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Читы для Escape from Monkey Island

Чит-файл для Escape from Monkey Island

Escape from Monkey Island

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:LucasArts Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 3 ноября 2000 года
Жанры:Adventure / 3D
Похожие игры:Discworld Noir, Grim Fandango

Даты выхода игры

вышла в декабре 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This is a really great game and by no means you should follow this walkthrough
exclusively. There are many other places to visit and things to do. Explore and
talk to everyone even if it's not included in this walkthrough - trust me it's
worth it !!! This walkthrough just shows the minimal things to be done in order
to complete the game.


Use brazier full of hot coals
Pick up hot coal
Kick red hot chunk of hot coal at loaded cannon
Act I - Things to do on Melee Island when your dead


Go to Scumm bar (in Melee Town)
Look at birthday balloon
Talk to dart player (either one), mention something about holes in the wall
(twice), then bet the dartplayer that he can't hit the balloon.
Pick up bowl of jerky pretzels on table
Head over to the Harbor and pick up the popped inner tube
Go back to the Governor's Mansion. Use the popped inner tube on funny looking
cactus. Then hand over the pretzels to catapult operator. Walk over to the
catapult and tinker with the catapult.
Go in the Mansion and take the cushy govermental job papers, hand them to Elaine
to have them signed. Mention to Elaine that you're having trouble obtaining a
ship and that you don't have the proper authority to requisition one.
Back to Melee Town, talk to the two pirates hanging out near town hall. Mention
that they look familiar, recall the cruise to Monkey Island, ask them to join
your crew, offer them some cushy government jobs, then end the conversation.
them the signed cushy government job contract.
Enter the Scumm bar and talk to the crusty sailor. Offer him to join your crew,
tell him exactly what you plan on doing and what his reason is that he can't
join. After his explanation, ask him why he believes his bar will be stolen if
joins up, then follow up by asking him about insult arm-wrestling. Ask him if
there is anything that can be done to change his mind, then suggest an insult
wrestling match. During the contest, do not use any insults he has used on you
and follow the chart below to respond correctly to the insults thrown at you
(note that the last 5 insults will result in a lost).

Today, by myself, twelve people i've beaten. From the size of your gut, i'd
they were eaten.
I've got muscles in places you've never even heard of. It's too bad none of them
are in your arms.
Give up now, or i'll crush you like a grape! I would if it would stop your WINE-
My ninty-eight-year-old grand-mother has bigger arms than you! Yeah, but we've
both got better bladder control than you.
I'm going to put your arm in a sling! Why, are you studying to be a nurse?
My stupefying strength will shatter your ulna into a million pieces. I'm
surprised you can count that high!
Hey, look over there! Yeah, yeah, i know it's a three headed monkey.
Your knuckles i'll grind to a splintery paste. I thought the bean dip had a
strange taste.
People consider my fists lethal weapons! Sadly, your breath should be equally
Only once have i met such a coward! He must have taught you everything you know.
You're the ugliest creature i've seen in my life! I'm shocked that you never
gazed at your wife.
My forearms have been mistaken for tree trunks. An over-the-counter defoliant
could help you with that problem.
I've out-wrestled octopi with these arms! I'm sure that spineless creatures
everywhere are humbled by your might.
Do i see quivers of agony dance on your lips? It's laughter that's caused by
feathery grip.
Your arms are no bigger than fleas i've met! So THAT'S why you're scratching.
go see a vet.
You're a big poopie head! oh yeah?
You suck! NOT.
Dummy! I am rubber, you are glue...
You're not very nice! I'm shakin',i'm shakin'!
I don't want to play anymore. Shyea! How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

Now with a complete crew, it's time to head on back to the Harbor and get a
Use your nifty Gubernatorial Symbol on the lady of Leisure and voila off to


