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Читы для Wizards & Warriors: Quest for the Mavin Sword

Чит-файл для Wizards & Warriors: Quest for the Mavin Sword

Wizards & Warriors:
Quest for the Mavin Sword

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Heuristic Park
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 27 сентября 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:RPG / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Might and Magic 6: The Mandate of Heaven, Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge, Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Даты выхода игры

вышла в сентябре 2000 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
There are a lot of quests and undertakings in D.W. Bradley's epic RPG, from
promotion to elite classes to scouring the world for rare artifacts. Here, in
handy chart form, we explain what's necessary for each.

Promotion - Solution
Barbarian -  Kill 20 enemies.
Ranger - Take a River Raptor egg to a warrior's guild. Found along the river
the Toad Village.
Samurai - Take the Samurai Baton won by battle in the graveyard near the west
of the moat surrounding Shurugeon Castle.
Bard - Take the Scroll of Trickery from Kreug's secret study in the Serpent
Temple to the Pawn Shop
Ninja - Flip the drawbridge switch in the second gate tower of Shurugeon Castle.
Paladin - Utter the prayer Sanctus Holy to the Altar in the woods behind the
Gypsy House on the shore of Nymph Lake.
Warlock - Take a skull and a spider egg to a wizard's guild.
Monk - Spend two nights in the Wilderness without armor or weapons.
Assassin - Get Raskalion quest from Scanthril. In Stout Mines flip switches in
both Mining Cart areas then flip the first Mining Cart area again. Then ride the
second cart to kill Raskalion. Take the Assassin's Dagger Scanthril gives to
Valkyrie - A female must put G'Ezzerred's heart into the black flame, and then
to the Temple in Brimloch Roon.
Zenmaster - Whoever has all four tomes (earth, fire, etc.) while at the Bushi
Dojo in Brimloch Roon will be offered the promotion.

Valeia Quests
(Note: Items often do not appear until after a quest is taken)

Giver - Solution
Town Hall -  Town Hall 1. Turn in five skulls for experience and gold. 2.
a scroll to the Town Hall in Ishad N'ha. 3. Kill Juba Thobers, the troll,
wandering around Nymph Lake
Armory - 1. Kill Mon The Sculz on the road to the graveyard. 2.Talk to the Toad
Village Shaman (north end of Nymph Lake). 3. Retrieve the sword of Mastus from
his tomb (one of the four Tombs of Heroes)
Temple - 1. Deliver a potion to Mekdawa who is near the Nymph Lake dock. 2.
Donate 500 gold. 3. Find the Ring of Saints under the table in the hall above
Tomb of F'lokis Ra.
Magic Shoppe - 1. Scabban is in the Asylum. Kill him when you find him. 2. Kill
Tevik Teporn (he hangs out on an island north of Ishad N'ha.) 3., Type "Orb of
Clarity" when talking to the Nymph Lake gypsy, Haespia. She will ask for the
Serpent Wand in exchange.
Gorthius - He's in the Southeast corner of the map and has lockpicks for
imprisoned in the Serpent Temple
Bilibump - He's southeast of the graveyard and tells you how to open the crypt
you deliver a rat pie to his brother inside.
Kerielle - Near the Millhouse on the shore of Nymph Lake, she will give a potion
that knocks a Naga unconscious in exchange for the Algamesh amulet. You can
always steal it back if you need it.
Shinwiki - Rewards you with a spear and a bit of gold for destroying Scabban's
Apprentices guarding the Toadem. Have each character touch the Toadem for a
permanent bonus of five hit points.

Ishad N'ha Quests
Giver - Solution
Town Hall - 1. The Werewolf will not appear until after you find the burnt body
near Stout Mines. 2. You need Dragon Armor to turn off the Beast of Bronze. 3.
The Bandit King is between Dragonspire and Brimloch Roon.
Armory - 1. Gliebott appears in the barracks of Shurugeon Castle after fighting
the Undead Blacksmith. 2.Deliver the letter to the guards in the Stout King's
Throne Room. 3.Doshi-Gin is an Ettin who is found by using three wooden sticks
climb to the right hand corridor in Boogreville. Three different party members
can use the lamp-once! Have your wizard ask for armor, your warriors for
Pawn Shop - 1. The priests in Serpent Temple drop coins. Bring ten of them to
Pawn Shop. 2. Ardibren's Journal is in a chest in his bedroom. 3. The Band of
Boars can be found in a chest near the exit from Boogreville. 4. (For Assassins
only) Grue Morde is between Dragonspire and Brimloch Roon.
Bushi Dojo - 1. Torin hangs out near Dragonspire. 2. Talk to Grunaxe's ghost in
Boogreville. 3. Shrew Chisi is in one of the NW inlets of Boogre Lake (north of
Ishad N'ha).
Magic Shoppe - 1. Ardibren's Relic is in his secret room (you need Ardibren's
to open it). 2. You need S'keser Da's Evil Eye to open the path to The Idol of
Aku (which also cures Boogerism when touched). 3. Kill the Colanth in the
Dragonspire pool for its eye).
Temple - 1. Xydussa is in the Serpent Temple. 2. Gallain's tattered fragments
in the servants' quarters of Shurugeon Castle. 3. Take a message to Jathil, who
wanders the foothills northwest of Shurugeon Castle.
Erzebette - She has a house to the west of Ishad N'ha. Take her letter and drop
it in the Dragonspire Depository.
Scanthril - Scanthril is outside of the burned out house north of Ishad N'ha. 1.
Agent G is the burned corpse near the Stout Mines. 2 Kill Raskalion.

Brimloch Roon Quests

Giver - Solution
Town Hall - 1. Kill Ginelang, the Centaur, north of Brimloch Room, near the
Living Tree. 2. Kill the three-head hydra in the pass to the Isle of Sands.
Pawn Shop - 1. Take Talrik his hook (he's on the beach by his ship, a short
distance from Brimloch). 2. To prove the Leprechaun exists swim to the shore
Kerah's Shrine and bring back the Lucky Stone.
Bushi Dojo - 1. Kill the Darkened One, a guardian corrupted by Cet, inside the
Shrine of Anephas. 2. The Sword in the Stone is on an island in the Lost Sea.
Magic Shoppe - 1. Only the Staff of Death will open the door to Mada Mabbig's
chamber in Skull Castle. 2. Bark Horrors inhabit the desert west of the Cet's
Pyramid. They drop the seeds you need. 3. When you use the Staff of Death on the
mystical barrier blocking the entrance to Anephas's Shrine, you've completed
Temple - 1. The Fountain of Isis is north of the Enchanted Isle. 2. The Ankh of
Isis is in the Shrine of Anephas. 3. The Monk's Ward is an amulet found in
Talrik's abandoned treasure next to his broken cart (as far west as you can
Armory - 1. The centaur, Argothius, is immediately north of Brimloch. 2. In the
pool with a collapsing bridge inside Skull Castle, swim through the SW channel.
The Ettin has the shield. 3. Ramakamil is on the east coast of the Enchanted
Sphynx - The answer to the first riddle is Ice, Grave, or Shadow. Other answers
may include Kerah and Anephas.
Talrik - Kill a Longtooth and bring him the hide to get a treasure map.

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