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Читы для Worms (1995)

Чит-файл для Worms (1995)


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Team17 Software
Издатель:Ocean Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based)
Multiplayer:(4) hot seat

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Worms (Player's Guide)

A collection of hints, tips and tricks  -  By Simon "LuDeCk" Burrows

This document  contains a large collection of hints, tips and tricks
which I  have compiled  whilst playing this excellent game from Team
17 over the past few weeks.  It is not a player's guide and does not
therefore contain  obvious points,  explanations or  guides  on  the
basic play  of Worms.  Instead, it contains a series of 'specialist'
points, only  some of  which each  reader of this document will find
useful.   Although I  have attempted  to structure  the points under
some general  sections and  headings, to  get  best  use  from  this
document you  should take  the time  to read from start to finish so
you may take in all of the information.

OPTIMISING WORMS: Affecting the difficulty of the game

The team select option of the main menu gives you the opportunity to
affect the  difficulty of  the game.  At its simplest level this can
be used  to 'cheat'  by setting  your opponent's  energy levels to a
minimal value,  and your's  very high.   This,  however,  is  a  bit
pointless unless  you really  are crap  at the  game  and  need  the
advantage.   A better  use for  the energy-level  option would be to
give handicaps  to those  teams which  are better,  or to extend the
length of  each round  by increasing worms' energy levels all round.
The latter  option must  also be  accompanied by  an increase in the
round time  before sudden-death  mode kicks  in,  because  otherwise
you'll find that you'll never complete a round before the time's up!

Also on the team select screen you can affect the skill level of CPU
teams.   By setting  these to  high you  can give yourself more of a
challenge or  see a better battle if there are no human players, and
setting them to low will give you a laugh and an easy victory.

OPTIMISING WORMS: Enjoying Worms to the full

The whole  point of  a game like this is to have a whole lot of fun,
of course.   With  this in  mind you should always be out to have as
much fun  as possible in the moves you make, so long as this doesn't
affect your  success.  Often the best fun can be had near the end of
a round  which you  have almost  certainly won  -  for example, when
you have  2 worms  left of  fairly high energy and there is only one
other worm  still standing.  At this point why not try and kill this
last worm  in the  most inventive,  humiliating  or  satisfying  way
possible, just  for a  bit of  a 'laff?  Try blasting him out of the
screen with a huge dynamite or sheep explosion, nudging him over the
edge of  a platform and to his doom with a prod, digging or blasting
into him with the pneumatic drill or blow torch, or blowing holes in
him with a close range oozi or mini-gun attack.

OPTIMISING WORMS: Generating personalised levels

I have  included this  point here because I have found absolutely no
reference to  it anywhere in the manual, although I'm sure it is, or
should be in there somewhere!  This feature allows you to enter your
own numbers  to generate  levels, rather  then  the  computer  using
random numbers to do this job automatically.  The only point of this
feature is  so that,  if you  find an  access code which generates a
good level, you can make a record of this code and use it again at a
later date when you want a particularly good battle.

To enter your own numbers, press the [SPACE BAR] on the screen where
you are asked to press the left-mouse-button to accept the randomly-
generated level,  or the  right-mouse-button to  reject it  and move
onto the  next one.   You can then enter a code which can be made up
of letters,  numbers, spaces and probably punctuation marks as well.
The maximum  length of  an access  code is 10 digits  (including any
spaces you  put in  it), although  you can have any number of digits
less than ten and this will not mean you will get a crapper level or
a smaller one!


GAME TACTICS: Mixing 'dark side' & expansive play styles

Although most  players of  this game,  and certainly those who wrote
its documentation,  are against  so called 'dark side' play, it is a
very useful  tactic to  compromise and  use 'dark  side' to  a small
extent, whilst still allowing for expansive, high-explosive play for
the majority of each round.  This can be achieved by teleporting the
worm you use for your first move into a safe location, or by digging
him into  a safe  place.   You can then get to work winning the game
with your  other three  worms in  the knowledge that you will always
have one  worm which is safe and will therefore be available late in
the game  to win  it for  you when all the other surviving worms are
already badly injured.