Once on solid land, go up the stairs on the docks and pick up the duck. Stop on
by the perfume stand, pick up the cologne and an empty spritzer. Time to
your errands and enter the law office, after a lengthy conversation read the
letter. Off to the bank.
Pick up the ScrupperWare then talk to the bank teller. Tell her you want to
retrieve some items from your safe deposit box. Time to display your piratey
brainpower to get out of this mess. First, grab the sword, the two sponges, the
handkerchief, the other sponge under the handkerchief. Look into the open safe
deposit box and grab the music box and fine grog. Ok, now use the sword with the
bottom hinge, then with the crack in the door. Stuff the three sponges in the
crack with the sword. Lasty, pour the grog over the sponges and you've made your
great escape...Or have you?
Not much to do in the jail just pick up the chicken grease then exit.
Enter the House of Sticks, walk towards the middle of the shop. Grab the wood
shavings that were left behind. Combine the shavings with the spritzer. Exit the
Use the home made perfume with the fountain, head to the manhole near the bank,
use your broken sword on it. Look at the manhole cover and remember what is
scratched on it.
Time to visit the Palace of Prostheses, once inside talk to the double
guy. After introducing yourself, ask him about a gift for a friend and follow up
by asking about free items. He will start telling you a tale, all you have to do
is fill in the "blanks" with the names that were scratched under the manhole
cover. While your here, use your music box on Deadeye Dave, once you regain
control of Guybrush run over to the basket of prosthetics (basket furthest to
left) and grab the artificial hand.
Now go back to the manhole. Use your newly acquired prosthetic skin on the
manhole to form a trampoline. Use manhole to make your entrance into the bank.
Climb down the ladder and use the pul-down chain - notice anything on the left
wall !!! Climb back up the ladder, then look at the last light fixture. Exit the
bank (either through the window or the more conventional way through the door).
Head over to the bait shop, pick up some free bait, combine the bait with your
home-made perfume. Grab another free bait and combine that one with your
ScrupperWare. Last thing you need to do in here is to use the prosthetic hand
with the termite circus.
How about exploring the island a bit? Well then head on to the misty swamp and
use your home-made perfume with the puddle. Afterwards, visit the foreboding
mansion, pick the flower outside, combine it with your perfume and enter the
creepy mansion. There is no set dialogue for Ozzie, just exit the conversation
when the option comes up and use the cologne on the platypus at Ozzie's feet.
Broken cane could only mean one thing - time to go back to the House of Sticks.
Once there use use the termite infested prosthetic hand on Ozzie's new cane.
Go back into the House of Prostheses and use your completed home -made perfume
Deadeye. Make note of the name he tells you (especially the initials) and then
twiddle with the file retrieval system controls. Here's how it works: each file
is listed by their initials, so the wheels represent these initials (i.e.:1st
wheel=1st name's initial, 2nd wheel=middle initial and 3rd wheel=last name's
initial). You'll also notice five pictures on each wheel, which represent a
section of the alphabet: Bunny=A-D, Tree=E-H, Pumpkin= I-M, Monkey=N-S and
Banana=T-Z. So if Deadeye gave you Wild J Billyboy as a name the wheels should
turned as follows: Banana-Pumpkin-Bunny. When you have the combination entered
press the button on the filing system and you'll get the directions to Pegnose's
You still need one more thing before venturing into the swamps. Pay a visit to
the chess players, talk to the portly pirate and ask him about his friend's
seriousness. Next time it so as you say the fourth dialogue option when his arm
is stretched out. Talk to the skinny pirate now and use the same tactic as you
did with the portly pirate. Now that they are distracted pick up the clock and
make your way to the swamp.
Use the raft, then use the clock. Now use the directions you got from the House
of Prostheses by comparing the time on it with the clock. Move the raft in the
direction listed next to the time (notice that the time will change when
into a new section of the Mystes O'Tyme). Keep following the directions until
come across a gate. You'll be given a key, ask any of the questions listed and
make note of his response. you'll be handed two other items. Talk to Guybrush
remember the number he responds with. Use the key with the gate, you'll be given
one more item. Continue following the directions until you see the gate once
more. Now all you have to do is mimic what was done previously at the gate but
taking on the reverse role (you'll have to hand the items over and give the
answers this time).
Well you found Pegnose's hideout, walk towards the house and once you regain
control use the chicken grease on the welcome mat. Release the duck through the
Time to pay Ozzie another visit i'd say. Talk to him and accuse him of being
responsible for framing you, follow that up by stating that Pegnose's booty is
very nice. Now just follow him to the Secret Lagoon.
Go behind the hill (where Ozzie 1st appeared) and you'll find a hidden passage.
Press the button on the table and climb back up to the surface. Take a plunge in
the deep water, use the ScrupperWare when the bioluminescent fish swim close by,
then enter the cave to the left.
Pick up the Heirlooms and the itty-bitty brass screw then leave the cave and go
right to get back up to the surface.
With all the evidence in hand, it's time to clear your name. Go back to town and
enter the Hall of Justice. Use the screw with Inspector Canard.

