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Читы для Diablo 2

Чит-файл для Diablo 2

Diablo 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Blizzard North
Издатель:Blizzard Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 июня 2000 года
Жанры:RPG (Rogue/Action) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Diablo, Nox, Revenant
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 18 июля 2000 г.
вышла 29 июня 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Diablo 2 Walkthrough
Act 1

Quest 1 -- Den Of Evil
You'll get this quest from Akara. It's in a cave just outside the camp on the
Bloodmoor. Do yourself a favor and kill everything on the Bloodmoor before going
into the Den of Evil. This should get you to level 2, perhaps level 3. Hit the
Den and clear it out. Quest done. Return to camp and let Akara know you've
cleared it out. Then head over to Kashya in the camp and talk to her, she'll
you the next quest.
Quest 2 -- Sister's Burial Grounds
This will be your real first quest of any length. First, head back out into the
Blood Moors until you come to the Cold Plains. Now the Cold Plains will have an
exit to the Burial Ground and to the Stony Field. Ignore the Stony Field for
There is also a cave in the Cold Plains; it's the first of many side trips you
can take for extra loot and experience. Go ahead and hit this before you go into
the Burial Grounds.

 Raven is in the Burial ground and is the baddie you need to kill. She is fast
and pretty deadly to a low level person but the graveyard has a lot of areas
can confuse the pathfinding of the monsters so keep moving if you need a heal.
Don't bother fighting her army of the undead; once she is vanquished her death
will kill all the monsters in the graveyard. The Quest Log will tell you to go
back to Kashya, but there are a few places in the graveyard itself to check out,
the Mausoleum and Crypt. Clear those out for more experience and loot. Return to
Kashya when you are ready. Once you've spoken to her, speak with Akara again.

Quest 3 -- Search for Cain
It turns out Tristam is pretty much a smoking hole in the ground now and poor
Deckard "Stay awhile and listen" Cain needs to be rescued. Akara will tell you
the quest; it's a two parter. The first part is to retrieve a scroll from the
Tree of Infuss and bring it to Akara for translation. The tree can be found in
the Dark Woods. Get to the Dark Woods by heading through the Stony Field to the
Underground Passages, leaving the passages puts you in the Dark Woods.

 While on the Stony Field, you'll need to find the Cairn Stones. This is where
you will return with the translated scroll, it will tell you the order in which
to touch them. Secondly you'll need to find the "moldy Tome" which will give you
Quest 4. Don't forget to also activate the waypoints in the Stony Field and the
Dark Woods, you'll be coming this way again.

Upon activating the Cairn Stones, a portal will open to Tristam. Here you can
rescue Deckard Cain by touching his pen. Cain will make a quick escape, leaving
you to either run back to the portal or clear the level out. The baddie you'll
fight here is none other than a cursed Griswol he is tough so be ready to move
safety if overwhelmed. Don't forget to find that bratty price gouger Wirt's cash
and peg leg -- sweet revenge for all the cash you gave the lil' bastard in the
first game. Head back to town when you're ready.

Quest 4 - Forgotten Tower
The moldy tome told you about a tower that needs a little house keeping. Seems a
bad countess is in there makin' trouble. You'll need to head back to the Stony
Field, go through the two levels of the Underground Passage in order to make it
to the Darkwoods, which in turn connect with the Black Marsh. The Tower can be
found on the Black Marsh. One important note on the Tower: its hardest part is
probably the entrance to the first level. You have a good chance of dying here,
so be ready to run as soon as you are getting whupped. There are five levels to
the tower and the countess can be found at the bottom. Once you ice her, head
back to town for Quest number 5. There is a non-quest dungeon named The Hole in
the Black Marsh for extra loot and exp.

Quest 5 - Tools of the Trade
Once back from Quest 4, Charsi will tell you about the Horadric Malus -- a
special hammer the baddies have in the Barracks. The Barracks are a good ways
ahead. Past the Black Marsh is the Tamoe Highland. Within that location, you can
find the Monastery gate, head in and to the Outer Cloister, find the waypoint
here and then find the Barracks. You will face some tough opposition here but
eventually you'll find the hammer and the badass that guards it. Dust him then
head back to Charsi, she has a special gift for you. She will imbue with magical
properties anything you bring to her. We suggest a weapon. Find the best one you
can that isn't socketed, rare or magical and give it to her. Don't give her a
piece of armor unless it is something like your boots, or belt. Because all the
other armor you have right now is going to be replaced in Act II, but if you get
lucky on the imbue, you might keep a good weapon for quite some time.