In order  to protect a worm which you have put away in an apparently
safe place,  you may  have to  do something  about enemy worms which
start attacking  him at  some stage  in the  round.    This  may  be
achieved by  constructing girders to barricade him in further, or by
attacking those worms which pose most threat to him.  Alternatively,
you may  wish to  dig him  in further or bring him out into the fray
and try to survive without him in a safe place if this seems viable.

GAME TACTICS: Playing against computer-operated worms

Something which  is immediately  obvious from studying the computer-
operated worms  is that  they will go for those enemy worms which it
is easiest  to hit with the most effect, as long as this action will
not injure  a worm  from their own team.  With this in mind, you can
remain fairly  safe by  moving your worms out of harm's way, because
when the  computer's worms  see you have done this, they will do the
easier moves   -   scrap  amongst themselves!   This  means you will
probably be  thoroughly safe  until all but a few of the enemy worms
survive, at which point you may have to emerge and finish them off.

GAME TACTICS: Guarding against teams winning both rounds

In those  matches where  you must win two rounds to be the out-right
winner, it  is good  practice to  remember which  of the enemy teams
have won  rounds so  you can  make sure they don't win another round
and therefore  clinch the match.  Of course, you can see which teams
have already  won a  round by  scrolling up to the status bar at the
top of  the play  area and  seeing which team's energy bar is marked
with a  medal.  If you see, for example, that Take This are the only
team to  have won  a round so far, you can then make sure they don't
win the next round, and therefore the match, by killing all of their
worms first.   You  will probably  want to  do this  anyway  to  get
revenge at those teams which defeated you in previous rounds!

GAME TACTICS: The effects of explosions caused by about-to-die worms
Something which  you should  always be  aware of is the impact which
explosions caused  by dead worms can have  (you know, when they blow
themselves up  with the  plunger and  TNT).   You should be aware of
this impact  both so you can use it to your advantage and so you can
guard against it having a detrimental effect on your success.

An example  of where  it could  be very  useful to  have these dying
worms exploding  is if  you have  two enemy worms, one close to your
worm, and  one a  little further  away.  They both have less than 30
points of  energy.   In this  situation, a  good move  would  be  to
approach the  first worm   and  use the  fire punch or dragonball on
him.   This will send him flying over so he lands on or very near to
the other  worm.   Now, when  this first worm dies, which he will do
because both the fire punch and dragonball take off a full 30 energy
points, the  resulting explosion  will take in the other enemy worm,
and if close enough will kill him as well!

In terms of guarding against these explosions harming your team, you
should be  aware of  them and think about the results of your moves.
If you  can see  that an  enemy worm you are planning on hitting and
killing will  land near  one of  your worms, you must decide whether
the damage this will do to your team makes the move one to avoid, or
whether it  will be  worth it  for the  damage you  will do  to  the

GAME TACTICS: When you're in control

When you  find yourself  in control  of a round  -  when you are the
one in  the good  positions and with the worms which still have high
energy   -  do not rush into the game trying to win it as quickly as
possible.   Instead, take  your time  and ensure  an easy victory by
moving to  dominant positions  in the  play area,  collecting weapon
crates even  if this means teleporting around a bit to get them, and
making at  least one  of your  worms completely  safe from attack by
teleporting to  a enclosed area or digging into the land.  Also, why
not try a few original moves or practise some new tactics?

GAME TACTICS: Big explosions vs. carefully planned moves

A good  thing to  remember is  that it  is not  always  the  biggest
explosions which cause the most damage.  Sometimes, careful planning
of seemingly  minor moves  can cause  a lot  more  damage,  and,  of
course, you have much more control over these types of moves and are
less likely to make a mistake.  A good example is using a dragonball
or fire  punch to  propel a  worm into  a mine.   In  this way,  the
dragonball or  fire punch  will take  off 30  energy points, and the
mine anything up to 40/50 depending on how sweetly the worm hits it.
This means  that you  could take off 80 points in one move, which is
more than one stick of valuable dynamite will do!

