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Чит-файл для Aztec: The Curse at the Heart of the City of Gold

The Curse at the Heart of the City of Gold

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:France Telecom Multimedia и Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Издатель:Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/цифровая доставка
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 1 декабря 1999 года
Жанры:Adventure / Educational

Даты выхода игры

вышла 28 сентября 2012 г.
вышла в 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Walkthrough by Gayle Banks

There will be quite a few things that you can find out about the culture of
these people. Chose a subject that might interest you while playing this game.
Take your time and explore, it is part of the story.

I have laid out things in the order I played the game, there is probably no
reason why you can't change direction at certain points from what is below and
still wind up at the place you need to be at a certain time for an event.

I do not tell you when to save except at the skull puzzle - the rest of the
saves are up to you. I used manual saves and have no idea if the auto-save
would be better.

Have a good time playing Aztec!

After the opening cut scene you find yourself in your home village with an
inventory consisting of a blowpipe, cocoa beans and the necklace that the
murdered nobleman gave to you.

Talk to Quilaztli, the elder and healer of your village and exhaust all
topics, including his suggestion for you to visit your home and then turn and
face your home, the house with the red doorframe. Pick up the digging stick
resting against the outside wall and then go inside, look around and pick up
the cocoa beans.

NOTE: As you step outside you will notice up ahead a similar house with a
yellow doorframe. Quilaztli will mention the house with the yellow doorframe
(later you can go out through the path between the yellow-framed house and the
hut next door and the game map will appear. However, not this time, as you
will soon find out). Go now to the house with the blue doorframe. This belongs
to Quilaztli, the village elder/healer you just talked to. Go inside and look
around. Go to the area where the statures are and turn left, the elder is
standing in the corner. Start a conversation. He will ask you to get some
incense as an offering. Turn towards the three statues; see the one at the
left? Open the door in its chest and get the incense. Give it to the elder and
talk, completing all topics. He will tell you to find your parents and you
must go find Tlatli and not to trust anyone else!

Go outside, a Otomi warrior named Mountain Head is there, the one who killed
the nobleman. You cannot fight him, nor go forward. Turn right and right again
so that you are going down the path, turn left, left and straight.

The river is there with a canoe. Get into the canoe. Now, there are guards and
the aim is to find a way out via these river channels called Chinampas. Go
down the different channels until you see a canoe parked by a hut. Get out and
go down the path to find another canoe. Get in and go until you see the map
icon. Click on the icon and chose the Merchants Plaza.


Walk straight down the path either left or right past the red framed house in
the center. Talk with the man selling wood (you may a bundle of wood now or
you may buy later if needed and save money for now). . He will also tell you
that Tlatli the Poet lived behind him (house facing you) with yellow-framed
door. Enter house, look around then go through next doorway. Talk with the
priest and find out that Tlatli was dead, murdered! Pay the priest the five
beans he requires for information and in return also find out that Tlatli's
servant is gone and receive another gem necklace exactly like the one the
nobleman gave you. Walk forward pass the priest and look down at the mat to
your right. Pick up the blood stained parchment and examine.

Then turn slightly more right and go towards the gate in the back of the yard.
Hear the water? Turn right once more and face and go towards the divider wall
and click. Behind the divider is Tototl "Bird", Tlatli's servant. Exhaust all
topics and you will find out that Tlatli had told "Bird" to get Turquoise at
Craftsman District at the Feather Dressers. That Tlatli was afraid and would
not drink any water, just alcohol and men had come to kill Tlatli and he was
afraid they would come back and kill him.

Go back to the body of Tlatli. Facing him, make a turn around to face the
wall. Look down at the mat and pull away the mat and pick of the jewel.
Examine it.

Then go to the front door to find guards are there and you must find another
way out. Go back and talk to "Bird". After you ask if there is another way out
he tells you the front door or the gate, but the canal is outside the gate.
"Bird" also tells you that the murderer was an Otomi warrior (probably good
old Mountain Head). Finish talking with him and go to the back gate.

When a canoe comes by, click on it - cut scene shows your escape and you have
once again avoided the guards.

Go to the only path without a guard and go over a bridge, turn right to a
second bridge and the map icon will appear. Click on Craftsman area. Talk to
woman on your left weaving, she really has not much to say at this time.

                            EVERYONE NEEDS A BUDDY

By the temple on your right you will meet a friend called Chimalli. He swears
to aid you. You ask him of Turquoise and he tells you that it is a woman and
to keep going as you were and you find her around the corner.

Turquoise is there and you talk. Show here the jewel you found at Tatli's
house when she asks. She says you must talk with Chacoatl but not till
tomorrow. He isn't there today and it is getting late and you can stay with
her tonight.

The next morning, return to the Craftmen's Quarters and go forward to the
stature (urn) in front of the temple, turn around and go slightly left and
forward into the house of Chacoatl the Feather Dresser. It is just right of
the temple. Talk and pay his servant the two beans in order to go into the
backyard and talk with Chacoatl. He will tell you he is getting ready for a
journey. Exhaust all topics and show him the bloody parchment. He will ask you
for one of necklaces and he will investigate as much as he can before he
leaves on his journey.

