs have saved me approximately 3, maybe 4 experience levels worth of
raising. And so I am closer to ascending with him. Now I perhaps could have sold
them for a nice sum of cash, again outfitting another character, or ascending
others. Yet I felt that the sooner I ascended the priest the more powerful the
party would become in a shorter amount of time.

So, resisting the urge to purchase lots of new items from the store will allow
you to save money, which can be used for improving characters. Those improved
characters will stand a much better chance at surviving with basic equipment.
After a while, their natural ability to improve stats will kick in in a much
noticeable fashion. Like after you have bumped Fortitude, Intelligence and
Spirituality up a couple of notches. Doing that will garner more attribute,
and hit points. (Clan and Class modifiers not withstanding.

Also, once you start the Role Ascensions, another section of the shop is open,
Purchasing special items. Usually related to that specific class. Armor, weapons
and useful utilities become available through the guild. If you practice the
patient approach, you should have a nice sized nest egg for future use in
purchasing these high quality equipment. Let's not forget items found in quests,
treasure chests and other non store locations... Those items can all be used to
improve your party.

So in a nutshell my party development philosophy looks like this:

A. Find and ID really snazzy item.
B. Sell it to the store, for obscene profit.
C. Buy Role Ascensions for characters, thus making them more
D. Now the characters are more powerful, they can kill bigger
    things, with better loot (hopefully)
E. More profits and equipment/items.

Time and time again I find stuff that my party can use, after all if the party
was supposed to get everything from the stores, wouldn't those super-dooper
already be in the store?

Toadem Quest
This quest is given by Shinwiki the Toad Savage shaman. In exchange for riding
their "Toadem Place" of the evil, they will give you a Magic spear and some

This quest is actually quite simple and straight forward. The only misstep I had
was the start. I didn't realize how to get to the Toadem place. Right next to
shaman is a trapdoor with ladder leading down. Take this. (Rather than searching
the entire lake area...) Basically this trapdoor leads to a tunnel under the
water and over to an isolated Toad hut.

Go outside of the hut, and wade ashore. Once ashore, follow the path to your
right (it's really the only way to go.) Shortly you come to the Toadem Place.
once you step inside the boundaries Four Scabban Evils pop out of the ground,
start spewing swamp gas at you. It has the same effect as nausea, so you have a
fairly decent chance of gagging instead of striking a

The four Scabban evils sit one to a corner of the clearing, so you will have to
move to each one in turn. They were as tough as Scabban was from the Crypt,
although it's worse because there are four of them. However a party of 2
warriors, level 5, one Paladin level 2, one Rogue, level 6, one Warlock level 2
and one Priest, level 6 were able to handle the evils. BTW, all four will be
attacking you at the same time with their ranged gas attack. It
doesn't really hurt you much, just impairs you. It's when you are standing toe
toe with one of them. I am not trying to say however that no damage will occur,
because I noticed my priest got knocked around a little bit.

At the far end of the Toadem is a chest filled with some nice goodies, cash, and
some items. All you have to do now is retrace your steps to the shaman, and
receive your reward. The spear is very nice, +1 hit +1 enchant. The powder is
fairly common stuff, so If you use it, keep it, else sell it for some cash. And
that is all.

In your conversation with Scabban in the Crypt he mentions that several
apprentices fled the compound and succumbed to the "Evil" so this quest nicely
finishes off that story branch. One side note, you may want to pick up the Smith
quest of finding out what's going on in the toad village, and kill two birds
one stone.

Becoming an Assassin!
To become an Assassin yourself, fist visit the Rat Thieves NW of Ishad N'ha (SSE
of the lake).  The leader of the Rat Thieves will send you on a quest to kill a
dwarf who double crossed them in the Stout Mines - the great thing is, the dwarf
is so far down into the Stout Mines, that none of the other Stouts seem to mind
that you killed him!  The dwarf is hiding in an outlet from a river stream
deep within the Mines (he's the dwarf that has tunneled into the Stout King's
treasury).  Once you've killed the crazy Stout, return to the Rat Thieves and
head Rat-Man will give you an Assassin Dagger as a gift...  This is a GREAT
dagger, btw -- and it's the key to being an Assassin.

Give the dagger to your rogue and head back to the 'Pawn Shop' inside of Ishad
N'ha ... If you have your rogue chosen when you enter the shop, and he has the
dagger in hand, then you'll be offered a place in the guild as an Assassin!
Heading to the Bushi Dojo also allows some nice new assassin gear to be bought
(Special Items).

More Great Gaming Tips
These are some random items that had me stuck for a while, so here are some
helpful misc tips on progressing through the game:

1) Where is the writ for entering the Stout Mines?  ... It's a scroll laying
to a dead body in a small outlet due East of the Stout Mines themselves.  The
dead body is obviously a small dead Stout itself, so you'll know it when you see

2) Where is the trolley lever for the mine carts in the Stout Mines?  ... The
lever looks just like the one you pull to use the trolley that's not broken upon
arrival -- it's small, thin, and dark brown (which camouflages it rather well on
the floor).  The lever is lying next to a broken mine cart in a room deep in the
stout mines ... to help find the room, when you enter the area it gives a
dialogue popup.