GAME TACTICS: The best ways to kill a worm

Further to  the above point, it is, of course, easier to kill a worm
by propelling  him out  of he  screen or  into a  pool than it is to
blast him with weapons like the bazooka and grenade, which can often
take several  hits to complete the job.  With this in mind, take all
the chances  you get  to kill  worms in the water or out the screen,
particularly against  computer-operated worms  which  are  prone  to
teleport away  from precarious  and dangerous  positions as  soon as

It is  a useful  point to  remember that  you don't  have to use the
dragonball, fire  punch, or  prod to  push a worm over the edge, and
often you  wouldn't want  to or  wouldn't be  able to  because these
involve getting  very close  to your  target worm.  Instead, you can
fire at  the worm  from long  range with the bazooka or grenade.  If
you are  going to  do this,  however, just  make sure  you  hit  the
opposite side  of the worm to the edge of the screen or pool you are
attempting to  kill them into.  In this way, the explosion caused by
the weapon will blow the worm to their doom, either into the pool or
out of  the screen, case depending.  Another useful way of pushing a
worm into  a pool or out of the screen is with the shotgun, but more
of this later...

GAME TACTICS: Waiting for the best time to strike at the enemy

When you  get into  a situation  where there are perhaps only one or
two enemy worms remaining from the same team, and one of your worms,
and you  are in a safe position where you cannot immediately be hit,
do not  rush into trying to win the round.  Instead, wait until your
enemy uses  his teleports,  which he will often do if he has nothing
else to  do.   Usually you  will find  that he will teleport into an
area from  which he  will be  easier to  kill such  as on  top of an
exposed object.   At this point, make use of this advantage and fire
at him,  perhaps with  your airstrike  which I  suggest you save for
these late  confrontations, or maybe with a homing missile to ensure
success.  More on the saving of airstrikes later as well...

GAME TACTICS: Using slippery ground to your advantage

Something  which   can  be  both  a  great  advantage  and  a  great
disadvantage in  Worms are  those landscapes  with  greatly  reduced
friction, notably  the arctic  but also  others including,  it would
seem, the  candy world.   By learning to cope with these, and at the
same time, using them to your advantage, you can have a much greater
chance of winning rounds than you do in other landscapes.

The most  obvious tactic  of them  all in  slippery conditions is to
push worms  down the  slippery slope  by means  of the fire punch or
the dragon  ball.   These pushes,  which will  result in  the target
slipping down  the slope  a lot further than they would under normal
conditions, can be used to push the worm out of the screen, over the
edge and into a pool, or into a mine.

The other  main attacking  tactic which  can  be  used  in  slippery
landscapes is  the use  of big  explosions to propel worms into long
slides which  will often  take  them  to  further  danger,  in,  for
example, the  form of  faraway mines.   This  is  best  achieved  by
causing the  explosion just  by the  side of the target worm so they
are propelled  to the  side rather then upwards which they may be if
you hit  them dead on.  If you are using the dynamite or mines, drop
them beside  rather then  on top  of the  worm, and  then watch  the

The best  method of  coping with the down side of slippery slopes  -
that is,  your worms  slipping to their doom in a variety of ways  -
is to  be aware at all times of the danger your worms may be in, and
acting on  this.   For example,  you may  wish to  put up  a  girder
between your  worm and  a danger at the bottom of the slippery slope
which they're  standing on  so that they do not get pushed onto this

Another good  idea is  to dig in, or teleport to a safe location, at
least one  of your worms early in a round taking place on a slippery
location because these rounds can often be over very quickly, and to
have one  worm protected  will be  a great advantage and will ensure
that your whole team isn't wiped out before you know it!

GAME TACTICS: Inducing the computer into certain moves

It becomes  fairly obvious  from watching  the computer that he goes
for maximum  injuries on  every move.   That  means that  if at  all
possible he  will aim  to mix up more than one opposing worm in each
of his  moves.   With this  in mind,  you can  induce the  computer-
operated teams  into making certain moves for you with the advantage
of both saving your worms from being hit instead, and of helping you
to win the round.

The best  way to  inducing the  computer into  a move  is to try and
huddle at least two worms together which are neither in your team or
the   computer-operated team  you want  to carry out the move.  This
can be  achieved either  by pushing or blasting a worm into another.
When the  computer sees  these two worms next to each other, he will
not be able to resist the temptation to blast them, unless of course
there is no way for him to do this.