Act II - Enter the Manatee
After the talk with Elaine, make your way to the International House of Mojo.
Once inside, use the finger on the hand-shaped table, then ask the Voodoo Lady
about the Ultimate Insult and continue asking her about the insult until all
three options have been exhausted. Finally ask her what the Marley Heirlooms
to do with the Ultimate Insult. End the conversation and go to Meathook's.
Go ahead and disturb Meathook, your second choice during the discussion can be
any of the options, then ask him about the candles. End the conversation, pick
the paintbrush and make your way to the docks.
Look at the change return slot, pick up the quarter and use it with the grog
machine. Let your aggressions out on the machine until it spills it's contents.
Pick up a can of grog and go over to the Scumm bar (or is it the Scumm bar ???).
Use the middle stool, talk to the waitress and order some food, preferably
cooked. Next, time it so as to use the paintbrush on the sushi boat propulsion
mechanism as the flaming boat has passed behind the post on it's way back up
(basically the flames must be under the painting on the wall). Once you regain
control of Guybrush, run into the kitchen and use the grog with the sushi boat
steam generator. If your timing was right then you should receive the blue
Head on back to the docks and use the earrings, necklace, pen and painting (in
that order) with the figurehead of your ship. Off to find the Ultimate Insult

First thing to do upon your arrival is to use the rowboat and head towards
Knuttin atoll. It doesn't matter what answers you give to Casaba, so have fun.
Set course to the pirate shanty town.
Visit the puppet stand. Talk to LeChuck puppet, and probe further about him, ask
him where he has been all this time and you'll get to talk to the other puppet.
Say that you want to speak to the puppeteer, keep insisting. Once he pops up,
the conversation and quickly use the blue painting on him. Pick up the puppets
and go to the white house to the right.
Talk to the Teacher Lady, ask about the uniqueness of the school's location and
enroll yourself. During the final exam, pick whatever is the nastiest answer
available for all three questions (you'll get the dunce cap). Once outside use
the fire alarm, go in the school and pick up the whistle from the chest of
confiscated pirate toys.
Take your rowboat, land on Jambalaya's southern beach and pay your old buddy
a visit at the gaudy house. Pick up the jar of glue and a pamphlet. Go back to
First stop in town the micro-groggery. Use the jar of glue on strange
contraption, talk to barkeep, ask him what the thing with the saddle is and what
is it's purpose, then take the challenge. Once victorious (you'll get a Mega
Monkey Meal Ticket) talk to the barkeep again, order a drink and you'll get a
Grog Jr. , exit.
Go talk to the tourist standing near the statue. Compliment him on his ensemble,
and ask him what he is doing. Ask him about Tiny and if he was a factious
character or not. End the conversation and it's time to visit Starbuccaneer's.
Before going in look at the empty cup through the glass and enter. Turn around
and pick up the cup (hidden behind the plants). look at the tourist's shopping
bag and grab the logo mug. Pick up a mini-bagel and eat it. Talk to the counter
clerk, ask for a coffee drink and choose any of the three options.
Next stop: Planet Threepwood. Read the menu, talk to the waitress and place your
order (it doesn't matter what you choose), when asked how to pay just present
your Mega Monkey Meal Ticket. Talk to the jolly pirate and get your caricature
done (answer whatever you wish to his various questions). Once completed,
it with the glue, use the sticky caricature with the Starbuccaneer logo mug.
Finally use your fake monkey mug with the real monkey mug and presto, one piece
of the Ultimate insult is yours.
Exit town and go to the tall rock. Ask Marco if he really is the greatest diver,
what he is doing on Jambalaya, if his arrangement has proven challenging and if
the competition is open to anyone then end the conversation. Use the wad of
chunks with the baby seal oil. Go talk to the judges and announce that you wish
to compete. Talk to Marco again and challenge him. After the first dive talk to
the grouchy judge and ask him why he gave you a low score, end the conversation.
Look at the pamphlet you picked up at Stan's and use it on the judge. Talk to
hippie judge next and ask him what was wrong with your dive (write down what he
has to say). Easy enough right, just copy whatever moves Marco does for his
Challenge Marco again, make a note of the moves he performs. Before moving to
plank, wear the dunce cap. Approach the plank and when the compass icon appears
in the top left corner, punch in the combo on your numpad. If performed
you should tie Marco. At this point choose whatever combo you wish as the result
will always be the same regardless. BINGO, piece number two of the Ultimate
Insult is yours !!!
Go back to Knuttin atoll and walk right on the beach. Talk to the pirate,
the parrots, ask him which one is which. Keep the conversation going by bringing
up his size, then inquire about his name and talk about his father. Ask him if
his father really a friendly pirate, mention the statue of his father (do that
twice) and finally ask him where he buried his father's hat. End the dialogue
walk to your right. Blow your whistle, use the Groggocino on a parrot and the
wimpy grog on the other. Talk to either parrot ask it what two plus two is (now
you know the truth telling parrot). Ask the truthful parrot which way you should
go to find Tiny's hat. Follow the directions given and repeat the whistle
and questioning until you find the correct boulder. Once discovered take out the
puppets and have some fun.

