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Чит-файл для Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

The Undiscovered Underground

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Информация актуальна для
Zork:  The Undiscovered Undergound FAQ

February 17, 2001
Andrew Egerton

This walkthrough is intended for personal use only, and is not to be distributed
or edited in any form without permission of the author.  This walkthrough is not
intended for any commercial use.  This walkthrough cannot be published in any
print publication or web site except for http://www.gamefaqs.com.  If this guide
sucks like the last one, I want all records of existence destroyed, comprende?
This FAQ is only for GameFAQS!!!!

V2.0:	Rewrote the whole durned thing!  Hopefully it's marginally better.
V1.0:	A really, REALLY crummy job I did about three years ago, which I'm sure I
can never eradicate from the web.

********What is Zork: The Undiscovered Underground?

I'm glad you asked!  Zork: The Undiscovered Underground is a token little text
adventure by Marc Blanc and Mike Berlyn released freely by Activision
celebrating the release of Zork: Grand Inquisitor in October, 1997.  Marc Blanc
co-authored the original Zork Trilogy, and Mike Berlyn, wrote such games as
Suspended and Infidel.

The game is set in the year 1066, one year before the events of Zork: Grand
Inquisitor.  You play a low level guard in the Inquisition Guard stationed in
Port Foozle, and you are given a task by none other than Grand Inquisitor Mir
Yannick himself!  You are to search through a previously unexplored portion of
the Great Underground Empire (hence the title) and report back upon encountering
any forms of vile magic.  Off you go, with only a trusty brass lantern and a
cheap plastic knock-off of an elven sword for company.  Oh, and the swarms of
grues that no doubt lurk down there.

********Okay, what's a grue?

The Grue is a sinister, lurking presence in dark places. Its favorite diet is
adventurers, but its insatiable appetite is tampered by its fear of light. No
Grue has ever been seen by the light of day, and few have survived its fearsome
jaws to tell the tale.  (Source:  Every single Zork game)

********Where can I get the game?

Lots of places!  For free, too!  Try the Unofficial Infocom web site
(http://www.csd.uwo.ca/Infocom/)  You can get the entire original Zork Trilogy
for free here too.  Just as a note, I do not care for software piracy much, and
only condone the free download of Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, and Zork: The
Undiscovered Underground, as they are freeware.

********Hey, what's up with this game?  I don't see even see any anti-aliasing,
much less Bezier curves and dynamic light sourcing!

That's because it's a text adventure and you actually have to *read* the text
and type in an appropriate command in response.

For instance, if you want to go north, you would enter GO NORTH.  This
particular command can be abbreviated to simply N.  If you want to pick up an
atomic vector plotter, you would type TAKE ATOMIC VECTOR PLOTTER.  You'll figure
it out.

********Is there a multiplayer option?

Shut up.  Better yet, shut the hell up.

********Is there at least a railgun in the game?

No, but there aren't any jumping puzzles, either, so consider yourself lucky.

********How do I win?

There's a succint question for ya.  Let's begin the walkthrough.

You begin in New Excavation with your fake sword and busted lantern.  Travel
northeast twice, and you'll enter the Cultural Complex.  This will be the
central hub of the game.  Go north into the Convention Center Lobby, then
northwest to the Souvenier Stand.  If you've been reading the signs along the
way, you'll find there's some sort of convention going on.  At the stand, you'll
find someone hawking some candy bars, popcorn, post cards, and a chicken
(But I thought chickens didn't have fingers!  Ba-dum-BUM!  Thank you, good
night, folks!)  Read the postcards to find more information about the nature of
this convention.  Talking to the salesman reveals that he is wearing a mask.
Take the mask to see his true form!  And remember it, too!  Once, he's gone,
take the candy bars, the postcards, and the popcorn and head back southeast to
the Convention Center Lobby.

