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Читы для Diablo 2

Чит-файл для Diablo 2

Diablo 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Blizzard North
Издатель:Blizzard Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 июня 2000 года
Жанры:RPG (Rogue/Action) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Diablo, Nox, Revenant
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 18 июля 2000 г.
вышла 29 июня 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
Last update 7th March 2001.

Welcome to my Diablo 2 FAQ

This contains many hints and tips on how to complete the game and train
a character.
It is designed to help you train and complete the game. It also contains
some random info
on some stuff.

By atomic:potato. E-mail: cwason@charlyw.freeserve.co.uk

Also, DON'T SEND ME HATE MAIL. It is just a waste of my time and yours.
I ignore any hatemail I get because if you don't like my FAQ then don't
read it. If you have ideas of improvement, they would be useful but
hostility is not neccesary thankyou.


Febuary 28 2001: I've started the walkthrough. Broke 1k mark.
March 7 2001: I've done the boss list. Broke 100k mark. Thanks to a day
off school, I had time to e-mail Morquan at Diablo2.com for the skill
tables. They'll come soon.
March 20 2001: The strategy section was added. I thought I'd put it
first as it is very important. Dwason Brotemarkle and Peter Judson added
to the thankyous section.


Sorry about that, but I do know some lousy freeloaders try and sell faqs
for money. Trust me, I've met them. On that subject, this FAQ can only
legally be put on the following sites:
If you got it from anywhere else please e-mail me.

1. Strategies
2. Walkthrough for all quests.
3. Items
4. Character List: Good Guys.
5. Character List: Not-so-good Guys.
6. Character List: Bosses.
7. Training Tips.


The Hit-And-Run Strategy:
Fighter Version: Firstly, run in and hit the NME a few times. Don't let
them get a chance to hit you. If they hit you, run away, use a potion,
keep running when they get close, and then start attacking them once
again. Repeat until either of you are dead.
Ranger\Mage Version: Firstly get in their face. Next RUN AWAY VERY
FAST!!! When you are a fair distance away, you want to use your most
damaging attack, until they once again come up to you. Repeat until
dead. If you are a Necromancer cast a spell or curse, then let your army
do the hard work.

The TP Escape strategy:

OK, firstly cast a TP near where the bad guy appears. Then run to an
escape (stairs, WP, whatever). Now run to the nearest WP (if you haven't
already), and when in town simply go through the TP. Doesn't work if you
HAVE to defeat a bad guy, obviously. This is an escape.

Undead Strategy:

Fighter\Necro Version: Use a mace. This means a wand, hammer, or other
blunt weapon.
Mage\Ranger Version: Use holy bolt or fire spells (like Fireball or Fire
Why did I just do that section? The strategy is so blatantly obvious.
I'll mention it in the walkthrough a lot though ;).

The Daleks Strategy:

EXTERMINATE! It may be your quest but it is easier said than done. Fight
your NME well, but when you need a potion go up the stairs so they can't
get you (thus the name Dalek Strategy). When out of potions cast a TP
back to town, and cheekily re-enter the arena. Nice strategy, shame
about it not working on Duriel.

The Through-the-wall Strategy:

Now THIS is clever. Shame it doesn't work for some characters. However,
with an army and Strafe, who needs to do this flash stuff? In order of
Sorceress Strategy: When injured while fighting, cast teleport through a
wall. You should have time to use a potion, and while the clumsy monster
follows you, missile it when it comes through the door.
Barbarian Strategy: You can jump over almost any liquid and the void in
A4, plus you can also jump through portcullises in some dungeons. If you
see it, try jumping it, and wait behind the door for a stupid monster to
come and hit you.
Paladin Strategy: What you can't see can hurt you. Stand on one side of
a wall. If there is an NME on the other side Sanctuary will hurt it.

Of course, you could e-mail me if you have any more.
In my walkthrough I will call things by the first time you meet them.
E.G. I will call Fallen Fallen(1) and Carvers Fallen(2), etc. Most vital
locations will have "--" both in front and behind them, and be in caps.
They stand out that way.
Also, here are keys to abbreviations:
TP= Town Portal
WP= Waypoint
A1\A2\A3\A4= Act 1, 2, 3, 4
Q1\Q2\Q3 etc.= Quest 1, 2, 3, etc.
L1\L2 etc.= Levels of a dungeon.
LG= Lut Gholein
KD= Kurast Docks
PF= Pandemonium Fortress
Now lets get started!

First things first. Don't worry about the movie at the beginning, it is
not a vital part of the game and it does not make
sense until the end. Now you have started off, talk to Warriv. Then talk
to Akara for a quest, and if you are a fighter talk to Charsi. Then go
out to the --BLOOD MOOR--, and find the --DEN OF EVIL--.

This is probably one of the easiest quests, especially for a
necromancer. Just wander around and kill things. The little
red dudes, Fallen(1), have Shamans. Kill the Shaman(1) before you
attempt to kill the Fallen(1), cos the Shamans(1)
resurrect Fallen(1) and shoot fireballs at you. Zombies(1) are easy
enough to kill. For a Sorceress, firebolt them, and for
all others, hack at them (or let skells do it for you). Don't waste any
Javelin em. For the Spikes(1)(quill rats)
simply do whatever you can, avoiding the bolts. BEWARE! There is a
magical monster called Corpsefire. He will use an elemental
attack on you (that is what Spectral Hit means). He shows up with a
group of Zombies(1), but should be not much of a prob.
However, you might want to use a ranged attack instead of a melee if you
can. After you find and kill all the monsters,
right click on the blue scroll in your inventory to warp back to town.
Go to Akara for an extra skill point, then go to
Kashya for another quest. She wants you to kill Blood Raven. You can
find Blood Raven in the --BURIAL GROUNDS--, beyond
the --COLD PLAINS--. Oh yeah. Get the waypoint for Cold plains. If you
find the --STONY FIELD--, turn back. You don't go
there yet.


In case you're wondering, Blood Raven is the one who is raining arrows
down on you. She is surrounded by Skeletons(1) and
Zombies(1), who should be a) hacked into a million pieces or b) burnt
with a fire attack. The Skeletons are like the
Zombies, but they are MUCH faster. Use an armour defense spell if you
are a sorceress, or pick em off from a distance if you
are a female character\necro. If you are baba\pala, simply go and hack
them up. But you need to try and ignore Skeletons
and zombies for now. Instead, throw whatever you've got at Blood Raven.
Most Sorceress attacks work well (esp. Fire), and
Amas should be able to use a ranged attack on her, Babas and Palas use
any fast attack and Necros use Teeth and Skells to
take her down (and golems if you have them). After this return to the --
COLD PLAINS-- waypoint, talk to Kashya, get a
mercenary, talk to Akara, WP back to the --COLD PLAINS--, and find the -
-STONY FIELD-- Waypoint. Then go through the
--UNDERGROUND PASSAGE-- (l2 is optional. Exit is on l1) to the --DARK


Now you're in the Dark Wood, right? Good. Find the tree of Inifuss. It
should have the monster Treehead Woodfist nearby
(he is a Golem(1)). He is extra strong extra fast, so the best thing to
do is run at him, attack, run off. Or, run away,
attack (with ranged attack) run off again when he gets near. Or use some
skells. Your choice. Anyway, once he's dead, click
on the Tree of Inifuss and get the scroll. Now look for the --DARK WOOD-
- waypoint and use it to get back to the Roguecamp.
Then talkto Akara, stock up on potions (I really mean that), and wp to
Stony Field. Once there, find the Cairn Stones, and
kill Rakanishu the Fallen(2). Use ranged attacks or hit-and-runs to kill
him (or skells, but stand back). Now enter Tristram
by clicking on all of the stones in any order (it doesn't matter what
order you do them in, but you still have to have
the Scroll. Strange). Now beware. There are Skeleton Mages(1),
Goatmen(1) or (2) and Fallen\Shaman(1) and (2). Also beware
of Griswold. He is cursed, so he MUST NOT HIT YOU. If he does, run away
until the curse wears off. To kill the skellmages,
either hit them very hard, chuck things, or use fire\ice (lightning is
not a very good choice cos they are made of stone).
The goatmen are big and fast, so use close-range attacks(Inferno, Jab,
Bash, Normal) (or skells) to kill them. Another
strategy is to find Cain and run away very fast. Somewhere on the map is
Wirt's Body. Get the gold and his leg(if you want
to do the secret cow level later in the game), unless you're too busy
running away from Griswold and Goaties. Now use the
red portal to Stony Field and wp back to the Rogue Camp. Talk to Cain,
then Akara. By the way, did you find something called
the "Moldy Tome" in the Stony Field? If not, go find it now. You'll
stumble upon the next quest that way. Afterwards, wp
to the --DARK WOOD--. NOTE: Now you can identify items for FREE!!!!!!