ACT III - Escape from Monkey Island
Exit the beach and go in the cluttered clearing. Once there pick up the coconut,
talk to Herman (any of the first three answers will do fine) then ask him about
his memory problem. End the conversation, throw the coconut at him, ask him
his memory again and finish off the conversation by asking him what is the
earliest thing he remembers.
Travel to the canyon and pick up the banana-picker (leaning on cactus). Go back
to the beach and use the banana-picker three times on the bananas.
Head over to the castle, upon entering it turn around and use your banana-picker
to grab the shields (cymbals). Go talk to the priest, make an observation about
the lava and continue pushing the lava issue until he let's you ride the lava
Your objective is to get the milk bottle that was thrown on one of the small
islands. To do so, take your banana-picker out once you hit the lava field then
steer the boat towards the island where the bottle landed. Once close to it
you'll get the option to use the banana-picker with the milk bottle - do so and
then revisit Herman.
Swing milk bottle at Herman. Ask him AGAIN about his memory and what is the
earliest thing he remembers. End the conversation and climb up Vista Point.
Place yourself behind the pile of rocks (so that you get all three canals
appearing on your list of options). Pick up a rock and throw it in the right
canal, pick up another rock and when the first rock rattles the root throw in
rock you have into the middle canal, pick up a rock and once more when the
rock rattles the root throw in the rock in the left canal, pick up yet another
rock and yes you guessed it, once the third rock rattles the root throw in the
LAST rock in the left canal.
Go back into the Church of LeChuck, talk to Father Allegro Rasputin and ask to
ride the lava plunge again. This time steer the boat into the newly opened lava
pool. Go left once there and use the lone palm tree, now go right until you
the overhead map.
Go to the village. End the conversation with Jojo (don't worry you'll be back
real soon). Go near the musically inclined monkey and play your cymbals. Pick up
the accordion.
Time to pay Herman a visit again. Wonk him with the accordion. Talk to him,
choose any of the answers during the conversation it doesn't affect the outcome
(you'll get the Melee Island Gubernatorial Symbol).
Ok, now return to monkey town and talk to Jojo. Compliment him on his hat,
inquire about the "hat of honor" deal, continue satisfying your curiosity by
asking him about Monkey Kombat and how it works (WRITE DOWN THE RULES AS HE IS
EXPLAINING THEM). End the conversation.
Simply put, there are five stances: Anxious Ape (AA), Bobbing Baboon (BB),
Charging Chimp (CC), Drunken Monkey (DM) and Gimpy Gibbon (GG). Each stance
defeats two other ones. Additionally, each stance is a combination of three
insults. The four insults are: Ack (A), Chee (C), Eek (E) and Oop (O). Keep in
mind that a particular insult combo will change you from one stance to another
and vice versa; so if ACO changes you from AA to BB then ACO will also change
from BB to AA. The combinations and which stance bests which changes from one
game to another, thus I cannot put the results here. BUT, I would suggest using
the table below to help you in your endeavor. Just fill in the blanks with the
appropriate combination of insults and what stance is dominant over another.

AA <=>   AA over
AA <=>   AA over
BB <=>   BB over
BB <=>   BB over
CC <=>   CC over
CC <=>   CC over
DM <=>   DM over
DM <=>   DM over
GG <=>   GG over
GG <=>   GG over

Pick fights with the wandering monkeys (on the overhead map). your best option
to mimic the moves of your opponents for a while. Once you have completed the
table and won three battles versus the wandering monkeys go and challenge Jojo
(you'll get his bronze hat).

Go back to the canyon, give Timmy a banana and enter the mine shaft. Give Timmy
another banana when he stops following you and continue forward to the metal
door. Open the vent, use banana with vent, close the vent behind Timmy and then
use banana with portal. Go down the tube.
Just use your banana picker with the weed whipper and head out to the lava
Use weed whipper with patch of weeds (near lava pool).
It's finally time to visit the oh so famous giant Monkey Head. Use the bronze
with the monkey head, then use the banana picker with the monkey Nose and go in.
Use the Gubernatorial symbol into the prominent slot.

Act III+ - Guybrush kicks unusually large butt

Pick up really big plank, use plank with short tower, climb short tower, jump on
really big plank and finally use excessively large switch.
Match LeChuck's moves during Monkey Kombat (if he changes to a particular
change to that stance yourself) and your adventure will come to an end.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! You have completed Escape from Monkey Island. Hopefully you
followed my suggestions at the beginningyone, explored everywhere and used all
available discussion topics - if not REPLAY IT. We'll see you next time for the
fifth chapter of this absolutely awesome saga.

Authored by Hodgekins (hodgekins@walkthrough-online.com)

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