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Читы для Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Чит-файл для Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

 За игрой наблюдают: 4 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Troika Games
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 июня 2001 года
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Fallout 2, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 24 августа 2001 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
DISCLAIMER: This is the nothing-left-to-the-imagination walkthrough of the demo.
It may reveal plot information about both the demo and the full game that you'd
rather not hear.

Arcanum is a complex game, so no doubt we're missing a few approaches. We think
though that this is a good start, and we may add some more material at a later
date. Questions, suggestions and comments as always can be sent to


The Beginning

The game will begin with a cutscene showing the IFS Zephyr being shot down. Your
character will awaken amid the wreckage, next to a dying gnome. The gnome will
talk to you, and instruct you to "find the boy." When the conversation ends,
search his body, and you will find a matchbook, and a passport. Take them.

At this point, you will be approached by a figure in brown robes. This is
Initiate a conversation with him. Talk to Virgil and ask him whatever you like.
His story is a bit confusing and he doesn't seem to have all the facts himself.
Nonetheless, looks like you're an important person and Virgil is sworn to

Virgil will offer to join you, regardless of the kind of character you've made.
In fact, he'll pretty much insist on it. If you keep refusing and threaten to
kill him, he won't join. After talking to Virgil, a ring will appear in your
inventory. It bears the initials G.B. and has the imprint of a company called
Schuyler and Sons." Can you say "clues"? I knew you could.

Virgil in the Party

Should You Let Virgil in the Party?

The Case For: Virgil is studying Necromantic White, the magick school that has
do with healing. He'll heal you during and after a fight. Once he gains a few
levels he will even cure poison. Virgil will also guide you on your quest,
providing background information and maybe even some timely advice. IF nothing
else, you can use his inventory to carry more stuff.

The Case Against: Virgil is goody-goody, so if you're playing a chaotic
he will object to naughty behavior. He seems much more tolerant in the demo, but
in the full version if you deserve a spanking, he'll let you know.

Virgil starts the game with a robe, which doesn't offer much protection. For
of the heavier fights, he can get in over his head and need your help.

The Verdict: It is not necessary to let Virgil into your party, but unless you
have a strong objection to him, he should be allowed to join. He can be
surprisingly adept with that staff, plus he'll provide a steady stream of
as long as his mana holds. Tougher characters with a combat focus can get along
without him reasonably well, but "softer" characters such as Thieves and
Diplomats would do well to hang on to him.

Exploring The Crash Site

Once you've talked to Virgil, you veteran RPGers know the drill. Search this
and pick up everything you can get your hands on. You'll figure out if it has
value later.

Several corpses contain useful items, such as gold and odd and ends used in
schematics. You will want to pay special attention to the corpse of Isaac
Zapruder. He is carrying a broken camera that you can put to good use. Also, you
will find the corpse of Wilhemina Carpenter. She is carrying a note. Read the
note (drag it to the hand on the right side of your inventory screen).

In the northeast corner of this area you will find the remains of one of the
planes that attacked the Zephyr. Highlight the plane to learn more about it and
receive another clue. Search the corpse and remove the amulet. Virgil will pipe
in with some questions and commentary, if he is present.

To the west of the Zephyr wreckage you will find a campfire where a Kite Shaman
is hanging around. If you kill him, you'll get some gold and an axe from his
corpse. Be careful, this can be a tricky fight for new characters. Nearby Kite
Scouts and wolves may join in, plus the Shaman casts an entangling spell. But
he's worth killing for the gold and experience value.

East to the flaming wreckage of the Zephyr is a small cave. We highly recommend
going inside immediately. There are some sewer rats to oppose you, but once
they're dealt with, there are some very useful items here. To the left of the
cavern entrance there is a junk pile containing some saltpeter and some arrows.
The middle of the three barrels in the corner has a few odds and ends, including
a healing potion and some fatigue restorer. Further into the cave, there is
another barrel with some iron ore and another healing potion.

Finally, you will come to a room with a bed and a corpse. The barrel here
contains many useful items indeed, included an old flintlock revolver, dynamite,
lockpicks, two stun grenades, and an explosive grenade. Needless to say, you
should be adding these things to your inventory like mad. If you're out of space
or encumbered, hand some things off to Virgil. I usually give Virgil the
paperwork to carry.