Remember what the salesman looked like?  Good since you have to put on the
proper gloves, mask, and body suit to match what he looked like.  Head back to
the Convention Center.  Drop your lantern.  As you've probably figured out, the
place is swarming with grues.  Since you're dressed like one, you should be safe
for a while.  Go north into the Convention Hall.  Quickly take the hat, shoes,
and glasses and skeedaddle back south.  Do NOT exit via the chute.  You can take
off the silly get-up if you'd like, but you still need the gloves on.

Return to the Cultural Complex and head south.  You will enter the Hall of
Science Lobby.  From here go south into the Mud Forum and take all the nice
things.  For the record, take the tree, house, balloon, flathead, and raft.
Return to the Cultural Complex and head east into the Theater.  Head east again
to the stage, then east again backstage.  Open the trunk you'll find there and
take the five-zorkmid piece inside.  Return all the way to the Hall of Science
Lobby, then east into the Museum of Illusion.  Inside you'll find two annoying
antiques whining in a corner.  Examine the tree you picked up in the Mud Forum
to find a ball being held by a piece of tinsel.  Take the tinsel and tie it to
the coin.  Put the coin in the slot for a free hint!  Well, part of one, anyway.
Take the coin, as you can pull it out with the string, and insert the coin
again.  The oracles will grudgingly give out hints.  Remember the number of the
rib that Mike mentions.

Return to the Hall of Science Lobby yet again, and head west into the Museum of
Adventure.  Inside, you'll notice a skeleton.  Remember what Mike said about
prying the rib?  Well, pry it!  You now have access to the incredible majesty
that is the Janitor's Closet!!!  Inside, you'll find an aerosol can.  Never,
ever let go this thing!  Reading the label, you'll find it's bug repellent.

Make your way back to the stage.  Examine the footlights, and take the red and
blue lenses.  Put them in the glasses, and then you have yourself a handy pair
of 3-D glasses!  Go back to the Mud Forum.  Wear the glasses and drop everything
else.  (Yes, I know I said to hold onto the can.  Oh, well.)  Open the cover of
the display unit.  Hold the button on the unit so it stays on.  This will
display the combination for the sealed door.  Take note of the five items that
appear, from closest to farthest, take those items, and place the closest on the
circle, second closest on square, then triangle, then pentagon.   The sealed
door should open.  Take the candy bars, the lantern, and the repellent can.
Drop one candy bar in the Mud Forum, one in the Hall of Science Lobby, and one
in the Cultural Complex.  Return to the Mud Forum and head southeast.

Now you'll find yourself in a cage.  drop your remaining candy bar, and you'll
see a whole mess of rat-ants.  (These events are mutually exclusive, by the by)
Run all the way back to the Tunnel.  The rat-ants will chew through boulders
that were blocking your escape.  Head southwest one last time and you'll win the
game!  If you aren't carrying the repellent can at this point, you'll get to see
what the inside of a totemizer looks like!  If you were, get ready to receive a
Great Reward from the Grand Inquisitor!

********Hey!  My lantern went out!  I'm likely to be eaten by a grue!

Shake it a bit! (Footnote 8)

********That walkthrough sucked.  Are there InvisiClues?

There sure are!  Activision has some on their web site.  Navigate to the Zork:
Grand Inquisitor page, and enter to Hotel New Zork.  Go east to the telegraph
office, and click on the file cabinet.   On the close-up view, click on the
upper cabinet towards the upper part of the screen. This should take you to the
InvisiClues, you ingrates!

********Can you provide a map?

Not in ASCII art.  This isn't a very complex game, compared with the Infocom
days of yore, so you can probably map it yourself pretty easily.  Just draw a
box representing each room, and draw a line between them for each passage.  A
list of the rooms follow.

