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Читы для SimCity 3000 Unlimited

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SimCity 3000 Unlimited

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 17 мая 2000 года
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric
Похожие игры:SimCity (1989), SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000

Даты выхода игры

вышла в мае 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для

Though every Scenario is different, you can always rely on some general

Don't be afraid to demolish. When in doubt, tear it down. Roads must go through;
Police Stations must be built.

Don't be afraid to be sloppy. Unlike your usual city-building adventures,
neatness and finesse don't count. Your job is to achieve goals, not create a
lush, living city. If you cut off Road access to a neighborhood, oh well. As
as it doesn't factor into your goals, it's not really important.

Aesthetics don't count. When building your own city, a good Mayor will sweat
the beauty of his or her town. In Scenarios, it's much more important to get the
job done. Would you replace two Parks with Fire Stations next to Big Ben? If you
were trying to ensure it didn't burn down, yes you would.

Take loans. Some Scenarios give you enough money to do the job, but most don't.
Because Scenarios don't last long enough for it to matter, make a point of
assuming the maximum possible debt right off the bat.

Don't sweat the budget. If you need to bring in Sims, lower your taxes to zero
percent. There are no style points for keeping a surplus in Scenarios.

Raise land value with Parks and Surface Water. If you use both of these methods,
you shouldn't need to do much more.


You will frequently have to (explicitly or implicitly) pass Ordinances to
goals. Here is a general breakdown of what's available and for what purpose:

Reduce Crime: Conservation Corps, Junior Sports, Legalized Gambling (repeal),
Neighborhood Watch, and Youth Curfew

Reduce Pollution: Clean Air, Clean Industry Association, Conservation Corps,
Industrial Pollutant Impact Fee, Industrial Waste Disposal Tax, Landfill Gas
Recovery, Lawn Chemical Ban, Leaf Burning Ban, and Mandatory Car Smogging

Increase Clean Industry: Aerospace Tax Incentive, Biotech Tax Incentive, Clean
Industry Association, Conservation Corps, Electronics Job Fair, Electronics Tax
Incentive, Public Access Cable

Reduce Flammability: Leaf Burning Ban, Mandatory Smoke Detectors

Reduce Garbage: Backyard Composting, Conservation Corps, Industrial Waste
Disposal Tax, Leaf Burning Ban (repeal), Paper Reduction Act, Tire Recycling,
Trash Presort

Betterfeld needs a makeover. Your job is to turn it from an Industrial wasteland
into a green paradise. To meet this environmental challenge, you have to fulfill
each of these goals:

Eliminate Access to the Landfill and Relocate Industry

First, get all of the Industrial zones out of the riverside area. To do this,
collapse zoned buildings in the View City Layers menu. Next, demolish and
anything yellow. Rebuild these zones somewhere else on the map.

To decommission the Landfill, first move the Rails to the east so they run up
onto the hill. Next, de-zone the unused Landfill tiles and bulldoze all Roads
zones in a five-tile radius. With that, the first goal is achieved. Don't forget
to find somewhere else to dump your garbage. A Neighbor Deal sounds quite good
right now.

Enact Legislation to Reduce Pollution and Garbage and Replace Existing Utilities
with Cleaner Plants

Enact all of the Ordinances under the Environmental Advisor heading in the
Ordinances window.

First, replace all three Coal Power Plants with Solar Power Collectors. To
complete your collection of the latest in clean utilities, set up (anywhere in
the city) a Water Treatment Plant and a Recycling Center. You've now laid the
technological and legal foundation for a clean city.

Raise Land Value

Raising land value calls for the usual bag of tricks you've used so many times
Mayor of your own city. First and foremost, keep the new Industrial zones far

Be sure to pass the land-value-enhancing Homeless Shelter Ordinance. Demolish
polluting Seaport. Set up police coverage, enact anti-crime Ordinances, build
Schools, Libraries, Museums, and Hospitals as required. Place Parks and Surface
Water liberally to enhance land value. Use the Reward buildings available to you
to bolster land value.

Moscow is a den of iniquity and it's up to you to save it by fulfilling the
following goals:

Reduce Crime below 30

Begin by repealing the Legalized Gambling Ordinance and enacting all anti-crime
Ordinances. Next, increase the Police Budget to 110 percent. If you don't reduce
crime quickly enough, you will see frequent Riots. The single most important
thing you can do is tear down the Casino in Red Square (near St. Basil's).