You find the tower in the --BLACK MARSH-- beyond the --DARK WOOD--. The
--BLACK MARSH-- waypoint would therefore come in
handy. Now enter the --FORGOTTEN TOWER-- and head for the Tower Cellars.
On each level, there are a group of monsters and
a magic one. Kill them all, and proceed to the next level. Now repeat
that until you get to L5. On this level is the
Countess and a group of Dark Rogues (they might be rangers. I'll check
that). Best to kill them all, because if you kill the
Countess you get big lots of gold and a completed quest. Now TP back to
the Rogue Camp and talk to Charsi for Q5. Then use
the WP to get to the --BLACK MARSH-- and proceed to the --TAMOE


Well this is hard, eh? I don't know what number Dark Rogues you are
fighting, but they are very fast. Also beware of the
new edition of the Fallen, Fallen\Shaman(3). Firstly kill everything,
then go to the corridors left, in front, and right of
the --OUTER CLOISTER-- WP (its not hard to find, believe me). Find the -
-BARRACKS-- and prepare for new editions of the
Goatmen(2?) and Fallen\Shaman(4). Deck everything until you hear someone
shouting about the Hellforge, or making weapons
from your bones (charming!). This is your cue to leg it. Run away, using
cold attacks and skells if you have them to slow
down The Smith. You can stay and fight (baba, pala), but TP (just in
case, right?). When he's dead, go and grab the
Horadric Malus. Now, while snooping around, you may have found the --
JAIL--. Go back to town (WP or TP), talk to Charsi
or an Imbue (don't use this for a long while. It will pay off.....) and
then Deckard Cain for the Final Act1 Quest. Then
go to the --JAIL--.


Now you're in jail L1, you have a couple of new enemies to square off
against. Firstly, Ghosts(1). They drain mana, so stay
out of range unless you can do without. There are also Helldogs(1)
(tainted). These are fast, they have a ranged attack,
they also have good close range abilities. Yikes! Bear in mind that the
Jail is full of undead, so maces and fire are in
order. Also starring in the Jail are Vampires(1), who shoot fire and
steal life. They are also undead, so mace\fire them.
Now work your way down to Jail L3 (beware of Pitspawn Fouldog, he's
magic) and grab the --INNER CLOISTER-- WP and use it
before you get got by the Spikies(3) who have a magical leader (I have
forgotten his name.) You can kill them if you feel
like it, or you can leg it over to the --CATHEDRAL-- and kill the
ghosts, and Boneash (he's magic resistant and stone skin?),
and also the Helldogs and Fallen\Shaman(4). Now get down to the final
Act1 Dungeon: The Catacombs. On L1 there are a couple
of Ratmen(1), who plague act 3. They are pretty darned fast, so a close
range attack is order of the day. Also, you might
get ambushed by Helldogs, which you should also kill. Grab the WP on L2,
and cast a TP before you enter L4. It's time for
the Final Showdown For Act 1: Andariel. She hates fire, and poisons you
a lot. If you are dead or nearly dead, cast TP
upstairs on L3 where she can't get you :), get healed and re-enter the
fray. Then start killing her again (the more the
better), and repeat until she's dead. Watch the firestorm, loot her
corpse, and talk to Warriv to get to A2. You've now
completed A1, and shouldn't ever return unless you want to train.


Wow, a desert. But it's a fun desert. Talk to everyone in town,
particularly Fara and Drognan, then go see Atma. She'll
tell you to go kill Radament. Which is Q1. So go do that.


Go to the --SEWERS--. OK then, time for some brand new enemies. Firstly,
the Burning Dead.
They do fire damage, and are also archers. Secondly, the Mummies, they
do poison damage when you kill them and when they hit you.
In case you hadn't guessed, use Maces and Fire to kill them all. Get the
WP on L2, then proceed to L3 and find Radament.
You'll know when he's near cos he hisses at you. Now tempt his minions
out of his range and kill them.
Then go in for Radament, with (here we go again) Fire and Maces. He
shouldn't be much of a problem.
When you finally do kill him, loot him and look for an enchanted chest.
Grab the Horadric Scroll from it, and TP to LG.
Talk to Cain. Get Q2.


Step outside of LG, into the --ROCKY WASTE--. This is the second biggest
quest in the game, so you may stumble upon other
quests as you do it. Anyway, the --ROCKY WASTE-- is basically a practice
ground, so practice in it. You will meet various
new enemies, such as Leapers(1), Hellcats(1), Vultures(1), and many
more. Vultures are tricky. They are quite zealous,
so make sure you get first hit, or use a ranged attack. Hellcats come in
2 forms: Ranged and Melee. The Melee cats are fast,
so beware if you use ranged attacks. The Ranger Cats are also fast, but
only in their throwing arm. Chuck stuff back, or
simply hit them very hard, a lot.  The leapers are hard to hit, but keep
trying and eventually you will be able to hit them.
Once hit, they are slowed down a bit, so hit them lots more. Once you've
got enough practice, head to the --DRY HILLS--
and get the Waypoint. If you are on Nightmare\Hell, don't bother with
the --HALLS OF THE DEAD--. If on Normal, be prepared.
Be very prepared, because this is a very hard level if you don't have
Fire, Maces, or a lot of life\defence\patience. Well,
start off by destroying all the monsters you can find. Work down to L2,
and make sure you have a ranged attack. For Necros,
Amas, and Sorcs, this isn't a problem, but if you're a Baba or Pala you
might want to at least get Leap Attack or Charge.
There are Greater Mummies(1) on this floor. They resurrect all undead
(except each other), so they must be disposed of
before you try killing the others. They have a Unholy Bolt attack, too,
so beware. Anyway, after L2, go to L3, and destroy
everything down there. There might be some kind of boss, it's been a
long time since I did this level so I can't be sure.
Anyway, grab the enchanted chest and inside is.... the Horadric Cube!!!!
Wayhey!!!! This rather useful tool is good for
transmuting things to combine them. I will put down known recipes soon.
Talk to Cain if you want some.


  Time for A2Q2 part 2: The Staff of Kings. You need to go down the --
MAGGOT LAIR-- in the --FAR OASIS-- for this.
The Maggot Lair sure is narrow! Beware the Swarms(1): they drain your
stamina, and the Big Sand Maggots(1)have baby
Sand Maggots(1), so you should kill the big ones first to prevent them
from creating the young. Bearing in mind the narrow
corridors, some spells are killer here, particularly Blaze, Bonespear,
and the Amazon's ranged Javelin skills,
and Whirlwind (For nightmare-ers). Anyway, kill everything on your way
down to L3. At the end, you'll find millions of Maggots,
Maggot babies, and a Really Big Bad Maggot called Coldworm The Burrower.
Kill all the baby maggots that chase you,
then kill the big maggots, then start on Coldworm. He can't hurt you, so
just hack away at him, then get the Staff of Kings.


  Now it's time for A2Q2 part 3: The Claw Viper Amulet\Staff Headpiece.
This is the smallest part, but it makes up for it
in hardness. It is located in the --CLAW VIPER TEMPLE-- in  --THE VALLEY
OF THE SNAKES-- beyond the --LOST CITY-- which
has a WP. Also, it combines with A2Q3: Tainted Sun, so I won't have to
bother writing an entire A2Q3 section. A2Q3 is
when it becomes eternal night in the Lost City (so a "great hero" must
break the spell :D). Anywho, in the --CLAW VIPER
TEMPLE--, you meet the Salamanders and the Serpents. One of them (I
can't remember which) has an ice-charge attack, and the
other a double-swing-zeal kinda thingy. Lost? Me too. Cold resistance
does help against them, though. So does ChainLightning,
Bash, Jab (or Fend if you have it), Skeleton Magi, Golems, Zeal, Charge,
Stun, Smite, Inferno and Glacial Spike. Phew! Bad
news for an Ama though. All you need to do is Kill The Whole Damn Lot Of
Them. Easier said than done, that. Also, I can't
remember if you meet the ZapBats here. If so, get lightning resist, and
hit them quickly and strongly. Then go down to L2.
I seem to remember lots of them charging at me, and I got frozen, and
major ouchies!! I also remember a magic one. Can't
remember what its called, but I can remember it is hard to eliminate.
Don't worry about mana, just kill them all, and be
quick about it. Then high-tail it over to the Altar, and finish Quest 3
by clicking on it. Then finish Q2 by nicking the
Golden Amulet from the Claw Vipers. Then run like there's no tomorrow.
When back in LG, put the Staff Of Kings and the
Claw Viper Amulet inside the Horadric Cube, press the Transmute button,
and wolla! One Horadric Staff. What's it useful for?
A2Q6. You've finally done A2Q2! Congratulations!