3) How do I get into the dragon caves?  ... Since the front entrance cliff-face
is too steep, you must use the back entrance where the bronze dragon machine is
blocking your progress.  Before you can pass the bronze dragon, you must first
visit the Stout Mines and have the dwarven king forge you 'dragon armor' -- this
will allow you to walk deep into the dragon caves.  Note that I found two pieces
of Dragon Ore and had two suits made -- there may be more pieces available!

4) I was trapped and became a Boogre, so now what?! (north of Ishad N'ha) ...
witch that turned you into a Boogre must be slain to change back, that that by
itself won't do the trick.  You have to do three things to turn back into your
god-given species:  a) Jump into the Boogre pit (arena) and kill the giant
scorpion there, then visit his lair and grab Grunaxe's ring from the devoured
corpse.  b)  Go through the teleporting door area to find Prieska (sp?) the
Boogre witch and give her Grunaxe's ring; she will then open the door to the
Boogre Witch's room   c) Grab the 'Evil Eye' from the Boogre Witch's room and
take it North of the prison cells (far Southeast on map, I believe).  Use the
Evil Eye on the wall sculpture just past the Mantraps guarding the doorway; this
will open up a passage to a single statue.  For each person that touches the
statue they will turn back from a Boogre into whatever they were originally.

More Hints for W&W
Hint 12. You can only train a stat up to 19. You can raise it higher using the

Hint 13. Warrior Guild Allows Training in Strength. Priest in Spirituality, Mage
in Intelligence.

Hint 14. If you jam a lock. use a lock pick on it to open the door. equipping a
lock pick doesn't use them.

Hint 15. The Shift key allows you to run.

Hint 16. you can be any class if you have 12 strength and 12 fortitude and a 10
in all other stats.

Hint 17. You cannot go to the next town till you solve the crypt. (need the ring
of the Malvin)

Hint 18. You can fill out all your spirit spells by going to a related class.
cleric to paladin, paladin to monk. cleric to monk.

Hint 19. You must be 5th level to learn 5th level spells. 6th level to learn 6th
level spells etc... the same for levels 2-7 (books excluded i think)

Hint 20. athletics reduces the damage from falls. and makes swimming and running

Hint 21. spider eggs are very plentiful in the snake temple.. (ranger quest)

Hint 22. Don't get all the skills if you wont be using them. until a patch is
released that will allow you to scroll through your skills you wont be able to
add or raise certain skills. if you plan on using sword. don't get dagger and
and staff.

Role-Ascension Quests

A number of the Role-Ascension quests are quite easily accomplished, from the
starting town, with a minimum difficulty. Here are some of the quests, and how
complete them.

1. Warlock. Location: Mage's Guild.
Head into the Mage's guild and select the character you want. Have him go into
the guild section, this requires that they have membership in the mage's guild
first, which can be obtained for a little cash. Then choose Role Ascension, next
select the warlock icon. The guild master will run down a spiel about magic
formulae etc.. In a nutshell, get one Spider Egg and return with it. Head out
into the wilderness, either side of the town, though I think you might have
better luck on the Lake Nymph side. Slay any spiders you see, until one drops an
egg. This is a random drop, but fairly frequent. Take said egg back to town,
it to your ascending character. Have him/her enter mages guild as the selected
character, and enjoy the new role.

2. Barbarian. Location Armory.
Pop into the armory, join Warrior's guild for a little bit o' cash. Have him go
into the guild section, choose Role Ascension, next select the Barbarian icon.
Get another spiel, Kill 20 monsters. Whew! What a toughie. Head on out of town
and start slaying things. I would recommend having the Barbarian-in-training do
as many of the kills as possible, because the game tracks who kills, who
The Barbarian in training has to perform 20 kills. Kill lots o' stuff, report
back to Warrior guild when done.

3. Paladin. Location Armory/temple?.
Not sure if you can get this from the temple if you don't belong to the temple
guild. Anyhow, same deal to complete it. Go to the Statue of Kerah in the jungle
and pray. Leave town from the Lake Nymph side, head south, winding your way
around the windmill and just before the gypsy camp, bear left. There is a
clearing with the statue of Kerah. Select your Paladin in training, go into talk
mode, click on statue and utter: Sanctus Kerah (I believe, the guildmaster will
tell you for sure.) Report back to the guild for ascension.

Some side notes regarding Role-Ascension. You stop progressing in new skills for
the former role. Meaning that if a Warrior learns archery, and Paladins don't,
And you did not learn archery before ascending that skill is lost to you.
However, most progressions like warrior to paladin, include many if not all of
the same skills. You can't ever revert back to your old role. So it's worth your
while to rise up to about 6th level or so before ascending to a new role. That
gives you the benefit of decent hit points, as well as character skill growth.
This was most noticeable on the Wizard->Warlock ascension. I didn't increase
Suncraft as much as I should have, choosing instead to split skill points
stone and sun, so I wound up with weaker sun spells in the long run. Which I am
still working on correcting. There is always a money concern when ascending,
usually between 500-1000 gold pieces, so you may want to ascend one character at
a time. As I ascend other characters I will post them to Ironworks, as long as
they haven't been posted before I get to it.

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