Place Police Stations in high crime areas; kill two jailbirds with one stone by
demolishing high crime buildings to make way for the Police Stations. Place
or more Jails to sop up the new influx of jail birds. That should be all it
to tame this town. Once you bring down the Casino, the back of the operation is

Increase Land Value to 90

Bringing down crime was the first step in improving land value in Moscow. You
shouldn't have too far to go. Put down some water and a bunch of Parks.

Raise Population to 975,000

Lower taxes in all three categories to woo new Sims to Moscow. Go to the former
Casino site and zone everything in Red Square for high density Residential and

When and if Industrial demand comes around, make some new high-density zones to
open more jobs for immigrating Residential Sims. Look for undeveloped areas or
blocks of low density zoning that can be converted into high density.
the population of your crime-exorcised city will balloon to the magic number of

The Wall
Berlin is aching to be reunited, but it's going to be a painful process. You
to attend to several simultaneous goals. If you prioritize, however, the task
should be manageable. For best effect, follow this order of goals, rather than
the way they're listed in the Scenario:

Reduce Overall Pollution below 500

First, pass every anti-pollution Ordinance available.

Set up a few Fusion Power Plants near the battery of Nuclear Power Plants in the
north. Then demolish all of the nukes. Eliminate the Spaceport.

Search the city for dozens of Coal Power Plants and reduce them to rubble.
Demolish the Toxic Waste Conversion Plant. When pollution is low enough, you'll
be lauded for your aggressive effort.

Raise Land Value above 115

Just bringing down the pollution will do wonders for land value, so you already
have a head start. One quick trick is to pass all of the anti-crime Ordinances.
Demolish the Maximum Security Prison. All you'll need to do from this point is
drop some ground water and maybe add a Zoo or a Park or two. Once land value is
high enough, you'll be notified of your success and the Riots will stop.

Tear down the Berlin Wall

You don't need to tear down the entire wall, just most of it. To make this
arduous process easier, look for long stretches that are easy to demolish in one

Be very, very careful when demolishing anywhere near the Brandenburg Gate. If
knock it down, your reign is over.

Rebuild Road Connections Between East and West Berlin

Look over the area previously covered by the Wall and connect any Roads that end
on either side of it.


The Frankfurtfest Scenario requires you to fulfill these goals:

Select a Site for the Party

Pay close attention during the tour of Frankfurt that opens the Scenario. You
have to choose one of these five sites as the party location and it's up to you
to remember where they are. Each site but one has something that makes it
unsuitable for the party. Site 1: This site is too polluted and surrounded by
foul industry. Site 2: Nothing wrong; this is the place. Site 3: Land value here
is too high. The neighbors would never allow the festival to happen here. Site
This is the most polluted part of the city; take a gander at all those
Incinerators. Site 5: This site is too close to the river. Garbage from the
could cause pollution problems.

First, pause while setting up the party site. You won't be able to pause after.
If you take too long to establish the site, Riots will occur. Now, go to site 2
and set up four adjacent Parks in the densely wooded square south of the Highway
and east of the Fire Station. When you've set up in the correct place, you'll be

Provide Adequate Police Protection

Technically, your goal is to reduce crime below 56. Open your Ordinances Window
and pass all of the anti-crime Ordinances and repeal the Legalized Gambling

To do this, place at least one Police Station near—but not too near—the party
site. Frankly, you can place it anywhere on the map, but the point is for these
police to protect and serve at the party. Give the simulation a few ticks to let
crime fall and Constance will praise your efforts.

Provide Water and Adequate Transportation to the Site

Go into the pipe view below the party site and lay pipes across the site until
Constance tells you it's enough. Next, surround the site with Roads and connect
them to the surrounding thoroughfares. Place four Bus Stops near the site, one
per side.

Place Subway Stations in the north and south corners of the site and run a
Tunnel between them. When all transportation elements are set up, Constance will
inform you of your job well done.


London's about to burn, so prepare by reducing flammability:

Establish Adequate Fire Protection for the City

First, pass both flammability reduction Ordinances (Leaf Burning Ban and
Mandatory Smoke Detectors). Next, cover your city with a thick network of Fire
Stations. It doesn't matter what you have to demolish. Make sure no tile is
without fire coverage.

You can set up fire coverage while paused. Use the Flammability Data Map as your
Navigation Map; the radius for each newly placed Fire Station shows on the map
even if the game is paused.