I've just finished explaining how you do this, but I have to explain
again now so people don't get lost. First go to the
--LOST CITY--, then the --VALLEY OF THE SNAKES--, then the --CLAW VIPER
TEMPLE--. Destroy the Altar on L2. Sorted.


Now this is a hard quest. You have to run around the Arcane Sanctuary,
which is infested with Ghosts(2), and Goatmen(2),
and Vampires(2). The walkways are again quite narrow, but they have open
space on either side this time. Fireballs and
Firewall spells and whatnot can travel across the vacuum. So can jumping
barbarians and teleporting Sorceresses, not to mention
arrows, javelins and sorc\necro spells. I think Paladin Offensive Auras
can also travel across, I haven't tried. Ditto Shouts.
but enough about me, lets get on to you, good customer. Go up in
whatever direction you want, but always do the teleporter
bit last. At one end you should come across The Summoner and Horazon's
Journal. This is probably obvious, but destroy the
journal and read the summoner. I mean, read the journal and destroy the
summoner. The Summoner is best dealt with at close
range, I wouldn't reccomend getting into a fireball ping-pong match with
him. After he's dead, read the Journal and a portal
will open. Go through it to the --CANYON OF THE MAGI--, and grab the


Get ready to meet the Wendigo(3). Unless, of course, I've got it wrong
and it's a Wendigo(2). Anyhow, also beware of the
Hellcats(3 or 4). I REALLY hate them. Oh yeah, there are also a bunch of
Sand Maggots(3 or 4), for you to kill. But I think
that's about it until you get to the Tombs. Find the True Tomb (it gets
randomised, but the journal should have told you
which one it is. If not, e-mail Blizzard and complain.) Enter the true
tomb. Apparently, there is a magic monster called
Ancient Kaa the Soulless down here, but I've never met it. Also there
are the Death Beetles, which you should run away from
if you have no ranged attacks. Don't even THINK about Whirlwinding
these. I can tell you that you will kill them, but you'll
die in a way that can cause the game to crash (I call it Double-Death
Crasher. If you lose double your health, you can die
twice in a second. You can't die while you're still whirlwinding, but if
you lose double your maximum life your game will
crash). Right, now stick the Staff in the Orifice and watch the wall
crumble. Go downstairs and say hi to Baal... except
it isn't Baal. It's Duriel, which is probably as bad (or maybe even
worse). The following spells work well against him:
Jab, Fend, Zeal, Bash, Frenzy, Double Swing, Blaze, Hydra, Golem,
Charge, Skeleton Magi, Lightning. The following spells
are crap against him: Leap Attack, Cold Attacks, Poison Attacks, Holy
Bolt, Smite, Stun. All other spells are OK, but the
good ones are the best to use against him. Especially Blaze, which means
you can do him using no TPs or Potions. He is one
hard nut, though, if you're under level 20\35\55 (depending on
difficulty level). Once he's dead, steal his stuff, and
investigate the tomb. You should find Tyrael the Archangel there, who'll
blabbermouth at you. Then go through the TP, talk
to Meshif, go to A3 (the jungle).


Welcome to Magnificent (yeah, and pigs fly) Kurast. Firstly, go out into
the jungle and start killing things. If you're fast
you can see the Dark Wanderer disappear into a group of Flesh Beasts
(i.e. Vilekid(1)). Observe the new enemies in A3: The
Treehulk(1-4), which is a big wooden man, who likes to hit any young
heroes or heroines he finds (doing so increases his
speed in much the same way as a Baba's Frenzy), The Fetishaman(1-4 or
5), who has a flamethrower (Sorc's Inferno) attack,
and the ability to resurrect Fetish,  The Mosquito(1-2), who drains
Mana\Stamina, and the Tentacle(1-5), who has a ranged
posion attack and REALLY hates lightning. Anywho, after killing the
first magic monster, it should drop a Jade Figurine.


Pick up the Jade Figurine and take it to Meshif. He gives you a Golden
Bird, which you take to Cain, who goes blah-blah-blah,
go see Alkor (I love how he says "DAMNIT!"), get the Potion of Life from
him, drink it, quest closed. That was short, boring
and pointless. I don't even know why I bothered telling you about such a
simple, easy quest. Now you need to see Hratli
and Cain (or is it Ormus?) for Quests 2+3.


I know, I know. You probably want to do Q2 first, but seeing as this is
on the way you might as well do it. Go to the
--SPIDER FOREST-- and find the --SPIDER CAVERN--. Now kill all you want
to kill in the Spider Cavern, then go and see the
big, bad, drives-you-mad, Sszarck The Burning. He is quite hard, I
believe, if you only have melee attacks or a low fire
resistance. On Nightmare, I resorted to TPing near the chest and running
away to the Spider Forest WP, where I went to KD
and TPed to the chest. Anyway, take the eye from the magical chest after
killing or fleeing Sszarck (I can't remember the
spelling, somebody please tell me if I'm right), and be on your way.


Now here is something funny. Sometimes, if you're especially unlucky,
the --GREAT MARSH-- will not lead you to the
--FLAYER JUNGLE-- at all! So you will need to fully explore the Flayer
Jungle and Great Marsh for this one. As soon as you
find the --FLAYER DUNGEON--, go in and look out for SkellFetish(1).
They're like Fetish(1), except undead. Simply work your
way down to L2, and eventually L3. You should meet a magic Fetishaman(2)
who I have forgotten the name of, and his gang.
Ranged attacks works best, such as Charge, Leapattack, Whirlwind, Chain
Lightning (very good for this one), Bone Spear or
Spirit, and Lightning Strike (also very good). Grab the brain and TP out
of there.


If you haven't already done this, do it now. Explore the Flayer Jungle
to its full extent, especially the bits which go off
from the main jungle. One of them should have loads of Fetish(2 and 3)
and their Shamans, also (2) and (3) (Well done for
guessing THAT, Sherlock), which should be done very very recklessly and
quickly. Once you've worked your way into the little
"pocket" shape on the map, you must simply nick the Gidbinn from the
fire without being Fetishafied (easier said than done).
Now carry on exploring (unless you already found Lower Kurast) until you
meet Stormtree. He is a big Treehulk(2) or (3) and
he is lightning enchanted, so he is like Rakanishu's big brother. Try
and used ranged attacks, especially Fire. Explore this
area until you find --LOWER KURAST--. Your reward for Q2 is a ring from


You're in Lower Kurast, right? Get the WP and proceed to --THE KURAST
BAZAAR--. Now look for the Sewers and enter. I think
it's about this time that you have to go see Alkor for Q4, but I'll do
that bit in a minute. You must explore the Sewer,
until you find the Sewer Lever, which you pull to go to L2. I don't
think there's a boss down here, but if there is then
deal with them in the appropriate way. It is time to loot Khalim's
Heart. Waaaaait! What was Khalim's Heart doing in the
Sewer? Doesn't that strike you as odd when his eye and brain are back in
the jungle? What is going on? What? On with it? OK,
but only for you, good customer.


Before (or after) you find Khalim's Heart in the --SEWERS--, go and see
Alkor (DAMNIT!). He babbles on and you get Q4.
Simply lookin all of the 6 Reliquaries, Cathedrals, etc. until you find
Lam Esen's tome. Your reward? Stats points.
Yummy stats points.