The bed in this room can be used to sleep safely. You can even sleep until
healed. If the monsters in the area are giving you a hard time, here's a good
place to retreat to. Here you will also find the tormented spirit of Charles
Brehgo, and with him an optional sidequest (see Optional Sidequests below).

Leaving the Crash Site

If you've stopped to kill all the monsters in the area, you should have gained a
level. Once you've explored things to your satisfaction and gathered up all the
treasures, it's time to get out of here.

Heading southeast will lead you to a passageway, and a stone monument. Read what
is engraved on the monument. Virgil will offer some brief commentary, if he is
with you. Just beyond the monument, you will be approached by a man in grey
robes. He's here to kill any survivors of the crash.

As he approaches, he will initiate a conversation. This conversation will soon
result in him attacking you. There are at least three ways to get by him. One,
you can just kill him. Two, if your character has a good enough Prowling score,
it is possible to sneak by him (try at night, when it's easier). Three, when the
conversation starts, if Virgil is present, he will interrupt and ask to handle
the conversation. If you let him, he will successfully talk his way past the man
in grey robes.

I have been so far unable to create a diplomat-style character who could talk
way past the man in the grey robes on his own. If anyone has been able to do
this, let me know how (perhaps if you sneak past him, gain some levels
you can come back and talk your way past him?)

At any rate, continue south down the canyon. Eventually, you will see a blue
globe appear in the upper left corner of your screen. This is the World Map. You
may now click on it. You'll be presented with a map of your corner of the world.
There should be at least one other dot on the map, Shrouded Hills. Travel there.

If you don't initiate the World Map on leaving the crash area, Virgil will ask
you about it. You don't have to go to the map if you don't want to. If you
continue down the canyon, you will find wolves to fight for experience, but keep
in mind these are Wolves, not the Ailing Wolves you're used to fighting. They're
tougher. Although, you can rest until healed once you're in the canyon.

Shrouded Hills

You will arrive in the middle of Shrouded Hills next to a well. If Virgil is
present, he will mention the Shrouded Hills Inn, just south of your current
position. Go inside. Virgil will then direct you to Elder Joachim's room, the
last one down the hall. However, never mind that right now. Chat with the Half-
Ogre at the bar, whose name is Sogg Mead Mug.

Sogg Mead Mugg

Sogg can join your party, but he will only do so if you have a Charisma score of
at least 9.

The Case For: Sogg is tough. Unless you made a Half-Ogre character with a focus
on Strength and combat, he's bound to be the toughest person in your party. Even
if you are a big tough Half-Ogre, the presence of Sogg means that there are two
big bruisers to dish out the punishment on your enemies.

The Case Against: Sogg is also a good guy, and won't appreciate your shadier
doings, if that's what you're into. Once again, the demo Sogg seems more

The Verdict: Sogg is another great character to have, especially in this early
stage where you're probably not very tough. Get him in the party good and early,
I say.

Elder Joachim and the Rest of Shrouded Hills

Go to the last room in Shrouded Hills in. No Joachim, only some bodies. The
corpses are bare, but the trunk at the foot of the beds contains some gold, grab
that. Also take the note lying on the floor. In your inventory, read the note.

At this point, Virgil will pop in with some more information about Joachim. Hear
him out, then it's time to leave.

At this point, you've got some options on your hands. You technically don't have
to speak to anyone in Shrouded Hills but Ristezze of Ristezze Imported Goods, a
store to the west and a little bit north of the well. Ristezze is useful because
he will buy most of the obscure items in your inventory (be sure you really want
to sell them).

Of course, you will probably want to explore the town more. Here are a few
recommended stops on your tour.

-Doc Roberts has a shop north of the well called "General Practitioner." He can
train you to be an Apprentice in Firearms and Healing at the base cost of 100
gold pieces, respectively. He will also give you a sidequest (see Optional

-Just to the north of the well is a Gnome standing by a street lamp. Get too
close, and he'll initiate a conversation. In fact, he'll pester you about the
crash and what you saw there. In this demo version this Gnome can't do much
but I bet in the full game he can. You are best off telling him nothing other
than "shove it." If he learns about the ring, he will ask for it. You CAN give
to him and progress in the game, but that's the last you'll see of it, so we
don't recommend it. If you end up talking to him, end the conversation as soon
possible, reveal nothing.