Supply Water to the Entire City

The pipes under London are fragmented and the water supply is inadequate. You
need to douse the entire city in a network of constant water. The five Landmarks
must be extra-watery.

Before you release pause, take care of your watering duties. Forget about
together the existing pipes and run your own pipes in a tight network over the
entire city (money is no object). Switch on the simulator until the water system
updates and pause again.

Make sure the Pumping Stations in the west are all linked to pipes. Run pipes to
any un-watered tiles. Chances are the southeastern portion of your city will be
dry due to a lack of pump capacity. Add new pumps or make sure operating ones
connected. Start the simulator again to make sure you have everything.

Finally, you'll need to give your five Landmarks some special TLC. Under each
Landmark, place pipes on every tile so you get a tight grid of water beneath the
surface. Run the simulator again until the water system updates. If there are no
un-watered structures and the Landmarks are sufficiently over-watered, you'll
have completed this goal.

Don't Let Any of the Five Landmarks Be Destroyed By Fire

Fires break out constantly during this Scenario, so make the protection around
your Landmarks as automated as possible. Near each Landmark, place at least two
(preferably three) Fire Stations.


The Lord of the Locusts puts you in charge of a small, rural town with the
following goals:

Build a Small Airport as a Base for Your Crop Dusters

Select a spot close enough to your Farms (southeast of the river) but not so
close that Airport pollution will foul your Farms.

Establish a five by three Airport zone. Don't forget to power and water it. If
you locate it near enough to the river, you can set up some Pumping Stations.
Otherwise, give the Airport its own Water Towers.

Relocate Your Industrial Zones away from the Downtown Area

Switch to your View City Layers window and turn off Zoned Buildings. Next,
demolish and de-zone all Industrial zones in the downtown. Zone and power a new
area outside the town.

Build Two New Farms Without Losing Your Existing Farms

Actually, the goal is to have a citywide total of Farm tiles above a certain
number. It may take more than two Farms to get there. Plus, any tiles destroyed
by locusts won't count toward your total.

First, pass the Farmer's Market Ordinance. Next, supply water to all of your
existing Farms either via new Water Towers or by setting up pipes and an array
Pumping Stations on the river.

Zone (Light Industrial) two new nine by nine sites far away from the Airport and
not adjacent to your existing Farms. Provide them with water and power. If
lost tiles to the bugs, you'll need to build more than this.

You may have to take steps to increase Industrial demand before the new Farms
will grow. Try lowering Industrial taxes to zero percent and setting up lots of
new low-density Residential tiles in response to the high Residential demand.
This should, in turn, spur Industrial demand.


Madrid must be cleaned up in more ways than one if it wants to be a world class
sports city. Work fast on these goals because you won't be able to pause.

Reduce Crime

Your first act is a legal one: pass all anti-crime Ordinances and repeal
Legalized Gambling. Next, crank the Police budget to 110 percent.

Use the Crime Data Map as your Navigation Map and place Police Stations all over
the city. It takes dozens of Police Stations to provide full protection. Select
large, open, and out-of-the-way spot and build enough Jails (eight or more).

Reduce Pollution below 600

Start by passing all anti-pollution Ordinances and all clean industry incentive
Ordinances. Your Sims start with a sufficiently high educational level to bring
in substantial clean industry with a little encouragement.

Demolish the Toxic Waste Conversion Plant. Plunk down three or so Fusion Power
Plants. Bulldoze every Coal Power Plant you can find. Make a Neighbor Deal to
export your garbage and demolish your Incinerators and Waste-to-Energy
Incinerators. Demolish the Spaceport.

If all of this doesn't do the trick, demolish and de-zone half or more of your
Airports. When levels are low enough, your Advisor will be able to breathe
enough to thank you.

Build Roads to the Stadium

Demolish and de-zone around the Stadium and place a ring of Roads around it.
these Roads to surrounding Roads and you've got yourself easy transportation.
When sufficient access is present, you'll receive the credit you deserve.

World Cup

You'll need to fulfill three goals in Seoul. You have free rein to pause in the
first six months, but the Scenario will be locked in at cheetah speed

Build a Big International Airport with Lots of Public Transportation

Your first step is to provide your existing Airport with four Bus Stops and two
connected Subway Stations. You'll need to do a little demolition and landscaping
to squeeze them all in.

Locate a site for a new Airport. A very good spot is in the flat open area on
southwest side of the map. Give it four Bus Stops and two connected Subway
Stations. Start the simulation briefly and you'll be commended for your
transportation efforts.