New Excavation:   NE to Tunnel

Tunnel:   NE to Cultural Complex, SE to New Excavation

Cultural Complex:  N to Convention Center Lobby, E to Theater, S to Hall of
Science Lobby, SW to Tunnel

Convention Center Lobby:  S to Cultural Complex, NW to Souvenier Stand,  N to
Convention Hall

Souvenier Stand:   N to Changing Room, SE to Convention Center

Changing Room:   S to Souvenier Stand

Convention Hall:   S to Convention Center Lobby

Hall of Science Lobby:   N to Cultural Complex, S to Mud Forum, E to Museum of
Illusion, W to Museum of Adventure

Mud Forum:   N to Hall of Science Lobby, SE to Cage

Theater:   W to Cultural Complex, E to Stage

Stage:   W to Theater, E to Backstage

Backstage:   W to Stage

Museum of Illusion:   W to Hall of Science Lobby

Museum of Adventure:   E to Hall of Science Lobby, SW to Janitor's Closet

Janitor's Closet:  NE to Hall of Adventure

Cage:  NW to Mud Forum

********Do you have a list of points?
Yes, indeedy!

Taking the salesman's mask:                              8 pts
Taking the Baby Rune candy bar:                          1 pt
Taking the Multi-Implementeers candy bar:                1 pt
Taking the $ZM100000 candy bar:                          1 pt
Taking the Forever Gores candy bar:                      1 pt
Shaking the lamp for the first time:                     5 pts
Entering the Convention Hall alive:                     10 pts
Taking the glasses:                                      5 pts
Taking the zorkmid coin:                                 5 pts
Attaching the tinsel to the coin:                        8 pts
Putting the coin in the slot twice:                     10 pts
Prying the proper rib:                                   5 pts
Taking the aerosol can:                                  5 pts
Taking one of the lenses from the stage:                 5 pts
Putting a lens in the glasses:                           5 pts
Projecting the image in the Mud Forum:                  10 pts
Putting models on shapes:                                5 pts
Winning the game:                                       10 pts
Total Score:                                           100 pts

********How 'bout an item list?
Sigh, if I must

Item                       Found                    Use
cheaply-made sword         in inventory             pries the skeleton's rib
brass lantern              in inventory             provides light
postcards                  Souvenier Stand          reading material
Baby Rune                  Souvenier Stand          lures the rat-ants
Multi-Implementeers        Souvenier Stand          lures the rat-ants
ZM$100000                  Souvenier Stand          lures the rat-ants
Forever Gores              Souvenier Stand          lures the rat-ants
popcorn                    Souvenier Stand          none
various gloves             Changing Room            fools grues
various masks              Changing Room            fools grues
various body suits         Changing Room            fools grues
hat                        Convention Hall          none
shoes                      Convention Hall          none
glasses                    Convention Hall          views the image in Mud Forum
tree                       Mud Forum                opens the sealed door
house                      Mud Forum                opens the sealed door
hot-air balloon            Mud Forum                opens the sealed door
flathead                   Mud Forum                opens the sealed door
raft                       Mud Forum                opens the sealed door
tinsel                     Mud Forum, on tree       attaches to coin
glass ball                 Mud Forum, on tree       none
quint-Zorkmid coin         Backstage                buy hints from oracles
aerosol can                Jantior's closet         killing rat-ants
blue lens                  Stage                    component for 3-D glasses
green lens                 Stage                    none
red lens                   Stage                    component for 3-D glasses
yellow lens                Stage                    none

********Are there any fun easter eggs?
Yes there are!  Consult the InvisiClues (described above) since I don't want to
shamelessly rip off information from that thing.

********Why did you make this FAQ three years after the fact?
Well, the crappiness of the original was getting to me, and I'm planning on
writing a couple more, so I'm using this for a practice run.

********Hey, this format is laid out in a series of questions!  This really is a
Well, that wasn't a question, and this still isn't a FAQ since the F stands for

Thanks to:
Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn for writing this fun game

Activision for keeping the Zork Series alive (at least up to 1997), and for
producing Zork: Grand Inquisitor, a game just as good as the Infocom adventures
of yore.

CJayC for hosting my humble FAQ

This FAQ was written by Andrew Egerton (c) 1997-2001

Coming Soon!  Or very, very later:
Lemmings 2: The Tribes Walkthrough (another old game no one cares about!)
Rockman and Forte (Megaman and Bass)  CD Translation Guide (with Mystery Co-

Footnote 8:  It's not a very good lantern, is it?

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