-check out the barrels for "garbage." It's a shame what some people throw away.
Just look in the barrels by Ristezze's and Lloyd Gurloes' for example.

-There's a very neat trick you can do to many of the shopkeepers if you're
sufficiently skilled in lockpicking and pickpocketing. Pick their pockets to
obtain the keys to their rooms in the rear of the shop. Go back there. There is
either a chest or a barrel that contains the stores' inventories. Grab all the
items. Go talk to the shopkeeper. Sell the item you just stole. They will
reappear in the container in the room you just raided! Repeat as often as you
like. This trick can be done with Ristezze and Lloyd Gurloes the blacksmith.

-The Bessie Toone mine. It's a good place to go to get some more odds and ends,
and build up experience by fighting. Be careful when fighting the spiders.
They're tough and their poison makes them very dangerous. Try baiting one spider
and the running away, luring it away from fellow spiders who might join in on
fight if you're too close (this tactic can be used on just about any group of

Explore Shrouded Hills (and the rest of the area) as much as you like. When
you're ready to move on to the conclusion, you want to talk to Ristezze.


Ristezze is the only person you really need to speak to in Shrouded Hills to
progress in the main story. He holds a key piece of information, but he won't
part with it so easily. You will want to ask him to examine the ring (you can
describe it to him if you gave it away or sold it). You want him to reveal to
the location of the city of Tarant, and the address of "P. Schuyler and Sons."
order to do it, you've got a few options.

1. Kill Ristezze. You can either kill him in cold blood (the city guards and
noble partners won't like this much), or if you sufficiently insult or threaten
him, he will attack on his own. Search his body, and you will find a key. The
opens the door to the backroom. In his dresser, you will find a receipt with the
address of Schuyler and Sons. In the full beta, there's also something here that
helps you pinpoint Tarant.

2. Pick his pocket. Steal the key in Ristezze's possession, and then head to the
back room as above.

3. Scratch his back so he'll scratch yours. Ristezze will accept either the
camera found on the body of Isaac Zapruder from the crash site, or the boot of
Bessie Toone from the mine to the west. Give him one or the other, and he will
tell you what you need to know.

4. Con Ristezze. Ristezze is a wily guy, but it's possible that you might be
wilier. If you've got a high Persuasion score, you might be able to trick him
into spilling his guts.

After you've asked for the location of P. Schuyler and Sons, Ristezze will start
making noise about compensation. Pick the following dialogue options (note, some
are slightly abbreviated here, but you should recognize them).

"You've been nothing but helpful..."
"Let us forget about business for awhile. Let's talk about you..."
"What sort of wonders have you beheld?"
"Utterly fascinating..."
"Give me a moment..."
"And you, Ristezze!"
"And among men of commerce, you shone like the sun..."
"Tell me more..."
"Tell me...where are men like yourself most powerful?"
"Please, tell me of the men of industry..."
"You're [sic] story is so compelling."

Follow out the dialogue from there. Ristezze will cough up the location of P.
Schuyler and Sons, and mark the location of Tarant on your map.

Oh, and in the full version of the game, the really adventurous can say nuts to
Ristezze and simply try to find Tarant. Wander close enough to the city, and it
will appear on your map.

Upon receiving the location of Tarant and the street address of P. Schuyler and
Sons, you can leave Shrouded Hills. If you follow the path out of town to the
northeast, you will come to a bridge. There's just a few more things standing
between you and Tarant.

Getting by Lukan the Witless

Guarding the bridge is a trio of bandits. The leader is Lukan the Witless. Lukan
is about as sharp as a cucumber, but he and his two cronies are a tough fight
he won't let you by. What do you do?

1. Pay the toll. Swallow your pride, and cough up the 150 gold pieces Lukan
wants. Insulting Lukan or having undertaken a quest to kill him will up the fee.