Construct Five Practice Fields with Good Access to Transportation

Place five Practice Fields anywhere in the city. Give each a Bus Stop and a
connected Subway Station. Un-pause and take the credit for being so sports-

Enact Tourism Legislation and Improve Transportation to Landmarks

First, enact the Tourist Promotion Ordinance. Next, place a Bus Stop and a
connected Subway Station near each of the two Soccer Stadiums in the Olympic

Do the same at the Kunjungjon and the Daehan Life Insurance Building. You may
have to demolish some buildings to build Bus Stops close enough. Finally, build
Bus Stop near the Namsan. You won't be able to run Subway Tunnels up here, so
Bus Stop is enough. Let time run and you'll be notified as each site is


In the city of Splitzville, you must quickly satisfy three goals. Remember that
you can't pause.

Remove All Connections between the City's Four Provinces

Pass the Earthquake Preparedness and Retrofitting Ordinance to minimize
Earthquake damage while you prepare for "The Big One." Locate the four ravines
that divide Splitzville into north, west, south, and east provinces.

Note that, though each is primarily filled with water, there are places where
ravines are interrupted by dry land. Clear all connections from these areas too.
Start by bulldozing Roads, Highways, and Power Lines on the borders. Just to be
sure, make sure there aren't any connective structures within three or more
of the ravines.

Keep track of the congratulatory messages. You should see one each for Roads,
Highways, Power Lines, Pipes, and Subway Tunnels. Finally, make sure the entire
city is watered and powered. Place Power Plants and water supply structures in
provinces cut off from their previous supply.

When all connections are cut and full utility service is supplied to all four
provinces, you'll receive congratulations for completing goal one.

Provide Missing Services to Each of the Four Provinces

Each of the four provinces is missing one essential municipal structure. Place
the appropriate structures to complete this goal. The north needs a Museum. The
east needs a Jail. The south needs a School. The west needs a Library. Once all
four are placed, the goal is satisfied.

Trade the Appropriate Reward Buildings between the Provinces

Each province has a prized Reward building:

Your job is to trade them correctly between the provinces. To do this, demolish
all four so they appear in your Rewards & Opportunities window. Each time you
place all four, you'll be told how many are correct. Determine the correct
locations by the process of elimination.

Top of the World

Top of the World requires three tightly interconnected goals. Satisfying one
usually contribute to the others. You'll need to keep all goals satisfied for
four years. You can't pause or change speeds.

Raise and Keep Land Value over 70

Pass the land-value-enhancing Homeless Shelter Ordinance. Check the anti-crime
Ordinances as well; they indirectly increase land value—this is your most urgent
priority. Riots will occur in the second and sixth month if you don't get land
value on the rise.

Look for places inland to Create Surface Water. Replace Large Parks in the
downtown area with Surface Water for a more potent land value effect.

Look in your Rewards & Opportunities window. Place the County Courthouse,
House, and City Hall on any available land near Residential or Commercial zones.
Check the Meeting window and accept the Lighthouse. Place it on one of the
islands, preferably near Commercial zones. Raise terrain if you have to.

Build Marinas. They enhance land value and don't consume any land. When land
value is high enough, you'll receive all due kudos. Make sure, however, that
value doesn't drop before the Scenario ends.

Lower and Keep Pollution below 4

All anti-pollution efforts should also help your land value. Demolish and
the Seaports. In the Meeting window, accept Geyser Park and place it near your
Commercial zones. A hospitable spot sits near your Marina on the southwest

Pass all anti-pollution Ordinances, but only after your population is rising. If
you depress Industrial demand too much, you won't be able to bring in the
Residential Sims you need in order to grow. Build two Water Treatment Plants.

If pollution is still too high as you enter your final year, slowly demolish
Industrial zones. Stick with low-density zones and don't go too far. Do this
if you have a substantial population cushion. Pollution has to remain low when
the Scenario ends, so keep an eye on it.

Increase Population above 55,000

Look for large areas of medium density Residential and Commercial zones.
and convert these to high density. Level terrain near shorelines to acquire new
land and zone for whatever zones you need. Also, avoid building up land near
already developed properties—if you move them farther from water, you may
their land value.

After the first couple years, drop all tax rates to zero percent to attract
There will come a point at which you'll need to expand your Industrial zones by
adding new land or adding low density zones to the former locations of your
Seaports. This will probably increase your pollution above 4, but you'll have
plenty of time to undo this.

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