He also says that you must go and talk to the Lord "Woman Serpent" and perhaps
he can help. But how to you get to see him? Chacoatli will tell you that you
must finish the feather shield he was doing for "Woman Serpent" and that you
must go to the market and buy some dyes to finish and that he will help you.

                             ARTS AND CRAFTS TIME

Turn completely around and examine the shield lying in the corner. Notice that
the dye tray to your right has no dyes. Notice the colors of feathers and of
shield itself. To your right are undyed beads and feathers. To your left are
green feathers - So you do not need to buy any green dye. You will need to buy
red, yellow, light blue and dark blue dyes. Return to the Market Place via the
bridge/map. Also at this time, you can go back to the poet's house and talk to
his slave Bird again only to find that Bird has been permitted to leave and go
home by the courts. Now go to the market and buy yellow and light blue from
the woman to your left as you first enter the market and then turn right, go
into shadows and buy red and dark blue from man and return to the feather
dressers home and start on the shield.

Notice the feathers are in a color pattern. Red, Light Blue, Green, and so on.
Take a white feather click over correct color and attach. Same with the beads.
Check the pattern and use the white beads and complete the pattern. You will
now have the shield you need to take to "Woman Serpent". Talk again with the
Feather Dresser who will tell you to take it to the place but there many
entrances and to be sure to pick right one. He will check on the necklace and
for you to return soon.

As you exit the house, your friend appears and gives you more news. Now turn
and go back to bridge and map and click on Palace/Temple image and you are now
facing the palace complex.

Go forward and talk with the beggar just to your right. When he asks for alms,
offer him your beans. He will refuse your offer and instead gives you a gold

Then turn a bit right and go down by the river and turn left along the bank.
Talk with the boatman and tell him you will see him later. Also, turn and go
up the stairs and turn right. There before you is a raised bridge and on the
wall some sort of pulley. Remember this spot for later in the game. Now go
back to central road where you talked with beggar and continue forward.

Talk to the guard at the steps, no entrance here, go further down and talk to
another guard, turn right and talk with the stone mason. Well, guess it is
time for a boat ride.

                          WHO SAID I COULDN'T COUNT

Go back to the boat taxi, pay the two beans and sail to the area where taxes
are counted. Talk with the taxman, be sure and say that you are there to help
him. He will explain what to do. Now, turn around to your right and click on
the Jaguar skins. It is pretty self-explanatory. Jaguar skins count 100 each,
cotton is 20 each and jar of shells is 1 each. Yes, I know that the total
count will be 885 and there will be 1 jar of shells left over, don't worry.
Work it so that the larger part has a total of 442 (one half of goods) and
each smaller part has a total each of 221. If done correctly, the taxman will
thank you and reward with one jar of shells, which is worth 25 beans.

Now, walk behind the taxman and go downstairs, nothing here but if you talk
with a guard you can find out that they are guarding prisoners to be

Go back up and turn right down the open-air hallway, keep going until you are
standing between two different patio areas. Turn left and down the stairs. If
you turn left you will see a wood cage but you can't use it yet. Talk to the
guard who will tell you to go away, walk further and talk with the poet
standing there (not very good poet at that), turn around and continue around
the garden square. Go up the set of unguarded stairs and follow the passage.
You will remark when you see the guard that you can't leave the palace yet.
Turn around and go back the way you came.

Now, go to the other patio square. Go up the stairs in the center. Notice two
men talking in the corner? One of them is a Jaguar Guard the other is a
prince/nobleman named Three Rabbit (be sure and use the ear icon and listen to
the conversation about a priestess named Papatzin, the Emperor and the evil
that has struck the city. Then continue up stairs and talk to the guard in the
center, no luck. Turn right while facing this guard and go forward, you will
see an entrance to a room. Go to the entrance and talk with the guard (you can
see a few pots, Etc. in the background of the room). Talk with him and show
him the feather shield. He will let you enter the room.

                      WOMAN SERPENT WHO IS REALLY A MAN

Turn left and talk with Woman Serpent, you will get a gift of Amaranth for the
feather shield and you will be arrested. (Just isn't your day, don't worry,
heroes can overcome this problem).

You are in your cage/cell. Look around below at the matting on floor for a
knife and cut the straps of your cage.

Turn right and go to the back of the building and turn right and talk with
your parents. Again, exhaust all topics. Your father will tell you to go to
your village and at the foot of the altar to the goddess Tahiquetza you will
find a treasure. He will also mention one guard has left and for you to create
a diversion and escape.

Go to the doorway now empty of a guard. See the cage with the jaguar? Use your
blowpipe and hit the cat then turn to your right. The other guard is gone. Go
forward and up the stairs to your right (where you did taxes) and a man is
waiting there for you. Use all dialogue and find that Woman Serpent is your
friend. The man will give you a magic rattle and tell you to find the right
person and you will be able to talk with Woman Serpent again.