2. Kill Lukan. Lukan is a tough fight for most characters, but if you spend some
time running around the wilderness getting into random encounters, you can build
up your character enough to kill him and his pals. It's also a big help to have
Sogg and Virgil in the party if you want to do this.

3. Pick his pocket. If your thieving skills are up to snuff, simply pick Lukan's
pocket and take the gate key. Warning: if you get caught picking his pocket, you
are dead meat.

4. Unless you have talked to the Constable and offered to kill the bandits,
will give you a sidequest where you blow up materials for a second bridge. These
are three piles of lumber and are located to the south of the bridge. Just
the stream down. You can destroy them by using dynamite on them, or by simply
pounding them with your fists and weapons. Keep in mind that if you do use your
weapons, you risk damaging them, and if you're using your bare fists, you will
damage your own character. I find that if you have a bow and plenty of arrows,
you can merrily shoot at the lumber in safety. Be advised that destroying the
lumber shifts your character alignment towards evil, and the folks at Shrouded
Hills will be suspicious of you.

5. Con Lukan. Diplomat characters with a high Persuasion skill can trick Lukan
into leaving. Here's how.

In the conversation tree, select the following options below. Please note that
I've abbreviated some of the lines, but you should have no trouble recognizing

"Hmm...I may be able to persuade you otherwise..."
"Uhh...I'm a thief as well."
"This is my disguise."
"The word gets around..."
"Yessss...Thieves Underground. Right. They sent me here."
"Tarant's, of course."
"Believe me, your TERRORIZING here hasn't gone unnoticed..."
"Yes. Actually, that's the reason I'm here..."
"Hmm...I'm not so sure..."
"Okay, Lukan. I believe you."
"Yes, there might be a possibility. There are reparations..."
"That sounds fair. Let's call it 200 gold pieces."
"This money will go a long way towards clearing your name..."
"Take your time..."
"Thank you...I think."

Lukan will now leave, plus he will give you 200 GP for your trouble. If any of
the above dialogue options do not appear, you are not slick enough to con Lukan
and must find some other way.

End of the Demo

Once you've disposed of Lukan, you may now proceed across the bridge. You may
want to lockpick or smash open the barrel at his camp for some extra gold and
some gun pieces.

Cross the bridge. There you will meet the annoying little gnome that probably
pestered you about the crash in the village. If you didn't give the ring to him,
he wants it now. Even if you did, he wants to kill you. Even if you haven't
talked to him before, he wants to kill you. You can either kill him, or just
running to the east to escape him. (It may also be possible to sneak by him).

Kill or escape from the gnome. If you kill him, search his corpse. There's a
on his body. Read it. Now walk east.

That's it! Enjoy the slideshow of screens from later in the game. Or reload, and
go back and explore.

Optional Quests

From the Crash Area

Wilhemina Carpenter's Note

Where: Search the corpse of Wilhemina Carpenter, read the note you find.

What to Do: The note gives you directions to its recipient. Unfortunately,
is not included in the demo, so this quest can't be completed. But remember this
when you play the full version.

Charles Brehgo's Spirit

Where: The cave in the east side of the crash area.

What to Do: Talk to the spirit of Charles Brehgo. It will rise from the corpse
soon as you approach. Brehgo will ask you to kill a priest, Arbalah. If you
agree, the location of Arbalah's home will appear on your map (it is possible to
walk to it, or uncover it through random exploration, but it's far from easy).
Travel to Arbalah's home.

Two things you can do here--you can kill Arbalah, or you can talk to him (see
Arbalah's Artifact Quest). If you attack him, he will attempt to stun you. If
have party members, you should be ok. Arbalah's spell takes a lot out of his
Fatigue, and if he keeps casting it, he will pass out, making him easy pickings.

Return to Brehgo. Tell him you killed Arbalah. Brehgo will mock you, react
however you will.

The Reward: Beyond experience, completing this quest causes an evil alignment

From Arbalah's House

Arbalah's Artifact

Where: Speak to Arbalah in his house (you may have to wait until morning to go
in). Arbalah's house is just to the south of the crash area on your world map.
will be revealed if you agree to kill him on behest of Charles Brehgo (see
Charles Brehgo's Spirit Quest).