This is the first truly hard bit of Diablo 2 I came across. Go to --
--TRAVINCAL-- (eek!). Kill everything you can, then find the High
Council. They are Toorc Icefist, Geleb Flamefinger, and
Ismail Vilehand, who you should deal with one at a time with any skill
you have. Once the first one goes down, he drops
Khalim's Flail, and the other two also give you some stuff (gave my sorc
the Bonesnap gold Maul). Thats Q5 done, but to
complete Q3 you must put Khalim's various organs and body parts in the
Horadric Cube and press the button. That done, go
to where the High Council were before and find the Compelling Orb. Equip
your new flail and smash up the Compelling Orb.
Now go into the Durance of Hate, and congratulate yourself on completing


I hope you like to respawn, because if not, you'll be tearing your hair
out. Find the --DURANCE OF HATE-- WP on L2, and go
down to L3 when you find it. Kill everything, and don't run away,
because if you do Mephisto will be even harder. When you
finally meet Mephisto, you should TP before you start fighting him. He
has a lightning attack, and Bone Spirit, plus the
all-new, very funny, fart-joke provoking, Poison Nova. I'll check what
he's weak against soon, but for now cut his life into
pieces, as your first resort! Sorry, I'm listening to my walkman as I'm
typing. Anywho, when he's dead, go through the
Infernal gate for the Final Act. Also, the cut-scene is quite a good
one, if I remember correctly, and it is easily as good
as the A2 one where Tyreal fights the Dark Wanderer, though more gross.


So, the final act. Your probably thinking "Whoa" or "Uh-oh" or
something, but once you get the hang, this Act is quite fun.
Definitely the most challenging act, almost all creatures are new to
you, but the rewards are well worth it. Honest. The
new baddies go like this: Dragon(1-4), is not really a dragon. Has a
flamethrower attack and is fast, but has a relatively
puny melee attack. Ranged attacks are good, but melee is even better.
The Strongman(1-4) is similar to the dragon. He is
big and fast, like a dragon, but unlike it his melee attacks are good
(they stun) and he has no magic attacks. A melee
attack is, once again, the answer. Their are Electricghosts (eghosts(2-
4) from A3, and Leapers (5-6) from A2. But their
is a new type of ghost: The Homingghost (hghosts (1-4), who has homing
missles that drain mana. They look like burning,
flying, skeletons. Also starring in this Act are the Cannibals(1-3) who
eat corpses (gross) and spit them back at you
(grosser!), and the powerful UMages(1-2) UFighters (1-2), and UFMs (1-
2). They are like skeleton soldiers, skeleton mages,
and skeletonfighter-mages (U is for Undead), but about 50 times harder.
The UFighters have Spectral Hit capabilities,
that do a fair amount of damage, the UMages have some curses (including
the deadly Iron Maiden), the Bone Spirit spell,
and an elemental missile. The UFMs have both, but they excel at neither,
making a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none effect.
Also, a bit later on, you'll find VHags and VKids (V is for Vile). They
are like bigger, badder, maggots, but they don't
make eggs, the Hags just spit out Kids one at a time.
Go see Tyrael for your first quest.


Carefully make your way through the --OUTER STEPPES--, and look for some
more steps down to the --PLAINS OF DESPAIR--.
These A4 places have very jolly names, huh? Now run around until you
here someone say "Save your soul!", at which you
run up and hit Izual. Lead him onto the steps if you're a fighter, keep
running and firing if your a mage\archer, or
simply kill things and turn them into skeletons if a necro. Once he's
dead, talk to his soul, then TP and see Tyrael.
Grab the two skill point reward. Congratulations! Now go back through
the TP and look around for the --CITY OF THE
DAMNED-- (another jolly A4 name). Grab the WP (it should be next to some
stairs to the --RIVER OF FLAME--


Enter the --RIVER OF FLAME--. I imagine our hero must be feeling pretty
hot right now :D. Now you want to find the Forge
in one of the pockets of the main path. You'll meet what appears to be
the Smith, but it's actually Hephasto the Armourer.
I will call him Hep for short. Hep will say "YOUR SOUL WILL FILL THE
HELLFORGE" or just growl. Either way, you see him,
baby, and shake that ass. He will follow you. Run and do one of the
following (for Fighters and Mages respectively)
F) Run, but then when he's coming double back straight at him, and use
Charge or Leapattack, then Zeal or Frenzy and
whatver you use for a hit-hard attack.
M) Run, then shoot, then double back on him, then shoot again. Repeat
until it's the Case of the Ex-Hep. In case your
wondering, I'm listening to my walkman again. Take the Hellforge Hammer
and click on the Hellforge. Take all the gems that
fall out of the Hellforge. Keep them. PLEASE! IF YOU GET A PERFECT SKULL


The final quest means killing the biggest, baddest, hardest, most
annoying boss. If you're lucky, you'll die about 3 times.
If not (like me) you'll die somewhere between 14-40 times. First, you
have the Chaos Sanctuary to worry about. It is packed
with UFMs, UMages, UFighters, Hghosts and Cannibals. The bit at the
beginning with the five-way flame paths should be no
problem for an experienced hero(ine) like you.  A good trick with the
beginning of the --CHAOS SANCTUARY-- (if you're a
fighter) is to tempt the monsters out and kill them in one of the
corners of the main gate of the Sanctuary. Now kill all
the others, one way or another, and find the Seals. Touch them in the
morning! Or last thing at night! Guess what I'm
listening to now? Pop ya collar to kill the 3 sub-bosses:
RIGHT: A gang of Dragons will ambush you. They are extra fast and extra
strong. The purple one is magic. If you specialise
in ranged attacks, you might have a problem with them surrounding you.
Fire resistance will help, as will melee attacks
and multiple-hit abilities (like Frenzy, Zeal, Inferno, Chain Lightning,
Multiple Shot) and escapes (Leapattack, Teleport).
Kill the boss first if you do this last.
LEFT: A gang of Hghosts will get you. Kill them all, but the red one is
magic (fire enchanted). These are killer if you
rely on mana. Make sure you use ranged attacks on ALL elementally
enchanted monsters. Also don't get caught sleeping with
the girl next door while killing the magic one in paticularly.
STRAIGHT ON: I'm sorry Miss Jackson, but this is for reeeeal! You must
fight the UMages including Lord De Seis the magic
one. I call him Lord Swiss Cheese-head. Run in, kill one, run away.
Repeat, until all Swissy's men are dead, then go for
him. Then cut The Cheese, or burn it.
  Now that's done, I just want to say good luck and congratulations on
coming this far. But Diablo will totally redefine
how good you think you are. Don't let him get a shot in, run the HELL
away from his red-twisty-lightning and fire-trail
attacks (especially if you are a fighter) and TP when you run out of
potions. Two rather weird tips are: Do not under
estimate him. 2: Listen to classical music while fighting. I know it
sounds weird, but it really does help. After about
a half-hour of duelling him, he should fall. Be. Very. Careful. Full
Lightning and Fire resistance will help you kill him.
You're done! The world is saved! HEY! WAIT A SECOND! WHAT ABOUT BAAL!!
OH NO! Now feel the beat as the Stupid Old Man from
all the cut-scenes appears once again. I still have no idea who he is,
but you REALLY want to watch this cut-scene as it
explains why you have to play Nightmare and Hell. SPOILER ALERT! The
Man-in-black is not Tyrael. It is Baal, who decides
to kill the old man and unleash Terror once again, thus the nightmare