Go back to the doorway where you first met Woman Serpent and turn right and go
forward, then left down the long hallway and again turn left. Show your rattle
to the Jaguar guard and he will let you pass.

Go straight to Woman Serpent and exhaust dialogue. You have now promised to
find out what evil is behind all of this and in return you and your parents
will be spared. To report to him you must present the rattle to the guard at
"between two serpents". Woman Serpent will deny ever knowing you if you fail.

After cut scene, go to merchant plaza and talk with your friend, Chimalli and
take his suggestion to go talk once more with Chacotti, the feather dresser.

When you get to the patio area of Chacoati, you find that he has gone on his
journey. Talk with his slave. Chacoati left a message for you - "Green Serpent
- Seven Flint".

Go outside and talk with your buddy Chimalli again. He suggests that Green
Serpent may have something to do with the green necklaces from the dead
nobleman and poet (you still have one - Chacoati has the other).

Then turn right and forward then right again and talk to the crabby weaving
woman. She knows nothing of "Green Serpent" but Seven Flint is a jeweler who
did live near by but moved recently to the next quarter. Go back to the area
you previously talked with Turquoise and talk with her again. She also thinks
that Green Serpent means the necklaces and tells you to go over the bridge to
get to Seven Flint's house. Turquoise also mentions that she is leaving for
the clameca (school) now and won't be around.

Go over the bridge ahead of you (back of Turquoise) where you will find Seven
Flint the jeweler crouching over a fire. He will not answer your questions
until you get him a bundle of wood. If you bought the wood earlier from the
man by the poet's house then give to Seven Flint now. If you have not bought
any wood, go back over the bridge and go towards the wood fence and buy some
wood from the man standing there and then turn around go over the bridge again
and give the wood to Seven Flint.

He will ask to see the necklace and tell you that it comes from far away in
Olmec country and that he did not make it. He also tells you there is another
man, a Pochtecatl also named Seven Flint and that he travels to Olmec country
and can be found in the Tlatelolco market place. Walk back over the bridge and
talk to the woodman again. This time ask about Seven Flint and he will tell
you he thinks he lives over the canal. Go forward to Chimalli and chat and
then turn right and go to the bridge and the map and chose the merchant's

Go forward and left. Past the bridge is a blue-trimmed house with tic-tac-toe
markings. Talk to the guard and you will find out this is the palace of Three
Rabbit. Turn around; you should be able to see part of a man to your forward

Go forward and he will automatically start the conversation. Cover all topics.
You will find out the location of the Pochtecatl-Seven Flint's house. You will
also find out he is preparing for a journey and is out for now. Turn to your
left and go forward (the oven is on your left). The man had said the all white
house and there it is right next to a rock-trimmed canal.

Yes, you should knock before entering, but there isn't any door and besides
he's out somewhere.

Go into house and head through the open patio area into the shaded room in the
back. I suggest when you hear the noise from the bowls sitting in the middle
of the patio that you don't touch them, even though you get a fist symbol - at
least for now.

Enter the room and head for the left corner on the wall facing you. Now, you
should have some bolts of cloth standing in the corner to your left and some
strands of cloth hanging down the wall. Run your cursor along the painted
design between these two points. A large non-painted hole should be almost in
front of you and your cursor turns to a fist. Use your knife and make a hole
and inside is another necklace. As soon as this is done, you automatically
turn around and Seven Flint is standing there wondering what you think you are
doing. Cover all topics. You will find out that in order for him to tell you
who he has sold the necklaces to, you will have to pay him 100 times the cost
to repair the hole you made in his wall - no, the beans won't do it!

                        HOME IS WHERE THE TREASURE IS

Remember what dad said in jail about a treasure at home at altar. Well, if you
ever needed money, now is the time. Retrace your steps to the bridge/map are
by going out of house, forward, turn right and turn right again, forward over
small bridge, forward once and turn right and forward to bridge/map area.

Chose your village on map. Once there go straightforward to your home (red
trimmed) and if you did not pick up at beginning of game, pick up the digging
tool resting against the wall by the doorway. Enter and go to the back to the
patio area. At the steam bath building you will see a statue of a god. Facing
the statue move cursor down to the ground, use the digging tool where it shows
fist icon. It will take two hits and then take the treasure mask. Now exit
your home and go straightforward towards the yellow trimmed house. You now are
free to exit using the path to the left of the yellow trimmed house.
On the map pick Merchants area again and go back to Seven Flint's home. He
will be in the back room and after you give him the treasure he will tell you
he sold five necklaces to Three Rabbit. As you move forward to leave, you will
then hear Mountain Head's voice. Turn and go back and ask Seven Flint what is
going on and he will deny everything. Then go forward and out the door into
patio. Mountain Head is his old charming self. Now is the time to use the bowl
with the rattling sounds in front of you. Click on it (will show fist icon)
and it will automatically tip over in front of Mountain Head and you will run
away. It is time for you to report in to Woman Serpent. I don't know how many
times or when you should report in to him so will suggest times and then you
can decide when you should or should not go to him with reports on progress or
lack of...