Quest 6 - Sister's to the Slaughter
The last quest is taking on the nasty bitch Andariel who's hiding in the bottom
of the Cathedral. Getting to her is going to be your longest journey yet. Head
back to the Barracks and go down into the Jail. Three levels later, you'll come
up into the Inner Cloister. This will take you to the Cathedral that leads to
Catacombs. She is on the 4th level of the catacombs, make sure you hit the
waypoints in Jail level 1, the Inner Cloister and Catacomb level 2. If you are
all concerned about dying, once you have cleared out the 3rd level of the
catacombs, just prior to heading down into the 4th, cast a town portal but leave
it there. Head to level 4 for a big fight, don't be surprised if you die, she is
very nasty and uses a brutal poison attack, but if you have the town portal it's
a quick trip back. Don't forget to cast another one before you go to get your

Once she's dead, head back to town and talk to everyone. They all love you. If
you've got the urge to hit some unexplored areas, go for it. You won't be back
here. But if your ready head to Wariv and tell him you are ready to go East.
He'll pack the camp and away you'll go!

Act 2

Congratulations on making it out of Diablo 1.5, you are now fully part of Diablo
II. The new areas and monsters are going to knock your socks off, and probably
kill you a few times, as this area is significantly harder. The first thing
you'll figure out about Act II is that it's really just two quests. A very quick
one and the second one which actually takes up the other five quest panels in
your quest log. This can feel like a much longer Act, but it's about the same
length as the first one.
Quest 1: Radaments Lair
 Head around town and learn who sells what. Along the way you should run into
Atama who will give you the quest. There are two entrances to the sewers, either
will do. The sewers have three levels, dust Radament down in the bottom but
forget to leave without picking up the Horadric Scroll it's the lead for the

Quest 2: Horadric Staff
This quest is a long one and you'll complete 3 and 4 along the way. Take the
scroll to Cain, the last Horadrim who will translate it. He'll also tell you the
next quest which is a three parter. First you'll need to get the Horadric Cube,
then the Shaft, then the Head of the staff.

The Horadric Cube can be found in the Halls of the Dead. Head out of town to the
Rocky Wastes, then to the Dry Hills where you can find the Halls of the Dead.
here about the second level of the Halls of the Dead, it's a really tough fight
at the entrance, be prepared to die. Once you have the cube head back to Cain.
The cube can hold more slots than it takes up so is a great bag, plus you can
experiment to see what it can transmute.

 The Shaft of the staff can be found in the Maggot Lair. This distasteful
can be found in Far Oasis which is connected to the Dry Hills. It's a nasty
little lair and if you are a melee fighter you are going to need some type of
distance weaponry or lightening resistance. The boss at the bottom of the lair
upon death will spread out a deadly substance on the floor so don't stand too
close to him.

The Headpiece can be found in the Claw Viper Temple. Travel through Far Oasis to
the Lost City then onto the Valley of the Serpents the temple can be found
Head down into the temple, upon completing the quest you'll get the headpiece
complete Quest 3 at the same time.

Quest 3: Tainted Sun
 During your travels, in either Dry Hills or Far Oasis you'll run into Quest 3,
when the light go out head into town and talk to Atama, she'll let you in on
what's going on. It seems those nasty Claw Vipers are not only holding the
headpiece but also causing darkness throughout the land. So getting the
will also accomplish Quest 3.

Quest 4: Arcane Santuary
Once you've got the headpiece and other parts head into town, Cain will let you
know what to do and point you towards Jerhyn, who will now let you into the
Palace. Inside the Sanctuary you need to find the journal of some old dead
geezer. To find the Sanctuary you need to head into the Palace, going down all
the levels of the Harem, then the Palace Celler until you find the portal to the
Arcane Sanctuary. A word on the Arcane Sanctuary, you are going to need some
distance attack ability here so prepare for it. You will need to kill the guy
guarding the book, he is The Summoner and is Quest 5 as well, so once again
completing one quest will complete another.