In order  to protect  your worms  from being caught up in multi-worm
incidents, just  keep your worms separate both from the opposition's
worms and  from your own.  This way, the computer-operated teams are
far less  likely to  want to  go for  you because  you are  a single
target and  therefore you  will be seen as having only limited scope
for damage.   On the large scale, try to stay out of groups of worms
early in  the round  where the  computer-operated  teams  use  their
airstrikes.   Instead, push worms into huddles so the computer teams
will use  up their  airstrikes on  these both  with the advantage of
saving your  worms from  being airstriked  and of  injuring  several
enemy worms in one go.

GAME TACTICS: Pressurising opponents/inducing the use of teleports

An interesting  tactic which  I doubt  is  used  very  often  is  to
teleport onto  the heads  of computer-operated  worms.   This should
only be  done right  at the  end of  a round  where the  only  teams
remaining are  your's and  the one  which you  are teleporting onto.
There are two main advantages of doing this.  The first advantage is
that the computer-operated worm will get scared and teleport away if
he has  any teleports  left, even if he has far more energy than you
and could  kill you by sticking around.  The main reason for wanting
to make  computer-operated opponents  teleport is that they often do
this to  exposed locations  such as  on top of high points, and from
there they can be easily picked out and killed.

The other  main advantage  of teleporting  onto the  heads of  enemy
worms, this  time when  they don't  have any teleports remaining, is
that you  will obviously end up very close to them.  This means that
so long  as you  have enough  energy to  survive one  battering from
them, you  will then  be in a prime location to kill them next move.
The best  way to utilise this tactic would be to leave one worm in a
safe place,  and teleport your other worm into the danger zone. This
way, you  can kill  or at least injure the enemy worm and still have
one worm  hidden away  so if  you are killed first you will not have
lost the  round.   With this  second worm you can then teleport onto
the head  of the  enemy worm  again, this  time with  him  seriously
injured, and  then it will be the simple matter of finishing him off
with your next move.

I suggest  you do  NOT teleport  onto the  head of  a human-operated
worm, because it is likely that the human in question will know some
way to  kill you  from close range, and will be unlikely to teleport
away.   If he  has only  a very  small amount of energy and you have
loads, teleporting onto his head may be a fun way of pissing off the
computer opponent and scaring him, however!

GAME TACTICS: The explosive personalities of weapon crates

As it says in the game's manual: exploding weapon crates is a tactic
in itself.  If you manage to explode a weapon crate next to an enemy
worm, this,  in association  with the damage caused directly by your
weapon, can be quite devastating.  If you can't hit a worm directly,
but a  weapon crate  stands very  close by  which you can hit, blast
this instead  and the  ensuing explosion will take in the enemy team
member, causing some damage.

Unfortunately,  the   blasting  of  weapon  crates  is  one  of  the
computer's favourite  occupations and  so a worm of yours close to a
weapon crate  is likely  to be  a target for computer-operated fire.
It is  good practice,  therefore, to  keep your distance from weapon
crates, and one way to do this is to teleport on top of any that are
near.   Of course,  this means you will collect the crate's contents
at the  same time  which can  often be  a valuable  addition to your
weapon inventory.

The fact  that computer-operated  worms go  for other worms standing
close to  weapon crates can be used to your advantage  -  by pushing
another worm  close to  a weapon crate you will create an attractive
target for a computer-operated hotshot!


MOVEMENT SKILLS: Ensuring the blow torch blasts proper tunnels

A problem  which sometimes occurs with the blow torch is it stopping
almost as  soon as  you start  blasting into a wall because the area
you are digging into is 'messy' and there are air holes.  If you hit
an air  hole big  enough with  the blow  torch it will stop, and you
will have  got nowhere.   To  ensure this does not happen, first use
the shot gun to tidy up the area you are digging into.  If one shell
is enough  to do  this you  could use  the other  shell  to  hit  an
opposing worm,  or you  could get  yourself under  some cover before
firing the other shot into the air, thus ending your turn.