*=NIGHTMARE\HELL DIFFICULTY ONLY. (Required Level is therefore 25



*Ancient Axe*  46-74 (2h)                A Super War Axe.
S125, L25       Slow
*Arablest*     14-27 (2h)                The first Super Crossbow.
S52, D61, L25   Normal
Axe            3-11 (1h)                 The 2nd normal 1h axe.
D32             "
Balanced Axe   5-10 melee\12-15 throw(1h)Normal Throwing Axe Number 2.
D57             Fast
Balanced Knife 1-8 melee\6-11 throw(1h)  Normal Throwing Knife Number
2.D51             V. Fast
*Ballista*     24-45(2h)                 A Super Heavy Crossbow.
S110, D80, L25  Slow
Bardiche       1-25(2h)                  The 1st polearm.
S40             Normal
Bastard Sword  20-28(2h)                 2nd best 2h sword.
S62             "
Battle Axe     12-28(2h)                 The 3rd? 2h axe.
S54             Slow
Battle Staff   6-13(2h)                  The 2nd 2h staff.
None            "
*Bearded Axe*  21-42(2h)                 A Super 2h Broad Axe.
S91, L25        Normal
Blade          4-12(1h)                  The best normal dagger.
S35, D51        V. Fast
Bone Wand      3-7(1h)                   2nd best wand. Mace class.
None.           "
Brandistock    7-17(2h)                  A reasonable 3-prong spear.
S40, D50        Fast
Broad Axe      10-18(2h)                 The 2nd 2h axe.
S48             Slow
Broad Sword    7-14(1h)                  The 3rd? 1h sword.
"               Fast
*Cedar Bow*    10-29(2h)                 A Super Long Bow?
S53, D49, L25   "
*Chu-ko-nu*    14-32(2h)                 A Super Repeating Crossbow.
S80, D95, L25   V. Fast
*Cinquedas*    8-26(1h)                  A Super Kris.
S25, D88        "
Claymore       13-30(2h)                 The 3rd? 2h sword.
S47             Normal
*Cleaver*      10-29(1h)                 A Super Axe.
S68, L25        "
Club           1-6(1h)                   The 1st 1h mace
None            V. Fast
Composite Bow  4-8(2h)                   The 2nd Bow. Shoots 2 arws?
S25, D35        "
Crossbow       9-14(2h)                  The 1st crossbow.
S40, D33        Slow
*Crowbill*     14-27(1h)                 A Super Military Pick.
S94, D70, L25   Fast
Crystal Sword  5-15(1h)                  Not durable, 2nd\3rd 1h sword.
S43             Normal
Dagger         1-4(1h)                   The 1st dagger.
None            V. Fast
Dirk           3-7(1h)                   The 2nd dagger.
D25             Fast
Double Axe     5-12(1h)                  The 3rd 1h axe.
S43             Normal
*Double Bow*   11-26(2h)                 A Super Composite Bow.
S58, D73        V. Fast
Heavy Crossbow 12-20(2h)                 The 4th? Crossbow.
S60, D40        V. Slow
Hunter's Bow   2-6(2h)                   The 2nd? Bow.
D28             Fast
Javelin        1-5 melee\6-14 throw (1h) The 1st Javelin.
None            "
Kris           2-9(1h)                   The 3rd? Dagger.
D35             V. Fast
Large Axe      6-13(2h)                  The 1st 2h Axe.
S35             Fast
*Large Siege Bow*10-42(2h)               A Super Long Battle Bow.
S80, D95, L25   "
Light Crossbow 6-9(2h)                   The 1st Crossbow.
S21, S27        Normal
Long Battle Bow3-16(2h)                  The 2nd Best Normal Longbow.
S40, D50        Fast
Long Bow       3-10(2h)                  The 1st Normal Longbow.
S22, D19        Normal
Long Staff     2-8(2h)                   The 2nd Staff.
None            Fast
Long Sword     3-19(1h)                  The 2nd Best 1h Sword.
S55, D39        "
Long War Bow   3-23(2h)                  The Best Normal Longbow.
S50, D65        "
Mace           3-10(1h)                  The 2nd? 1h Mace.
S27             "
Maul           30-40(2h)                 The 2nd best 2h Mace.
S69             Slow
*Military Axe* 14-34(2h)                 A Super Large Axe.
S73             Fast
Military Pick  6-10(1h)                  The 2nd? Best 1h axe.
S49, D33        "
Morning Star   7-18(1h)                  The 3rd? Best 1h Mace.
S36             "
*Naga&         18-34(1h)                 A Super War Axe.
S121            "
Pike           14-65(2h)                 The best? Normal spear.
S60, D45        Slow
Pilum          4-9 melee\ 7-20 throw(1h) The best? Javelin.
D45             Fast
Poignard       6-18(1h)                  The Best Dagger.
S25             V. Fast
Poleaxe        18-30(2h)                 The 3rd? Polearm.
S62             Slow
Razor Bow      8-22(2h)                  A Super Hunter Bow.
L25             V. Fast
Repeating Crossbow6-12(2h)               The fasted Normal Crossbow.
S40, D50        V. Fast
*Rondel*       10-22(1h)                 Super Dirk.
S25, D58, L25   Fast
*Rune Bow*     14-35(2h)                 A Super Short Bow.
S73, D103, L25  "
Sabre          3-8(1h)                   The 3rd? 1h sword.
S25, D25        "
Scepter        3-8(1h)                   The 1st scepter.
S25             "
Scimitar       2-6(1h)                   Faster than Short Sword.
D21             V. Fast
Scythe         8-20(2h)                  The 2nd? Best Polearm.
D41, S41        Normal
Short Battle Bow5-11(2h)                 The 2nd? Best Shortbow.
S30, D40        Fast
Short Bow      1-4(2h)                   The 1st Shortbow.
D15             Normal
*Short Siege Bow*13-30(2h)               A Super Short Battle Bow.
S65, D80        Fast
Short Spear    2-13 melee\14-25 throw    The 3rd? Javelin.
S40, D40        Normal
Short Staff    1-5(2h)                   The 1st Staff. Sorc starter.
None            Fast
Short Sword    2-7(1h)                   The 1st Sword. Pala starter.
None            "
Short War Bow  6-14(2h)                  The Best? Shortbow.
S35, D55        "
*Siege Crossbow*19-35(2h)                A Super Crossbow.
S80, D70        Slow
*Simbilan*     8-32 melee\ 27-50 throw(1h)A Super Pilum or Short Spear.
S80, D80.       Normal
Spear          3-15(2h)                  The 3rd? Spear.
None.           "
Two-Handed Sword8-16(2h)                 The 1st 2h Sword
S35, D27        Fast
Voulge         6-20(2h)                 The 2nd? Best Polearm.
S50             Normal
Wand           2-5(1h)                  The 1st Wand. Necro starter.
None.           Fast
War Axe        8-14(1h)                 The best Normal 1h Axe.
S67             "
War Hammer     11-20(1h)                The best normal 1h Mace.
S53             Slow
War Javelin    6-19 melee\ 14-32 throw  Super Javelin to the rescue!
S25, D25        Fast
War Scepter    7-14(1h)                 The best Sceptre :(.
S55             "
War Scythe     15-32(2h)                The best Polearm.
S80, D80        Normal
War Staff      12-28(2h)                The best normal Staff.
None            V. Slow
War Sword      8-21(1h)                 The best normal 1h sword.
S71, D45        Fast
Wirt's Leg     2-8(1h)                  Crap. Cow level key.
None            "
Yew Wand       2-8(1h)                  The 2nd wand.
None            Normal

BODY ARMOUR in order of quality (well, normals in order of quality, then
supers in order of quality)

NAME                    DEFENSE(roughly)             REQUIREMENTS
Quilted Armour          8-13                         S12
Leather Armour          12-16	                       S15
Hard Leather Armour     18-24                        S20
Studded Leather         28-34                        S27
Ring Mail               38-46                        S36
Scale Mail              46-57                        S44
Breast Plate            65                           S30
Chain Mail              67-79                        S48
Splint Mail             85-95                        S51
Light Plate             90-105                       S41
Field Plate             94-110                       S55
Plate Mail              110-114                      S65
Gothic Plate            130-150                      S70
Full Plate Mail         155-164                      S80
*Ghost Armour*          110-121                      S38 L25
*Serpentskin Armour*    121-135                      S43 L25
*Trelissed Armour*      135-150                      S50 L25
*Linked Mail*           169+                         S74 L25
*Tigulated Mail*        175+                         S86 L25
*Cuirass*               195                          S65 L25
*Mesh Armour*           205                          S92 L25
*Ancient Armour*        210-250                      S100   (also [very
rarely] seen in normal)
*Russet Armour*         225-245                      S97 L25
*Sharktooth Armour*     240-260                      S103 L25
*Mage Plate*            225-260                      S82
*Templar Coat*          250-275                      S118 L25
*Embossed Plate*        280-300                      S125
*Chaos Armour*          about 331                    S140 L25
*Ornate Plate*          415+                         S170 L25


These aren't quite in order of quality, as Bone\Grim Helms and
(Grand)Crowns vary in quality (but are better than the rest)

NAME                          DEFENSE(approx.)
Cap                           2
Skull Cap                     8
Mask                          12
Helm                          17
Full Helm                     20
Great Helm                    30
Bone Helm                     35
Crown                         29-40
*War Hat*                     40
*Sallet*                      50
*Death Mask*                  60
*Casque*                      70
*Basinet*                     80
*Winged Helm*                 85-95
*Grand Crown*                 90-115
*Grim Helm*                   60-130


NAME                          DEFENSE (approx.)         REQUIREMENTS
Leather Gloves                2                         None
Heavy Gloves                  5                         None
Chain Gloves                  8                         S25
Light Gauntlets               10                        S45
Gauntlets                     14                        S60
*Demonhide Gloves*            30                        S20 L25
*Sharkskin Gloves             35                        S20 L25
*Heavy Bracers*               40                        S58 L25
*Battle Gauntlets*            45                        S88 L25
*War Gauntlets*               50                        S110 L25


NAME                         DEFENSE(approx.)           REQUIREMENTS
Leather Boots                2                          None
Heavy Boots                  5                          S18
Chain Boots                  8                          S30
Light Plated Boots           10                         S50
Greaves                      12                         S70
*Demonhide Boots*            30                         S20 L25
*Sharkskin Boots*            35                         S47 L25
*Mesh Boots*                 40                         S65 L25
*Battle Boots*               45                         S95 25
*War Boots*                  50                         S125 L25

I know the Boots table is very similar to the Gloves table, but the two
are indeed very similar. Also, I went to a website
and it said that there are Plate Boots, which are Greaves without any
requirements. Please e-mail cwason@charlyw.freeserve.co.uk
if you have any information on them. (sorry about the overhang there on
the e-mail address)


Again, not quite in order of quality, becuase Battle\Heavy Belts can be
better than War\Plated Belts (though they rarely

NAME                     DEFENSE
Sash                     1-3
Light Belt               2-4
Belt                     4-6
Heavy Belt               6-10
Plated Belt              8-12
*Demonhide Sash*         28-32
*Sharkskin Belt*         32-35
*Mesh Belt*              35-40
*Battle Belt*            37-42
*War Belt*               40-50


I didn't use shields, being a Barbarian, so if I've missed any out e-
mail me (cwason@charlyw.freeserve.co.uk) These are
in rough order.