Quest 5: The Summoner
 The Summoner is on a platform with fire throwing ghoul lords. It's a really
nasty situation, you will clearly need some distance attacks. Finish him off and
read the tome, which will open up the gate to the Canyon of the Magi, it will
also tell you which is the correct Tal Rasha tomb. Now you can head into the
correct one straight away or you hit all the other tombs for more exp and loot.
If you forget which tomb to look for use the quest log.

Quest 6: Tal Rasha's Tomb
This is a pretty quick level, you are getting close to the end of Act II. Head
through the tomb until you get to the orifice, once you are there get close to
the orifice with the staff equipped and touch the orifice, a nice magical
displace will take place and the last level of the tomb will open. Head through
the opening prepared for a battle. Kill the worm guy there and head inside.

Hail Traveler! Welcome to Kurast, last slimehole of the East. This will be the
most open-ended of the Acts. You can actually move to Act 4 missing Quest 1, 2
and 4, though it's suggested you complete all of them because of the goodies
you'll receive. There are two main quests, putting together an item and using
item. The forest levels are huge. Be prepared.
Quest 1 - Jade Figurine

You'll not receive a quest at the beginning of this Act; instead you need head
out into the Spider Forest and start kicking ass. In your travels within the
Spider Forest, you may come upon a Jade Figurine by killing a named NPC. Which
NPC you get it from is random, we've gotten it, literally, just outside of town
but also deep in the Spider Cavern. Once you do get it, go see Cain - Meshif -
Cain - Alkor. Alkor will tell you go come back once he is done making the
Just click on him again; he'll give you a potion of +20 life.

Quest 2 - Blade of the Old Religion
Once you've kicked a little ass in the Spider Forest, you should go back and
to folks around town, Cain should start you onto Quest 3, and Ormus might give
you Quest 2, if he doesn't check back with him again once you've been inside the
Flayer Jungle. You need to find the Gidbim blade for this quest which can be
found in the Flayer village that surrounds the entrance to the Flayer Dungeon.
Actually there is a little pile of wood named Gidbim. Activate it and a fire
start; in response a Flayer NPC will show up, kill him and the Gidbim blade will
drop. Take it to Ormus.

Quest 3 - Khalim's Will
Once you've adventured out into the Spider Forest a bit, talk to Cain and he'll
start you on the main quest for the Act, Khalim's Will. It's a four-part quest
once again grab components that you need to put together in the Horadric Cube.
doing so, you'll complete Quest 5 and be prepped for Quest 6.

Khalim's Eye - This can be found in the Spider Cavern, within the Spider Forest.
Go down into the cavern and kill the spiders that guard it. It's in a chest.

Khalim's Brain - This can be found in the Flayer Dungeon, which is in the Flayer
Jungle. You can get to the Flayer Jungle by going through the Black Marsh on the
other side of the Spider Forest. Just outside the dungeon is the Gidbim fire for
Quest 2, so take care of that if you haven't. Or skip it.

Khalim's Heart - This can be found in the sewers under the Kurast Bazaar. The
Bazaar is next to lower Kurast, which can be found past the Flayer Jungle. There
are two entrances to the sewers in the Bazaar and an exit inside the sewer to
Upper Kurast, if you want to leave that way.

Khalim's Flail - You'll get this by killing the main council member. If you kill
the rest of them, you'll solve Quest 5. The council is found in Travincal that
can be reached via the Kurast Causeway in Upper Kurast. Upper Kurast is reached
by going through the Kurast Bazaar. Travincal is a death zone. It's the toughest
thing you'll have reached so far by an order of magnitude. Be prepared.

Quest 4 - Lam Esen's Tome
Along the way through the Bazaar, Upper Kurast and the Causeway, you might come
upon a few temples, reliquaries and other seemingly unimportant little dungeons.
If you go talk to Alkor once you are in the Bazaar, he should tell you about Lam
Esen's tome. The tome is within one of the six minidungeons. If you find the
and bring it to Alkor, you'll get a bonus of 5 skill points.

