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Читы для X - Beyond the Frontier

Чит-файл для X - Beyond the Frontier

X - Beyond the Frontier

в России известна как

По ту сторону границы

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Локализатор в России:Медиа-Сервис 2000
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 сентября 1999 года
Жанры:Simulator (Space) / 3D / Privateer/Trader
Похожие игры:Elite

Даты выхода игры

вышла 10 июня 2004 г.
вышла 1 июля 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
X Beyond the Frontier Survival Guide
Getting Started…..

1.	After the training and intro finishes you find yourself in Teladi space,
the Teladi are like a cross between Lizardmen and the Ferengi in StarTreck. They
are only interested in profit. This means that they have charged you for
everything even the 1MW shield they have fitted to your ship, and you end up
owing the Teladi destroyer Captain 3500credits.
2.	He also of course very generously gives you 100 credits to start off with.
3.	Its probably best to try and find the Solar Power Plant, shows up as a
circle with an E on it, fly towards it at max throttle can use turbo (TAB key)
speed things up a bit. Press T to target and I to get info on the SPP.
4.	When about 2km from SPP press ‘C ‘to communicate the just press Return to
select Permission to dock, you will see some green docking lights, slow down to
about half speed and line up with green lights, as long as you don’t dock too
fast you should be OK.
5.	Once inside you can buy 100credits worth of energy cells by using the
arrow keys, then pressing Return, a voice should say ‘Energy cells bought’.
Escape once to exit or twice to exit station quickly.
6.	Now try and find the Laser Forge shows up as an L again press C to
communicate and Return for permission to dock. Line up with green docking
watch your speed make sure you do not go any faster than the red line on the
throttle bar and you should be OK.
7.	Once inside move the highlight down to the energy cells and again use the
arrow keys to sell the energy cells again a voice should say ‘Energy cells
if you look at your credits at the bottom of the screen it should show a small
8.	It’s up to you now if you want to play it safe and save the game because
it will cost you 10 credits for ‘Salvage Insurance’. So you probably start to
the idea now what the games all about. You can also trade in Nostrop oil once
start getting a few credits.
9.	The large spinning thing in the centre of the sector is the Space
Station, docking with it is actually easier than it looks, don’t bother with
trying to rotate with the station. As long as you keep your speed below the red
line on the throttle bar, just line up with the green docking lights again and
you should be ok, press F2 to see yourself from behind if your not sure about
10.	Once you’ve docked with the Space Stn there are some goodies you can get,
once you’ve got a few credits, such as the SETA which is a time accelerator,
the cargo bay extension which extends the cargo bay by 5 units per time but this
gets more expensive as you extend it.
11.	After trading in Nostrop Oil and Energy cells for a while you will be
faced with a dilemma which is what this game is all about, do I upgrade my ship
at the Equip dock and go exploring (shooting nasty Xenon) or shall I put the
money towards my first Factory/Power plant.
12.	My advice would be to wait and start to build your empire first the
cheapest factory you can buy from the ShipYard is a Power Plant which is about
7200 credits, the cheapest factory is about 14000 credits.

Buying your First Factory
1.	You need at least 15k in money, my advice is to go straight for something
like a Teladium refinery as the factories which are about 14k you can hire
freighters to transport what your factory needs, whereas the Solar Power plant
you have to ferry crystals yourself.
2.	You need to hire a transporter called the Teladi Albatross shows up as a
square thing on the Nav map.
3.	When you’ve got the transporter targeted press C to communicate and say
you want to hire it, agree to pay 500 credits per gate. You won’t have to pay
anything if you set up your factories in Sizewell!!
4.	Dock with the ShipYard and select your factory, again use arrow keys to
buy it. Press Escape twice to exit fast.
5.	Once back in space find a nice empty space near the centre of the sector
and wait around for the Albatross to find you. Once it has hail it and ask it to
unload your cargo, now watch as your factory is built before your eyes.
6.	Once its built you can dock with and set the prices, order freighters to
transport goods and even fighters to protect the factory.

Kevin’s Tips:

Tip1: When upgrading your ship you can take off  your existing weapons/shields
any Equip Dock.

Tip2: When flying round a sector you can use the Page up/down keys to cycle
through the targets, you can also use the same keys to buy/sell a cargo hold

Tip3: Once docked if you press Esc twice you exit from the station instantly.

Tip4: You can make up your own squadron of fighters by ordering fighters from
factories, once they are landed or in space just hail them and ask them to

Tip5: There are two ways to get rid of the competition either undercut them by
selling well below average price, or if you’ve got some serious lasers like the
gamma hepts you can literally blow away the competition!!

Tip6: Taken out all the Xenon, want a bit more excitement in your life, well you
can just make an enemy of another race e.g. the Split just keep taking out their
factories and eventually all their ships and stations will turn red.

Another useful tip is when targeting a station you can press I and get info on
that station and see what resources they use plus whether they have a lot of
stock. Which will obviously affect their prices.

Please note that reading this may spoil your enjoyment of the game, it is best
used if you’re stuck!!

If you’re unsure what to do next just press P for the pilots log and you will be
given a hint what to do next.

1.	Story begins with contacting the Teladi Destroyer to pay back the 3500
credits you owe him. He will give you a clue about Argon Prime.
2.	Argon Prime is in sector (1,3) see sector map. You really need to speak
to Argon 1 in the Wall called Defence Head Quarters.
3.	He will give you a clue about the Goners their Temple is in one of the
Cloud Base sectors or you can talk to one of the little green ships and follow
them to their base.
4.	After talking about the Argon’s they will talk about an asteroid in Chins
Clouds which you will need to blow up with a hornet missile that only the
Paranid’s sell.
5.	Once you’ve blown up the asteroid there should be a crate in the
wreckage, open the cargo bay and fly into it, you will see a video about the
Argon’s and Earth.
6.	Go back to Argon1 he will talk about a Gate back to Earth in Xenon space.
You will need 2 off 25mw shields plus 2 off gamma hepts to go and find this
You may get help from other races. You can also buy fighters and take them along
with you.
7.	Once you’ve scanned the gate back to Argon1 for final mission to take out
the Xenon Mothership. The M0 is only vulnerable once you’ve  taken out the
8.	After taking out Xenon M0 back to Argon prime and you get the 125mw
shields, and that I’m afraid is about it, you can’t go home, so just carry on
building your empire and taking out Xenon ships. Or you can make an enemy of
another race.

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