NAME                 DEFENSE              CHANCE TO BLOCK(%)
Buckler              4 max                20
Small Shield         8 max                25
Large Shield         10                   32
Kite Shield          15                   38
Bone Shield          20                   50
Spiked Shield        22                   40
Tower Shield         30-35                54
Gothic Shield        30-45                41
*Defender*           41-50                25
S38 L25
*Round Shield*       45-55                30
S53 L25
*Scutum*             50-60                37
S71 L25
*Dragon Shield*      60-70                33
S91 L25
*Barbed Shield*      70-80                35
S65 L25
*Grim Shield*        50-150               45
S58 L25
*Pavise*             80-90                49
S133 L25
*Ancient Shield*     80-100               41
S110 L25

The Good Guys:


Amazon: Amazons are good at both ranged and melee attacks. They have
skills to do with bows, javelins, spears, and even
other Amazons (like Valkyrie). I personally don't get along with them
too well, but if you can get the balance between
melee and ranged attacks right you will make a formidable fighter.

Barbarian: My personal favorite, the Barbarian is a primitive sort of
fellow. A bit like a Paladin, he can do aura-a-likes
(shouts) for a limited time, is skilled with all melee weapons (except
daggers), has VERY useful passive abilities (for one
skill point you can up your defence by 30%, or your Resistances by 25%)
and can hold two weapons at once. He can also hold
two-handed swords in one hand (my baba has a yellow Ancient Sword and a
yellow Super Bastard Sword in the other). He is
about one thing mainly though: Hitting Things Very Hard.

Necromancer: Necromancers have an army to command, some spells, and the
ability to weaken an enemy. I love to have them in
my clan, as they overwhelm in number. However, I don't like to play as
them as they are a bit frail, the armies get in
their way, and the first few spells are useless. But many people find
this the easiest character to play as, and I say rock
on to them.

Paladin: Picture a Knight off his horse, with a strange light around
him. I really hate playing as these, because I am used
to the raw power of a Barbarian, but my Dad and others find him quite
useful, and I can see why. His stats are brilliant
when enhanced by an aura, giving him sheer class, and Zeal and Charge
are prehaps in the Top 10 Most Useful Skills. However,
they have no passive skills. They can use Salvation, and there NatRes's
go up, but there damage goes down. With Sword Mastery
and Natural Resistance on Passive, you can have both (though they aren't
as effective). But choose this guy for a well
balanced Fightermage.

Sorceress: Quite sexy, unlike the standard blue-eyes-blonde-hair Amazon,
I wouldn't dare ask her out. Not only can she
freeze things then melt them with some fire, she can summon Lightning as
well. However, if a particularly fast monster
(like Hep) decided to attack her, she'd be in trouble. Though she excels
at ranged magic attacks, her close range spells are
a little feeble. Still, if you can bear running away and clicking
frantically, she will serve you well.

Deckard Cain: He is a very useful bloke, but don't talk to him unless
you have to, for he will bore you with several pages
of complete and utter nonsense. Identifies items for free once A1Q3 is
done. Even if you don't, once you finish A1 he'll
charge you 100 gold per item to identify. Gives you many, many quests.


Warriv: The portal to A2. Nothing else, really, except a bore.

Meshif: Like Warriv, except the portal to A3. Nothing else of interest
here, people.

ACT 1:

Akara: Heals. Sells Potions and Mage stuff, plus TPs, IDs, etc. Gives 2
quests (3 if you don't bother with A1Q3)

Charsi: Sells Fighter\Archer stuff and armour. Gives 1 quest, when
completed she will imbue an item. DON'T imbue
anything unless you are sure it is the best thing to imbue (personal
experience from imbueing Chain Gloves <:-(, and also
take off all armour and\or weapons for the best results)

Kashya: The A1 merc-seller. Sells low-quality archers that are hardly

Gheed: The gambler. Gamble with him. Sells Fighter stuff, and Keys, but
for a higher price than Charsi (I think)

ACT 2:

Fara: Heals. Sells fighter\archer stuff and armour. Doesn't give quests.

Drognan: Sells potions and Mage stuff. Gives A2Q4 and A2Q5. Nuff said.

Lysander: Sells potions and keys, but that's it.

Atma: Gives A2Q1, upon which you stumble A2Q2.

Geglash: A useless drunken slob.

Greiz: The A2 merc-seller. Sells Spearmen that are handy, but not worth

Elzix: Gheed, except in A2.

Jehryn: Gives A2Q6, and kind of gives you A2Q4 and A2Q5.

Kaelan: Lets you into the palace (or not). Depends on whether A2Q2 is

ACT 3: (I hope I haven't missed anyone out)

Hratli: Sells fighter\archer stuff and armour. Gives A3Q2.

Ormus: Sells potions, mage stuff, and heals.

from the Simpsons! Except instead of beer, he sells
you potions, A3Q4, and A3Q1s reward. IMO, the funniest character in the
game. Consider talking to him when you have nothing
better to do. Also the gambler.

Natalya: Gives some not-worth-listening to advice. Dissapears after A3Q6
(?????), but Stinger 3:16 says that she is supposed
to say something like "I've gone to protect my Order in the Barbarian
mountains now Mephisto has bit the dust," but doesn't
because it got lost on the D2CD.

Asheara: Sells mages. The best kind of mercs. Worthwhile, especially
when they're Cold Fastcasters.

ACT 4:

Jamella: Sells archer\mage stuff and potions. Also the gambler. Doesn't
talk much.

Halbu: Sells fighter stuff and armour. Not a lot else.

Tyrael: Gives A4Q1 and its reward. That's it.

The Not-so-good Guys:


Booby-trapped treausre chests: If you click on something that normally
gives treasure and it creaks, run away, because it
will shoot fire-bolts, poison nova, lightning, or lightning nova you.
Also sets themselves on fire. Sometimes turns into
a Flying Scimitar, which should be killed quickly.


Zombies: ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE NATION! These are slow. Kill them with fire or
maces. Their first appearance is in the Blood Moor,
and their last is in the A3Sewers.

Skeletons: BAD TO THE BONE! Bigger, tougher, and more damaging than
Zombies, they are often imbued with magic. Here's a
FIRE: Burning Dead in A2
COLD: Drowned Carcasses in A3
SHOCK: Horrors in A2 and A3.

Skeleton Archer: Does pure damage, plus if it's a Burning Dead Archer,
for example, it will do fire damage as well. A bit
like the...

Skeleton Mage: A Magic Skeleton, who shoots fire, lightning, poison, or
ice from their hands. Fire should do the trick, or

Mummy: In A2 and A3, you kill them and they release poison. So fire\mace
them and then run away. Simple enough, unless
nearby is a....

Greater Mummy: These shoot Unholy Bolts (I just made that name up!),
breathe posion, and have an OK melee attack. They
also resurrect Mummies. Therefore, you must kill them with fire and
maces. I am really getting bored of typing that. They
appear in A2 and A3.

Ghost 1(Ghost): It drains mana in A1 and A2.

Ghost 2(Lghost): It drains mana and shoots lightning in A3 and A4.

Ratmen: Although they appear en masse in A3, there are a small number in
A1. Their shamans only appear in A3, though. Whether
knifing\spearing you up close or running away to blowdart you, these are
fast and annoying. I reccomend a good strong multiple hit attack.