Quest 5 - Blackened Temple

This only requires you to kill the Council members in Travincal and can be
completed without actually talking to anyone. If you kill them, you'll also get
Khalim's Flail in the last part of Quest 3. Talk to Cain, and he'll finish off
the quest for you.

Quest 6 - The Guardian
Once you have the completed flail, go back to Travincal and destroy the
Compelling Orb. That will open up the entrance to the Durance of Hate.

Mephisto is chilling on the third level of the Durance, and you've got to finish
him off. There is a waypoint on level 2. Activate it because you are probably
going to die on the third level. The third level has council members, ghoul
similar to the Arcane Sanctuary guys and a whole host of other nasties. Strategy
here would be to lead out the little guys and kill them before taking on
because he is bad enough on his own. Kill him, then go back to town. Or clear
other areas, because once you go through that portal to hell, you are not going
backwards in Acts unless you start another game.

Act 4

Act IV Damn, with the ghoul lords, the council members, the cantors and
the end of Act III is a beast.

Congratulations on getting this far but don't rest on your laurels; you're going
to Hell. First stop along the way is the Pandemonium Fortress. This will serve
your last bastion before heading into the realms of Hell. If you plan to repeat
the game in the Nightmare level, you'll want to get your character into the 27
above experience level before beginning again. Hell is a great way to rack up
that experience. A correction to Act III's piece: you can, in fact, get back to
other acts by clicking on a waypoint and then changing the Act tab.
Quest 1 - Fallen Angel
Speak to Tyrael and Cain. The two of them will fill you in on the situation very
quickly. Tyrael will give you the first quest. Izual, a fallen angel, charged
gates of Hell some years ago and was captured. Since that time, he's been made a
slave to Prime Evils; you need to free him. Of course, since this is Diablo,
you'll be freeing him through death. Head down the stairs into the Outer Steppes
and clear this level out.
The folks you meet here will be the easiest you'll face in hell, so if you're
constantly dying, you'd better stay here and up your level. From the Outer
Steppes, you'll need to find an archway that leads down more steps to the Plains
of Despair. Izual can be found on the Plains. Fight him; destroy him; then talk
to him. Once you've spoken to him, head back to the Fortress and talk to Tyrael.

Quest 2 - Hell's Forge
Cain will remind you (as he's done before) that you need to smash Mephisto's
Soulstone on the Hellforge. The Hellforge can be found in the River of Flame,
which connects to the City of the Dammed, just below the Plains of Despair. You
will come to a split in the road at the Rover of Flame. If you meet an angel who
tells you to go back, the Hellforge is the other direction. Kill a nasty little
guy named Hephasto and everyone around the area, the Hellforge Hammer, will
Equip the Hammer and destroy the Soulstone; you'll get some high quality gems.
back to town, talk to Cain and prep for battle.

Quest 3 - Terror's End
It's time to hunt down the big man himself.
You'll need to go back down to the River of Flame and approach the Chaos
Sanctuary. Don't forget to activate the waypoint at the River of Flame. The
Sanctuary is just full of bad guys, all of them out to kick your ass. Once you
get into the main chamber, you'll need to activate five seals in order to
Diablo. Actually, what you should do is clear the chamber before activating any
of the seals, because three of the five seals are going to spawn badass unique
NPCs as soon as you activate them. Once you've opened up the seals and killed
last of the NPCs, Diablo will show up. If you are playing multiplayer, it's a
good time to go back and make sure you've got room to store extra stuff. Once
kill Diablo, you'll have 90 seconds before the game ends. Once it's over, and
get back to Battle.net, you should be able to get back into your game, but who
wants to risk it?

Diablo looks kinda like Godzilla and acts like it when he tries to stomp your
ass. He has various distance attacks, the nastiest of which is a lightning
attack that will basically instantly kill anyone within its path. For melee
fighters, Diablo will be your biggest challenge. That lightning breath is
horrible, but he does give about a half-second warning before blowing. For
keep back from him, and let your magic do the work. Stay at a distance, and you
should be able to kill him easily. Once he's dead, it's time to quickly pick up
goods and watch the finishing movie. Congratulations, you've defeated Diablo II.

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