                       LESSON 25: USING A MAGIC RATTLE

You remember that Woman Serpent said you had to give the rattle to the right
person and you would be allowed to past and talk with him. Well, this is as
good as time as any to do it.

Pick Tenochititlan Square. Remember where you paid the boatman to row you? Go
forward, turn right forward to first set of stairs and go up the stairs and
turn right towards the raised drawbridge and turn and face the pulley on the
wall that you saw earlier if following this walkthrough. Cut the rope on
pulley, turn right. Bridge is now down and go forward to the guard. This is an
Eagle Guard and remember what Woman Serpent said "Between two serpents" is way
in to see him. Notice there is a coiled serpent on each side of guard. Show
him the rattle and you can pass. Follow corridor all the way to the garden
patio, turn right, go up to the other patio area and then, as you did before
go along the upper passageway to the right of the doorway to Woman Serpent's
room. Again show the Jaguar guard your rattle and go in and talk with Woman
Serpent. When you tell him about the necklace, he will mention it seems to
represent one of the gods. You tell him about Mountain Head (the fellow who
has wanted to kill you since the beginning of the game) and Woman Serpent says
he needs more proof.

Exit exactly the way you came in, out pass the Eagle Guard, turn right over
lowered draw bridge, down steps and forward and left to the main bridge/map
and click the Merchants area again.

When you start this part, you will get an automatic message about the poet and
nobleman being part of the plot along with Three Rabbit and there has to be
two more involved since there were five necklaces in all. You must follow
Three Rabbit and find the other two plotters!

Go back to the man at the wall (forward, turn left and over small bridge, then
forward) to the man at the wall and see he has any additional information. He
will tell you that the blue-framed building is Three Rabbit's palace and there
is an old servant who hangs out at the dead end on the side of Rabbit's palace
who may have information.

                          TIME TO PLAY A GAME OR TWO

Turn to face Three Rabbit's home and go forward. You have to turn around to
make a right turn into the side of the palace. Go to end and talk with old
man. He will tell you he is thirsty. Go to the merchant's market. Retrace your
steps over the small bridge go forward as far as you can and then turn left
and go forward. You should recognize the entrance to the market. Go in and
turn right, go forward and turn right. The drink is called Octli and the woman
sitting there in the shade will sell it to you. Then go all the way back the
way you came to the old man. He thanks you and says he will answer your
questions if you win at this strange game which is sort of a short version of
the game Sorry and Checkers combined. The idea is to get your pieces around
the one side of your track and off the other side opposite of where you have
started. You can hit an opponent and send him home so that he will have to
start over if he is at the four spots that intersect the middle of the board.
Watch your markers and where they will be if moved. The game is kind and it
will show you the result of the lighted choices you have if you move to a
certain spot. You are supposed to win two in a row but it seems to vary
between winning one and several losses and one win, one loss, one win or all
losses. He will eventually talk to you.

After you have won your games, he will answer your questions regarding Three
Rabbits habits and where he goes. Please make note of this because you will
need it. He will say as to habits - My Eye, My Nose, My Mouth in that order,
remember it. He will also tell you that Three Rabbit goes quite a bit to the
Temple of Tezcatlipoca and it's Annex located at the Center of Ceremonies next
to the Tezcatlipoca pyramid. Guess we will be going to the Tenochtitlan Square
now and see if we can get in the Center. Turn and retrace your steps over the
small bridge and to the large bridge/map.

Go straight down the broad path and at the end is the entrance to the Center.
The guard will not let you in. Turn around as you walk by a man standing with
a basket on your right. Stop and talk to him, no, you do not want to buy wood
but he says he likes you and will be there if he can help.

                        CHECKING IN WITH YOUR BUDDIES

Now, this is what I call gathering information time. Don't go to the man at
the wall, he has nothing to say.

Go to your buddy Chimalli in the Craftsman area. He always knows something.
Exhaust all subjects and you find that perhaps Turquoise can help you get in
the Center and she is at the Calmeca (school located in Merchants area). Also,
you find out that Lord Black Flower has good reason to cause trouble. He hates
the Emperor. Black Flower should have succeeded his father, but the Emperor
chose another to succeed and told Black Flower to leave.

Go to Woman Serpent - go same way as before. You tell him a little of your
suspicions and he tells you in so many words that you are wrong and don't come
back until you have something.

Go to the Merchant's area. Turn right as soon as you are there and you will
see Turquoise standing in front of the Calameca. Talk to her. She thinks the
poet was killed because he wanted out of the intrigue to destroy the emperor.
She will also give you a drum, which will get you in to the Center of
Ceremonies. You must give it to Cuicani a poetess, known as the Flower of
Stone and a good friend of the dead poet.