MOVEMENT SKILLS: The best way of safely emerging from a tunnel

One problem  which is  often encountered with the digging of tunnels
is the  tunnelling worm being hit between the move when he opens the
tunnel to  the outside  world, and  his next  move when  he gets the
chance to  strike out against the opposition.  This will often occur
when you  dig a  tunnel with  the aim  of finding  safety, but later
decide to  extend the  tunnel so  you may  get back  to battle.  The
problem is,  your turn  will finish  when the  blow  torch  used  to
complete the tunnel reaches open air, and then you are badly exposed
to enemy  fire until  your next go when you can move on or shoot the
threatening worms.

The solution  to this  problem is  to use a firing weapon to open up
the tunnel  instead of  the blow  torch.   This may  be achieved  by
starting the  horizontal movement to the outside world with the blow
torch, but  when  you  get  near  the  open  air,  by  stopping  and
retreating back  to the  start of the horizontal tunnel.  From there
you can face back down the tunnel once again and blast the remainder
of the distance to the open air.  This blasting can be achieved with
the shotgun  if the  distance left to blast is small, the oozi if it
is a  bit greater,  or with  the bazooka  for larger  distances. You
could even  use the  dynamite if you can retreat a good distance and
if you wouldn't rather save this for a more constructive use.

When carrying  out the  blasting process,  make sure you don't stand
too close,  of course,  otherwise you  will injure  yourself in  the
resulting explosion.

When your weapon has opened the tunnel to the open space beyond, you
will still be standing in safety, a little way back down the tunnel.
This time,  however, you  will be  able to continue down the tunnel,
climb back out into the open air, and strike out at the enemy worms.


Remember to  always use  the bungee  at  those  times  where  it  is
possible that  you will  need it to protect your worms against falls
long enough  to end  your go.   This  includes those  times when you
don't think it will be necessary, because if you don't bother and it
turns out  that you did need it, you will have wasted you go and you
may be  left in  a very  exposed  position  until  your  next  turn.
Remember also  that the  bungee will  only kick in if you walk off a
high point,  and not if you jump over it, so make sure that you keep
your feet  firmly on the floor when going over the top if this is at
all possible.

Do not  use the  bungee as  an easier replacement for the ninja rope
when you  want to swing underneath a platform which you are standing
on to  get to  a particular  location.  You will find that this will
not work because you cannot extend or retract the bungee once you're
swinging on  it and so you will find yourself stranded on the end of
the bungee  in a  tricky situation,  particularly if  over  a  pool!
Instead, you  should shoot the ninja rope into the side of a hole in
the platform  you are  on, and if not available into the side of the
chasm below you which you are hoping to swing into.

MOVEMENT SKILLS: Vertical tunnelling

Have you  ever got  into the  situation where you have tunnelled in,
near the  bottom of  a large  mound of  earth, and  now you  want to
tunnel upwards  to get  into the  open land at the top of the mound?
This cannot  easily be  achieved because  the blow  torch  will  not
tunnel vertically,  and zigzagging  upwards with diagonal blow torch
tunnels will  not work   (you'll see why if you try it).  The answer
lies in  the fire  punch which  can be  used to  cut a  narrow shaft
upwards.   However, this  on its  own will only be successful if the
distance needed to get to the top of the mound is small, because one
fire punch  will only  reach a  certain distance, and if this is not
long enough you're stuck...or are you?

The answer  to this problem is to first use the fire punch, and then
on your  next go  to fire a bazooka at full power, vertically up the
shaft.   This will  result in a round 'cave' being formed at the top
end of the shaft.  You can now use the ninja rope on your next go to
climb up  the shaft, then when you reach the top, you can swing from
side to side for a minute, before releasing your grip on the rope so
you land  on one  of the rounded sides of the 'cave'.  To get a rope
up  this  shaft,  and  to  climb  up  it,  will  require  a  bit  of
experimentation and  shifting around, because the computer will only
let you  throw the rope if you are standing in the perfect place and
facing in the right direction.  Once you are up in the round 'cave',
you can  do a  further fire punch, fire your bazooka again, and then
climb up  further.  This process can be repeated until you reach the
summit of  the mound  where you can happily climb out into fresh air
and once again cause havoc to enemy worms!

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