Spiderdemon: Not the E3 boss of Doom, but a silent killer in A1 and A3.
They have poison or fire attacks, and if you hit
them they will run away, casting Web so you are slowed when you follow
them, at which they come back and gnaw on your
entrails. To counter them, do your own running away, then hack them
up\cast blaze\summon a golem\use Immolation Arrow in a narrow corridor.

Swarms: In A2 and A3 they fly around and drain stamina. They need a good
hacking up, or lightninging.

Maggots\Maggot babies: Kill the big ones first, or kill the little ones
first and then destroy the big ones before they can
lay more eggs. Kill them with the elements, kill them by melee; it's
your choice. The big 'uns shoot poison missiles too.

Um....(flicks through manual)... ah!

Crowdemon: These annoying birds are just excess baggage compared to
other minions of hell. Although easy to kill, you can find yourself
swarmed by armies, thanks to the Crow Demon's Nest (which will NOT have
it's own section). Obviously, destroy the Nest before you start on the
birds or you could be playing Diablo 2 for the next million years.
Appears in A1, A2 and A3.

Wendigo (the big golem thing): In A1 and A2 they are big, quick, and a
real pain in the butt. Wendigos are best dealt with with a melee attack,
but you can run away and use a good ol' cold attack to slow them down.

Fallen: I bet your thinking "What's he on about? They appear in A1
only!" Well, you sir (or madam), are wrong. I have met them in A3 on the
Durance of Hate. They have small knives, cause small damage, and should
be a small problem. The problem becomes slightly larger if nearby stands
a Fallen Shaman (A1 only, so look there)

Corrupt Rogues: They appear on A3 as well, not just A1. They come in 3
flavours: Spearwoman, Swordswoman, and Archer. Show no mercy when you
kill them, with (rangers) cold to slow them down or (fighters) a quick
weapon (like a war sword).

Goatmen: Nananananana! Goatman!! They carry large axes, and are quite
speedy. Easy on their own but can get out of hand in bigger groups upon
which you use group attacks such as Zeal, Double Swing, Multiple Shot,
or Blizzard. Necromancers use normal strategy. A1 only? No, they're in
the Arcane Sanctuary, silly.

Leaper: Like a jumping Barbarian, these need to be countered by dodging,
then striking as they are vulnerable once again. What? Oh, A2 and A4. Do
they appear in A3 as well? I'll check.

Vulture: "You can't catch me!"
"Of course not. You're flying. But you can't fly forever!"
"I need a rest!"
"A-HAH! (lets loose with a sword attack, only to
be countered by that pesky zealy beak attack)
"Haha! You can't win!" (your character use a far better ranged
attack)"Ouch! You....uh....(groan)....(dies)
A2 and A3.

If I've left any out, please e-mail me (cwason@charlyw.freeserve.co.uk).


Spikerat: These rats are not hard to kill, for at close range they are
useless. It really doesn't matter what you use on them, because they
should die in one hit however you do it.

Fallen Shaman: Revives fallen and shoots fireballs. Counter it with
anything, because it's so weak you don't need a strategy for it.


Scarab: An ugly beetle. Shoots charged bolts if you hit it. You need to
find a spot to hit it in where it does not hurt you very much. Or simply
use a ranged attack.

Cat1: These giant cats have a whip that they like to use on you. You
can't use ranged attacks to any effect, but you can use a decent melee
one and they'll be no trouble.

Cat2: These giant cats have javelins. They will chuck them at you until
you get close enough (which I recommend doing to use a melee attack)
when they stab you. The stabs are less damaging than the ranged, so a
close melee attack is in order.

Cat3: These giant cats have potions to throw at you. Like Cat2, they are
best at ranged attacks. Unlike Cat2, they can't stab, and will simply
run away from you to a better spot for throwing things. A ranged attack
would be useful, but a quick melee leaves them helpless.


Mosquito: There's only 1 of these I've ever met. They are quick to fly
and should be quick to kill if you have fire on your side. If not,
you'll need to Charge or Leap Attack them, because they drain your
stamina faster than Swarms. Also, they poison you.

Tentacle: I've no idea how you can melee these, but you can. They have a
poisonous missile with a knockback side-effect. Lightning is killer
against these, always attack the head.

Treehulk: These huge wood thingies are found all over the jungle. Fire
is good against them (well, duh) and so are jumps, charges, arrows, and
skeleton mages (preferably fire). Their attack makes them faster every
time they use it, like a Barbarian's frenzy.

Ratshaman: Has a habit of resurrecting fallen Ratmen. If you kill it it
will turn into a ratman. It has a flamethrower attack, like the
Sorceress' Inferno. Again, fire does the trick, but so do arrows, leap,
charge, and bonespear.

ACT 4 ONLY (there are a lot of these):

UFighter: A melee attack that does elemental damage. Appears in groups.
Medium speed, high damage. Best dealt with from a long way away.

UMage: A missile attack that does elemental damage. Appears in groups.
Low speed, high damage. Also has curses including (I think):
Amplify Damage, Weaken, Iron Maiden, Life Tap, Decripify, and Lower
Resist. Best dealt with close up and personal.

UFM: See above. See above above. They're a cross between them, but
better mages than fighters. Best dealt with by doing a high-damage move.

Strongman: Like a Treehulk, but it doesn't frenzy, it does stun. From
far away, my child. From far, far away.

VHag: It's attack is the VKid. Kill these first unless you want to fight
VKids for the rest of eternity. Ranged attacks aren't as good as melee,
because the kids often take the bullet.

VKid: A problem is that they swarm round you. This prevents you from
getting the VHag without Jumping, Teleporting, or killing them all. Just
clean these up once the hag is dead, using any means possible.

Dragon: Fast. Has an Inferno attack. Can't dish it out or take it
really, unless your a ranger and your stuck in a swarm of them. I really
don't know what to do if the latter happens. Maybe you should summon
something, load up on fire resistance, teleport, or plough through them.
Just an idea, I only got to A4 with a Baba.

Ghost 3(Hghost): Ah, the homing ghost. Best dealt with with: Fire\Maces.
The missiles home and drain your mana. Tricky blighters they are, best
kept at a safe distance and fireballed.

Cannibals: Aren't much of a problem. They are more interested in their
food than they are in you. Simply kill them using whatever you can, but
at a safe distance so you have time to dodge.

Is that all of them? E-mail me (see above) for any extra information.



1: Andariel.
ATTACKS: Poisonous hit, poisonous balls in every direction.
STRATEGIES: Hit her with fire. TP upstairs and she can't get you. If you
don't have fire simply cut her up and run upstairs to the TP when  your
health gets low.

2: Duriel.
ATTACKS: Holy Freeze aura, Charge, Double swing, Stun.
WEAKNESS: I think it's fire, but I'm told it's lightning by Battle.net.
STRATEGIES: Easy for a Sorceress, because if they run and use Blaze they
can win the fight without losing any health. Palas and Babas need a
quick attack like Zeal or Frenzybash combo, plus potions and TPs. Necros
need a very large army, plenty of mana, and bone spear. Amazons need a
damaging attack of any kind, plus plenty of speed. Barbar tip: Don't
even think about jumping over his head.

3: Mephisto
ATTACKS: Posion Nova, lightning, spectral hit, Summons this pesky ghost
WEAKNESS: Lightning, I think.
STRATEGIES: Lightning will be good, as will killing all of the pesky
council members surrounding him. I found he couldn't get through the
doors, so if you run through a door and use a potion, you can cheekily
run back out there. The latest patch might have fixed this though.

4: Diablo
ATTACKS: Red Twisty Lightning, Fire Trails, Cold hit, Special Bone
WEAKNESS: All resistances are equal, and defense is high.
STRATEGIES: For fighters: Get on his platform using Charge or
Leapattack. Use your most damaging attack very quickly, but when he
starts to use his Twisty Lightning attack, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE
WAY!!! This is very important, as if you don't you'll die. The only way
to survive it is maximum fire\lightning resist. For mages and rangers:
Use your most damaging attack on him, but run the hell away from the
Twisty Lightning attack. Eventually he will drop.
For Both: Cast a TP after doing the seals, go and load up on potions and
TPs. Cast TP again before fighting him.



Blood Raven (A1Q2): An Undead Archer Laydee. Like a cross between a
Necromancer and an Amazon. Shoots arrows (occasionally fire arrows, the
saucy mare) and raises undead (occasionally skeletons, the saucy mare).
Ranged attacks are not effective because of the "Zombie Wall" she has
(just loads of Zombies surrounding her), so get up close any way you
can. But then the cheeky girl will run away, so use any means possible
to follow. Should be no problem for an Amazon with Javelins (using Jabs
and throwing things). Question. What would you do without me?