Go to your village and talk with the elder/healer Quilaztli. He will tell you
that Black Flower is near by and is gathering troops for a rebellion against
the emperor.

All of the above information gathering can probably done in any order but
sometimes you miss a topic and if you are not sure you take the time to check
and double check - hope above helps you in where you should go for

Now on to Tenochititlan Square the Center of Ceremonies. Go straight down to
the end of the broad path as you did before.

Show the drum to the guard and he will give you very vague directions to get
to the House of Song. "House of Song is in the back against the outer wall".

Pass him and stop. If you turn left you will see images, these are guards,
they are all over the place. Turn right and go forward once, then left and
forward twice and turn left (I automatically went up the steps). Now turn
right and go forward twice. So this is the Priestess Papatzin (you might want
to learn about her background so click information icon). She will ask where
are you going and you must keep it very vague. Tell her you a drum to deliver
to the House of Song and to the poetess Cuicani. Do not ask about Three Rabbit
(she can't be trusted). Papatzin will tell to you to go left pass Eecatl, then
Tzompantli Temple and Wall of Skulls and of course the outer wall. (remember
these locations).

Turn left, go forward two times-another guard-turn left and go forward once
and turn right make note of location of the ladder-don't do anything now -
turn back to the way your were heading (turn left) and go forward two times
and then turn right (you have no choice). Go forward one time-These guards are
all over! Turn right and forward twice. You will see a man in feathers
(slightly to your left). Talk to him and remember him and where he is. He is a
good source of information and can help locate places for you.

Go past him and keep going forward. You will see a large long building with
broad red stripes and two staircases. Go to the guard and show him the drum,
he will let you pass.

                              THE PLOT THICKENS

Go past the guard and forward. You will see her standing in the corner behind
the garden of yellow flowers. Give her the drum when she asks. You talk with
her and tell her of the poet's death and the parchment. Give her the parchment
when she asks. She tells you it is not a poem so she will need time to
interpret it. Ask her how to get to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca. She tells you
it is to the right of the great pyramid. You are basically going to retrace
your steps to the stop where you talked with the priestess Papatzin.

Go out and forward and forward between the red and blue painted buildings. The
man is there and he will also tell you to retrace your steps. Turn left from
him and go forward once, then turn left and then left and forward pass the
place of the ladder and then turn right. You will see the great pyramid and
the lower red and blue building to it's right is your destination.

Talk with the guard. He tells you that Three Rabbit is there but you need to
show him a certain object to pass. Show him the necklace of the dead nobleman;
he will let you pass him. Go forward into the back room and turn left. Another
guard who tells you that you must answer three riddles.

Remember your game playing friend and the message he gave you about habits-My
eyes, my nose, and my mouth. Answer the three riddles in that order and he
will let you pass.

Go pass the guard and forward to the wall and turn right (you will hear
voices) use the ear icon and listen to the conversation of Three Rabbit and
Papatzin. Papatzin tells Three Rabbit that the poison in the city supply is
working. He asks her if she has hidden the gourd with the poison in a good
place. Yes, she replies and the God Tezcatlipoca guards it. After they leave
go forward to the small statue. If you use your question icon on it you will
find out it is a statue of Tezcatlipoca. At the right of the statue is a box.
Pick it up and put in inventory. Now, check the ground just in front of
statue. You should have a fist icon. Put the box there and then move the
statue. Behind the statue you find and take the gourd of poison. Move the
statue back to its original spot. Over to the left is a round object, get it
and put it in inventory and see what it is, a mirror. Now exit via the stairs
and stop. You will hear muffled voices and your icon should turn to a fist.
Three Rabbit and Papatzin are still there. Use your mirror on the spot just in
front of you (where the fist icon was). Keep checking the mirror until you see
they are gone. In fact, Little Serpent will say they have gone. Now leave
quickly and go back to the House of Song.

The guard won't let you by, you don't have the drum any more so use the other
set of stairs to your left. Inside turn right, forward and down stairs and you
will see Cuicani. Ask her if she has figured out the parchment and says has
not had enough time but she has a poet friend Azocuan who can help.

He is at the Palace (remember the fellow with the very bad poem in the garden
area?) well, he's the one. Cuicani says that he is trustworthy and that if you
give him a secret code, he will know you are from her and he will help. The
secret code is a white flower, which can be found in that garden area. It is
called Yucca Elefantis. Show him the flower.

Now, exit the Center of Ceremonies. Go back around the red building, then turn
right, forward, and left and back by ladder, then right, up stairs just before
the Temple of Tezcatlipoca and turn left down stairs, and then right, forward
- you should see the entrance by this time and go out. Go forward once and you
will be automatically turned left and standing there is your friend Chimalli
(good, I thought he was stuck to that one spot). You talk of many things.

Chimalli is very excited about his news. He found out from a slave that the
Priestess Papatzin has her water brought to her from far away and this of
course makes sense since you have heard she and Three Rabbit talking of
poison. You mention to him that you must find which of the pools of drinking
water in the city are being poisoned.