What to Do: You probably arrived here on the advice of Brehgo. In any event,
Arbalah and let him explain what happened. Turns out Brehgo and his partner
Fahrkus slaughtered Arbalah's family. Sympathize with Arbalah, and eventually he
will ask about a sacred artifact. Then he will ask you to recover it for him.

Return to Brehgo. Say you need to talk to the "friend" that killed him. He'll
know why instantly. Insist on talking to Fahrkus. Lie and tell Brehgo that you
convinced Arbalah to release him if you tell him where he is (this option does
not appear to work for low Intelligence characters). He will point out the
location on the world map. Say goodbye to Brehgo and travel to Simon Fahrkus'
Shack, south of Arbalah's house near the end of the river.

If you arrive in the day, you will find Fahrkus outside his cottage. You can
him, and take the artifact from his corpse. Or, you can talk to him and give him
the same line you gave Brehgo--Arbalah will lift the curse if he coughs up the
artifact. You can also pick his pocket and steal it if you're skilled enough.

Once you've got the artifact, head back to Arbalah and give it to him.

You can still complete Brehgo's quest if you like by attacking Arbalah...

The Reward: Arbalah will bestow a blessing upon you that will make people react
more positively to you. This quest will also cause a good alignment shift.

From Shrouded Hills

Thwart the Shrouded Hills Bank Robbery

Where: Talk to Doc Roberts at the General Practioner's office in Shrouded Hills.
Ask him about any work. Agree to help him thwart the robbery.

What to Do: Doc Roberts will ask you to join him in fighting off the Bowen gang.
Once you agree, he will walk to the bank. You can run off and do other things,
you like. When you want to do get the job done, talk to Roberts in front of the
bank, and tell him you're ready. You'll hear a shot. Charge into the bank, and
the fight will begin.

If you're a weaker character, let your pals and Doc Roberts do most of the
fighting. Doc Roberts is fairly efficient, so hide behind him. Or maybe Sogg, if
you've got him. Otherwise, you should be fine.

Talk to Roberts outside the bank to get your reward (see below). If you're a
bastard, this is the optimal time to now rob the bank...

The Reward: If you told Roberts you have an inclination towards magick, he will
give you an enchanted sword. If you told him you were a techie, he'll give you a
gun. If you told him you walked the middle ground, or don't know, he'll give you
an axe. In addition, you will get a positive alignment shift, plus you will have
gained a hero's reputation in the town of Shrouded Hills.

Rob the Shrouded Hills Bank

Where: You can walk into the bank and rob it yourself at any time, or you can
talk to Jacob Bens at the bar of the Shrouded Hills Inn, who will conspire with
you to rob the bank and split the 500 gold piece payoff.

What to Do: Jacob Bens can provide you with the combination to the safe on a
piece of paper. Or, you can talk to the teller, and tell her to "REACH FOR THE
SKY!" She'll only take you seriously if you have a gun in your hand (the guard
seems to take threats more seriously). If you've got a gun, she will give you
combo to the safe, and then run off. Not the best way to handle things. She'll
still have the key necessary to open the door to the where the vault is.

So, you can kill her and take the key, or you can pick her pocket and take it,
which is much simpler and cleaner. If you attack the teller or attempt to
lockpick the door, both the teller and the nearby guard will attack. If you tell
the teller to "REACH FOR THE SKY," she will run off to the well area and stay
there. Violence is not the best way here; you're bound to attract attention.

However you get the key, once you've got it, go into the vault room. The two
chests here contain various odds and ends, the safe has the money. Take it and

If you are stealing the money on the behalf of Jacob Bens, you need to return to
the Shrouded Hills Inn to cough up his share. If you do that, he's happy. Or,
can go to the Doc and tell him about Bens. He seems to disappear after that.

Believe it or not, the best way to rob the bank is to join up with Doc Roberts
thwart another robbery (see above). The guard will get killed when you stop the
robbery, leaving it an easier target.

The Reward: 500 gold pieces or 250 gold pieces, depending on whether you pay off
Bens or not. And a negative alignment shift.

Get Some Pure Ore for Lloyd Gurloes

Where: Talk to Lloyd the blacksmith, ask him how business is. He will mention
he needs some Pure Ore, which used to be provided by the Bessie Toone mine.
to get him some.