Griswold (A1Q3): Charlie, how your angels get down with this? Cos this
mean lean sour bean is quite a challenge when combined with all his
homies. Hit him, but run away, saying "It wasn't me!" before you go back
and hit him once again. Griswold will finally explode. His defeat is not
neccesary to do Q3.

The Countess(A1Q4): Know this: she not your baby. If mama told you not
to play with fire, she probably wasn't talking about the EASY boss of
the Forgotten Tower. Hit her about 3 times with any attack and she'll
flop. I don't know about you, but I was dissapointed with such an easy
boss, cos I like boss battles more than anything else in a game. Once
she dies you get some treasure and Q4 is over.

The Smith(A1Q5): Love it feels so good! Why? Because this is the first
boss that deserves his own section (I'll do them all, don't worry). Lots
of fast hits are the order of the day for this boss, and cold attacks
will slow him down.

Andariel(A1Q6): Look in the boss-of-acts section, you silly little

Radament(A2Q1): ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE NATION! Like a Necromancer, he has an
army. The best thing to do is lure his army away from him, then deal
with them in the right way (see the enemy section). Then go in,
Bimboombam, and Fire\Mace him. If you are low on health, getcha frick on
out of there (but return. You could say "I'm back. And this time it's
personal."  This always give me great delight).

The Giant Worm Thing (A2Q2P2): The Maggot at the end of the Maggot Lair
has just two attacks, one on Norm. Attack one: When killed, the big worm
will spurt posion out in a dramatic fashion. This is your cue to run.
Attack two: Quite often he'll make a Maggot Mum for you to kill, should
be no problem. The real problem is he's magic resistant and might even
be stone skinned.

The Summoner(A2Q5): What is the deal with this? You go through Hell Clan
and high numbers of ghosts and you get this boss! THIS BOSS!! Hit him
with anything about 5 times and he should die. Do it first time, though,
or he could kill you. Make sure no skells etc. get in your way. My
friend Summoner says that he is quite hard. I disagree, so I think he's
just crap instead (it's easier to believe).

Duriel(A2Q6): Guess what section this is in. That's right, the item list

Sszarck the Burning(A3Q3P1): This spider is Fire Enchanted, meaning his
attacks do fire damage, and he explodes when killed. So high fire
resistance, then, plus a good healthy dose of Ice.

Witch Doctor Endugu(A3Q3P2): Son-of-a-Witch! I can't remember what he
does, but stay out of range of his inferno and blast him with fire.

Geleb Flamefinger(A3Q5\A3Q3P4): TrAvInCaLs OnE aNd OnLy HiGh CoUnCiL.
BeAt ThEm FoR KhAlImS fLaIl aNd A2Q5 oFf ThE lIsT. This one just happens
to like Fire (fire FIRE!). He'll burn you. I seem to remember he's a
Curser, but maybe not. Now get some fire ressie and hack him up. Cold
will help slow him down, but then he'll summon some Hydras on your @$$.

Toorc Icefist(A3Q5\A3Q3P4): TrAvInCaLs OnE aNd OnLy HiGh CoUnCiL. BeAt
ThEm FoR KhAlImS fLaIl aNd A2Q5 oFf ThE lIsT. This one just happens to
like Ice (ice ICE!). He'll frost you. My pala-dad hated him, but he is
no problem if you have a fast attack (he tries to charge everyone, silly
pala-head). If your ranged, dance around him in the moonlight (I LOVE
that song) and shoot missiles by the, um, missile-container load.

Ismail Vilehand(A3Q5\A3Q3P4): NOTE: Woo! It's Friday! I'm very happy!!!.
On with it? Oh, Kay! TrAvInCaLs OnE aNd OnLy HiGh CoUnCiL. BeAt ThEm FoR
KhAlImS fLaIl aNd A2Q5 oFf ThE lIsT. I can't remember what he does
against you. Probably hits you quite hard. Now, my child, either run-
and-missile or run-in-hit-leg-it, depending on if your a Melee-er or a
Missile-er. :)

Mephisto(A3Q6): Would it insult your intelligence if I told you where to
find tips on this boss?

Izual(A4Q1): The Fallen Angel has Cold Attacks :(!! Well, lure him on to
the steps and kick his butt. Or run-and-missile. But you'll have to be
very fast to do the latter. Or have a cold\speed-reducing attack.
Anyway, A4-Izual=A4Q1 is finished.

Hephasto The Armorer(A4Q2): Crappy American spelling, in my British
opinon. I call this bloke Hep. Hep is big. Hep is fast. Hep wants to
kick your arse. Hep curses you. Ranged attacks are best against Hep if
you can use them (cold him) but if not, melee him. Hit him before he
hits you, though, cos his Hit Recovery Time isn't too long. Try stunning
him (that's Smite, Stun, and Telekinesis, silly)

Diablo(A4Q3\Diablo 2 Game): I'm off down the pub. See ya later.

TRAINING TIPS: So you want to fight a monster, but found you're just not
good enough? Here are some tips for you to digest and use.

1) The best place to train is by far the River of Flame. Your exp goes
up real fast, but the risks are high, especially on Nightmare and Hell.
But if you're level 28-35, ROF on normal is a worthwhile place to train.
If you're level 35-60 then ROF Nightmare is worthwhile too. If you're
above level 60 then guess what difficulty level you should play ROF on?

2) Some places are good to train in because of the sheer number of
creatures. Examples are Travincal, The Maggot Lair, Canyon of the Magi,
Sewers(a3), Arcane Sanctuary, and Halls of the Dead. All are worth a try
if ROF is too hard for you, which it just might be.

3) If you're playing multiplayer, try and join a game with lots of
people in it on Normal. Go to A4 and the monsters should be hard enough
whatever your level. On Nightmare and Hell they'll be practically
impossible though.

4) If you think you're fighting in a place too hard for your char, don't
hesitate to stock up on potions and TPs. Also, don't hesitate to retreat
from monsters harder than you in Nightmare\Hell, and always save and
exit if you die.

5) Another benefit of training is the treasure you get. Wear a ring that
increases magic item chances and you should soon reap the rewards,
especially in A4.

Now in the Walkthrough I told you not to use the Imbue from Charsi. This
is because if you save it, you could imbue yourself a nice Ornate Plate
instead of a Ring Mail (probably the best you have at this stage). The
difference? Ring Mail could have about 100 Def when Imbued. Ornate could
have 897. Or you could imbue an Ancient Sword instead of a Scimitar. The
difference in damage is 11-16 to 50-116. I think I have proved my point.
Mages don't use your imbue until level 30. After that, go nuts. Why?
Becuase if you use it before you'll probably get +1 to a crappy skill
like Firebolt. At L30, you could get +1 to Frozen Orb, or Fire Golem,
etc. I rest my case.


Right now, the Resistances go from -50 up to 75, the experience goes up
to about 4 billion, the levels go up to 99. There is no maximum defense,
or maximum damage, but once you reach 2000Def or 600Dam you know you're
unlikely to get anything much better. The skill levels go up to 20 (I'll
introduce tables soon, I have to ask Yegg's Tavern if I can borrow

Thankyou to:

My parents, for buying me the compuer I typed this on.
Yegg's Tavern, for helping me with the items' lists (I was sure I'd miss
some out)
Battle.net, for providing me with a decent place to get items and stuff
Blizzard, for making such a brilliant game.
Stinger 3:16, JChristopher, Spider0 and BobDaMunky, for inspiring me to
write this FAQ.
Me, for writing this FAQ.
You, for reading this FAQ.
Sony, for making my Walkman, and my aunt, for buying it for me.
Kiss 100 FM, 95.8 capital FM, and Radio 1, for playing great songs I
listen to while typing FAQs.
Shiny and Interplay, for making Sacrifice, the game I played when I
wasn't typing this.
Irrational Studios and Looking Glass for making System Shock 2 that had
me quaking in my boots (shivers).
Summoner, for testing this FAQ and giving his opinions.
GameFAQs.com and Neoseeker.com for putting this on their site.
Chris Moyles (spelt right?), for making me laugh while I'm FAQing

Plus everyone who has e-mailed me. Here's the list:
Dwason Brotemarkle
Paul Judson

Have you met me? I'm [dc]ap, Lancelot, and Megabitch on Battle.net.

If you're reading this from the end, here is my legal statement once


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