You tell Chimalli that you are on your way to Woman Serpent and he informs you
that Woman Serpent is on a war campaign against the Tlalcaxtec and is out of
the city.

He also implies that this leaves the city barren because all the good solders
are with Woman Serpent and perhaps there might be an alliance between Lord
Black Flower and Three Rabbit. (This would certainly be a good time for an
overthrow as far as I can tell). Back to the game.........Chimalli says he is
going to find out more. You need to go to the palace courtyard and find the
poet Lord Azocuan.

Go to the courtyard your usual way via the Eagle Knight (your usual way in)
and go into the garden area and talk to the poet you spoke with earlier (he is
in white and is the only poet around). You ask him if he knows where Lord
Azocuan might be found and he nervously answers that the Lord is not around
right now, maybe later.

Well, Lord Azocuan has to be him but to prove it and talk to him we need to
find the white flower which is the code message - the Yucca Elefantis and this
is the only garden around so let's find the flower and then bring it back to

Turn around and go back to the stairs leading to where you have been going in
and out of the palace area. Facing the small set of stairs, turn right and
right again. Look up, there is the white flower you need, you will hear a
gasp! It is beyond your reach. Turn right, forward once and then left down the
middle path between the two flower planters (you may hear a very big hint).
You are now facing the guard, turn right. See the cage you couldn't use
before? Go pick it up and put in your inventory. Now, go back and face the
white flower plant again. If you move your cursor down you should get a fist
icon on the ledge. Place the cage there. Now there should be a fist icon on
the cage. Click on the cage and you will see yourself climbing the cage. Now
pick the white flower, put in inventory and get down and go back to the poet
and show him the white flower.

Tell him you come from Flower of Stone and must see Lord Ayocuan. He confesses
he is Lord Ayocuan (why is he always so nervous?) Tell him of Tlalti's death
and you are involved in trying to find the evil that is killing the city. He
is shocked and replies that Tlalti had sent him a parchment (not a poem). Ask
to see it. Be sure to study it. There is a ladder (we know where to find the
ladder, right?) and you will also see the Wall of Skulls-Tzompantli (you might
want to make note of the way the skulls are facing). He suggests you either go
back to Flower of Song or to the Wall of Skulls. Now leave the area.

Things are heating up. Now, the only person I could find that had anything new
to add was Turquoise and she can be found back at her spot in the Craftsman
area. She will warn you that guards are looking for you. Have no suggestions
about where to find the pool of water that is being poisoned. You mention the
plot of Three Rabbit and Papatzin but that you cannot prove very much now. She
says she will pray to the rain god for you (big help that is right now).

We now have to figure a different way to get back into the Center of
Ceremonies since we no longer have the drum, which first allowed us past the
guard. Go back to the gate of the Center of Ceremonies (the guard is in front
of you) and turn right and go forward to the construction area you visited
earlier in the game.

If you turn towards your left you will notice that the water goes through an
opening and your cursor points that you can go in. However, it is dark in
there so look down and see a pot of burning embers and a stick along side the
pot. Pick up the stick and notice it is really a torch. Put the torch in the
embers and `let there be light'. Now, turn left and enter water tunnel. You
can either go all the way to the end and find that there is no way out, turn
around go forward once and to your right you will see a couple of stairs. You
can also (upon entering the tunnel) go forward twice and turn left and the
stairs will be there. Go up the stairs and forward and then turn right. See
that square hole in the wall? Click on it and watch the cut scene. You are now
inside the Center of Ceremonies. You should see the way you walked before. Go
slightly right and forward. A priest will stop you and he will want to know
what right do you have to be here. Carry on the conversation and then show him
your magic rattle. He has his doubts but will let you pass. However, he is
going to keep your rattle.

Now, pass him, go on as before to the House of Song. On your way there you can
pick up the ladder or you can do it on your way to the Wall of Skulls in a bit
(I picked it up on my way to House of Song). Go the same way as before and
enter the unguarded stairway of the House of Song and go talk with Cuicani.

Give the parchment from Ayocuan. She interprets it to say that you must go to
the Wall of Skulls-Tzompantli and there try and find another piece of
parchment or an object of some kind. Leave her and go to the Wall of Skulls.

Go forward and stop when the building with the red trim is at your right. If
you haven't picked up the ladder, go do so now and the come back to the side
of the red trimmed building. Now, if you picked up the ladder, turn to your
right and look across the large open area - and if red building at your right
turn left and look across. Go forward towards the gray building in front of
you that looks like it has spikes showing along the wall. As you get close
your cursor will tell you this is Tzompantli. Move your cursor along the wall
till it becomes a fist. Take out your ladder and click it on the wall. Since
this is a puzzle I will suggest you save now (less steps to do if you have to
start over). Click on the ladder and a cut scene will happen showing you
climbing the ladder. When that ends you are in the puzzle. See the three poles
to your left with the color bands? Now see the six other poles next to the
banded poles?