What to Do: Bessie Toone's ghost has tainted the mine, so no Pure Ore can be
found there (just Iron Ore). However, anyone trained in the first schematic of
the Smithy discipline can make Pure Ore. You just need to combine Steel and Iron
Ore. Thanks to Dan Ravipinto for pointing this out.

The Reward: You'll get a fine steel dagger out of it. The dagger isn't really
worth much, so you're really doing this for the experience, if anything.

Free Bessie Toone's Spirit

Where: The Bessie Toone mine is located in the west of Shrouded Hills, just on
the outskirts of the town. Percival Toone will ask you to put his mother's ghost
to rest. She is haunting the mine and tainting the ore. Percival lives in a
just south of the mine.

What to Do: Sadly, there's not much you can do here. Fight through the mine, and
you will see Bessie forlornly calling for Sarah. The Sarah she's looking for
isn't in Shrouded Hills. To put Bessie Toone to rest, you need to travel to
locations not in the demo. After seeing Bessie Toone, you can go back to
and spook him a little, but he won't be much help. Still, there are some
items hidden in the mine, like another sick of dynamite. Also, the area where
Bessie Toone's spirit wanders has a container with a boot. This boot, which
belonged to Bessie, can be used to bribe Ristezze into telling you where Tarant
and the makers of the ring are.

Sabotage the Generator

Where: Jongle's Enchantments is a store directly to the west of the Inn. Jongle
Dunne, the proprietor, is an alchemist with a grudge against technology. Ask him
about his problem, and he will tell you about this quest.

What to Do: Go to the temple-like building to the north of the well. Inside
are some sewer rats, kill them off. Then go to the back room here. You will see
control box, guarded by a dwarf technologist. He has to go. Once he's dead,
destroy the control box. The easiest way is to drop some dynamite next to it and
let it go off. This might not take care of it, so you may have to drop another
stick or finish it off manually. Dynamite can be found in the cave east of the
crash site, or in the Bessie Toone mine. Once the control box goes boom, return
to Jongle for your reward.

The Reward: Jongle will give you some healing potions, and you will get an evil
alignment shift. Jongle will also give you an opportunity to do another job for

Repair the Generator

Where: Talk to Constable Owens after the generator has been destroyed. Thanks to
Death Trax for pointing this one out.

What to Do: Well, you broke it, now why don't you fix it? If you destroyed the
generator at the request of Jongle Dunne, or simply because you felt like it,
talk to Constable Owens. He's looking for a part that can fix it. The part can
found in the Bessie Toone mine. It's the old sprocket which can be found in the
barrel near the campfire surrounded by spiders. Give it to him.

The Reward: The Constable will give you some gold for your trouble. Worth more
than selling the sprocket outright.

Get Some Ingredients for Jongle Dunne

Where: Jongle of Jongle's Enchantments again, after you have destroyed the
generator for him.

What to Do: Once again this quest is outside the scope of the demo.

Destroy the Bridge Supplies

Where: The bandits at the bridge in the northeast. Talk to their leader, Lukan
the Witless. If you ask him if the is a way to "circumvent the fee" for crossing
the bridge, he will ask you to blow up the bridge supplies (unless the Constable
hired you to kill Lukan, in which case, no go). Note that this is not the only
way to get past Lukan (see Getting by Lukan the Witless above).

What to Do: Follow the stream to the south. You will eventually come across what
looks like three piles of lumber. Destroy them manually, or drop some dynamite
nearby. Return to Lukan and tell him what you've done.

The Reward: Lukan will give you the key to the bridge gate. This will also cause
a negative shift in alignment, and the Constable will be none to fond of you.

Remove the Bandits from the Bridge

Where: The Constable at the well will hire you to clear out the guys at the
bridge. Your reward will be gold. The higher your Intelligence, the better the
reward will be.

What to Do: Go to the bandits at the bridge in the northeast. Either convince
bandits to leave or kill them. Methods are described under Getting by Lukan the

The Reward: Return to the Constable for the reward of some gold pieces. Note
you do not actually have to be assigned this quest in order to collect. Just
up and talk to Constable after you've killed/driven off Lukan, and he'll give
some coin.

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