                               THE SKULL PUZZLE

You are to get the five poles next to the three-banded poles to look exactly
like the three-banded poles. Not a hard puzzle, basically moving skulls around
on the six poles till you have the five identical to the three-banded poles.
This clears the pole at the far right or the sixth unbanded pole. This pole
when cleared will show a parchment. Take it and you will automatically go down
ladder. Examine it, put in inventory and go back to the House of Song.

When you show it to Cuicani and show her the parchment from the Wall of
Skulls. She still does not understand but remarks that it looks similar to the
other parchment she studied earlier. You both will talk of Ayocuan and Tlati.
You warn her of Mountain Head.

Now when this conversation is through, bring up your inventory. The goal here
is to make a more complete parchment from the two pieces (both have yellow
background). First get the earlier parchment and click it over the eye so it
is enlarged. Now while still in that screen click on inventory and bring up
the parchment from the Wall of Skulls. Click it on the screen. You should now
have two pieces with ragged outer edges.

Move the parchment on the right side so that it matches the row with "Three
House" symbol on your left with "Five Serpent" on your right. No, the
parchment is not going to be a neat rectangle. The "Five Serpent" side will be
higher on the screen if done correctly (clue: the two half circles along the
center will now become full circles). Leave screen, check inventory and if
done correctly when you show it to Cuicani, she will say she still is confused
but from what she does understand you need to go to the Tlachtli Court (Ball
Court) and look for the name of a God near the left hand hoop (it will become
clear when you see the court). Meanwhile, she will study the parchment while
you go play ball. Leave the House of Song and go to the court.

                          ANYONE FOR A GAME OF BALL?

The court is located at the left side of the Wall of Skulls, just below the
Wall. Once there turn left and enter the court. Speak to the player. You have
a choice be his slave or be tested by getting the ball through a hoop. Accept
the test and then do a right turn (half of a full circle). You should see a
ball on the ground (don't try and throw from here). Pick up the ball, put in
inventory and go forward one time. Now, take the ball and click on the hoop.
If you get it in, you will see in the hoop opening a bright star and comment
this is a sign of the plumed serpent God Queztalcoti. Go back to Cuicani and
tell her your findings.

NOTE: When I tried to go straight back to the House of Song, there was a guard
standing in the way. I circled back around the red-bordered building and went
through where the helpful man was and went pass him through the opening
between the blue and red buildings and it was clear to the House of Song.

Cuicani tells you that the Three House and Five Serpent are dates on the
calendar and asks you to go back upstairs to the other room and find the wall
paintings of Three House and Five Serpent and get the information.

Go back up the stairs, go straight forward. Both paintings are on the far
wall. You will talk at this point when you click on the correct painting.
Three House is known as the God Tepeyolloltli "Heart of the Mountain" and Five
Serpent is known as the Goddess Chalchiuhtlicue "Goddess of Water". Go back to
Cuicani and discuss all this with her and when she says what there are two
springs, you ask which one. She will say that because the sign you saw was
that of Queztalcoti and he is known to be from the West it has to be the
spring at Chapultepec "The Mountain of the Grasshopper".

Cuicani tells you that you have no choice but to go there and get proof that
this is the spring which is being poisoned but that you must rest now and
leave in the morning for it is getting late. You will then see a movie cut and
then when you have control again you will be at Chapultepec.

When you gain control of cursor again and you are a bit turned around, face
the direction that your cursor changes to a map. Turn left and forward twice.
Then turn slightly to your left and you will see guards ahead go and talk with
the guard. The guard will not let you pass and ask what you are doing there.
Answer with the line that starts "My own name won't mean anything to you...."
He will want to test you to see if you are a true hunter and tells you to kill
and bring to him two of the singing birds behind you.

Turn around and go forward. At the first bushy tree to your right is a bird.
Use your cursor and move along the tree - they are hard to see. Cursor changes
to fist, bring up your blowgun and kill the bird. The bird will lie on the
ground somewhere between the groups of trees. Go down the path between the two
groups of trees and turn left at the bushy tree. This one is easier to see.
Pick up the first dead bird and go around the bend and on your left again you
will see another bushy tree. Shoot the second bird and it will be laying
somewhere on the ground there. Bring them back to guard. He thinks you are
great, apologies and let's you pass. Go forward until you get a cut movie.
After the cut movie go forward to the shelter. Talk with the guard. He won't
let you pass and asks if there are any more poison jars to be put in the
shelter. You say a few and he says go get them. Turn right and forward. On the
outside right side of the shelter is a parrot in a cage and some jars. Run
your cursor along the jars-only one will show fist icon (one on right). Take
the jar and go back to the guard. (Oh, you can click on the parrot but will
get message he won't talk till he gets something to eat). Give the jar to the
guard and he now needs the password. You make of an excuse so you can think
for a moment.

Turn right and go to the parrot's cage. You have technically two food items,
but the one you need is the Amaranth. Click the bag on the parrot and pay
attention to what he says. Go back to the guard and when he asks for the
password, use the line "Topco Petacalco" and he will let you go into the

Go forward twice, turn right and go forward to the jars. You will have the
fist icon on the jars. You will say that the jars must be broken so they won't
poison my people. Well, what to break them with? Nothing in your inventory is
going to work. Turn around and go forward once and turn right.

There is a long stick resting on some wood pilings. Take the stick and go back
to the jars. Use the stick on the jars. There is a short cut scene. You have
only broken a couple of jars - don't bother to try any more times, that is all
you are going to break. Turn around and exit the shelter. There is a cut scene
with your friend Mountain Head about to kill you. Chimalli is suddenly there
and hits Mountain Head very hard and tells you to run. As soon as you have
control of cursor again, go forward two times. You will automatically turn
right and there is the famous Lord Black Flower.

                          WOULD YOU TRUST THIS MAN?

He tells you he only wants to destroy Montezuma, not the people. He wants to
free the people from their yoke. Got the impression he is not that fond of
Three Rabbit either (war makes strange bed fellows). Black Flower will give
you choices. One choice is to poison the aqueduct and become one of his lords
and follow him. The second choice is to drink the poison yourself. Well, I
don't trust him, bet if you make the first choice you are a dead serpent
anyhow, so chose the noble path and drink the poison.

Now, this is important. You have to move fast in this part. As soon as you
make your choice, drink the poison and the bowl drops to the ground, don't
just stand there! Turn around and click on the aqueduct, you will then run and
dive in, a movie dream sequence will occur and then you will awaken from your
deep sleep and no, this isn't heaven. You awaken in the home of Quailaztli,
the elder and healer of your village.

Talk with Quailaztli. He tells you that your friend Chimalli found you and
heard you mention his name and that Chimalli brought you to him. He also
mentions that because you had the gourd of poison he was able to make an
antidote to cure you. When you say you must tell everyone about the poison, he
stops you. Qualiaztli says that you are thought dead and if you were to go
screaming in the streets, you would surely die.

You ask what can we do? He tells you that he can make a big batch of the
antidote for the poison but he is missing some essential herbs and you must go
to the Chinampas (he calls them floating gardens) and near a hut you will find
the herbs he needs. So you immediately leave to get to the canoe at the
water's edge to find the herbs he needs for the antidote.

Leave the hut, turn right, turn right again and go forward. Turn left, forward
and then slightly right and forward to the canoes and get in (same way you
went at the beginning of the game). Go forward two times, turn right, forward
two times and turn left, hop out of canoe, turn left, go forward and turn
right. Use your knife on the long stemmed flowers there to get the roots for
the antidote. You can only use the knife once. Then get back in the canoe and
trace your steps back to Quilaztli and you will find him in the corner of the
patio. He asks for the roots and tells you that you must take a gourd of the
antidote to Woman Serpent, who is now gravely ill. The gourd is in the hut's
main room. Take it and exit the hut and leave the area by going between the
hut and yellow trimmed house. Click on Tenochtitlan Square. Here we

Once you have arrived, you could go over the Eagle Guard and ask him to let
you in, however, you don't have the rattle anymore and it may not be a smart
move. Instead, go over to the water taxi man (you used him to get into palace
the first time) give him two beans and off you go. Once you have landed, talk
with the taxman who also tells you that Woman Serpent is very ill and Three
Rabbit will only allow his Ticitl-Doctor in and even the loyal taxman is not
allowed in.

Go down the passageway as you did the very first time to see Woman Serpent.
Stop when you enter the room you cross to go up the stairs to patio areas. See
the large brown color square on your left? Go forward one and turn left. You
should be facing the square. Now, I did not get a fist icon but if I had walk
further towards the patios there would be a guard, so it has to be there. Use
your knife on the brown square, which will tear the fabric and go forward. You
are now in the hallway between the Eagle guard and the palace garden patio.

Suggest you turn right and go into the garden patio. Go back to the corner
where the poet Ayocuan is and talk with him-don't worry it is safe. The poet
warns you that Three Rabbit and his guards are everywhere. You tell him you
must see Woman Serpent and need his help. You have antidote for Woman Serpent.
He does not want to help until you tell him that Lord Three Rabbit and Lord
Black Flower are in the plot together and that Black Flower is not far away.
Ayocuan is now frighten and agrees to help you. It seems that he wrote a poem
about Black Flower that was less than favorable and if Black Flower gets back
into power............so he will help.

Ayocuan suggests that he divert the attention of the guard at Woman Serpent's
room and you sneak in and see Woman Serpent. You must go a different way than
Ayocuan. Turn around and go forward, turn left and up to the other patio area
and then go into Woman Serpent's room (you can see Ayocuan and the guard
talking to your right before you enter).

Woman Serpent is on a mat in the back of the room. Turn left, go forward, turn
right and go forward to Woman Serpent. Immediately give him the gourd of

Now, sit and watch your fate unravel before you..........................

                                   The End

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